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  1. BluObieZ

    USA Wins Gold Again, CIA's 10th Straight Medal

    Threepeat! Hopefully I get GM again
  2. BluObieZ

    Robbie Press Conference

    1. Lol no 2. Yep 3. SWC3 X3 with the hype of Martinez and insanity of guido 4. Ashleigh Sudholz, Georgia Salpa, Shakira 5. Lol no. Already have too much money.
  3. BluObieZ

    Steals at #15 OV spot.

    I think one of my players went 15th
  4. BluObieZ

    Gold Medal: USA vs. World

    Isn't it golden to have another gold?
  5. BluObieZ

    Ko Kane Updates

    TC +10 Free Week (for site being down) +6 Prospect Rankings +3(pay) +6 (PT) Prospect Rankings +3(pay) +6 (PT) Prospect Rankings +3(pay) +6 (PT) Mock Draft pay +2 Points earned: 45 6 points added to checking 78+6=80 20 points added to Strength 72.5+20=80 19 points added to skating 90+19=92.375 TPE: 569
  6. BluObieZ

    Gold Medal: USA vs. World

    Amazing was to end V2A's career. Win and a shutout. Back to Back Gold's for USA. Maybe I will make it a three peat
  7. BluObieZ

    Las Vegas VHLM Dispersal Draft review

    Zimmer on Vegas... can this get any more fucking hilarious?
  8. BluObieZ

    D - Maxim Kovalchuk

    Why do you get 2 players?
  9. BluObieZ

    [TC] S61 Davos

    I'll take a free 10. But no please. It's a straight fuck you
  10. BluObieZ

    [S61] -- (S57) D - Ko Kane

    Hard to not jump ship to Helsinki. It was real tempting to get a cup there. But I rather see this one through. Maybe I turned everyone down because no one said happy birthday to me which was today. ALL O U'S R A BUNCH OF DICKS! and that's coming from a true asshole. No no, too fucking late. I actually really don't care. Trying to have fun with this. But find it hard because im 6 beers into my night. Gonna go bang my wife. Peace
  11. Ko Kane FA decision happening very soon. Get your last min pleads and pitches in.

    1. street
    2. Exlaxchronicles


      If you sign with them your going to be traded come seasons end for draft picks

  12. Being claimed next week 1ST ROUND Seattle is on the clock… Who the fuck will they pick? Well come on it’s simple as fuck. Matt Thompson is the best player in the draft. Sure you can argue Gate is better but that’s just a stupid argument. That’s like asking what is more flat a piece of paper or your girl’s chest. Thompson goes first and Seattle doesn’t think twice about it. Quebec now has a legit head scratcher here because they can go with a franchise D or a franchise forward. I think they go with Forward in hopes they cash in on Ko Kane in free agency. This way they get the forward they need in the future and a D they need to help their team compete quicker then they thought. Riga smiles as they make this pick. They pick Gate their pick and chuckle while doing it. Gate will be a star for them. Imagine a Ko Kane and Gate pairing. It would be sexy. Like a nice bikini model with nice long legs… excuse me… Seattle is looking at the future with this pick. I mean they can go goalie here and not think twice about it but they also know there will be at least one goalie falling to the 2nd round. They go Edwin giving them one strong 1-2 punch in the future. Riga with back to back picks here and they got a lot of players to pick from here. They can take a goalie but they can probably wait till the 2nd round on that. They need lots of help everywhere. They go with Malenko at five because they need to build around a defensive core that will be feared. With Gate already in place Malenko will just complement him. At 6 Riga can go forward but their need for a goalie is pressing and they cannot wait till the 2nd last pick in the 2nd round to hope one falls there. Highly doubt that happens. So they take Aamo here barring a trade for an early 2nd rounder. Toronto probably and I mean most likely will take Harding here. They can go goalie here but I just don’t see that happening. You need to start a rebuild somewhere, kinda sucks they traded their 1st overall. But they at least have a 1st rounder. They get a solid player who can develop into something special. Seattle up yet again… god this is giving me flashbacks of my draft with Vegas. They go goalie here and smile while doing it. Sterling gives them someone they can build around and when their team emerges from this rebuild they will be primed to compete. 2ND ROUND Toronto is up with the 1st pick in the 2nd round. They take the safe pick and go with Vega. Pair him with Harding in the future and you will have a very good core. Quebec with back to back picks here I think they would be insane to not pick Stromberg here. Stromberg has potential to even break into the 1st round but that is if the goalies slip further. With their 2nd pick Quebec will probably take a flyer here and take the always entertaining Ahma and his player Jokinen. This pick is so they have someone good in the LR even though they know he won’t be a great player. With the rest of the players on the board he probably is the best unless you think about the equally active Kovalev. This is a game of darts here. They may hit a bullseye but I doubt it. Davos takes Kovalev hoping that he will give them some sort of secondary scoring. Good guy for an agent but we will see if he can show some promise. Calgary… I have no intention to even care about this pick. They pick Smith forgetting that Bronstein is there. Cause you know how smart the GM is. Seattle laughs at Calgary as they walk up and draft Bronstein. Riga takes Ryan Skinner Toronto takes Laksson
  13. So this week and the final week for this draft class the list shrinks. Why? Because the people who are gone off the list are gone off the site/are inactive. I will not keep looking into their stagnant numbers and putting more work into this then I really need to and want to. Now I need to get this list in and a mock draft before the draft starts tonight. I have zero idea when that is and I have zero intention to find out. Sure you can go off my pick by pick break on the side but eh I shall bust out a mock so I can milk this draft for one more payday. Some people say that Gate will go first and I don’t think that is. Beketov is the best player in this draft by a long shot. Seattle needs everything right now. They can get a D later in the draft with their? 4th pick? But they cannot get another franchise forward. Thompson is the best player and that’s not no knock at Cast, it’s just fact. Now since this is not a mock draft I will not break this down all the way. All that I will say is that this draft has gone from shit to something you can get great value well into the mid 2nd round. That is if you pick wisely. Kovalev and Jokinen are great guys but will they really offer you great depth for a cup run? That is a question a GM should be asking themselves tonight at the draft. Another question asked tonight is with the later D picks teams that are better-rounded will be picking. Instead of drafting a boom/bust player you can maybe go out and sign Ko Kane to help you win a cup now and not the future. But there are lots of doubts he leaves Davos. Goalie wise yes some teams need them, hell lots a teams need them but I get the feeling that the goalies will drop in this draft. While teams need them they also have massive glaring holes. With better players on the board they will go for them. Once it gets to the tipping point where they will be the best players on the board teams will start to consider to pick them over project players. This draft is truly a paint by numbers masterpiece (is there such thing?) anyways… let me tell you why. You get your good forwards that are let’s say green… if you start with the first few guys you don’t really see a huge difference in the hue of the green. But then you hit a shitty green when you get into the 2nd round and find that it’s slim pickings. Same thing goes for the goalies after the top two, you are pretty much fucking fucked. If you are using…let’s say Pink for the goalies you do not want to be using blue after the top two. Trust me blue is not pink. Just ask a girl if blue pussy lips is a good thing or not. Hint it’s not.
  14. BluObieZ

    [S61] -- (S57) D - Ko Kane

    Excuse my ignorance. What team are you? and I like to get PM pitches.
  15. So... Ko Kane is a UFA. I forgot I had a PO. LOL didn't think i'd get a FA fuckery till Orion Slade. PM if you want me to join your shit team ;)