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  1. BluObieZ

    Player Store Changes

    You do know my suggestion was joke right? Pretty much mocking these changes.
  2. BluObieZ

    Player Store Changes

    The league should consider doing one where you spend like 10mill and you get a uncapped week. So you can claim as many TPE as you want. It should have a rule that the PT's have to be submitted that week so that way people don't build up a bunch of PT's they don't claim. Pretty sure it would make people work harder because to get 10 mill you need to have a relatively good player. I would suggest putting a limit of 2-3 per career, because well doubt anyone can do it every season
  3. BluObieZ

    S64 World Cup - GMs

    I was talking about WC glory. I was GM for 3 in a row then i was not GM last time. We won 3 golds when I was GM and we didn't last time
  4. BluObieZ

    S64 World Cup - GMs

    USA right here, bring us back to glory
  5. BluObieZ

    Finals, GM 6: Las Vegas Aces vs. Halifax 21st

    Didn't I say this even before the season began? We won.
  6. BluObieZ

    The Tag BlaideMaidenThread

    Yep! From now on I'll be honest. So let's start now. I am a time traveling alien (why I'm so good at picking people apart and finding what makes them tick) I do not have 2 kids. That is a massive lie. I have over 600. I have at least one on each planet I've been to. I am not rich here. I am the richest Robbinian (what my species is called) all my money there is equal to $1 US dollar. I do not have a yacht. I have a starship that i use for... Space travel. My name is not Robbie. My name is Thorn. No... that's a lie. My name is a secret. If I told you, I'd have to kill you via my future tech. This is fun. Such a big weight off my shoulders. Let's play a game. Spot the two lies. I hate you and your british ways and british teeth. I am not leaving here even though I claim I am. I need the attention you guys claim I seek so much. I'm crazy. I live in a mental asylum. And sneak on here when I can. This explains why I disappear for days/week. Also explain my crazy stories for players and my crazy MS's I didn't hate Kendrick. I just loved annoying him. Which was easy. I wouldn't trust me to keep my word that 2 are lies. I'm clearly a prolific liar. All 4 can be true. Or they can lies. I don't know. I've lost track of my own lies.
  7. BluObieZ

    The Tag BlaideMaidenThread

    yep you got me all figured out. I care so much about a site that I am barely on and i'm about to leave. You have it 100% figured out. You have cracked the Robbie puzzle. Congrats... Damn it. This means I need to stop lying.
  8. BluObieZ

    The Tag BlaideMaidenThread

    Yep sure sounds like me, making up I have a yacht. Yep cause my rep around here means so much to me. A site I am leaving after Orion retires. Please believe I have a yacht. Oh please oh please believe it.
  9. BluObieZ

    S64 World Cup Commish

    I'll apply.
  10. BluObieZ

    Finals, GM 3: Las Vegas Aces vs. Halifax 21st

    Anyone know where the brooms are?
  11. BluObieZ

    Finals, GM 2: Halifax 21st vs. Las Vegas Aces

    Hey! I did something
  12. BluObieZ

    OT Thriller Gives Vegas 1-0 Series Lead

    That's just stupid. If he did nothing he'd have no points.
  13. BluObieZ

    OT Thriller Gives Vegas 1-0 Series Lead

    Maybe Orion will finally do something this series
  14. BluObieZ

    VSN - Mock Draft #3

    Good to see Orion out of the 1st round. Maybe he will go undrafted because he aint going to be loyal to anyone