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  1. 1. I will put my name and I am just here to earn and enjoy my playing time. 2. It would be awesome to come back 3. Jet is a GOAT 4. Not quite sure as I don't know if I will be here or not 5. I like the Marlins for the cup 6. I sure hope so
  2. It's the second coming, like Brick Wahl.
  3. Player Information Username: Da Trifecta Player Name: Remy Moreau Recruited From: Other (Recreate) Age: 16 Position: RW Height: 76 in. Weight: 225 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page @VHLM GM
  4. Never interacted with him, but this is never easy to cope with. Rest easy fellow sim leaguer.
  5. Was a fun ride @gorlab. Thanks for the sigs my dude.
  6. 1. I can't say that I have 2. It's rough as the cold is brutal 3. Point production isn't what gets me happy as longevity has 4. Yes that will be the plan 5. To be honest nothing really 6. The mustache is already growing in
  7. The season has ended for the Minnesota Storm and now it's time to just look forward to the draft. I have to make sure to stay in tip top form so that when a team drafts me that I can perform. It was a long and boring and abysmal season for Peach and it seems like things are hopefully going to get better. There is only one team that Peach has expressed he won't play for and the feeling seems to be mutual. I won't go into detail as the GM of that team already knows and it may be known by more than a few. All of the other available teams he has no issue with but some of the GM's may be cautious as the agents history is rather horrible at retention. When it comes to careers being cut short, this player agency tends to dump players off quickly and move on to other players to represent. This has been an issue his entire career but hopefully things can and will change for the better really soon.
  8. Da Trifecta

    VAN/CGY; S68

    @DilIsPickle Man, who would've known going to Vancouver wouldn't get you to the Finals.