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  1. Anthony Matthews

    S65 VHFL Sign-ups

    count me in
  2. Anthony Matthews

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) The VHLM draft is over! Are you happy with where you ended up? If you're graduating from the VHLM this season, how do you think your previous team did? Umm, when asked if I wanted Saskatoon or Yukon to make it, I choose Saskatoon because I didn't want to travel to the Yukon. I think I'll try to just playing the away games. It's cold up there, like I think we play in an outdoor rink year round. The climate is night and day compared to Vegas. Hopefully the season is the same as in Vegas. As in terms of graduating, this will be my last year. I do hope that things work out well for me this coming VHL draft. 2) If you were VHLM drafted or signed, are you happy with where you ended up? If you're going to be VHL drafted, where do you hope to end up? Why are you asking the same question? Did you actually get paid for this? Next question. 3) Now that we're done playing hockey for a little while, what is your player going to do to enjoy the offseason? Stuff, train, get ready to be drafted to the VHL. Come up with more ways to bug my GM. 4) The Las Vegas Aces took the Founder's Cup this year, is there any message you'd like to pass along to the team (or your teammates, if you won)? Drink it in, maaaaaaaaaan! (as I show them the ring). Then as they don't get the reference, I tell them that 'You know what happens when you don't understand, you just made The List!' 5) What's your #1 goal to hit this offseason, before heading into your next one? Get drafted into the VHL. 6) What, or who, has been the most helpful resource in getting you familiar with the site/the league in general? I think the league chat on discord is a great resource as well as the work everyone in the league offices do to promote awareness of things around the league through the msg board and it is quite handy to be tagged in everything that pertains to me - I am very appreciative of that.
  3. Anthony Matthews

    Practice Facility (February 18th - February 24th)

    Anthony Matthews Yukon Rush - VHLM +2
  4. Anthony Matthews

    TPE: Weekly Reddit Recruitment

    done preds and forum rpg
  5. Anthony Matthews

    S64 Endorsement Claim Thread

    Anthony Matthews is claiming his $500k endorsement thingy. (As long as I'm eligible, which I'm pretty sure I am)
  6. Anthony Matthews

    TPE: Weekly Reddit Recruitment

    did both - forgot my username for a little bit.
  7. Anthony Matthews

    Welfare & Pension (February 11th - February 17th)

    Anthony Matthews Las Vegas Aces - VHLM +4
  8. Anthony Matthews

    Finals, GM 6: Las Vegas Aces vs. Halifax 21st

    I just wanted to win my TPE for predicting a sweep
  9. Anthony Matthews

    Finals, GM 6: Las Vegas Aces vs. Halifax 21st

    I still think it was rigged to not be a sweep
  10. Anthony Matthews

    S64 Playoffs Index

    don't change a thing....break out game for Matthews!
  11. Anthony Matthews

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    You really want to do that after Game 3?
  12. Anthony Matthews

    Practice Facility (February 11th - February 17th)

    Anthony Matthews Las Vegas Aces - VHLM +2
  13. Anthony Matthews

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) The finals are on, Vegas vs Halifax. Who's your pick and why? Vegas. If I didn't pick Vegas, I'd probably get hit for tampering charges. Why are you asking us these questions? Don't you know what happened to Pete Rose?? 2) The VHL and VHLM draft are coming up this offseason. If you're getting drafted to the VHL this year, where do you hope you go? If you've already been drafted, what are you most looking forward to in the VHL? In the draft I hope to go to a VHL team. The VHLM is just a means to the end. Sure I may start my season down there, but I won't be lasting long down in the minors. 3) With the offseason upon us, what's your player's favorite postseason activity? My favourite past time is spelling things correctly. Like there is a 'u' in favourite, and a hyphen in off-season. But I also do enjoy myself a mean BBQ. 4) Looking back at this last season, what's one thing you're going to miss about the VHLM once you've moved up? Nothing. Its like you expect us to be happy in a lesser league. VHL is where I want to be. 5) Coaches always push for their players to "leave it all out on the ice." Do you feel like your player followed that mantra this season, or is there more to them that we have yet to see? Have you seen our GM? We have to remind him that we are, as Scotty says, "Givin' her all we got, Captain". He's just sitting up in his press box thinking he knows what it's like to be a player. I have a mantra for you...."Those that can't play, manage" 6) Excluding the drafts and offseason tournament, what would you like to see the VHL host in the offseason in order to make it a little more fun? A BBQ. A fantasy WWE camp. A roast of @Jubo07, yup the last one is a must!
  14. Anthony Matthews

    S64 Finals Fantasy Zone

    Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 3 - Helsinki Titans @ Toronto Legion Game 4 - Helsinki Titans @ Toronto Legion Game 5 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans 4-3 Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Arroyo Series leader in goals: Ironside Series leader in assists Tzuyu
  15. Anthony Matthews

    Welfare / Pension (February 4th - February 10th)

    Anthony Matthews Las Vegas Aces - VHLM +4