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  1. The Legion have started the season 3-4-0. How do you feel about the start of the season? For me it was a bit of a feeling out part. Being new in town, I needed to see who needed my guidance and needed a push to perform better. There was only a few minor tweaks needed (they won't even notice I was pushing them), but it seems to have turned things around now (7-4-1) What do you believe will be the team's strength this season? The will and determination to win. To show that we can beat the #1 goalies and not just the backup everyone 'has' to play. What do you believe will be the team's weakness this season? Trading for HHH. What are your goals for this season? To win the cup. The team just announced it's captains last week. What are your thoughts in the picks? Should have been me...but I guess I don't go around fluffing all the boys before games, so I didn't get votes. I'll just do what I do every other stop in my career, lead by example...and stitch my own 'C' on my jersey somewhere. There are a lot of new faces in the locker room. How has that experience been so far? I am one of the new faces. There is a real 'Major League' vibe here... I don't know if it was the GM wanting to sell the team or threatening to trade anyone to Davos...but it seems to work and the team just wants to win. To show they can compete and no one should write them off.
  2. Only takeaway I got is that I put together a great I guess you can say that 'defense wins championships' isn't exactly true. goals against - 171 goals for - 70
  3. Greg Eagles Of course the day I am away from the computer all day, it's picked right after me and goes a full round....(I think some people need to get out more :P)
  4. F - Hunter Hearst Hemsley F - F - D - Hulk Hogan D - G - Could this be a theme? @Matt_O
  5. I might lead the league in 1 goal games, or at least 1-0 scores had a stretch of 5 in row
  6. F - Hunter Hearst Hemsley F - F - D - D - G - As much as it pains me to have to root for him @Quik clock's ticking dude!
  7. 1. What did you think of Toronto's overall draft? I'm not paid to follow the GM's moves, I'm paid to play. So I don't really follow the draft. But I heard that I was acquired on draft day. 2. What pieces of advice would you have for Michael Mac, Joseph Gainer and Ziarie Anigbogu? Be not afraid to make mistakes...someone will try to blame you for everything, but know that it was most likely their fault.3. What are your opinions about the trades that were completed during the draft? I guess me away from that slacker HHH. He never comes to play the big games.4. We also added Anthony Matthews and Vladimir Shaposhnikov to the roster VIA trade. What do you think about their acquisitions? Legen.....wait for it....dary.....I hope to step up and show all those teams in the past why they should have held on to me...hop on Legion...we are going for the cup!5. What do you think of Toronto giving up a potential lottery pick in the S74 VHL Entry Draft? Isn't every draft where a season hasn't played a potential lottery pick?6. Where do you think we'll end up drafting in the S73 VHL Entry Draft? Doesn't matter, I'll be retired by then.