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  1. BluObieZ

    Orion: Beginnings

    End of this season
  2. When I read this I cannot help but picture this as a "what did you do for summer" assignment in elementary school. Not saying you are that young. Just saying it reads like that. Avs are my fave team.
  3. BluObieZ

    Orion: Beginnings

    Lets just say someone will be revealed as a villain. No not saying you. Just saying everyones roles will be expanded. This was just a introduction to the key roles
  4. BluObieZ

    Orion: Beginnings

    This will be a trilogy. You will have a bigger role next one
  5. BluObieZ

    Guessing Game 3 Hatty of Guesses

    Didn't say it was your decision. How is it historically significant. My ignoreance goes beyond this league
  6. I actually don’t know what to write about this week so I will do another one of these guessing game things because they are fun and easy to do. 1. The whole Russia meddling investigation needs to stop. No hear me out. I am not a Trump supporter in the least, but this needs to stop. Why? Because my Robbie hunters have uncovered that Russia did not help Trump win the elections. But in fact was VHL’s very own DT (Don’t know his current SN) DT hacked the election and made changes to make sure the shittiest President in US history will win. How did he do this? Well first off he went to McDonalds and tries those order tablets I heard about. Made his own burger. He made a $70 Big Mac and got huge fries with it and a drink to wash it all down. It was diet of course because he is watching his waistline after all. The burger had about 20 patties because of the logic that 21 would just make it insane. Then while eating this meal, greasy fingers and all went to a library (who the fuck goes to a library) and hacked the election. I think the FBI needs to go to the library and find the computer that covered in grease because no one used it since. Not the computer that is covered in cum or whatever else. That is this the computer that was used. It holds all the evidence to blow this thing wide open, much like how wide DT’s mouth was when eating that burger. 2. Remember how Bushito cried after the finals saying his lines were not used? Well first off he did not complain at all during the finals until after game 7. Which is proof that he did not give a fuck about the other games because at one point he was up 3 games to 2, Hell Davos was behind in the series a few times. He figured why complain when we are winning. Well my Robbie hunters have uncovered the true reason why he did not care. No it goes beyond being a horrible GM and knowingly fucking his team over. He was on a weeklong acid trip. He did not know which way was up so how is he supposed to know what players are on his team? I am not defending the guy but when you are on drugs you should not be expected to care about anything. You shouldn’t be expected to do your job. Maybe we should hold an intervention to the leagues resident acid head. I’ll start. Bushito your addiction to Acid has affected me and the league. I will no longer stand by and watch your life spiral… Okay yes I will because it is funny. But this is not an attack article so I will stop here. 3. Halifax 21’s seriously? Who came up with this name? I in fact want to know this. I will not bore my hunters with this one. I am not going to drop a truth bomb about this one. I just want to point out how the league dropped the bomb on this one. Almost like they were thinking we need a new team but don’t really care about the VHLM so let’s come up with a random name. Hell I have it on good authority that they went to a random hockey team name generator site and clicked generate. They used the first name that came up. Most of us would have hit generate again till we saw something come up that we liked. Well they didn’t care enough to hit it a second times. Thus is why the team is called the 21’s.
  7. BluObieZ

