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  1. I'd like to personally thank @Victor for trading for me. You did the same thing quite some years ago and it turned out well but this time won't be the same. This time things are different because I am not that same thirsty sim leaguer. I have given up my days of trying to get as much TPE as humanly possible in exchange for relaxing. I am somewhat enjoying my time but since I came back, I am at least enjoying the team that I am on. The locker room is pretty loud with all the activity going on and it's pretty great. Activity will help keep me going and keep me wanting to earn for my player so this is the greatest thing for me. I got traded after a nice little blow up that was well worth it. Now I can play under one of the GM's that I actually enjoyed playing for.
  2. 1. Of course 2. Moscow 3. Haven't seen yet 4. I always play, also sports games 5. No idea 6. He will and no idea
  3. When you have to choose but still know STZ's work. Great banner.
  4. Both 2 and 3 are amazing and it's hard to choose but 3.
  5. I do affiliate PT, 590, pc and practice facility which is 12 for me
  6. 1. I didn't pay attention 2. Smitty 3. I have not and I have no idea 4. Great 5. Still have no idea lol 6. Don't let the low point total worry you
  7. This is going to actually be a personal thank you to @Banackock. You did make a suspect decision but you rectified the situation and things are good. Now I can play for Moscow one day and end up not hating the VHL anymore. I just wanted to come back kind of quietly, enjoy the VHL and hopefully go a full career. It's the same shit talk you hear from me every time I create a player, but if I don't have to work as hard earning TPE, maybe it will last. Having expectations with a player either from yourself or someone else can take a toll on you. When you've had as many players as I have had, you just slowly stop caring. I am at that point right now. I just want to go eight seasons I guess and that is all. I don't care about stats or winning really. Just want to go that full time.
  8. 1. Gambling 2. Not sure, but not me 3. I haven't decided 4. How about a hound dog 5. Myself 6. None, hate sponsors
  9. Well it seems like I am back yet again. I was kind of just fading away but Gorlab kind of made me a sig and I can't really let him down so despite being a couple months behind in TPE I think, i am going to make the most of my career. The draft is coming up and I may end up finally being selected in the third round. I haven't spoken with any GM's and I doubt I will before being drafted. That is of no concern to me as I will make the most of my career no matter where I land. i just hope that I don't get selected by Vancouver as that is a team that I will surely retire on. I don't want to have to go that route so let's just hope that Beaviss is smart enough not to draft me. I don't really have a preference, just don't want to go to Vancouver is all.