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  1. You didn't make efforts though man, you literally went MIA, got booted as GM, got given a second chance as an AGM, got booted from there. While I don't know the whole story from Halifax, I know enough of it. Yes, you guys didn't get along 24/7 and yes some stupid shit went on there, but in saying that, there is two sides to it all, and I never, ever seen you receptive to the idea of living up to your expectations. I'm not mad at you from a standpoint of a personal stance, as I am you calling the VHLM GM's out as a whole, and trying to displace the blame onto us like we're some sor
  2. I didn't care for you going MIA and getting an attitude. I enjoyed your time here in your prime where your care actually showed. Now you've got this big head ego and attitude and it's kinda bullshit. You talk about toxicity, you talk about attitudes, you talk about "being owed" stuff and so on and so forth, what the heck is this article then? All you've done is make more people dislike your actions, care less for your words and do nothing but be negative, inactive and toxic yourself. It's a two-way street my friend, and if you don't like how things work around here, no one is holding you h
  3. @ShawnGlade I just want to say how disappointing it is to hear you bash the VHLM GMs. For a guy that left Dil in the dark for months I think you have NO wiggle room to even contemplate bashing anyone for doing anything. You didn't help Halifax whatsoever and left Dil to do everything, and you just did nothing. I do also want to say that there is a majority of us GM's that do our own recruiting, but of course we're going to ask the AGM to do it too, it a) helps them prepare for GMing and having to do pitching on their own and b) keeps them busy and engaged and more importantly c) h
  4. That's fair, I just feel like it may be a bit "forced" to want people to post on the forum when 99% of discussion does unfortunately occur on discord. It would at least give people incentive to post on the forums.
  5. I don't know if this has been mentioned, since I'm on my phone and don't feel like scrolling through 2 pages lol, but what if like the SBA, we implemented a sim attendance task? It can be a supplement to say a VHL.com article or a press conference, where you must post in 2 game threads/week and you claim them 1 TPE per post. (2 max/week, and they would obviously be capped). I feel like since SBA and I believe even EFL does this, it does bring a lot of traction to the game threads and would boost forum activity quite a bit. Since games are posted basically daily, it would give people ample oppo
  6. No, we're not talking about the last place San Diego Marlins... however we are speaking about my player, Lucifer Olivier Leveque, aka LOL, and him being back atop the scoring leaders for defenders and back in the top 5 for the league in assists. If you would have asked me how I felt about my players performance about 3 weeks ago, maybe a little more than that, I would've had quite a different opinion than I did now. Leveque started the season with 12 points in 4 games, a wicked pace that seemed unrealistic to maintain however, I remained optimistic. Fast forward into the middle of the season,
  7. hello @DarthZak and welcome! I am the GM of the San Diego Marlins and while we are rebuilding we'd love to have you on the team. Right now due to how many new recruits have joined we really only have bottom 6 minutes but it will still give you an opportunity to play and grow. If you'd like to play for us, quote this and accept and we'll add you in right away.
  8. hello @soban419 I am the GM of the San Diego Marlins and I'd love to offer you a spot on our team. Due to the insane amount of new recruits, I am a rebuilder but do not have a ton of playing time, what I can offer you at the moment is 3rd line time with the potential of increase due to earning. If this sounds good to you, please let me know and quote this to accept.
  9. hello @Rayzor_7 you beautiful boy. I can't offer much cause my team is kinda deep with the youthful new recruits, but I can offer you 3rd & 4th line combined minutes at the time being until I get more people, in which time I will be keeping you 3rd line. I will also do my best to get you some kind of special teams minutes too. If this sounds sexy to you, quote me.
  10. Hey @2hawk! We are a rebuilding team in San Diego but do still have playing time on our 3rd and 4th line. If you’d like to come join us and have some fun and log some good mins then quote this and accept
  11. @AnthonyOuelletim rebuilding in San Diego but that means lots of playing time haha. If you wanna grind it out we do have a lot of new recruits and a very active LR. So if you wanna join us quote this and let’s do it!
  12. Hey @Greg_Di we would love to bring you back to your old stomping grounds in SD! I am at families house but nevertheless I can offer you top 4 mins guaranteed and tons of points to come along with it. I have a lot of new recruits that I’m sure would love some veteran leadership. if you want to come back please quote We are rebuilders but I think it would be a lot of fun.
  13. Hello sir. I have a spot open in my top 4. I don’t have much time to write a huge write up but you’re the commish so you know what’s going on with SD haha. We’re 100% a rebuilder but with that comes tons of playing time. I also feel like it would be fun to have you with all our new recruits if you wanna join and have fun quote this!