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  1. all my tasks were done prior to this announcement, none really pertaining to the theme since I didn't know there was one. Can I just claim anyways? Don't really feel like re-doing a whole weeks worth of stuff...
  2. Did I scare you? Good. I'm not here to announce I am leaving, don't worry. Rather, closing a chapter in my GM career I always hate to do, saying goodbye to those leaving for various reasons, whether it be to their respective VHL teams or going into the draft next season. In San Diego, we made it a mission to keep our players as happy as we could from start to finish of their careers with us, and the following players we're sadly losing after the playoffs: Lincoln Tate Edgar Tannahill* Phil Marleau Greg Eagles Pierre Persson Rhys Chism Ryszard Franciszek Andrej Petrovic Charles Drumm Dalton Wilcox Sean McGee When you look at this list, you San Diego is going to be a whole different team next season, and sadly we are. I do have questions if Edgar (Greggreg) will be going up as he's not been all that active sadly and hasn't updated in ages, which could be a good thing for us, but maybe also a bad thing? If he comes back, he's 100% gone. As for the others, in one way or another, whether being called up or going into the draft, we're losing a lot of the guys that were able to make history for us. They've had the absolute pleasure of making history here, and I've had the pleasure of GMing and coaching every single one. They've been nothing but a pleasure to spend time with through this season, and I'm genuinely going to miss having you all on our team. One team, one dream, always a Marlin ❤️
  3. thanks for the kind words Tate! You have been an absolute machine, all the credit goes to you man.
  4. While everyone on the Marlins technically is setting records as the first ever team for this franchise, there are a few players that stick out among the rest, and we're here to break it down for you to see what the team is looking like with 12-ish games left in the season. First Captain: Phil Marleau Phil was voted in by his teammates by a near unanimous decision, even with Greg giving him the nod. Most Points: Lincoln Tate This is honesty so impressive to me, while his point total isn't enormous, he switched positions and has been the best waiver acquisition I believe in the league. Most Goals: Edgar Tannahill While Chism is ahead of Tannahill, Chism was a late-season acquisition and will also technically hold this title, but Tannahill has been a Marlin since day one, and thus he'd get the "official" nod. Most Assists: Lincoln Tate I told you, best waiver acquisition and he shows why. Tate is leading the team in assists and points and has been first star many times, amazing player right here! There are many more awards that will be given out, things may even change with the remaining games left but regardless, it's been a fun ride. I'm surely having fun as GM of the team and it seems like all the players on the Marlins are having fun too. Can't wait to see what happens with the following seasons under my reign.
  5. +6 sba
  6. Week of 06/10: 1. With the Marlins slipping to 6th and around 12 games left, what do you think happens to us moving forward? 2. If you could be GM for a day, what would you do to help and why? 3. With a team award show at the end of the season, who do you think gets the most awards? 4. Making history, do you think the Marlins succeeded or failed in their first season? 5. With barely any draft picks, do you think the Marlins made the right choice going all-in this season? 6. How do you feel three quarters of the way in on your personal performance? 7. What song best describes the season the Marlins have had? 8. What workout routine do you follow? Favorite workout? Least favorite? 9. If you're returning to the team next year, do you feel the team can bounceback after having no picks? 10. If you're not returning, where do you hope your next destination is?
  7. welcome @Cornholio nice to see you made your way over
  8. Congrats @Matt_O took a long time, long process and a lot of applications but you made it
  9. I just got up man, long day yesterday okaaaay. Gosh.