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  1. @fonziGG you and I go way back, and I'm super proud to see all you've accomplished over the time in all of these sim leagues. I'm so happy to see you flourishing in your personal life, a well deserved promotion for sure. Best of luck to you my friend, try not to be a stranger and enjoy everything that comes your way.
  2. says it was sent in the player store?
  3. Lucifer Olivier Leveque - DF
  4. Congrats Malmo, well deserved victory great team ya have there.
  5. The Rome Gladiators were in search of an AGM but are no longer searching, with many brilliant applicants it was an insanely hard decision, but we are very proud to welcome a member who has been super patient and consistently applying for a shot at this role, so please help us in welcoming and congratulating...
  6. Looking to find the first ever Rome AGM. Preferably someone who is just looking to have fun, learn from the experience and eventually become a GM one day. I will absolutely teach you everything I possibly can to get you to that point. Job includes: - Assisting with line discussion - Assisting with draft scouting/interviews - Weekly press conferences - Assisting with LR tasks/activity. Apply within, will send out an interview to those interested once there is a few applicants.
  7. awesome news glad to hear you'll be joining us in Miami, I will send you a DM with further instructions and a link to our locker room. Welcome to the team!
  8. hello @Roman I am GM of Miami, we made the playoffs as the 3 seed team and we're looking to claim a championship. I have a depth defensemen role for you, would play probably 10-15 mins on the ice per game, and we can offer some form of PK time as you improve through the playoffs. If you'd like to join us on our cup journey, quote and accept.
  9. sup @Dtayl I need a 4th line C to complete my forward core, the season just ended and we're heading into playoffs. We finished 3rd in the league with a lot of promise to perform big time in the playoffs. If you'd like a shot at winning a cup, quote this and let's get it rolling!
  10. hey @Meengs1024 Reg season just ended, Miami is in the playoffs and has a 4th line C role with your name on it if you'd like it. Come join us and help us succeed in winning a cup. I only have one spot left so first new player to sign with us will fill us up! cheers.
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