    Orion: Beginnings

    Attention: This is the story that my future player Orion Slade believes to be true. His Bio that is already is posted is his “story” because of the rule your player must be from earth. A rule made up because of one of my players was born in space in attempt to pick what World Cup team he got to play for… which backfired for him. Anyways… here we go. Orion: Beginnings. 3414 Words EXT.FEILD.NIGHT A group of teenagers are cow tipping when a super sonic boom can be heard. Seconds later an object hits the ground 100 feet away from the group. Creating a dust cloud. The lead teen heads towards the impact site curiously. He looks into the crater to see a god like looking man standing there naked. The teen steps back in shock as Orion almost robot like starts to looking around assessing his surroundings. Teen Why… why are you naked man? Orion looks at the teen then says in a deep god like tone Orion Naked is just a state of being Teen What? Where did you come from? How did you… what… are you a… Orion A what? The Teen looks at the heavens Teen An alien? Orion laughs in a deep boisterous laugh Orion Alien? Heavens no my little weakling. I am a god Teen God? What? Come on man Orion Think about it little boy. I came in here at supersonic speeds and lived to talk to you. Do I look like I am injured? No? Think about it. You should be bowing to me mortal Teen What? Which god are you? Allah? Orion laughs Orion Oh no, not him. I am Orion and I am here to kick ass Teen Kick ass? Who’s? Mine? Orion Oh no not yours, I would turn you into dust with one punch. Orion leaps into the air and flies away. EXT.STREETS.NIGHT Orion lands in a dark ally in New York. He begins to walk down the ally, when he notices a man trying to rape a woman. Orion walks behind the rapist and taps him on the shoulder. Then man turns around and sees the towering mountain that is Orion standing behind him. Man WHAT… THE… FUCK? You want firsts? Go ahead man. Orion looks at the man and swats him away like a fly. The man flies across the road and hit a passing bus. Orion looks at the cowering woman, she looks at him and drops to him in terror but also by being so turned on at the sight of him. He looks down at her on her knees and scoffs then begins to walk across the road towards the man who is laying in the street. Man Leave me alone man Orion picks up the man by the neck and holds him high Orion You will not touch that little twig ever again. Got it? Man What about when I pee? Orion SIT! The police show up and come with guns drawn. Orion looks at them, the police look scared of him. Orion walks up to a police car and rips off the door then shoves the man inside. Orion Stay Police Officer FREEZE! Orion looks at that officer who is slowly and cautiously walking towards him. He smirks. Orion Cute Orion flies away. INT.HOUSE.MORNING Gina and Todd Slade two farmers watch the morning news as they eat breakfast. News Anchor The mysterious man who authorities cannot identify appears to throw a man clear across the road, then rips off the door off a police cruiser before flying off. Authorities warn the public that they do not know what this man is up to but caution the public if they do see him please walk the other way and call the police. EXT.SKY.MORNING Orion is flying through the sky. He flies into a 747 flying in the sky. His pierces a hole in the cockpit window. INT.COCKPIT.MORNING Pilot WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! Alarms and sounds go off in the cockpit. Orion’s cock is clearly still in the window. As the air masks drop from above the pilots Co-Pilot HOW THE FUCK DOES A NAKED MAN DROP OUT OF THE SKY? Pilot Las Vegas Tower this is Million Air Flight 707 to Toronto, declaring an emergency. Before the pilot can finish his sentence Orion breaks free by smashing a bigger hole in the window and then flying off. The window smashes into the engine as he flies away. Orion looks back at the plane and thinks about saving it. Before he can do anything he flies into a goose which sends him tumbling towards the ground. Orion hits the ground at high speeds creating big crater. Moments later a big fireball and explosion can be seen and heard in the background. EXT.HOUSE.MORNING Orion stands in a crater he is still naked as Todd is seen at the door of the house looking out. He lets his dog Rufus out to check things out. Orion Time to be less imposing In a blink of an eye Orion turns into a kid who is now dressed. He lays down in the crater and makes it look like he is injured. Rufus runs up to him and barks. Todd