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  1. Im not inactive. It just not worth the effort to do so many task every week to only upgrade a stat once per week. I always come back for the team camp and get my exp. Bald Guy have the highest exp of any recruit in his draft and probably have the highest +- too, because that's how my build work. I could always upgrade skating and ck, but ck = a lot of penalty , and sk = change in player decision, which are ,imo, more important than even the stat. I could almost argue my build is done and im just waiting for the exp. Just a shame my team don't use my player as leader, because my leadership is currently wasted TP
  2. g- Johnny Havenk Carison d- Vaydar Odinsson @11 Eleven
  3. d- Basaraba Moose f- Teagan Glover
  4. oh daym, I forgot about this. do I pick 2 pick rn ?
  5. 1) a good power forward with high scoring. 2)nothing much. my build is mostly done , I don't have anything I really need to work on 3)I have not followed the off season, sorry 4)I don,t really care much. Since it,s a popularity contest and not based on LD I couldn't care less 5)a lot, but not because of that 6) Help. Either push them farther in the bottom, or help them rise to the top again. Either way are good for the futur of the organisation