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  1. If Idaho gets the Potatoes I will stay for 1 more player beyond Orion

    1. Enorama


      Just one more reason to not have the team in Idaho

    2. BluObieZ


      I saw that coming. You're not Potato material anyways

    3. Green


      You wouldn't want another player anyways, so you propose an idea that would never make it. Smart move

  2. I find it downright appalling that there is no Idaho Potatoes fans out there. Talking about they should be the new Expansion team. 

  3. Idaho Potatoes or bust

  4. 1) less coke 2) Nope 3) Um... yeah. Us. They will hate us in the finals 4) not hard to focus. We're first. People need to focus on us and worry about us 5) I don't know about current and past players to even attempt a proper answer 6) Calgary cause fuck em. Too bad they are in NA. Who do we talk to have Calgary traded to Europe? Justin Trudeau?
  5. Gold - Canada Silver - Europe Bronze - Asia MVP - Ambrose Stark
  6. Boubabi can never live up to some of the shit I've done. Dudes amateur compared to me. Probably best the league keeps him banned. I'd have him rage quitting in no time.
  7. Troll Robbie is stirring... stay tuned ;)

    1. pennypenny


      Shut the fuck up you sound like the last NEIGHBOR I know.

      Might end up like the last NEIGHBOR I know.

      Oh, you don't wanna clash? NEIGHBOR, I know

  8. So I saw the poll on if we should unban Boubabi and I think to myself why is it even a fucking question. It should be a solid fucking yes. Not because of what he brings to the league and all that shitty league related stuff. Nay. Not that. I think it should happen for more selfish reasons. I have been for a long time been told that i was a great troll and the penultimate asshole around here till he came around. That he would say shit that I wouldn't and such. Hell people even accused me of caring too much to not cross the lines that he did. Do you forget the shit I did? I was called the fucking trolliest of trolls and so on. I crossed lines like it was no ones business. Hell I had people wondering why I was never perma banned. Hell I crossed lines that he would never. Because I was so good and finding shit that cut deep and I kept on it till you cracked. I was cool under "pressure" and never got mad. I just had fun with it. You could be sitting their fuming and wondering wtf why isn't Robbie mad. Well because I found it funny and amusing. Boubabi would have no chance against me. So unban his ass so I can make him quit. The league owes me this as a retirement gift for the years of servitude. Good night and fuck you
  9. 1) Cocaine from Switzerland 2) I suck at the moment 3) Play better 4) Us lifting the cup, all we need is pure Columbian Powder 5) No cup 6) 0 I don't really think about them or even care to have a opinion they are nothing to me