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  1. Lucky 2 Times

    Teemu Lehtineng

  2. Lucky 2 Times

    GM 10: Americans vs. HC Dynamo

    Huge win
  3. Lucky 2 Times

    GM 7: Legion vs. HC Dynamo

    So much for "scoring will come next year"
  4. Lucky 2 Times

    GM 4: HC Dynamo vs. Legion

    Great win team
  5. Lucky 2 Times

    Noel's Updates

    Welfare +6 Checking: 79>80 (3 TPE) Banked: 5 TPE: 306
  6. Lucky 2 Times

    Welfare / Pension (June 11th - June 17th)

    EFL Graphic +6
  7. Lucky 2 Times

    Teams I've Played For.

    Toronto and Stockholm/Vasteras for me
  8. Lucky 2 Times

    Lucky 2 Times (Trifecta) x Noel Roux

    1. Defender was getting to be too easy for me. Granted I know it was the minors, but I wanted a real challenge. 2. It is pretty fun being a forward yes. I was third in the hits list as a rookie. I am looking to improve upon that immediately. 3. I'd have to say Ko Kane. I mean the dude literally does lines of coke before every single game. That is madness. 4. I believe 7, one for every day of the week. 1. I'd honestly like to believe that the chances are a lot higher. Granted we didn't sign Mats Johnsson because the scrub went to LOLgary, but I think we will be just fine. 2. I am very excite to play with him. I mean the guy is an absolute monster and I could learn many of things from him. Hopefully he can teach me how to score more points. 3. I want to improve upon my scoring and passing. My numbers weren't exactly the highest but I know that I can do better than I did last season. 1. I have no issue with what anyone wants to label me as. Sure I retire early. Does it most of the time look bad? Yes. Do I care? No. I just like to enjoy new things and if four to six seasons is the norm, then so be it. 2. It would have to be VHLM Forever. I didn't get to achieve the goal of actually playing in the VHLM forever. 3. Seattle and Helsinki. I paid my dues to Seattle and I was most recently in Helsinki for quite some time. 4. The VHL has and always will be my primary unless I decide to leave. That day may end up being soon but for now, VHL is the number one. 5. I'd like to say it was better 10 seasons ago. I just think activity was higher back then.
  9. Lucky 2 Times

    S61 Group 5 Fantasy Draft

    Noel Roux @Beaviss
  10. Lucky 2 Times

    Quarter-Finals: Mercs vs. United States

    Same error pops up in edge bud.
  11. Lucky 2 Times

    Quarter-Finals: Mercs vs. United States

    @Fire Hakstol @der meister how do you see it? Not Found The requested URL /wc/60/Playoffs/WC60-PLF-4.html was not found on this server.
  12. Lucky 2 Times

    Quarter-Finals: Mercs vs. United States

    @Will 404 error
  13. Lucky 2 Times

    S61 Group 5 Fantasy Draft

    Ko Kane @Dangles13
  14. Everyone in America gets Taco Bell on Wednesday, thanks to basketball. More specifically, thanks to the Golden State Warriors' victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on their home court in Game 3 of the NBA Finals last week. While Warriors fans are rubbing the giveaway in Cavs fans’ faces, everyone -- even those who don’t follow basketball -- have something to celebrate: free tacos.

  15. Lucky 2 Times

    S61 Group 5 Fantasy Draft

    Shawn Brodeur @Beaviss