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  1. It's been a bitch of a time in the VHL, and I'll be the first one to admit it. As a young thirteen year old, I joined the VHL unaware of what I was even doing or getting myself into. My cousin had referred me to the site and I am a huge hockey player and watcher, so even as young as I was, it intrigued me. My first player was a bit of a bust, rightfully so, I had no freaking clue what I was doing, it was like 17 seasons into the leagues existence so people knew a lot more than I did, and so I retired him early to try to figure shit out. Throughout the process somewhere along the failed path of terrible bust players and constant disappearances, I finally found my footing with my best player to date, Radislav Mjers. I was pretty proud of my accomplishments when it came to Mjers, he was a multi-season all-star, he had won two cups, a couple of individual awards, and was my highest TPE player, but this would be the peak for me, and the "demise" of my reputation so to speak. I was a jackass after that player, I made a lot of failed commitments to players and burned GM's respectively as I went AFK three times with three separate players and it was not my best look, in fact I was probably at my lowest point by then... But then things changed! I went away for what I'd consider to be my biggest "break" and it was a hard pill to swallow, my life had changed in many ways. At my lowest, what people didn't know is IRL I was spiraling out of control, I was battling myself as my personal demon, but thankfully, I overcame it all. I had a kid just before leaving here, another while I was gone, I got married, and just spent me time. I also ended up beginning to run my own operations from home, and straying away from the toxic 9-5 job I was at before, a lot of things we're looking up for me, and still are...and that's how we landed here. I would say this is my new peak, Denver Wolfe while not the stud in the VHL I was hoping for has been my most fun player up to date. I've updated consistently, I've been a GM now in the VHLM for a few seasons which has really been awesome finally coming back and being good at a job I knew I could do, but had just shrugged off many times in the past, and I've made everlasting memories with a lot of of awesome people. So yeah...this is the story of the very many year career of me... and my historical background into the VHL... Thanks for reading ❤️
  2. with being away for the weekend and completely forgetting, here is the PT I made and forgot to post:
  3. I'm thankful for everyone who accepted me back to the VHL, at a time where I didn't really know if I would even be able to accept myself back into the league. I was dealing with a lot, I had a very bad rep, but yet people believed in me, gave me a shot, and it's been probably my best run by far. I've made a lot of new friends, rekindled broken friendships with current friends, and just had a blast. So thank you all for everything since my return ❤️
  4. @Beketov plz assist you beautiful soul.
  5. both guys seem fairly active, being half-way through the season, gonna try to see if we can utilize them!
  6. @ShawnGlade You spent some time in Van-City, come join me in San Diego as my 2nd pairing player, PP, PK included, I think you'd enjoy yourself!
  7. Come join San Diego @Tagger I'll give ya 2nd pair + PP and PK, yeah? quote to accept.
  8. ID: 8226- 9187- 2265 - 5511 ($20) S68 - Denver Wolfe Double (used 9.20.2019) Double (used 9.29.2019) 5 Uncapped (used 9.20.2019) Free Week (used 10.3.2019) using free week.
  9. Sup @Siddhus Nice to see you joined the dark side. I obviously know you from the EFL quite well I also run a team here, the San Diego Marlins and were always looking for active, dedicated players to join our team. I'd like to offer you 2nd line minutes on the team, with some PP and PK time, we'll be playing you on both sides of the wing, to maximize minute production and also scoring/point potential for you. If you'd like to come join me, quote this offer, we'll get you started Good luck, and other GM's will reach out to you as well, it's your choice if you choose to wait for their offers or not before accepting.
  10. @Russ Germain Welcome to the VHL! My name is Zack, I go by InstantRockstar here, and I am the GM of the San Diego Marlins. We have a great opportunity for you on our team, that I think you'd enjoy a lot! We're offering you second line minutes as our 2C with PP and PK time to take over from a recently inactive center we have on the team. We'd love to grow our team and our community and add you to a very active core as is . If you'd like to come join us quote this offer and accept it! More GM's will offer on you as well, so you can choose to wait to accept, or just accept it anytime. Regardless of your decision, enjoy your experience here, there is a lot of fun to be had and a lot of great GM's, you can't make a bad choice. Cheers.
  11. @TheStranger first and foremost welcome! I'm the GM of the SD Marlins, I'll make this short and sweet... we want you! As a defender, we'd be able to offer you second pairing minutes with PP and PK time too! You'll continue to grow with a core that is wanting to win and as we continue to grow, we will continue to fight for a playoff spot. If you'd like to join us, quote this and accept, and lets get your journey started!! You will also receive offers from other GM's, so you can either accept mine now, or wait to see what other offers come in, regardless you have fun and enjoy the league!
  12. Today we will highlight just a few of our very successful Marlins "candidates" who have either garnered success on another VHLM team through the most recent draft, or have already grown their big boy wings and have climbed their way up to the VHL. The Marlins have had a lot of players come and go, so not everyone is highlighted here, but keep in mind, I will likely make this a two or three part "piece" to cover everyone I can. In this article, we're going to talk about our S67 players who were on the team that have moved on to bigger, and better things. In Total, SDM "created" 6 eventual players who would become VHLers, they were as follows: Alex Pearson - Jayrad28 - 311 TPE - Prague Phantoms Charles Drumm - frescoelmo - 238 TPE - D.C Dragons Greg Eagles - greg_di - 502 TPE - Vancouver Wolves Lincoln Tate - Tate - 545 TPE - Riga Reign Phil Marleau - Phil - 555 TPE - Malmo Nighthawks Scotty BigShotty - Ferdajets - 317 TPE - Prague Phantoms As we can see here, out of the six who made it "big", three of them have hit or exceeded 500 TPE, but all of them seem to be having good careers for their respective teams. It's funny, because out of this list, four of the players from San Diego were actually waiver-wire pick-ups and the other two were draft picks. Phil Marleau ended up living up to his hype as he was our top selection in his draft and is now leading the pack of players from the Marlins in the VHL. We're happy to see that the Marlins organization is able to produce VHL caliber players, and we hope this trend continues! We will follow-up next week with our S68 players.
  13. can't claim same link, using my doubles this week 09-29-2019
  14. also you will be. He’s only around for 2 weeks. I also always run two starters if I can. But you have the starts in all the upcoming sims