approaches and looks into the hole. Todd Oh. My. God… GINA! Get a blanket and pillow ready we have an issue here INT.HOUSE.MORNING As Todd checks out Orion for injuries the TV in the background has live breaking news about the plane crash. Early reports say that there are no survivors. Todd Do you think he fell from that plane? Gina If he did he is one lucky boy to survive Orion overhears their conversation. He “wakes up” and looks at them Orion Mom. Dad? Todd Get rest little dude you were just through a traumatic experience. Your parents and you were just in a plane crash Orion I’m an orphan Todd We don’t know that yet. Let’s hope for the best Orion No, I was headed to a Orphanage. I have no one. Todd looks back at his wife Montage Montage of Orion growing up, Todd and Gina have kept him as their own kid. We see that the plane crash was ruled a unsolved crash because they could not find what hit the plane initially. INT.SCHOOL.MORNING Orion is I class talking to his friend @TheLastOlympian07Steve Mulligan about random kid things when the teacher gets the attention of the class Mrs Draper Class. Eyes up front please. We have a new student joining us today In walks @tfongTerrance Fong. Orion spots him and looks on in disgust as he follows him across the room. Orion mumbles Orion Fucking Noodletonian Steve Don’t say that Orion Why not? Steve Because it’s racist Orion The Noodletonians are not a race. They are pure evil. Garbage. Galactic slime. Mrs Draper looks at Orion Mrs Draper ORION! Go to the office right now Orion glares at Mrs Draper the lights in the classroom start to flicker then turn off. Steve smacks Orion Steve What the fuck dude The lights comeback on and Orion stands up to leave. As he backs out of the room he does not lose eye contact with Terence. Orion SCUM! Orion says as he is pointing at Terence Orion SCUM!!! INT.PRINCIPLES OFFICE.DAY Todd is sitting with Orion facing Principle Ted Johnson an old man that seems to not really give a fuck about his job Ted I do not know what you and Gina teach young Orion but the Vice Principal, Janitors, teachers and students of this school strongly believe that Racism does not belong here Orion So you are okay with it? Todd Son! Stop Orion He listed everyone but himself. He could have said faculty and students but listed even the janitors but just not himself Ted A fact that is true, but you cannot prove it. The President of the United States has united us. Made us not scared to hide who we are. But you are a little kid that needs to be taught a lesson. So I am suspending you… The lights flicker in the room and turn off Orion EXCUSE ME! Ted looks on in fear Ted See. This is the type of shit your son does. He needs to learn a lesson. He is being suspended two weeks. Maybe you should find a sport for him to play to take some of this anger out on Orion stands up in anger Orion You will see when the Noodletonians come, you will see I was right Ted They are called Asian EXT.PLAYGROUND.DAY Orion and Steve are playing on the playground Steve Why did you have to say that in class, now school will suck without you Orion Where ever I go I will speak my hate for that filthy race Steve Why do you call them noodletonians? Sure they like noodles but come on Orion Noodles? Steve Yes… nevermind sometimes I think you aren’t from around here Orion I’m not Steve Where are from? Russia? Orion Further Orion spots Terrance approaching the playground he stops talking to Steve Steve What are you doing? Come on man who cares about him Orion is clearly stalking Terrence now. Terrence now approaches the playground and Orion jumps down in a big dust cloud as he lands powerfully Steve Whoa! Orion approaches Terrence and shoves him gently which makes him fly back against the slide Orion Who sent you? Emperor Yanzo? Princess Koy? TELL ME! Clouds appear out of nowhere like an impending thunderstorm. As Orion appears to be staring into Terrence’s soul. Orion TELL ME! THUNDER STRIKES! Orion TELL ME! Orion says in a deep godly tone as thunder strikes again. Terrence looks confused and looks at Steve Terrence I no know you white boy talk aboot. I no like dem noodles. They stringy and slimy. Orion I should smite you right now and be done with it Steve taps Orion on the shoulder which makes Orion look at him Steve What kid uses the word smite? Seriously Orion glares daggers at Steve Steve Okay… okay you’re in intense mode Orion turns his attention at Terrence who looks puzzled Terrence Cha’we done here man? Mi mother figure making cluck cluck wings Orion looks to be getting more annoyed Orion I