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  1. One comes in and does his stuff and really don't say much. The other is just a gigantic troll.
  2. It was a matter of time before the Peach Panther got drafted. He came in late last year during the playoffs but couldn't partake in any team events as he couldn't sign. Luckily for him he kept up with his game and kept his skills rolling. He practiced night and day to stay in shape and to stay on top of his game. He knew after the playoffs ended he would get his chance to hear his name called in the minors and he would get to prove that he belonged. Peach Panther is represented by an agency that isn't known for creating hall of fame player's but every once in awhile he creates a pretty solid star type player. The last one he represented ran into some issues with the general manager he was playing for and he decided that hockey wasn't for him. He moved on to his next venture and the agency reached out to new up and coming star Peach Panther in hopes of him being the next player he represents. Here we are today ready to set the world on fire.
  3. Now implement where your career years don't kick in until a year after you are drafted if you are still in the minors.
  4. @Rayzor_7 I wouldn't mind coming back to help when you need assistance.