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  1. Benson

    GM 115: Las Vegas Aces vs. Yukon Rush

    Connor McDavid needs help.....
  2. Benson

    Benson Van Roosen Presser

    Smooth runway all the way
  3. Benson

    Benson Van Roosen Presser

    1. Known about it for a long time. Long time sim league player. Coming back. 2. I hope to see Van Roosen become one of the best offensive defenseman in the league 3. well my build plan is 70 Def, 70 skating, 70 passing, 60 scoring, 70 puck handling, 70 strength, 90 Defense, 90 skating 4. red 5. Well I sure would like to see my offensive D Man shine I need one more questions mates
  4. +6
  5. Benson

    S64 Asia roster for WJC

    Why do we care about asia again?
  6. Benson

    [S64] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Benson Van Roosen VHL/VHLM Team: Yukon Rush Cash you have: 1.5M Purchase Name: The First Generation Cost of Purchase: 500k Cash Left:1M
  7. Benson

    (S65) D - Benson Van Roosen, TPE: 30

    Sign me up @Josh.
  8. Benson

    Benson Van Roosen Presser

    1. Who's your favourite Player in the VHL? You act like I know the VHL landscape 2. What kind of player are you? I'm going to be a very strong offensive minded D Man. 3. Bauer or CCM? Bauer 4. Favourite NHL Team? Oilers 5. Who would be your dream linemates? A D man with a blast of a shot from the point 6. Favourite NHL Player? Connor McDavid
  9. Some VHLM GM actually offered a rookie 30+ minutes . Van Roosen doesn't know what to think.
  10. Benson

    Van Roosen

  11. Benson

    (S65) D - Benson Van Roosen, TPE: 30

    I mean if your gonna offer a rookie 30+ minutes a night I think I'm good to say I'm goin here to get shit on for a season
  12. Benson

    (S65) D - Benson Van Roosen, TPE: 30

    How far back am I allowed to claim Welfares from sister leagues?