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  1. Cared enough to post in here. Thanks buddy. Thanks for caring
  2. Don't care if you cared. I knew this was the reaction this would get. You care enough to post in here. Stop caring bro.
  3. It's only fitting my retirement thread turns into a shit show. So... thanks I guess. Even though I have no clue who you are. Not that I care. You are a skid mark on life
  4. You're so asleep that you keep posting here. Yep. Go to sleep fool
  5. No I insist you go fuck yourself
  6. Yes, you read that correctly Orion Slade has retired. But why Robbie? Well it’s really quite simple you simpleton. He ran his course; he was not allowed to be around for another season. Not like he actually played a game in the last few seasons because of my own choice. But in general I was bored by the player. I missed a few key posting milestones I wanted with him to help build up his story, because you know that for me the story is far more important then actual player themselves. So once I missed the post milestones. I kind of just lost interest in the player which actually made it a lot e
  7. a twisty retirement is coming tonight

  8. Retirement pushed a few days. Speech is a long one. Also I need to prepare the twist. Till then fuck you. 

    1. Banackock
    2. twists


      oh god what now

    3. NotAVHLM-GM


      Thanks for the entertainment the past years, it's been fun

  9. Retirement announcement coming today. Finally. But there is a twist ;) like usual with me