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  1. Gottcha. I usually upload around 1MB now its down to 0.05 MB.. The quality looks like crap now
  2. Was the max size lowered? https://imgur.com/a/5PWoUXH
  3. 1. With a new season comes hope! What are your expectations for the 66th season of the VHL. There's going to be some growing pains as expected. This is still a new team with a lot more new faces, myself included. I think once we figure out what works we're going to put some win streaks together. There have been some close games so far, its going to take time, patience and weekly work. 2. What is a personal goal you'd like to achieve this year? Start being a contributer. I played for two strong VHLM teams (Halifax & Minnesota) and I want to show I can be a key player 3. What is a team goal you'd like to see the boys accomplish? Get in a rhythm. We dont have to win every game but if we can stay at .5 consistently over 10 games spans I would say thats a step in the right direction. 4. Share an experience you've had with the folks from Moscow, what are some similarities and differences? My gf is part Russian, does that count as an experience? I dont really understand the question 😶 5. If your new to the team, what excited you the most when you were drafted/traded or signed to Moscow? If you're not new, is there someone who's new to the squad you're interested in playing with? Moscow is a new team so this is the time to set the benchmark. It's an opportunity to set what Moscow is going to be for seasons to come. 6. If you could pick a goal song for the Menace, what would it be and why? Jump Around - House of Pain. Always want the crowd to be able to participate in the celebration
  4. Eng F - Oyorra Arroyo F - Jake Davis F - D - Ryan Kastelic D - G - Abaddon F - Matt Thompson F - Borwinn F - D - Malenko D - G - Ad F - Rylan Peace F - F - D - D - G - Beaviss F - Beau Louth F - Ryuu Crimson F - D - D - G - Tuned F - Veran Dragomir F - Sebastian Ironside F - D - D - G - Dill F - Elias Dahlberg F - Kronos Bailey F - D - D - G - Still on @Advantage in Rd 3
  5. Sebastian Ironside @DilIsPickle Matt Thomson was already picked, not sure if that changes things. Otherwise @Beaviss
  6. EASTERN CONFERENCE (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (WC2) Columbus Blue Jackets Winner: Boston # of Games: 6 (M2) New York Islanders vs.(WC1) Carolina Hurricanes Winner: Islanders # of Games: 7 WESTERN CONFERENCE (C3) St. Louis Blues vs. (WC1) Dallas Stars Winner: Blues # of Games: 5 (P2) San Jose Sharks vs. (WC2) Colorado Avalanche Winner: Sharks # of Games: 7