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  1. WhiteMocha

    Saskatoon Wild press conference

    Oh. Here it is. Let's see... 1. Looking back at our last season, what would you have done differently, if you would have done anything different at all? I would've joined sooner so I could've been part of it. 2. What do you expect from the Saskatoon Wild this season? I started with high hopes. I know I've said this already, but our offense started on fire and I'm ... me. I think we could've done much better than what most expected. But after trading away our point producers it looks like this particular season is scrubbed. I'm still going to be stealing games, though. 3. Are you worried you may be traded away during the season? Afraid? No. Peace has already checked with me how I'd feel about being trading while working on a deal that fell through. If I'm going to get traded, my input is going to be part of it. 4. The Saskatoon Alumni list is pretty impressive, what player do you look up too the most on that list? Brick Wahl. No question. 5. What type of player do you want to be in the VHL? The one who wins cups. 6. How would you rate our roster, from a zero to one hundred scale. Currently? Hmm... 20? 30? Somewhere in there. We're pretty... empty.
  2. WhiteMocha

    Regression Pt. 2 - HITS, PIM, SB, Shots

    Oops. In my defense, it was a lot to read. I wound up skipping the second half of that last paragraph. My bad... Looking forward to the next one!
  3. WhiteMocha

    Regression Pt. 2 - HITS, PIM, SB, Shots

    I don't suppose you'll be doing this for goalies as well? I'm curious to know how much, if at all, leadership effects us netminders. Just for example.
  4. WhiteMocha

    S64 WJC Fantasy Prediction

    Canada (But go USA)
  5. WhiteMocha

    TPE: Reddit Weekly Upvote

    Done, caps At +21 now, so at least the downvoting has tapered off, appearently
  6. WhiteMocha

    VHL Pixel Logos

    I'm working on a bigger project for the VHL right now, so no animation on this one like the VHLM logos. (That was just a fun bonus anyway.) Here's some pixelated VHL logos for you to enjoy, feel free to use them in some retro project or another of yours if you'd like. I just couldn't get Quebec, Riga, or Seattle to look right for some reason. I really like how Davos and especially Helsinki came out. (The picture has transparency so if you're seeing it on a white background you might not agree.) Keep an eye on me though. I'm working on something much bigger.
  7. WhiteMocha

    VSN - VHLM: Scoped - Segment Two

    In the 1st star section. But two of the three games of the week were just the opposite. Like when LV overwhelmed me for 8. I appreciate the recognition, I was just pointing out the irony of getting it in the same week that those two got highlighted.
  8. WhiteMocha

    VSN - VHLM: Scoped - Segment Two

    Highlights two of my worst games so far this season Gives me 1st star of the week. Thanks? I think? 😅
  9. WhiteMocha

    S64 Asia roster for WJC

    My thoughts exactly.
  10. WhiteMocha

    GM 101: Saskatoon Wild vs. Oslo Storm

    Good goalies steal games. 😘
  11. WhiteMocha

    GM 64: Saskatoon Wild vs. Las Vegas Aces

    I stood on my god damn head here. I know we lost, but I'm still crowing about it. This is what I did vs the VHLM's top scoring team with very little left out in front of me. God damn that feels good.
  12. WhiteMocha

    VSN - VHLM Scoped: A New Start

    Oh, I actually got a mention! ... for having a goal put past me in a high scoring game. *Sigh* Where was this when I took 40 shots and only let in two and the other guy took 15 and let in 4? I'm good, I swear!
  13. WhiteMocha

    VHLM Stats 15 games into the year [1/2]

    No love for goalies, eh?
  14. WhiteMocha

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. How satisfied are you with your player's performance so far this season? I've done well. I've faced the most shots in the VHLM, but I'm still in the top half of save percentage. I think that says a lot. 2. What about your team, how are things going with the team? Would you run things differently? Definitely would have run things differently. We started out with an offense that was on fire and I'm improving quickly. I think we had a real chance as a dark horse this year. But hey, I'm in the VHLM for two years. GM's gonna be running this team far into the future. Doesn't feel right complaining. 3. The Las Vegas Aces seem to have separated themselves from the rest of the teams. Do you think they can keep it up until the end? That offense I just mentioned being on fire? Our top scorer went to the Aces. The best got better. I have no doubt Curtis is going to make them better, I'm pulling for him to bring in a cup. 4. What other player in the league do you hate to play against? Curtis Gary. Now everyone's going to see what he used to do to me in practice. 5. Besides hockey, obviously, what other sports do you like to play casually or watch? Football. Let's Go Buffalo. ... Next year. Always next year. 6. If you had the power to relocate a VHLM team, where would you put it and what would you name it? Buffalo, of course. I call my home America's Canada. Tim Hortons rules the cafe market and we love hockey like nowhere else in America. As for a name... I always liked the Sabres for being a team with an identity that wasn't a literal buffalo, which is an animal that doesn't live here. So basically anything but that or snow.