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  1. Only fitting I scored the game-winner in my final ever VHLM game
  2. 3 more. This will be easy peazy lemon squeezey
  3. When you look at Orion Slade you see a over confident cocky player that screams bust because no one that cocky confident really has amounted to much in hockey. He is what we call a talented Sean Avery. He can annoy the living shit out of you but then also burn you and light up the score sheet. He will never drop the gloves but if you try to fight him, prepare to meet the superhuman strength this guy possess. It actually would be funny to watch him fight. Because if he really possess super powers, he must have gotten into galactic sized fights. So a hockey fight would be pretty easy for him. Should. But I doubt it will ever happen. The person on the receiving end of a superhuman punch may turn into dust. Having said all that, this whole season Orion has proved that he is a shark in a small fish tank and he is trying to break out. He needs to swim with the so called big boys. He is coming next season and will bring his talents to Helsinki. He will try to help them keep their championship window open for yet another season. He will probably walk after the season but that is two seasons away. He will focus on the cup and ROTY next season. He will have to compete with HHH his arch nemesis from this season to win the ROTY. These two guys went to battle for the scoring title this season, which saw HHH narrowly edge out the superhuman Slade by just a few points. But in the playoffs Slade had the last laugh because his Storm easily disposed of the Rush in a laughable five games. So we will see what next season will bring. HHH is the obvious favorite to win the ROTY for obvious reasons but don't tell that to Slade. He says "Dude is good. Real good. But he ain't me. If he wants that award. That cup. He needs to go through me. He tried to go through me this season and he failed... well partly failed but that's if you want to be a dick about it and are just being a picky little fuck. I am coming to the VHL next season so watch out " It will be an interesting next season to see what happens between these two. To see who takes an early lead in points and establishes themselves as the top rookie. If cockiness counted for anything then Orion would have an early edge that's for sure. But sadly for him and his agent that is not a determining factor if a player will be good and will win awards. If it was then all Robbie's clients would just win every award there is. But the reality is talent determines it and the cockiness is looked down upon. So Robbie and his clients just run their mouths instead. So at least there will be that to look forward to next season. The endless trash talk. The start of the pro career of Robbie's last ever client.
  4. The Minnesota Storm (horrible fucking name) easily won their series and now are waiting patiently for their finals opponent. Well... ninety nine percent of the team is waiting and enjoying watch the series go seven games. But, Orion Slade the star center is itching to go. He said in a interview "It doesn't matter who comes out of that series. They will be slow and tired after going seven. Hell even if they swept the series they wouldn't have a shot at beating us. We are too fucking good. No. Don't excuse my language. That team. whichever it will be knows that they cannot beat us. So why even hold a fucking final. Hand us the cup and let me jump to the big leagues. I am done with this minors shit. As much as i liked my time in Minnesota and loved my time last year in Vegas, I want to make the jump. Consider me the Cale Makar of this league. Other then I am not a defense man. Lets get this over with already"
  5. 1. With us easily making it to the final who do you think we will play? 2. How easily do you think we will beat them? 3. Would we have a easier or harder time with the team they beat? 4. Our teams Playoff MVP? WHY? 5. Our regular season MVP? WHY? 6. If Orion is a true superhero... of sorts. What super power do you hope he has?
  6. Lol I got passed over
  7. Me. You know my history.
  8. User Name: um... read the post? Cup Winner: Tampa EASTERN CONFERENCE (A1) Tampa Bay Lightning vs. (WC2) Columbus Blue Jackets Winner: Tampa # of Games: 4 (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (A3) Toronto Maple Leafs Winner: Boston # of Games: 7 (M1) Washington Capitals vs. (WC1) Carolina Hurricanes Winner: Washington # of Games: 5 (M2) New York Islanders vs. (M3) Pittsburgh Penguins Winner: Pens # of Games: 5 WESTERN CONFERENCE (C1) Nashville Predators vs. (WC1) Dallas Stars Winner: Preds # of Games: 5 (C2) Winnipeg Jets vs. (C3) St. Louis Blues Winner: St Louis # of Games: 6 (P1) Calgary Flames vs. (WC2) Colorado Avalanche Winner: Colorado # of Games: 6 (P2) San Jose Sharks vs. (P3) Vegas Golden Knights Winner: Vegas # of Games: 5
  9. Orion Slade Points: 121÷10=12.1 +/-: 58÷6=9.666 =21.7666 TPE earned= 20 cause the max cap
  10. But I has sledgehammer
  11. Orion Slade has really turned it on lately. So much so that HHH might just be shaking in his little boots. HHH must have thought just a week ago that he had the scoring title wrapped up, but now only a few little points separate the two allstar forwards. It will come down to the last few games of the season. Who will have the most amount of points? Its literally the only thing that Orion can steal from HHH because obviously everyone will vote for him in the MVP voting. But having said that I am pretty sure that Orion must rather have the cup which is pretty much a lock this season. Who will finish with more points? No one really knows. My bet everyone Hope's that HHH gets it to pair it well with his MVP. Because well a Robbie client MVP is never a good thing for anyone that is not Robbie or his client.