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  1. Da Trifecta

    Expanding the VHLM

    Yes please. I am on board for the #BratislavaHypeTrain @STZ
  2. Is there plans to fix the banner on the red skin? @Beketov @Will

    1. Beketov


      Didn’t know anyone still used it. I think I still have the old banner I made lying around. Not sure if that’s the banner we were using or not but it’ll do. I’ll try to upload it when I next get a chance at my home computer which is not often.

    2. Quik


      @Beketov, it was the default from when the site crashed. I only just realized that we could go back to the black theme lol.


      Also, we still need to update the banner for the black theme, seeing how Stockholm hasn't been a team for 4 seasons now...

    3. DollarAndADream


      10th Year is GOAT theme

  3. Da Trifecta

    GM 177: HC Dynamo vs. Wranglers

    still not enough to bring me back
  4. Da Trifecta

    GM 48: HC Dynamo vs. Bears

  5. Da Trifecta

    A Quick Glimpse

    Glad to call you my teammate brother @Dangles13
  6. Da Trifecta

    Questions about carry over

    Just make it a 100 flat @Beketov
  7. Da Trifecta

    The one about Updating

    Some people don't even read others 500 word articles, so it's not like it's different. This writing thing is what made me get better at graphics. I really hated writing 500 words each week on who knows what, so I opted to learn how to get better at graphics. The multiples of 500 words articles were good and I did a few but that got to be too much when I had two players. Now that the multiples of 500 word articles are taken away, it kinda hurts members. Also people like @JardyB10, @Will and @Higgins tend to let their updates pile up sometimes and do one big claim. This is really going to suck for them and others who do so.
  8. Da Trifecta

    GM 34: HC Dynamo vs. Americans

  9. Da Trifecta

    GM 31: HC Dynamo vs. Legion

    Me likey
  10. Da Trifecta

    GM 27: Titans vs. HC Dynamo

    Le sigh
  11. Da Trifecta

    GM 24: HC Dynamo vs. Wranglers

  12. Da Trifecta

    GM 19: Reign vs. HC Dynamo

  13. Da Trifecta

    GM 16: HC Dynamo vs. Reign

  14. Da Trifecta

    Hardcore World Cup predictions pt 2

    Tuesday Russia 1:1 Egypt Wednesday Portugal 2:1 Morocco Uruguay 3:0 Saudi Arabia Iran 0:2 Spain Thursday Denmark 1:1 Australia France 1:0 Peru Argentina 1:1 Croatia Friday Brazil 1:0 Costa Rica Nigeria 1:1 Iceland Serbia 0:0 Switzerland Saturday Belgium 3:0 Tunisia South Korea 0:2 Mexico Germany 3:1 Sweden Sunday England 3:1 Panama Japan 0:0 Senegal Poland 3:2 Colombia
  15. Da Trifecta

    Holy I’m a Dumbass

    @Banackock why is this under suggestions and complaints? Do you even know where things go properly?