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  1. Player Name: Bald Guy VHL/VHLM Team: helski Cash you have: 3,75m Purchase Name: exp pack 10 Cost of Purchase:3m Cash Left: ,75m
  2. 1) right now i don't have any favorite. im still very new to the team and have missed some game due to contract issue, but i think i won't have favorite. I just like everyone ! 2) quite well for now! Im used to do a lot of really harsh physical training, so something like that is fine. i just don't understand what people are saying at all time 3)I won't ! Baldness is a symbol of courage as a warrior ! i prefer to stay bald forever ! 4) as a player ? i would say 30 point could be a strench, but that's what i am aiming for. But i guess it should be more around 25. Im looking to be the highest +- and show the world how much usefull i am . 5) I had no help. But the AGM opened an app that allow me to talk with teamate in a easier way. Yay ! 6) He goes in a chinese restaurent and eat as much as he can everytime. Then when the game is about to start, he eat fish scale until he can't crouch anymore.
  3. WHile it is true, in a recent game, he got -2, bald guy currently is at the top og helski titan +- with a +10. While it is true, he have not play as much game as his teamate , almost none were above 0 . But the more the game keep going, they never went up, while bald guy is mostly increasing. His success? it is not very clear what the Warrior Of The Rising Sun is doing. Maybe it is just sheer luck , because bald guy pass have a tendency to be intercepted by people with very high defense. he also have 10 point , matching his +-. but the truth is most of those are done in powerplay. So he might just increase the ability of his linemate while not doing much on the ice. Maybe he is very good at cracking joke , or goating enemy to do mistake? Or maybe it is simply the Fish Scale he force feed them when mostly no one is looking.
  4. There is an increasing need for Bald Guy to get a phone, some source said. Before his recruitement with helskin titan, he only needed internet since most of the locker room experience, other than inside the locker room itself, was done via internet. Right now Bald Guy is kinda overwhelmed by the fact his new teamate don't use internet at all. ''My new team ? It lack fish scale and internet. Can't browse funny stuff or talk easely with mate, need a phone to talk. But im not good at talking, only typing ! So Im sad.'' he said he miss most of the good stuff. He always come late in most meeting because he have no way to know it, and calling everyone , 1 by 1, is very complicated ''Im here to fight on the ice, not remember phone number. Im about to hire an secretary just to do all those call for me !'' I think Bald Guy miss how his ex- locker room work out. Sad Guy.
  5. 66 HC Davos Dynamo @ Moscow Menace 67 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 68 Calgary Wranglers @ New York Americans 69 Moscow Menace @ Riga Reign
  6. @Bushito don't forget to change my edwin perce***caron. dil picked it before me and i remplaced it.