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  1. 1 - I don't think we need to move anyone else. We are set for the future as we stand. Expansion draft is going to hit hard tho, that sucks. 2 - I've always like yellow and black, idk why. 3 - I think Diljodh wins here, he is very excentric. Nowadys he is mad because he wants to win RoTY, it's hilarius. 4 - Discord LR because the forum LR is mostly empty hehe 5 - Confidence in what I'm doing. Things may go wrong but if you believe in what you are doing they will certainly get better. 6 - I once slipped a hot dog with ketchup and mayonanise into a bag as a prank. It turned out really bad.
  2. 170 New York Americans @ Calgary Wranglers 171 Moscow Menace @ Seattle Bears 172 Riga Reign @ Vancouver Wolves 173 HC Davos Dynamo @ Helsinki Titans
  3. 1- Sure! Happiness is the key to be good at sports, and there's always somenthing to celebrate. It makes for a better enviroment at work. 2- Awesome. We're in this for some seasons together, and everything is goiung smooth so far. 3- I use a cruiser to go to the metro station but I'd like to get a carver. They're expensive tho. lol 4- Maybe Brands shbould be about a league topic each week forced by a admin, so everyone should give their opinion on the matter. 5- Some sharks living in frigid waters can heat their eyes with a special organ in their eye socket so they can hunt more efficiently regardless of the temperatures. 6- Swimming!
  4. Week/Month Start Day End Day Competition First Game Last Game RAND GAME RAND COM User Prize MAR 3 11/03/19 17/03/2019 VHL 87 134 105 1 @flyersfan1453 3 Uncapped MAR 3 11/03/19 17/03/2019 VHLM 76 119 88 4 @rjfryman 3 Uncapped Proof:
  5. Week/Month Start Day End Day Competition First Game Last Game RAND GAME RAND COM User Prize MAR 2 04/03/2019 10/3/2019 VHL 33 86 57 3 @Tagger 3 Uncapped MAR 2 04/03/2019 10/3/2019 VHLM 20 75 35 1 @K1NG LINUS 3 Uncapped Proof:
  6. 1 - I think right now we are not ready to make a run, but we will, I'm sure. 2 - I think our lockerroom is something special with all this nice people, current, past and future 😉 players. 3 - I think it's the right players and users and they will do great. 4 - Nothing, I mean Calgary is set to become the greatest team of all time. That's just facts. 5 - I think everyone in our lockerrom is great but If I had to take someone it would probably be either AW or Tactical. 6 - Black, Fish is a serious guy.
  7. 94 Vancouver Wolves @ Calgary Wranglers 95 Moscow Menace @ New York Americans 96 Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans 97 HC Davos Dynamo @ Riga Reign