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  1. Question Time! Answer all 6 for 2 TPE! 1. After a week of some more tough losses mixed in with some wins, how do you try to turn it into a positive and try to bust through to win those close games? 2. How do you think your on-ice performance has been? How do you plan to better yourself as a player? 3. Are you excited for the World Juniors? Do you think you'll make your country's roster? 4. Other than your own team in the WJC, who do you like to root for to do well? 5. Spill some tea! What team, VHL, VHLM, or World Championships do you not like the most? It can be a rival or anyone, who do you have that irrational hate for? 6. Finally, what are some of your favorite game-day routines and rituals that you have fun with? @Lightningyamasha @Brolaski @mxld17 @Adama Traore @Ty343 @SwagSloth @uphillmoss @jacobaa19 @speck1447 @MexicanCow @Thomas Vancheck @Connor mcdavid @Antone10 @Benson @MattyG @OneBuffalo1230 @Puffalump @Rykonen @Barracuda @Sunburst @Tophdaddy @Bandit @Dingle @Jubo07
  2. 170 New York Americans 171 Seattle Bears 172 Vancouver Wolves 173 Helsinki Titans
  3. "I get recognized every once in a while, but being a rookie is probably the biggest factor in that," Joe Nixon, Vancouver Wolves goaltender, said of his side-hobby. Joe, while on the ice, is an animated and emotional player who will have fun but keep his cool in a game-time situation. Sometimes, on the internet, that animated character inside of him comes out on a webcam in front of others. Joe, like thousands of other people on the internet, has picked up livestreaming video games as a side hobby. "I'm a huge fan of guitar hero and some dumb games I like to speedrun," Joe noted when asked his favorite things to play. "I'll play just about anything, though. I know most people like to watch streamers be good at the game, but I think I talk enough to make a stream enjoyable when I'm still absolute trash at another game." Joe noted that this side hobby is his fun time when he's not on the ice. "I don't do it for the money or any possible fame that would come from it. I just enjoy spending my gaming time with others and I'm happy to play in front of an audience who thinks I'm interesting. It's fun and I enjoy it. Sometimes the boys rag on me for it, but what can I say I'm a born actor on and off the ice."
  4. Good morning(?) readers and welcome to "A cup of Joe with Joe" where we sit down with our favorite Joe and talk to him about his morning routine before a game. "Not coffee, to start it off," Nixon stated quickly, "I don't like coffee, never have. I get my day started with some juice or something else healthy then eventually move myself to caffeine throughout the day. I prefer the garbage sugary drinks that are definitely gonna kill me in the future, but let's be real they taste pretty damn good." "I'm a shower in the morning kinda guy. I'll shower in the morning and after practices and games. I can't stand to be sweaty but I also really can't stand waking up with that greasy hair plastered to my head and shit like that," Nixon continued about his morning routine. "As a hockey player, you have to respect the flow. If you got it though, you know the kinda grease I'm talking about it and you definitely hate it too." I asked Nixon what his favorite thing to eat in the morning was, and he answered quickly, "I'm a real grab and go eater for breakfast, but if I get a chance to make some real food I'm a slut for some breakfast sandwiches. Ham, egg, and cheese are a godly combination which has powers matched by no other sandwich in this universe." I also asked what his go-to was for a grab and go meal, and he said "pop tarts. Those things are delicious, sugary, bad for me, but most importantly delicious. Cherry and Brown Sugar Cinnamon are the best, don't at me." "I'm usually punctual to practice. I know it takes me extra time to put my pads on so I get there extra time early. Sometimes I try to get there too early and rush out of my house too soon trying to beat the rush but honestly that just doesn't work out," Joe said of morning skates, "it's my job to be there though and I'm not about to be the bad teammate who comes late. So I show up with my breakfast sometimes but I'm there and ready to roll." I asked how Joe's routine differs when the team goes on the road, and he said, "I love the traveling we do. We go to some great cities and get some great experiences. My routine stays about the same, but there's just some things, such as poptarts, that are just unavailable on that road trip. I should really start to remember to pack those soon." Nixon said of the hotels, "I don't mind them, honestly. In some cities those beds are real comfortable, get me extra rested, and I'll be refreshed for the day. Nothing compares to a home bed but honestly I don't mind an above par hotel room when we're out on the road. I asked if there were any other parts of the routine we missed during this interview, but Joe said no, saying, "I live a relatively normal life when it comes to my routine. The basics are the basics and that's all I need. I'm not much of a meditater or superstitious guy. I just like to go about my day like it was any other." Bug thanks to Joe, as always, for checking in with us. Catch you again soon!
