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  1. 1. Yeah, well... I came here for a cup and if we can't score... how can we win? 2. I came up with the nickname "The Sink" so yeah... 3. Cocaine without borders. It really should be legalized. 4. Any game against Calgary because their GM is a little crybaby bitch and that's me putting it nicely. 5. AD Astra. Fucking amazing. 6. Why is Orion Slade such a great/bad teammate?
  2. For a player that was supposed to be jumping from team to team every year, Orion Slade has stayed loyal to the Helsinki Titans. He is in his current and most likely last season with the team. When all signs pointed to him bolting to Toronto or Seattle he put a halt to the talks and chose to return to Helsinki. But why? Why would the last ever player in the Robbie Zimmers agency go back on their word of jumping around? Is it really truly that simple as it’s because Helsinki is by far the favorite to win cup? Or was it out of loyalty to the team. Well look at the loyalty side. Orion going into the draft told teams that they plan to change teams every season. For the first season on his contract he stayed in the VHLM, staying loyal to his VHLM team which helps this case. He won back to back cups in the VHLM before making the jump the next season to the VHL where he won his first cup. You would think he would jump ship and find a new team the following season. Well you guessed wrong. He didn’t even decline his player option. He literally turned down for the last ever “Robbie 1 2” just to stay in Helsinki. Which helps the argument for the loyalty angle. But once Helsinki failed to capture the cup last season you would think he would bolt and find a team that would give him his next cup. Well after a long exhaustive search Orion concluded that his best option was Helsinki to get another cup. So be that loyalty or just lucked out that the team that he played for the last two seasons literally gave him the best shot at a cup. But do you really believe that Orion picked them just because they gave him the best shot at a cup? I mean if you look at Toronto and Seattle they are pretty much one very good piece away from a real cup contender. Previous Robbie players went to both Toronto and Seattle and brought cups there. Toronto this time around had by far the best pitch. Orion would have been the 2nd best forward on the team and would not be hidden behind a sea of talent. Orion would have the chance to shine and pile on the points. But truth is Orion is not after personal stat, he is after cups. When it literally came down to who gave him a best shot right now the answer was Helsinki. Even though reports are that Orion was seconds away from signing with Toronto till Helsinki gave a last second pitch. Which brings me to why Orion did not sign with Seattle. Much like Toronto, Seattle is a upcoming team and both needed Orion to come in and just run shit. Orion would have come in like a wrecking ball and owned shit. But the problem was, sure it would have been fun but in the end they did not stand a chance against the true contenders. Orion will 100% play one season for both Seattle and Toronto but this season was not going to be that season. The true reason why Orion went back to Helsinki was his desire to win cups, nothing else.
  3. 1. Partied it all over the world. A world party tour so speak. 2. Honestly don't care, as long as me coming back for another season is paid off with my 2nd cup 3. Um yes. I wouldn't have come back if I didn't 4. Less drinking and drugs and more playing 5. Neither. They both suck 6. No one, I don't pay attention to any other team.
  4. You clearly don't know my rep. Its cute that you think you know.
  5. Its finally that time. The one that... none of you were waiting for. Orion Slade has made up his mind finally where he will play next season. "Why the fuck did it take so fucking long Robbie?" "Why do you always have to do these fuckeries?" "Are you just doing this for the attention?" All valid questions. It took so long because I wanted to make you wait. Waiting and the longer it takes me to come up with my mind the more annoyed you get. Which is my goal. Which why I do these. That also answered the attention question. I do this cause I can and I live how annoyed people are by this. But without further delay. Orion Slade next season is taking his talents back to the Sink.
  6. Orion Slade decision has made his decision who has he picked?

  7. Orion Slade decision coming in about an hour. But maybe not. Who knows. 

  8. Orion Slade sleeping on his decision. Signing sometime tomorrow morning 

  9. Orion Slade cuts Seattle off the list narrowing decision to Toronto and Helsinki

  10. Orion Slade's agent Robbie Zimmers confirms final 3 teams in the running for Orion. Helsinki, Seattle and Toronto. Vancouver now has no shot. He also confirms he is not forgetting a team. 

  11. Davos, Malmo, Moscow, Prague, Riga, NY and DC out of the running in the Orion Slade sweepstakes

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      When did we even enter the running?

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      Never ;) but now you know there was no chance

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      On behalf of New York: THANK GOD

  12. Orion Slade to cut his list of potential landing spots down to 6 tonight