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  1. It’s been an interesting first two seasons for Matteo to say the least. Originally picked up by Halifax in S64 he played with the VHLM runner ups all season. Then during the dispersion draft an unexpected error listed him as inactive. Minnesota took a chance on him which paid off as they now sit in 2nd for S65. It’s going to be a fight throughout the regular season with his former club 5 points ahead and Ottawa only 1 point behind. Switching between 1C and 2RW it appears that the Storm are still trying to figure out where Matteo slots in to this team. In the VHL Matteo was drafted by Vancouver 18th overall. However we won’t see him in a Vancouver sweater as he was traded to newcomers Moscow Menace last week. On the recent trade Matteo commented “I understand Vancouver was in a tough spot with the salary cap. Beavis felt this trade would be the best for my career. This opportunity to play for Moscow will put a great emphasis on my playing abilities and I plan on taking this challenge head on.” We will likely see Matteo in S66 with Moscow.
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    MOS/VAN: S65

    @Beaviss thank you for opportunity, best of luck! @Victor looking forward to what I can do for Moscow
  3. Minnesota is 20 games into S65 and Matteo has been, eh a most. 9 goals and 4 assists for 13 points has him tied for 2nd on goals for the Storm, however his -10 on ice is raising some eyebrows. Ever since he was picked up during the dispersion draft from Halifax he hasn’t been the same. Perhaps the move just took him off guard and he’s still recuperating from it. It was unexpected for him to be listed as inactive as he played a dynamic role to get to the Finals with the 21st last season. There’s still a ton of games left in the season but in his second year in the VHLM he has to find his groove before it’s too late. With 3 game winning goals Matteo knows when to be clutch, now does he know how to be consistent? Minnesota sits in 5th after 20 games with Ottawa, Huston and even Vegas still within reach. Something has to start clicking soon, 4 of their 10 wins so far have been one goal games. The Storm have a double header against Ottawa next, let’s see if they can jump into the top 4 through this, otherwise their coach is going to have to look at some changes again.
  4. 1) The draft is over, the signings have settled down, and the VHLM is just about ready to get things started. Who do you think is the favorite, going into this season? Still gotta say its LVA going into the season. But I dont see them running away with it like last season. 2) With teams filling up this quickly, further expansion of the VHLM might be a potential talking point. Where would you put another minors team? Someone mentioned before that the Buffalo/Rochester area needs a team. Hockey is popular in Buffalo. Even give Syracuse a team. But the middle ground would be Rochester. Call it a Upstate NY team (the fact that I call this area upstate gives away where I'm from). 3) The offseason's ending- what's your player's plan to get back in shape for game 1? I focused a lot more on my skating. Last year I was focused on being a 2 way forward who was disciplined. I had very low PIM but that doesnt help get the Ws. 4) Do you/your player have any preseason superstitions to help boost their performance? None that I can can think of, besides earning 8 TPE or more for the week. If I dont do that I feel like I havent put in the effort. 5) Now that you've had time to get used to your team, who's been your favorite teammate thus far? I will say that when I joined Storm's discord and the first things said were "dab on them haters" and "yeet" by @Spade18 & @Eudaldkp I knew this would be a fun team. I'm not active in the discord but I do lurk it. 6) If the commissioners/GMs could do one thing to make your VHLM experience more fun, what would it be? Anything that gets the players to participate while being on the players available time. Like the double TPE this week is a perfect example. As long as its not like "Post between 1am and 2am to get a 10X bonus" I'm cool with any bonus TPE.
  5. 1. Now that the season has wrapped up, how do you feel about the team's performance? Was there anything that surprised or disappointed you? Overall rather pleased with our performance. Maybe we had a change to win the regular season but Vegas seemed to be running away with it from the beginning. I said this before and I'll say it again, regular season no longer matters come playoffs. 2. Halifax will be facing Ottawa in round 1 of the upcoming playoffs. Who will win and how many games will it take them? Hoping to finish it in 4, we will need to stay focused throughout the series. Any lapse of focus will cost us. The first two games were close, we need to keep our cool and discipline for the upcoming games. 3. These next few weeks may very well be your last with the team. How do you plan to spend them and what will you miss about playing for Halifax? I plan on working to get points and help Halifax hoist the Founder's Cup. 3 Goals already in the playoffs and I dont plan on stopping. 4. Looking back to the beginning of this season, what were your expectations for your player and do you feel as if they have been fulfilled? I expected to be the player Halifax needed and I believe I have achieved that. I put up goals when it mattered but I was more focused on being the assist guy creating plays while still being helpful defensively. I believe I did that. 5. Predict this year's finals. Who wins the cup, how many games does it take them and whom do they do it against? Halifax v Vegas. Halifax winning GM6. 6. If you were in charge of making the lines for the playoffs, what would they be? I would keep them the way they are right now. Everything's working for us. Maybe they need some tweeks when we hopefully play Vegas but we will see when the time comes.
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  7. Can confirm, really got into hockey moving up here