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  1. BluObieZ

    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

  2. BluObieZ

    Open Apology

    Didn't read it. Give me a summary. Also don't say sorry. It's a online league.
  3. BluObieZ

    New Beginnings

    So Ko Kane is no longer on Davos, he has been traded. The Kane era is over in Davos and fans don’t know what to think of it. The locker room will never be the same, his stall is empty and his name plate has been removed. The player that was there since he was drafted now is on Toronto. Seeking another cup. Will he get one? Who really knows right now. It is too early to tell if Toronto can compete with some of the heavy hitters in the league. As for Ko Kane he moves into unfamiliar territory. New team, new locker room and new fans. The soon to be retiring D-man is known for his hardnosed brand of playing, is said to be looking to see how the season plays out before deciding on if he will pick up his player option or not. If does not then he would entire his last free agency. This time it would be intentional, not like last time where he and Davos forgot about the option. With all these changes, Ko Kane is also in discussions with a few brands to sign on with them and become the face of their brands. There is no saying which brands he is in talks with but with his agents close ties with Fong the man behind VIKING the logical pick would be them but who knows. Maybe Fong thinks Kane is too old and does not want to sign a player who is that close to leaving the VHL. Maybe they are talking about Orion the next and last player for the Robbie Agency. Lots of speculation going on in the league because with the introduction of the brands they will be looking to sign marque players first which leaves the soon to be retiring Kane in the second group of people that the Brands will consider signing. This all could be one big bluff by Kane and Robbie to draw up some Brand offers. We will have to wait and see next week if it truly was a bluff. There is no telling what Ko Kane’s second last season will be like but right now at least he is on a team that will be competitive and maybe aiming for a cup run. That is all he asked for when Davos approached him if he would be open to a sign and trade. Ko Kane re-signed in Davos so they could get something for him. They got a plethora of picks in exchange for Kane and a few other players. Helping kick start their rebuild. Sure Ko Kane would love to finish his career with two more cups but something tells me he will be happy with one more, this season he seems to be going with the flow. Seeing how everything goes, if Toronto can pull off a cup with it will be a “happy accident” because going into Toronto Ko Kane has no idea what to expect. We like him will just have to wait and see.
  4. BluObieZ

    DAV/TOR: S63

    I do waive. Tough to leave Davos. But they need the picks not aging D. Thanks @Tyler
  5. BluObieZ

    [TC] S63 Davos

    10 please
  6. BluObieZ

    Team USA Roster S62

    So sad that I wasn't brought back to GM for a 3rd time in a row to get a 3rd Gold in a row. Team fuck you is dead
  7. BluObieZ

    Ko Kane on the block?

    Ko Kane’s days maybe numbered in Davos, with the team looking to probably rebuild they have resigned their star defenseman with the probable intention to trade him for assets. If and when the deal goes down he may go down as a Davos legend. Greatest D to play for the team? No but a legend. He has stuck around with the team through thick and thin. The team sucked in the early years which lead people to believe he would probably force his way out. Well he stayed with the team. The team awarded his loyalty with naming him the captain and since then the team took off. The team started seeing results on the ice. Finals appearances which finished with the team winning a cup and Kane hoisting the cup above his head as the Davos fans going crazy. Something not all Davos greats can say they did. Sure the team have had some real good teams but not all of them won the cup. Not all the great players on those great teams finished with cups on those teams. It’s not their fault, but it’s just a stat that is a fact. Ko Kane bringing the cup home to Davos fulfilled his promise that he will stick it out with the team till they won the cup. He knew that they would win and they did. Now that their last season is done with no cup the team most likely will be sellers and looking at a rebuild. Actually can be a possible landing spot for Orion Slade. If and when a trade happens Ko Kane will have to waive his NTC which I am sure he will not waive for just any team. He controls his fate and maybe will just opt to not waive it at all. He may just want to retire as a member of Davos even though that would mean that he will not get another cup. Which I am sure he would love to get another one before he retires. He can actually get another two matching SWC3’s cup haul. That’s if he becomes greedy and goes cup hunting. We right now have no idea what he is planning and how he intends to handle a potential trade. Ko Kane knows that he does not have much time left in the VHL and that he staying with Davos would be viewed as a form of respect for the team that he won the cup with and the team that he stuck it out with. But he also knows that the team and the fans would understand if he would hunt for more cups and a bigger payday. He does have a player option on the 2nd year of his contract which would be his last in the league. This may all be an epic setup for one last free agency fuckery and to hop onto one good team this season to another good one for his last season. He may actually be setup pretty well to win another one if not two cups before he hangs up his skates in the VHL. We will just have to wait and see how this all plays out.
  8. BluObieZ

