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  1. Viktor Kozlov Forward 1. Hits 2. Points
  2. Sorry meant to put this in VHL.Com articles
  3. Lets just take a minute to talk about the job sonnet has done in his first you as a GM. Houston is going to the playoffs, in year one. It is quite a feat in itself because no one saw an expansion team doing as well as we have done. Sonnet when you read this, I would like to thank you for having me along for this ride. So lets talk about some of the tough decisions he had to make as GM. During the middle of the season the team was in the middle of the pack, Easily could have tanked to get a better pick, in a league where picks mean everything. He sent a message out to us players asking for our opinion on what direction the team should go. Overwhelming the team wanted the chance to go for the cup, and that’s exactly what Sonnet did. I personally think he wanted to think of the long term for the team but was focused on keeping the current moral up. He made a few additions which pushed us to the third seed for the playoffs. From a players perspective Sonnet is what we want in a GM. He cared about our opinion, and team moral, he is active, and he really is looking for our team to be friends. It may sound bias but Sonnet for GM of the year. #Jointhestampede
  4. 1r. Да, я хотел бы играть, и бить, Галифакс больше. 1e. Yes, I would like to play, and beat, Halifax more. 2r. Гол забил и прохождение, хотя я все еще смотрю на улучшение удара 2e. Goal scoring and passing, though I still look on improving hitting 3r. @GlowyGoat подумал, что было бы смешно положить водку в мою бутылку воды во время практики, но он действительно просто делаю мне одолжение. 3e. @GlowyGoat thought it would be funny to put vodka in my water bottle during a practice, but he was really just doing me a favor. 4r. Я бы ждал, пока Козлов будет двигаться вверх, он может стать вульгарным во время практики. 4e. I would wait for Kozlov to move up, he can get vulgar during practice. 5r. Я хожу как нормальный и не проявлять эмоций, ничего особенного. 5e. I walk like normal and show no emotion, nothing special. 6r. Я беру один выстрел водки перед каждым периодом каждой игры. 6e. I take one shot of vodka before each period of every game.