  5. Question Time! Answer all 6 for 2 TPE! 1. The Aces have dropped below Halifax in the standings. Has this gotten the team fired up to start performing better? How have you seen this on the ice? 2. Some new guys have signed with the team recently, how have you worked the new guys into the chemistry and atmosphere of the team? 3. Since I asked you guys some questions last week, you've gone 6-6-0 in your last 12. How do you impact this performance and try to better the team to try and go above .500? 4. Was the early season streak out-of-character or do you think you could get back into the winning swing of things soon? 5. Have there been any huge surprises with how the season is going overall? Have there been any surprising results from any teams on the standings? 6. Finally, what are some of your favorite things to do around town when you're not at the rink? @Lightningyamasha @Brolaski @mxld17 @Adama Traore @Ty343 @SwagSloth @uphillmoss @jacobaa19 @speck1447 @MexicanCow @Thomas Vancheck @Connor mcdavid @Antone10 @Benson @MattyG @OneBuffalo1230 @Rykonen @Barracuda @Sunburst @Tophdaddy @Bandit @Dingle @Jubo07
  6. You may ask yourself, "Joe. Why do you constantly post your Media Spots and Articles at 11PM on Sundays?" and to that I answer... "Because 11 PM on Sundays is when I should be doing homework lmao" Recently, I've gotten into the habit of checking the forums and reading good content all week, but neglecting to post my own until I sit down and think to myself... "Hmm maybe I should probably go about writing these." Today, my friends, I give you progress. The trick to ending VHL Procrastination... Is to motivate yourself to gradually end it. This week, rather than posting at 11 PM, I am currently typing these articles at 10 PM. Eventually, I'll make it to 9, then 8, then 7. At some point soon, maybe this dumb goalie brain of mine might start getting the hint to put his content out earlier in the week so more people can use it. This beautiful method of ending procrastination will work eventually, until I eventually post it at 1 AM on Mondays and have to completely wrap around the week because I'm doing it so quickly! That's the end-game in this situation. The Bonzaijoe Procrastination-Ender Method is factually proven to work, even if it will eventually take too much time and I'll be retired by then... Maybe. #EndProcrastination
  7. As we usually do, today we sat down once again with Joe Nixon to ask some questions. This time, we focused around the team's move to Vancouver, how the fans have taken the move, and what's going on in the new big city! How have the fans taken the transition to Vancouver? "Well, I think. Of course back in Quebec there are still some fans who are upset about the move, rightly so. It's hard to take a team away from a city and I think they have a right to be angry but the new city has welcomed us with warm, loving arms and these new fans have been great to us. Quebec was an amazing place for this franchise to play, we're just sorry it didn't work out between us. Much love to that city, seriously. Vancouver has been great to us though. I love living here, it's a beautiful place, and the fans are awesome and seriously passionate about hockey, regardless of if we're new or not. With us being so close to Seattle, I expected more Seattle fans than Wolves fans, but these guys are embracing us and we're so grateful for that." Have the vets of the team shown any rough signs after the move? "Some guys were attached to Quebec, of course. But that's just bound to happen. We're here though, and the move was as a team. I understand being upset about a move, and I'm not blaming ANYONE for being upset about that, but at least it wasn't the same jarring effect that a trade has on a player? I'm just glad the transition was smooth. Some of those guys really loved that city though and you could tell. I can imagine some may go back after retiring, but for now we're here in Vancouver and we're here to play." You guys have had some early season success so far, can you attribute that to the new place? "Somewhat, yeah. For the most part, though, this team is built really well by our front office and we're seeing a lot of guys step up to the plate and it's awesome. The chemistry this team is putting together early in the season is second to none, and the guys get along so well. I'm extremely happy to be a part of this journey, and having some great guys like Iseult by my side to help me transition to Vancouver and into the VHL? This experience is truly great for me as a player. As for how the move has played in though, I can only say thank you to the fans as well. These guys are crazy about hockey, like I said earlier, and will support us every single step of the way until we can bring a championship to this amazing city! They deserve it, and they've really brought the energy we need to get it done night after night." There you have it! Some early thoughts about how the transition between cities went, straight from a Wolves player himself. As always, a huge thanks to Nixon for sitting down with us. We're just surprised he isn't tired of us yet!
  8. 94 Vancouver Wolves 95 New York Americans 96 Seattle Bears 97 Riga Reign
  9. The Sv% Was iffy but I'll take a solid W!
  10. Here's more questions! Make sure to answer all 6 to get your 2 TPE! 1. 6-1-0 Record so far this season! What's your early thoughts on how these first 7 games have played out for you? 2. As of now, who's the MVP on the team? If there's no clear cut MVP to you, talk about the balance of the team! 3. How do you bounce back mentally from a tough close loss like your recent one to Minnesota? 4. Recently, VSN Now made a comment saying the Aces were "not top heavy but balanced and play well, although the defense is lacking". How do you respond to this? 5. Many power rankings hold the Aces as the top spot in the VHLM, how do you handle the pressure that comes from being a top-ranked team? 6. Do you feel like there has been a similar rivalry with the Ottawa Lynx like last season? If not, who do you believe is the Aces new rival this year? @Bandit @Lightningyamasha @mxld17 @Koen Senft @MexicanCow123 @Dingle @Connor mcdavid @Benson @JohnOQuinn @OneBuffalo1230 @Barracuda @Sunburst @jacobaa19 @Jubo07 @Ty343 @Antone10 @SwagSloth @Brolaski @speck1447 @Rykonen @uphillmoss
  11. 66 HC Davos Dynamo 67 Vancouver Wolves 68 New York Americans 69 Moscow Menace (Upset city let's go)