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  1. Fighting every second no matter the score. That's Cole.
  2. What? What you mean the game is over? I only faced 28 shots.We're barely half done.
  3. Yeah, sure. Start your backups against us. We won't take advantage.
  4. I was excited for a moment, thought I managed to get my first win vs @BladeMaiden. Turns out it Wahl wasn't in. Ah, what might've been. Still, faced fourty shots and stood tall once again. Feels good.
  5. This is my helmet. There are many like it, but this one is mine. I sleep in it, it's very cozy.
  6. Wait, what? Games started? I didn't- I mean hey! Aren't I awesome?
  7. Bwah? What's this now? Thank you, guy I don't know! Really appreciated.
  8. Italticized what I assume to be a mistake? When you said me, I assume you mean Cole and not yourself, right? As for "not the career plan had," I expect to spend some time not playing in the VHL, that's just the state of goalies right now. Since I'd have to wait pretty much wherever I went anyway, A place with a soon to be retired guy would be a great landing spot.
  9. 1) The VHLM draft is over! Are you happy with where you ended up? If you're graduating from the VHLM this season, how do you think your previous team did? I'll be honest.... I really, really wanted to be part of an inaugural team. So yeah, I'm a bit disappointed on that front. Doesn't matter, though. I'm still going to be fighting for a cup either way. 2) If you were VHLM drafted or signed, are you happy with where you ended up? If you're going to be VHL drafted, where do you hope to end up? I- is this different from the first question in some way? Well, I'm happy to be in Yukon. We're definitely going to go hard for the cup. 3) Now that we're done playing hockey for a little while, what is your player going to do to enjoy the offseason? Study up on hockey strategy. Justin came late to hockey and is keenly aware of the catching up he has to do. 4) The Las Vegas Aces took the Founder's Cup this year, is there any message you'd like to pass along to the team (or your teammates, if you won)? Well done mates. Good luck going forward. 5) What's your #1 goal to hit this offseason, before heading into your next one? A goal during the offseason? Not really. I didn't look at the offseason schedule but I'd like to get close to the cap for the VHLM before the season starts. 6) What, or who, has been the most helpful resource in getting you familiar with the site/the league in general? Peace has been a great GM and I want to give him credit for it, but Blade Maiden definitely took me under her wing and I really appreciate it.