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  1. We all know that we love winning and honestly being on the other side well just plain sucks. I don't think there is anyone out there who enjoys the feeling of losing. Quite frankly I have been slipping and things are just not going right. We all know that the sim engine tends to hate on people and I am on the end that has been receiving that. It's not a great feeling and I would not wish it upon anyone so I feel I need to step my game up and get back out there. I'm not working too hard because it won't pay off how I want it to but I will give almost my all. I just have to make sure I show up o
  2. 1. Just keep working our tails off 2. We strive for greatness 3. Indeed 4. Sleep 5. Tea 6. MGK for sure
  3. 1. Really well 2. I am very excited to play 3. We are going to the top 4. Hip Hop mainly and artist would currently be Tom MacDonald 5. I haven't paid attention 6. No it does not
  4. Ever miss TPE and feel like it was the end of the world? I've been there and I am quite peeved about it. Frankly I get complacent when I miss TPE and I think it's ok to just miss TPE. Then I get it in my mind and I start missing TPE consistently and then I end up going inactive. It's been awhile since I had a player last more than 2-3 seasons and it sucks. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to making my players and frankly I feel if I can't get a player going right, I move on. This time around I may just stick around despite missing six capped TPE. I did get quite pissed about it and I raised s
  5. Still looking at a donut
  6. Still confused how this works @rjfryman. I've got max capped each week since creating. Shouldn't I have 12 average per?
  7. 1. The community 2. No specifics 3. Listening to music 4. Sure do and Tom MacDonald is at the top 5. Baseball 6. Luckily I haven't had any
  8. @DilIt's still crazy to think that you were fired from your position. I remember my first interactions with you. You were eager to help by staying down for the team and taking a year off your first player's career. I showed you some of the ins and outs and allowed you to do somethings but it was enough to get your foot in the door. I didn't give you the chance to be a GM at the time and I feel to this day it was justified. You went on to be an AGM elsewhere and you learned more from them. Eventually you found your calling and was hired as a GM. I wasn't around for much of your GMing career or
  9. 1. Strength 2. We had that before, it was the Mikka Virkkunen (I think spelling may be off) 3. No idea 4. Not on a team yet 5. The 4th of July 6. Idk somewhere in Texas
  10. This off-season has gone on long enough. It's the slowest part of the season and it's extremely boring. I didn't get selected to any of the world cup teams and it kind of was a bummer. I have been focusing on my game to try and get better in hopes that I can prove my worth. Right now my best option is just to keep working and wait until the draft. Things should get a lot better once a team selects me and I can show off my improved game. Last season I didn't really get to shine as I was buried on the depth chart but things should change. I am aiming for the sky and hoping that I can start off o
  11. 1. Well, I'm excited for the minors draft 2. Not sure, don't follow 3. I might not be here 4. Everything 5. Nothing 6. For covid to go away