see past your slanted eyes. I see the dark Noodletonian soul Terrence raises his hands and tries to “unslantify” his eyes Orion What are you doing? Terrence U now have better view. No? Orion drops Terrence into the sand and walks away Orion This isn’t over INT.BARN.DAY Orion is cleaning the barn in a clear punishment for being suspended when he gets irritated and finishes the job in a blink of an eye. He stops and “dusts himself off” Orion Gods don’t get grounded He begins to badass walk out of the barn when Todd walks in holding skates and hockey skates. He looks around the barn in amazement that Orion is already done. Todd Orion… but how…. Son…. I want you try a sport they call hockey. Your mother does not want you to get hurt playing football so we came up with hockey Orion Ha! Hurt. Todd It may help you with your aggression and anger. May help you accept others Orion I accept Steve and he isn’t smart Todd ORION! INT.HOCKEY RINK.DAY Orion now dress in full hockey equipment approaches the ice for the first time ever wearing a Barons Jersey. He watches kids skate around the ice almost like he is studying them. He gets onto the ice and skates off like he has been his whole life. He jumps into the play and steals the puck off kid and takes a slap shot from center ice that makes the goalie jump out of the way. He hits dead center of the net. This makes all the kids on the ice explore in cheering. Coach Gordon Bombie (not mistaken for Gordon Gombay) Gordon Great shot kid. You must be Orion. Show me what you got Orion laughs as he eyes Gordon up and down. Orion then skates down to one end of the ices gathers about 20 pucks and begins to fire them the length of the ice at the other net. Hitting it dead center every time. He then begins to fire slap shots that don’t seem to lose power at all, they actually seem to be gaining power as they go. He then skates past Gordon as he whistles Steve over who is the team’s goalie. As Steve prepares for taking shots Orion skates over to the boards where Steve’s sister wearing a cheerleading uniform is. He doesn’t even ask her, he picks her up and skates her to where he will be shooting from. He spins her around so she is facing the front of the net. He then stands in front of her and begins to kiss her as he takes backhand shots. Intelligently switching up where he is aiming even though he is not looking. Everyone on the ice is in pure amazement as Orion finishes. Steve That’s my sister man Orion sticks out his tongue Orion And this is my tongue I used on her Gordon skates over to Orion at full speed and falls down as he tries to stop. He looks up at Orion Gordon You got a roster spot Orion looks down at Gordon and laughs Orion I don’t want one Gordon What? Why? You have talent. I have never seen a player like you. You can be the next Gretz… Orion I don’t want your pathetic spot I want your best players spot. I want him off the team and I replace him Gordon doesn’t even think about it Gordon Brandon you’re off the team @BanackockBrandon Coke smashes his stick against the other net Brandon FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! BANA IS PISSED! Orion burst out laughing Orion Bana coke? You do know are saying you have a banana cock right? Brandon FUCK YOU! I will get on another team and I will fuck you up Orion You can try… and fail As Brandon skates off the ice as he swears @Tyler Tryler “Not Tyler” Hunter skates up to Orion Tryler Yo! What position do you play? Orion All Tryler All? How can I be your line mate? Orion You can’t, I do everything Tryler Okay… I’ll just play a position that you aren’t playing at that moment Orion I play all at the same time. But you can try. FAST FORWARD It’s Orion’s first game. The Barons are playing the Luck (its Las Vegas so sue me) Orion takes the opening faceoff instead of going for the puck he flattens the other team’s center. He gets the puck and fires a slap shot at the net. The goalie wasn’t even ready for it. 4 seconds into his first ever game he gets his first ever goal. A league record. He smirks down at the kid and commands him “Up Mortal” Orion later in the game notices Terrence is in the crowd so instead of firing the puck at the net he fires it at the glass in front of Terrence. After a few times of this Gordon catches on that Orion is doing it on purpose and calls a timeout. Gordon What are you doing Orion? You don’t miss Orion I don’t miss. I never miss Gordon Exactly so stop doing that, you are going to shatter the glass Orion Good idea Gordon That wasn’t a suggestion On the next play Orion allows the other