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  1. 1. The draft lottery results were just released and Toronto drafts fifth. It's a pretty high native pick, are you excited that your team gets a good pick and made the playoffs? It's a happy coincidence, but I didn't get into hockey to be happy to have a high draft pick and make the playoffs...I came to win. 2. How are you enjoying the off season so far? You mean retirement? I'm just sitting back and looking at what my next steps will be (not in character - I haven't really been online much in the last week or so, so I haven't looked into recreating or whatnot)
  2. Here's our standings for whenever it is sorted out. I'm DirtierPlatypus
  3. If these are completed after the season, do I save claiming the points for when I recreate?
  4. 1. So those last eleven games before the victory... what do you think went wrong? Backup games. Plain and simple.2. Would you say it was poetic we won against the team chasing us to end the free fall? It just goes to show who the better team is when it's crunch time.3. Do you think we remain in a playoff position with our lead over Vancouver just a single point now? Yes we will. HHH loves to disappear when his team needs him. Playoffs, hunt for a playoff spot...it's his MO4. How disappointed are you in TOR G? 2-8-0 in his ten games he gets credit for..
  5. 1. Toronto is currently sitting in the final playoff spot. Vancouver trails behind the Legion -- and even after selling most of their core -- they still have a decent lineup. Do you think Toronto will remain in a playoff position, or do you think there is a slight chance of Vancouver catching them with twenty games left? Vancouver doesn't stand a chance. They moved an important piece of any playoff run at the draft this past off-season. 2. TOR G still needs to start four more games for the Legion -- how do you think that'll impact the position we're in? He'll ne
  6. Anthony Matthews Toronto +4
  7. After flying to the top of the league last week, the Legion have gone 5-5 in their last 10 games and sit at 13-9-2. How has the team handled the up and down start to the season so far? These things happen, what we need to take away from this is that when the puck wasn't going our way, we managed to put up a .500 record. While the team-defense has been the focus of the off-season, Goalie Jaxx Hextall has continued to be a shining light for the team. His .930 save percentage is 2nd in the country, despite nearly leading the league in shot attempts against. How does the team fee