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  1. Flashback to the beginning of the year, and San Diego was a write-off. They had sold their S67 assets to compete in their inaugural season, and while the playoffs last season didn't pan out the way they had hoped, they were competitive. Jump forward to this year, San Diego had no assets going into S67, not a single draft pick had been made, the franchise didn't even show up to draft day, because their plan was simple, build from the ground up, sign some brand new prospects, and make it a journey. Even with prospects joining the Marlins left and right, people still had their doubts. Would the Marlins be the worst expansion franchise this season? Would the Marlins be the worst VHLM franchise this season? At first, it seemed like it. The Marlins started off piss-poor, their record was junk and the activity was very, very low. But things changed about one month into the games, it was like lightbulbs went off and things finally began to click. San Diego ran two full lines of solid activity, a ton of youth in the system and proud players among the team. Everything seemed to be clicking, and so the team began to go on a roll. Despite the roll, they had their ups and downs, they still couldn't get past the great wall of Philadelphia, and the Lochness Ottawa was still just like the monster... a mystery. Regardless, the Marlins had fun, they stayed the course, they did not want to leave the team for potential "greater" success, the team was happy. And if that isn't the definition of success in the minors, than I don't know what is. But there still leaves a void, the Marlins have yet in their two-year existence be able to flourish and push past the first round, but that is where the management staff feel optimistic, is that if they can turn a season of nothing into something when all hope had been lost, than what possibilities wait for them in the future? Time will tell, but I can tell you it's been a hell of a ride, and it's all thanks to the team, and everyone who busted their ass for this franchise, you've made me very, very happy @Frozen Block @stevo @Beerfridge @Jaku @Psyduck77 @Fire_In_Babylon @NumberJ5 @Klrpizza @SJT29 @MexicanCow123
  2. So it's time, it's really happening, by now just about everyone and their mothers in the VHL knows that the secret is out, and we are in fact expanding in the VHL. Now, if you've been around and actually paying attention than this doesn't really come as a secret but to those that maybe were under a rock or admiring @Beaviss big arms on Discord 24/7, then you were likely very shocked by this. So what do I think? Do I think it makes sense? Do I think the GM's are good? Let's talk about that. First and foremost, from what I was told, the amount of applications were enormous, and this is actually a very good thing, because when I was here years ago, as some of you may know, it was kind of hard to say the least to get a GM in the VHL, some people literally had to go FIND their replacement instead of having people apply, so this was very unusual but now seems to be the "norm" around here. As for who was selected, I've been around @diamond_ace for a long, long time. He was actually one of the first people I met here and one of the first people to give me any kind of a GM job way back when, when I helped him with the Ice Dogs, so do I think he'll be good? Hell yeah. He has held very many positions here, he's been through the ringer, he knows what he is doing, and he's going to do an exceptional job. As for @Enorama this one is more of a question mark for me, not because I dislike him, quite the contrary, but because if I am not mistaken, he does not have any prior GM experience, at least that I am aware of without being competent enough to do any real research. That being said, I am in EHM GM' leagues with him and he's very good, so I know his management and activity will lead him to much success. Finally, for team predictions, my bold prediction because D_A and I talked about this all the time is that he's heading to Prague, couldn't be assed to tell you the team name but look out for him to select Prague as the location if he got to choose. With Eno, I just do not know him enough to know his preference of places, but assuming he'll have to join the other conference, we could either be looking at a Canadian team since Quebec got axed, or we could be seeing a more popular North American city such as Las Vegas or maybe even Denver as they are two huge markets.
  3. @diamond_ace glad you made a C tbh, we really need one. Our 2C went inactive, I'd be willing to drop him for you if you can remain committed (lol, like my joke?) and you'll receive top 6 mins, top 6 pp, top 6 pk, the works. We're a team everyone had counted out early on who has more or less secured a playoff spot at this point, so come make our team even stronger?
  4. super big congrats to @Enorama and @diamond_ace you guys are both super awesome and deserving of this
  5. SUP STZ! We're currently looking to make a big push and I think you'd make our team instantly deeper. Right away you'd be our 2C, and allow us to make a full third line which is something we've never had. I'd also be willing to guarantee you PP time and PK time once you get to about 80-100 TPE, but regardless you'll be about 18-20 mins a night on San Diego. I'm sure you know the drill but quote and accept if you wanna come here, help us make that big push!
  6. @Beerfridge we know each other well from the other league, happy to have you here, you're active, you're growing, I like activity and I reward it. Welcome to San Diego
  7. So my vote went for personal experiences solely as I wasn't around active enough to know what the hell happened to get him banned in the first place. I also voted before scrolling through this and I still haven't scrolled at the time of me writing this so if something happened that is utterly disgusting and people hate him, then retract my vote. But from a personal standpoint, boubai and I always got along, I don't PERSONALLY have a bad thing to say about him, he taught me a lot about gfxing in the time he and I were both active here, we chatted a lot, I was present for a lot of his graphic live tutorials and such, he was a cool guy to shoot the shit with, but nothing ever became vulgar, etc, it was just all in good fun and so on. So again, if people do have a serious issue with him I am not aware about, retract my vote and put it as no, but for now, I personally have never dealt with him in a bad way
  8. It's been a few weeks now since Denver Wolfe found out he was going to be captain of the Vancouver Wolves. He was a huge pickup for the team back in S65, and has excelled in his draft class far beyond the expectations most of the GM's had for him. When he was drafted at 9th overall, most teams obviously felt he'd belong there, he was going to be 'mediocre' and he wasn't going to impact their team in the slightest, however two seasons later, here we are, him being third in his draft class for practice hours, and one of the youngest captains in the league. And his response: "It's like I am in a dream. You come up to the pros and you never know what to expect. My first season was a personal lesson for me that not everything comes easy and that there is a lot of work left in my game to improve on. I came up from a time where I was the best defender in the game during my minor season, and ended up sucking. So when my team voted me in for captain and allowed me to take on this responsibility, while shocked, I was ready for the challenge." This season, Vancouver has certainly made a splash, their big moves have been good and bad for them thus far, but they are posting a positive record and only look to continue from there, they want to see him succeed, and he wants to see his team succeed.