team to gain possession and skate into the offensive zone Gordon ORION! WHAT THE HELL??? YOU WANT ME TO BENCH YOU? Orion glares at Gordon before lining up Brandon Coke and just destroys him with a massive body check. Not even skipping a beat Orion takes a slap shot that shatters the glass and hits Terrence in the face giving him a bloody nose. As Orion skates by his own bench he winks at Gordon Orion I don’t miss For the rest of the game Orion seems to never get off the ice. Whenever the other team has the puck and he gets close to them they just pass to him begging him not hit them. One player goes out of his way to throw himself into the boards and fall down. Orion laughs at him and skates away with the puck. The opposing team’s goalie Kenneth Frick tries his hardest to make a save on every shot but it soon becomes clear that Orion is leaps and bounds better than everyone else in the league. The game ends 16-1 with Orion getting 10 goals and 6 assists. Orion trips Steve letting in a goal. INT.SCHOOL.MORNING Orion returns to school after his suspension. Everyone wants a piece of him. All the girls want to be seen with him. He is the “coolest cat” in school. He is the hockey sensation everyone is talking about. As Orion walks to his locker he is approached by Brandon, Kenneth, @HigginsTommy Hinggles and @AhmaAlma Ha. Brandon’s arm is in a sling, Kenneth is walking funny, Tommy is on crutches and Alma has scars and bruises on his face. Orion laughs out loud Orion You really should rename your team to the injury Brandon gets in the face of Orion Brandon You really should shut up Orion Oh really? Why? So you can hurt yourself more? Brandon attempts to shove Orion but can’t even make his hair move. Brandon We are going to file a complaint with the league. You clearly are juicing Orion laughs Orion Complain away little boy Steve and Tryler approach cautiously Steve Are these guys giving you trouble? Orion Ha! Trouble. They decided to cry to my face. Show off their battle wounds. But they fail to realize the complaint department is closed… It was never open. Orion barely even touches Brando, which sends him flying into his teammates making them all fall over Orion Strike! You’re out! Brandon tries to get back up Brandon Wrong sport bud! Orion leans down to look at Brandon in the face Orion Excuse me? Brandon Nothing. Strikeouts happen in Hockey Orion Exactly. Now stay down there little mortal INT.CLASSROOM.MORNING The kids in the class are all huddled around Orion as Mrs Draper wheels in a TV on a cart, she looks at her class and realizes Orion is back. Mrs Draper Oh, Orion you are back Orion Present Mrs Draper Great She says rolling her eyes. She plugs in the TV as Terrence enters the room eating chicken wings. Mrs Draper Please be seated everyone. There is something going on that is history in the making. I want to show you, but I need your full undivided attention. The kids all sit down, Terrence is now sitting to the left of Orion. Mrs Draper Class today is history in the making. For as long as humans been on this planet we thought about if we are alone in the universe. Well that question has been answered today morning. She turns on the TV to the news which the headline reads “Massive ship appears in sky over New York” the gasps and sounds of shock/amazement fill the room. Orion the only one in the class not shocked by this. He watches intently he knows where this ship has come from and he knows what he has to do. As Orion gets up Terrence offers him a “Peace Wing” Terrence Cluck Cluck? Orion smacks it out of his hand, sending the wing into the eye of Terrence. Who screams out in pain and running out of the class. Orion now walks towards the door of the class. Mrs Draper Where are you going Orion? Orion glares at her Orion Stand aside mortal Mrs Draper This has to stop Orion, I am your elder show me respect. Orion I am, I am saving your pathetic self Mrs Draper From what? Orion mumbles something as he leaves. INT.SCHOOL HALL.MORNING Terrence is exiting the washroom as Orion is walking intently down the hall. Terrence Where U be going? Orion You know where Terrence Principal? Orion No you Noodlehead. They are here Terrence Who? You’re family unit? Orion No! the Vhler’s (Pronounced Whellers) Terrence Want a cluck cluck for the road? Orion ignores Terrence and in a blink of an eye turns back into grown up Orion and flies out the window at the end of the hall, as the movie fades to black.
  8. Working on another movie/scriptish MS masterpiece. Should be up tomorrow. Yes @tfong and @TheLastOlympian07 are in it

