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  1. I think this turned out pretty well, complete with 100% custom signature.
  2. Magnus Pederson Position: LW Age: 17 Height: 6'2" Weight: 204 lbs Birthplace: Bergen, Norway Current Team: Oslo Storm Magnus Pederson has been playing hockey in Norway for the better half of his life with various Norwegian teams and a few Finnish teams here and there. A natural-born scorer, Pederson can find the back of the net like it's no problem at all. Not the biggest skater on the ice, but is usually the most ferocious. Never shying away from using his body to lay a few people out. In his first VHLM game he recorded 6 hits in 16:00. + Shooting/Scoring As previously stated, Pederson has a rocket of a shot. He can also place anywhere he wants in the net. He hopes that his new league's goaltenders will have just as much of a problem stopping his shot as the previous opponents did. Although he knows his shot is his strong-suit, he doesn't let it get the best of him. He takes smart shots. Pederson knows when to pass and when to try and score. Which makes him all the more lethal when he's on a power play or even. Hockey IQ If there's anything in Magnus' game that can be compared to his shot, it's his knowledge of the game. He knows where his teammates are at all times and can hit them with passes that look effortless. His shot selection is unmatched and he's been an on-ice play creator since he was an adolescent. Add to this great vision and passing ability and Pederson is the type of player who can and will make any of his line-mates better immediately. Going even further than knowing where his own teammates will be on the ice, he can predict with uncanny effectiveness what the opposing defense is going to do, making it even easier for Magnus to open up the ice. Selfless At the end of the day, Pederson is a winner. He's been a winner at every level he's played for. He's been outstanding at every single level. Not once has he been recognized as an MVP or top-scorer, and he hasn't complained one bit. Magnus can best be compared to a hungry dog, but no amount of winning will sate his hunger, which makes him dangerous. He's not afraid to pass the puck and without a doubt will lay his body on the line if it means his team will have a better chance of winning. Leadership Magnus has been a captain for almost every single team he's played for, so joining the VHLM without the 'C' on his sweater will be a change, but it won't stop Pederson from being a leader in that locker room. He's always vocal, and knows when things need to be serious. Pederson is always a team-first guy and will make sure that all of his teammates know that when he walks in that room. - Defense Pederson's biggest weakness is his defense, it's not that he doesn't care enough to play it. He's just not good at it. He'll lay the body on opposing players and block as many shots as the next guy but his footwork and stick work on defense just isn't up to par with the rest of his skill-set. He's been working on it for years and while there has been progress it's to no ones surprise that he's still sup-par. He hopes that the better play of his opponents will warrant a bigger need for defense. Fighting Magnus Pederson is one of the few players in Norwegian Hockey history to go 14 years in high-level ice hockey and not accumulate one fighting major. He isn't scared or timid. Much like his defense, he just can't do it. Pederson has said numerous times that he could learn how to fight, but it's "not in his game", so he chooses not to. Stamina/Fatigue Ever since he was a child Magnus has never been able to play long shifts, he can play top-line minutes, but he tires very fast. This is usually the reason behind his lack of defense, because he's too tired to give 110% on offense and 110% on defense. He tries his best to spread out his efforts but to no avail. In no way is Magnus out of shape, maybe there is an underlying medical problem prohibiting him from being able to go long periods sustained energy exertion?
  3. Player Information Username: Bandit Player Name: Magnus Pederson Recruited From: YouTube Age: 17 Position: LW Height: 74 in. Weight: 204 lbs. Birthplace: Norway Player Page @VHLM GM