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  1. Mitch Matthews Defence Points Assists
  2. 321 Toronto Legion 322 New York Americans 323 Vancouver Wolves 324 Helsinki Titans
  3. Are you excited for the WJC? Yes. Nothing beats the world juniors. Who are you rooting for and why? Canada of course. Who do you think will win? If it weren’t Canada, I’d go with the States. They have a strong team over there that could give Canada a run for their money. Do you sing your country's national anthem or just mouth the words? Usually just mouth the words. Depends on the atmosphere I guess. What team would you like to GM in the WJC? Canada. Would you ever burn a flag if you knew you wouldn't get caught? Never. Don’t really understand that or burning jerseys. Makes no sense to me.
  4. 216 Riga Reign 217 Toronto Legion 218 HC Davos Dynamo 219 New York Americans
  5. Question Time! Answer all 6 for 2 TPE! 1. After a week of some more tough losses mixed in with some wins, how do you try to turn it into a positive and try to bust through to win those close games? We just have to work together to get into a rhythm and start winning some games. I know we are a different team that won last season but we have some good guys here and it’s time to show the league what we are. 2. How do you think your on-ice performance has been? How do you plan to better yourself as a player? I think I started off very well but have since struggled. I’ve maxed my TPE so just hope my player just does well the rest of this season as he prepares to make the jump to the pros. 3. Are you excited for the World Juniors? Do you think you'll make your country's roster? Yea I think I have a good chance to make it again. 4. Other than your own team in the WJC, who do you like to root for to do well? I like going for whoever is the underdog. 5. Spill some tea! What team, VHL, VHLM, or World Championships do you not like the most? It can be a rival or anyone, who do you have that irrational hate for? I don’t think I have a team or someone I dislike that much. If I had to pick I’d pick Halifax because we fought to the end last year and now this year they are on top. 6. Finally, what are some of your favorite game-day routines and rituals that you have fun with? Morning skate, good pregame meal and some rock music in the dressing room before the game.