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  1. 1. After one long offseason, season 65 has finally started. What do you think of your team's performance in these first couple of sims? Our team has been great we have taken first in the league so I think we are good 2. How is the ambiance in your locker room after these sims? we are all pumped and super hyped to take on new rookies and play 3. Which team do you like playing against more than others? Las Vegas 4. Season has just started, so the VHL Entry Draft might be hard to predict right now, but in what round do you think you'll be taken? 1st 5. Besides hockey, obviously, what other sports do you like to play casually or watch? baseball 6. What's your game day routine? What do you eat before games? I eat sushi
  2. 1) The draft is over, the signings have settled down, and the VHLM is just about ready to get things started. Who do you think is the favorite, going into this season? me duh 2) With teams filling up this quickly, further expansion of the VHLM might be a potential talking point. Where would you put another minors team? Anaheim 3) The offseason's ending- what's your player's plan to get back in shape for game 1? Load up on tpe and get ready to rumble 4) Do you/your player have any preseason superstitions to help boost their performance? Nope I’m all good 5) Now that you've had time to get used to your team, who's been your favorite teammate thus far? Um all of my players are great I like them all 6) If the commissioners/GMs could do one thing to make your VHLM experience more fun, what would it be? make it it a bit easy like maybe make it we can earn 2 tpe capped per day for the practice facility just to give us a bit of a daily boost
  3. Yeah I need a new sig with my team colors have fun making it and if it’s possible can you make a cool design on my helmet that is uneuqe like an actual goalie has his own design?
  4. Chaseklein-Halifax21st- player name :Chase
  5. It don’t remember but I made a ton of graphics in case I didn’t have time to get on my laptop and make one but I don’t remember what I used to make this