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  1. You took it an extreme. I took it to another extreme. Why does it matter? And extreme is an extreme either way.
  2. Was that supposed to be funny? Am I supposed to be amused? Should I be laughing? Calling me a child is like calling him a man. Its so far from the truth you might as well say that I am a child that lives on Jupiter. Yes the gas giant that nothing can live on. Let that insane thought sink in. That's how outrageous you're being.
  3. Cute you know how quote. Now if you can master tying your shoes and counting without your fingers you would be half way to functional. I may have misspoke. $2000 would be how much they would make minus the cost. See what I did there? It's called admitting fault. Try it one day you cuck.
  4. If you spend $15 to buy said item and print shitty logos on it then turn around and sell the said item for $20 then your profit is $5 dumbass. Go stick a tampon in it and shut up
  5. You truly are a stupid cunt. $20 Is the cost of the item. Then yes minus the cost of the thing and the printing. This is why i was saying even at $5 profit per the league makes money. But I guess since you're such a fucktard your reading comprehension is pretty fucking low.
  6. Yes I know what profit means. At $2000 made you minus the domain fees and the "at cost price" per and you get your net profit. $2000 is gross profit. It's like a movie. Let's say a movie cost you 150mill to make. Then you make 1 billion at the box office. They announce you made 1billion. But its 1billion minus the 150mill but you always hear the money without the budget taken away.
  7. Even at 5 dollars profit per. At 100 sold that's more than enough to keep the league afloat and have money left over. It is what it is. Not trying to stop anyone from buying swag. Just pointing out buying these things can give the league a nice little profit.
  8. Oh to add to my point a page back. The whole excuse of "all the proceeds go to paying for the domain" lol come on. Let's pretend everyone was a nice guy who ran this league and they sold the "swag" for $20 each no change for different sizes. And let's say 100 people bought swag. That's $2000 of profit. Now if the domain costs $2000 a year maybe just maybe change the domain. But I doubt it. Pretty sure it's in the 100-200 a year range. So where does the rest go? People need to stop being so blind and believing that everyone is in this just to keep the league running.
  9. Nah I'll stick around a bit longer to torment you. I have zero reason to fake anything. Lol. Like absolutely zero reason. Like you have zero reason to call yourself a man
  10. Lol 3 brain cells. You wish I was a tard. Then you'd have a chance against me.
  11. Once again. You gave a fuck enough to quote me. I was pointing out that it was stupid to spend money on stupid shit for brands that don't exist. At this point your money or parents money goes into the the blue crews pockets. This is a sim league. No one should make money off it. So save the little money that you and your parents have and don't buy it you peasant fuck.
  12. Ask Bana and his coked out ways
  13. Hahahahaha Fuck no! Who in the right mind would walk around wearing merch from a fake simulation league team lol.
  14. A censored Robbie is not a fun Robbie

    1. Banackock
    2. Banackock


      This page is NSFW anymore. LEAVE NOW!

    3. BluObieZ


      No no. That is okay. Post all the naked girls you want. They can't cater to all groups. Those are words right from TFong. So post them sexy naked ladies all you want