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  1. 1. To get better 2. It was a bit ago but yeah 3. Listen to music 4. Something non-profit 5. Nope 6. I'm a pollo-pescatarian
  2. @STZ @Higgins @Victor @JardyB10
  3. 1. That's classified information 2. It had nothing to do with it 3. I'm not quite sure 4. They both sound very enticing 5. Probably different 6. Uh what? 7. Adaptability 8. No idea 9. Not me 10. Go team go 11. I'm just a backup 12. Take them off and break them
  4. @16z I'll take the request to be removed bud
  5. Matty Ice, Natty Ice, Head Lice, don't matter....I recreated
  6. Player Information Username: Da Trifecta Player Name: Elijah Mikaelson Recruited From: Returning Age: 18 Position: G Height: 77 in. Weight: 215 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM
  7. @BeketovYou should take breaks from making sigs more often. In as many years as I have been here, I'd have to say this is towards the top with your work bud.
  8. Care to explain what a time zone is because only EST matters.
  9. @gorlabCan't even do the 3rd round? Maybe you're the bust.