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  1. @chatfan036Why are you so thirsty you have to find posts from 2015 to react to? You thirst more than a female.

    1. chatfan036


      It came up in the VSN article on S44 Calgary and I was reminiscing 

    2. Da Trifecta
  2. @Matt_O This appears as black text on a black background bud
  3. I'm too old and tired for that.
  4. It's kinda hard to get back into the VHL really. I feel I did all I could here in terms of being a great player. Plus it's stressful being in quite a bit of leagues. So I'm taking it easy I guess.
  5. I guess I am back again to ramble on to get TPE. I don't know why but this feels more of a chore than actual enjoyment. Like I don't even check the results of sims anymore and I just claim my stuff and head out. It's crazy how longevity can make a man go from an instigator to someone who pops in every so often to say a few words then leaves. Well also the internet isn't as strong as it used to be and has softened up over the years so I fear I'd say something to get myself perma-banned. Some people know the full extent of my previous work and others only know what they hear. So I feel like a le
  6. Who else is surprised that I am still here with a player? Granted not as active and haven't updated in a couple months but I am still here and haven't retired yet. I'm slowly playing things and trying to keep a budget player around for Moscow. The thing is that if I don't update, then I will get surpassed by people coming in from the draft and I will eventually lose my spot on the team. It just hit me that I need to get back into some kind of updating if I want to stick around and not be shown the door. Well this is my lame ass attempt at keeping up and trying to remain interested. I don't see
  7. I think I rubbed my eyes one too many times
  8. I don't remember much but I do remember my brother was still alive back then and I at least got to see him.
  9. 1. That was very unexpected 2. Tight knit 3. Riga was better 4. Pretty content 5. Not really but oh well 6. Whatever the Victator needs