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  1. I would love to apply for Helsinki. @Jubo was a hell of a fight with Seattle this year, seen no other post from ya but congrats on all of your successes! If you need any information above and beyond what y'all already have, DM me on discord thanks.
  2. team was full and Acyd already knew Knowledge matters
  3. We had the most winningest record in the second half of the season, and while San Diego gave us a run for our money, we went 8-0 after the 1st round. I don't think it's a fluke, we just had a very shitty start to the season. I truly believe we would've been ahead of Mississauga had we started the way we finished the season. Stats matter
  4. hell of a team you have Jiggs, nothing to be upset about honestly, making it to the semi's and I'm sure your squad was active and that's the most exciting part. GG to you and the whole team @JigglyGumballs
  5. I like being mediocre. Makes me feel good.
  6. I see how this relates to the topic at hand and has anything to do to add to the discussion. Congratulations, I went inactive... I paid the price for it with my bad rep for years, and I've now been the most active I've ever been and the most involved since my initial spurt way back in Season 7. Am I proud I went inactive? No. Does it have ANY relevance to anything I spoke about today that it needs to be brought up? Can't say it does. But kudos to you for somehow making this personal against me when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Bravo.
  7. you're funny. Thanks for the giggle my friend.
  8. @Beketov didn't lose his touch. He's very bad good.
  9. I know I haven't lied whatsoever to get to the point I am at. I got San Diego fair and square, was there for 10 seasons, and I got Miami fair and square after that. What I would've or could've done that is 'scummy' is beyond me, you can DM me if you'd like to enlighten me, but as far as I'm aware, applying for a job isn't scummy, it's how you get a job. Thanks though for a good chuckle.
  10. Lied my way to the top? My guy, I've been here since before you were born no doubt LMAO, lied my way to the top. I had to fuckin' GRIND just to get anywhere here, just like everyone else. I'm not pleading ignorance, I've talked to the parties involved that are being questioned, I'm not saying their LR has been perfect, no one has, it's the WAY this is being handled. RJ was blindsided by this, Hex was blindsided by this, NEITHER of them knew he was unhappy until this article came out. HOW do you expect ANYONE to resolve ANYTHING, if they aren't given a fair chance and instead blasted via an art
  11. So you've talked to RJ and Hex or? So you know that RJ was on vacation for a week, comes back to this, WITHOUT any warnings or triggers that this player is disgruntled at all? Do you find that fair as a GM at all, that we're not able to try to resolve this privately, without the need to blast literally the WHOLE fuckin' franchise for what? Five minutes of spotlight or? I see no reason why this all couldn't have been said in private, and we know, by TALKING to RJ, that it wasn't done in private, at all. Funny people condone this type of behavior but I'm not too shocked at who is co
  12. As a GM who has had this happen to him twice... yeah...twice, these types of posts never cease to blow my mind. I've truly never, ever understood exactly why people feel like posting something like this is their first resort when being unhappy with a situation or just to rant in general. This doesn't dismiss your feelings, btw, it's just the way that it's been handled that I really don't love, at all, and it really makes being a GM super frustrating sometimes when it is handled like this. How exactly am I speaking about? Well... going behind your GM's back, not even making an atte