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  1. Honestly I have lost track of time because of this fucking virus. It seriously can fuck right off and I wouldn't be able to care any less about it then I do right now. The only reason why I know it's going on is because it has shut down the film industry and I have no where to go because you know... everything is closed. When I came up with this plan to be a free agent for the last few seasons of Orion's career. I did it thinking I would be more active and more annoying to the people that hate me the most. But, hey so far I am only around on Sundays posting shit up before midnight. So has this really made me more active? Nope, not in the slightest. But why Robbie? it's not like you have anything to do. Well my little simpleton, it's simple. I have a wife and kids. I cannot spend hours on here like most of you can. It's just far too boring. Lets be honest none of my plans have come to fruition since SWC3 was fucking shit up left right and center. But having said this! I will try my best to come around and just be myself as much as I can and just rub it in peoples faces that I am a happy as can be with just being a free agent as you people try to make your players better to make your teams better. While I claim TPE meaninglessly because Orion will never ever and I do mean ever play a VHL game ever again. He has ended his playing career and my playing career in this league. So you can be one or two weeks into your little season and I will continue to not give a flying fuck about who is winning the cup this season because too me it really doesn't fucking matter.
  2. 2. FUCK NO! Not a chance in bloody fucking hell 3. They will scored more than you guys will. Mark my words. This question will be the "TSN Turning point" and your team mates will blame you for jinxing the team. Which is a good thing. 4. I have a theory but that can be viewed as picking a fight so I will not say it out loud 6. Neither. Both are stupid. Like your... 7. LOL NO 8. Your mom
  3. Fuckerycast EP2 coming tomorrow. On the docket will be can I actually stay active even though I am a free agent? Why should people follow my lead and how the CoronaVirus can fuck right off plus a few other things sprinkled in for shits and gigs

  4. EP1 Isn't it funny that the Coronavirus and being a Free Agent has made me more active? lol

    1. Sonnet


      Oh fuck, you mean it gets worse?

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      Robbie gonna shit on TV? 

    3. McWolf
  6. People must be wondering why I am sticking around because my player Orion Slade is a free agent this season and is "doomed" to be one the whole season. Well that your little opinion now isn't it? You think that the purpose of this league is to play in games and such. Well you are wrong. Sure yeah it's a hockey league and you should be on a team. Blah. Blah. Blah. You got me there but my point is that everyone has forgotten is that this league is also about having fun. It's up to you the player to define what you call fun. So if you want to be a good little doggy and do what you "should" then sure go ahead, be on a team. Be nice to your team mates and hate other teams. I know how it is. I've been around far too long to not know how people are expected to act. Well as you know from day one I have fought that norm in the league. I am the one guy who looks to break all the norms and have fun doing it. Sure me having fun has crossed lines and suspensions have been handed down. But guess what? I am still here. I am a free agent and I am still here doing Point tasks. Do you honestly think I will go inactive because technically my point tasks have no reason since I have no team. Don't you think I thought this whole thing out? Because believe you me, I have thought this out and my final two "seasons" (If you can call being a free agent a season) are going to be fucking amazing and trust me now that I have no team I actually don't have a GM telling me to not be me and that don't say things because it may upset the little babies on the team and in the league. I played nice ninety percent of the time. But now that I don't have to. The true Robbie can come out and play, and trust me when I say this. It will be Shit Show Spectacular. I won't cross lines. Oh no. I will tip toe close to them but won't cross them. Me making these point tasks and claiming them, is me being an active "productive" member of this league. So they can't ban me for "he has no intention of being production and just being an ass" Well if I am making point tasks and claiming them, that makes me a "productive member" of this so called league. So I will leave this off with this. Grab some popcorn and a Corona and enjoy the Shit Show Spectacular, because it's going to be a wild final two seasons.
  7. 6. They did what they did and it had to be done. 7. Who the fuck is he? why should I care? 8. Orion Slade. 0points 0 games played. Plays for no one. Go team Free agent 9. Team Orion Slade. Dudes legit a beast. 10. Offer Bushito crack. He likes crack. 11. Kick back and make fun of the league for the season.
  8. Fuck being on a team. That's overrated. Free Agency is where it's at. 

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    2. BluObieZ


      I chose to be a free agent. For you guys to be "free" of me I would have had to have left. Which I didn't. Actually I will still be doing my normal things around here. Gaining TPE and posting annoying status updates, articles and maybe I'll go back to doing some MS's. Why keeping earning TPE if I'm a free agent? Simple. Because I can. There is no rule that a free agent cannot earn TPE.

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      Can I win Robbie's Big Bucks 

  9. So you would think that Orion Slade would be upset that he is still an free agent. You would think this would drive him away from the league and it would finally rid you of him and his agent. Well guess what? Orion had a few discussions with a few teams and he turned them all down. He chose to be a free agent for the rest of his career. He chose this because it's more fun this way. He will continue to practice each week as he laughs about still being a free agent. Since his plan of winning as many cups as possible went straight out the window, he has moved onto having fun with his last two seasons. So whats more fun then mocking the league while being a free agent. He is still going to be productive by "practicing" so you can't make the argument to get rid of him. Consider this and the next two seasons of free agent mocking as one last fuck you from him and his agent. It will be fun (at least) for him and it will for sure will be entertaining. Even though you will never admit that you are entertained by it because you know that would be like saying you worship the devil. So I understand why you won't come out and say you are looking forward to seeing where I go with this. You can silently follow and silently laugh while you make comments as in you are bored etc. They don't phase me. They make me want to do it even more. So sit back and silently enjoy because I know you do even though you won't say it. Oh and most importantly Fuck off for now. I bet you thought I would say wash your hands, stay home and stay safe. But no, I will not say that because I don't care what you do with your life. If you want to be stupid, then go ahead and be stupid. It's your life, ruin it as you may.
  10. 1. Russian Vodka pool party. Yes thats a pool filled with Russian Vodka 2. Orion Slade. He refuses to sign with anyone but that doesn't stop them from inquiring 3. Did you get Phillip J Frye back? I answer your question with a question. Hahahaha fuck you 4. No fucks given 5. Hard to say since I gace zero fucks about either. Not because I didn't care about them specifically. Mostly because I don't care about anyone 27. He wins after wimping out and calling the police on me upon my arrival. I can't win if I'm handcuffed so he would win by count out
  11. OH.MY.GOD! I have the greatest plan. It will unravel over the last two season. HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL this will be epic

  12. Had a few convos. Had a few "would you consider" and "hows this for term" etc at this point I think Orion will finish his last 2 seasons a free agent. But we will see. Things change

    1. Banackock


      "Orion sucks real bad. "

      - some fan from Seattle

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      Probably the fan I drop kicked on the way out of the arena after cleaning out my locker

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      That was your mom.