    Scoring: Use Condoms

    Okay I feel like I should probably put a warning on this one. If you are fertile woman please make sure you are on the pill. This MS is about scoring. Not just everyday scoring but scoring that makes goalies shake and think twice about if they are any good. So if you have not taken that pill yet today, do it now. Orion Slade is very close to entering the league, so close that I don’t know if I want to continue earning much more TPE for Kane. I will probably cap him at 800, he is just above 700 right now. I honestly don’t know if I can really hold my excitement for my last player ever for much longer. Why? Because I know how much SWC3 ran shit. Why did he run shit? Well he won three fucking cups that’s for one. Another reason is because he was just dominant on the ice. He made teams fear him while on the ice and he made GM’s beg him to sign with them in the off-season. But one thing they did not know is that most of them had no chance of signing him. With Orion most GM’s actually have a legit shot at signing him but only at one season at a time. He will change teams like it is going out of style. Much like he will be putting up goals like it was going out of style. Now how do we know that he will be this offensive force? How do we know he will fill that net like porn star gets filled in a gangbang? Well look at the long track record of the Robbie Agency. He has a very precise way looking for forward talent. He only wants only the greediest players on the ice. Players that hunt down that puck and don’t want to give it up. Sure SWC3 knew how to pass the puck well but he could finish with the best of them. SWC3 was a hybrid player, none that the agency has ever seen. Orion has done some mind blowing shit with the puck that make people think of SWC3 but even on another level if you can’t even imagine. Forwards that sign with the Robbie Agency must think about themselves first and foremost. If they do not then Robbie may even drop them. Players must think about their personal achievements over their team mates. When they are skating down the ice and they see a hole where they can score an easy goal but they can make a great pass so someone else can get that easy goal they are told they must go for the goal themselves and gloat about it in the face of the other team. But how does Robbie the king of the ego ensure his players adapt his mindset? Well he make sure his players focus on their game with the puck. He knows that when the puck is with the other team that the puck will end up on his players stick. He calls it “Gravitational Awareness” which he explains as “The puck always goes to the best player on the ice, it’s not my fault that my guys tend to be that guy. The puck just follow them around” Another thin his players do is instead of shooting at some shitty front loading dryer, they shoot at the face of the goalies of other teams. Their objective is not only to hit the targets but totally destroy them. No the targets are not made of foam. They are made of steel. These boys know how to shoot and they know how to shoot hard. So hard that it may even brake your goalies wrist. Do your fucking wrist exercises goalies and no jerking off does not count. Robbie talking about Orion said “If when it’s all said and done has not scored 500 fucking goals in his career in the VHL I will be disappointed, I know he will be. 500 goals and at least 4 cups is our goal, anything beyond that is a cherry on top of his career and exclamation point on the end of mine.” For Orion when created
  9. BluObieZ

    S62 World Cup GM's

    Lol at boy getting USA GM when I got gold the last 2 times around
  10. BluObieZ

    S62 World Cup GM's

    I am the only logical choice for USA let me go for a 3 peat
  11. BluObieZ

    Truly the end

    I'll take that bet
  12. BluObieZ

    Truly the end

    I am not sure if you have noticed but I have not been around a ton in the last few weeks. To say that it’s only because I lost any and all interest in the site is a lie. It’s more like because my job is literally fucking killing me. Well not killing me, but by the end of the week I feel like a zombie. Not only did I work close 100hr’s Monday to Friday I directed a commercial on Saturday. To put a cherry on top of my mountain of fuckery I think I came down with a cold. I am not complain, I love my career and the tons of money it pays me. I’m not even making excuses as to why I am not active around here. Because none of you would care and I don’t have to tell you why I am not active. I am saying this because the beginning of the end is coming and its coming fast. My baby is due very soon, put my house on the market to get a bigger house even though my current one is more than big enough for my family with 5 bedrooms. I just need a bigger garage for my growing collection. A bigger driveway and a less of a fuck head of a neighbour. With stupid fucking comments like “Oh here I am mowing your lawn yet again, will you ever do mine?” it’s like fuck you cocksucker I never asked you to do it. I will never do your lawn because I pay a lawn care company to do mind, I don’t need your old ass doing it. It’s not neighbourly if you are pointing out that you are doing something nice. That’s just being an asshole. I should know. So with all that and whole wack of shit more the end is coming faster for me then I thought. Orion is still happening and he will be truly epic but that is literally the only thing I will be doing once he is created. I will not be posting around the forum, hell don’t even message me because I will not have the time or even care enough to respond. I highly suggest enjoying Orion because he will truly be the last truly great player in this league. No I am not saying on the ice. Sure he will be amazing in the sim like SWC3 was, but the story and hype has never been seen before nor will it be seen again. It truly is my swan song, I thought that I would retire him and stick around to post odd posts here and there but that’s probably not going to happen. The last 2 weeks I came on maybe for 5min combined. Both on Sundays. I have a grand plan for my retirement speech for both me and my player. It will probably span a few days leaving people on pins and needles wanting to see what I say next. Finished by something truly… Robbie.
  13. BluObieZ

    [S62] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Ko Kane VHL Team: Davos Cash you have: $18,500,000 Purchase Name: Old But Not Forgotten Cost of Purchase: $10,000,000 Cash Left: $8,500,000 I AM BUYING THIS FOR THE S63 SEASON!!!
  14. BluObieZ

    [S62] HC Davos

    I'll accept but something tells me I will get fucked over and actually get paid 1mill
  15. BluObieZ

    Shawn Brodeur - The Shame of Davos

    1500 words