  9. BluObieZ

    [TC] S62 Davos

  10. BluObieZ

    Finals GM 7: HC Dynamo vs. Wranglers

    Purposely? so you are saying the league knowingly fucked you? come on that's even stupid for you. If the shoe was on the other foot I'm sure I would have checked lines every game to makes sure it was right. Then if it was wrong I would have messaged every Commish and the simmer till the lines were fixed. You on the other hand are a legit idiot and you sat on it till the end of game 7 because till end of game 5 you had the lead. You thought why cry if I have a good chance at the cup.
  11. BluObieZ

    Finals GM 7: HC Dynamo vs. Wranglers

    I am talking about this series you dumb shit. You waited till the end to cry like a baby. If there were mistakes made last series wouldn't a logical and good GM keep an eye on this one. Since it's for the cup. So logically you kept your mouth shut because you were 1 win away from the cup and yet you failed. Learn from this and complain after game 1. If you missed it then game 2. It shouldn't take you till game 7 to cry foul. This is on you and no one else. How can the simmer know things are wrong. Can they read minds? seriously dude step down as GM you suck
  12. BluObieZ

    Finals GM 7: HC Dynamo vs. Wranglers

    They didn't say anything because they were up in the series. They waited till the end when they lost. If they were okay with it all series long they should be okay with the end result.
  13. BluObieZ

    Finals GM 7: HC Dynamo vs. Wranglers

    How about do your job as a GM. Complain after game 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You had 6 chances and you blew it. Three of them you won so logically you weren't going to complain. So that means you were fine with it. Complaining after game 7 just proves you are a sore loser. You lost. Deal with it. You screwed your players by not complaining sooner. You are the only person you can blame.
  14. BluObieZ

    Guessing Game 2 even Guessier

    1 point and you will like it
  15. First off I would like to point out that I could not find the draft order so I will not say where these players are going. Not at my fault but at the leagues. If the draft is tonight then when on earth isn’t there a S62 draft thread already? Come on now. I will do a detailed first round mock then just list the players for the 2nd round at the pick I think they will go at. 1. LW Leph Twinger Best player in the draft and whoever holds the 1st overall pick would be insane to not draft him. Dollar makes beast players, so if you are building for the future which I assume you are then draft this mam. If you are building like Calgary does, to lose in the finals then draft someone else. 2. LW Vesto Slipher back to back LW’s going. I just get the feeling he is the 2nd best player in the draft. Nothing against Palo but Slipher seems like a beast in the making. 3. C Rauno Palo he “falls” to 3 which is not bad at all. It’s Ruutu after all. Dude’s a fucking gem of a member on the site. He will build a great player no doubt in my mind. 4. LW Konstantin Mulligan goes 4th. A 3rd LW going in the top 5. Pandar worked hard on Mulligan and it shows. Mulligan will be a great complementary player for any team that has established stars on it. Mulligan can and probably will develop into a star sooner rather than later. 5. D Maxim Kovalchuk I’ll with Bana here since I don’t know if any of the top four want to bet on him leaving to Seattle. Unless Seattle is in the top 4. If that is the case which very well might be then he goes higher. Unless Seattle has a few top picks which means they go superstar then Kovalchuk who will be good but not great. Yes Bana that is a jab at you. 6. C Dan Montgomery I don’t know the dude that created him but I will say that if he keeps up earning the points this guy could be a steal at 6. If the GM that drafts him helps him keep motivated and active Montgomery will turn heads in a few seasons. 7. RW Jake Davis God another newbie… I don’t know this guy and that shouldn’t shock people because I don’t care about league coming and goings. Davis if he stays active can become a guy that you can stick on either 1st and 2nd line for added depth and not worry if it will work or not. 8. G Johnny Havenk Carison he is too good to slip into the 2nd round. He will go with the last pick because you can never have enough depth at goalie. I have no idea who picks where but this most likely is a good team. So by the time Carison is ready your current starter will be moving on/retiring. A pretty good investment in a draft that the 2nd round is hit and miss. 9. D Cayden Saint 10. C Oleksiy Revchenko 11. RW Roctrion King 12. D Lando Baxter 13. LW Ryuu Crimson 14. D Dylan Nguyen 15. LW Karl von Moltke 16. D Shawn Glade