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  1. Second Goal this series from the 3rd string defender Fylo Gibbles
  2. 1) The finals are on, Vegas vs Halifax. Who's your pick and why? Vegas, They had a really strong season and have done great in the playoffs so far. Plus they signed me when I joined. 2) The VHL and VHLM draft are coming up this offseason. If you're getting drafted to the VHL this year, where do you hope you go? If you've already been drafted, what are you most looking forward to in the VHL? Helenski, Riga, and Moscow all seem like good destinations. But really I'm not picky. 3) With the offseason upon us, what's your player's favorite postseason activity? Fylo likes taking a bag of pucks and his stick into the wilderness to hunt wild game. 4) Looking back at this last season, what's one thing you're going to miss about the VHLM once you've moved up? Going to miss the great team that signed me, made me feel welcome. 5) Coaches always push for their players to "leave it all out on the ice." Do you feel like your player followed that mantra this season, or is there more to them that we have yet to see? I think there is a lot more to see. Having joined midseason, I was not able to contribute as much as I would like. 6) Excluding the drafts and offseason tournament, what would you like to see the VHL host in the offseason in order to make it a little more fun? I think some sort of mascot game or all-star skills competition would be cool to see.
  3. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 4 - Las Vegas Aces @ Halifax 21st Game 5 - Halifax 21st @ Las Vegas Aces Game 6 - Las Vegas Aces @ Halifax 21st (Series over)  Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Halifax 21st @ Las Vegas Aces Las Vegas 3-1 Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Nathan N Series leader in goals: Nathan N Series leader in assists: Connor McDavid
  4. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 3 - Helsinki Titans @ Toronto Legion Game 4 - Helsinki Titans @ Toronto Legion Game 5 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans Helsinki 3-1 Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Arroyo Series leader in goals: Ironside Series leader in assists: Arroyo
  5. 1. I think the Vegas Aces are going to take it all. They are just so stacked front to back. 2. I think we just need to keep playing the game we have all season. Get scoring and shit down the other teams offense. 3. Yes, I think I am still very green and developing as a player. Another season could help season my player's experiences. 4. I think Anthony Matthews on the Aces will have a monster playoff's during this run. I predict he will lead in playoff points. 5. Nothing besides eating right and getting plenty of rest before games. We gotta give it our all if we want to win big. 6. I wish I could have earned more but signing midway into a season kinda hurts that chance.
  6. Big news has hit the wire this week with both the VHL and VHLM announcing plans for Expansion. The VHLM will gain 2 teams while the VHL will only gain 1 for the time being. This news comes after a highly successful recruitment leading to many new players in the league. The VHLM expansion will primarily focus on North America while the VHL's expansion will continue the leagues international focus. Starting with the VHLM, the first expansion franchise has been granted to the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The city has strong ties to the game of hockey as well as being the only eastern American city to be granted a team. The fans in the east have long been clamoring for a team of their own to root for. The new team will be named the Philadelphia Reapers and boasts a blue, red, and yellow color scheme. With no nearby teams, the Reapers will likely look to Ottawa and Halifax as potential rivalries. Fans are already clamoring to find out what kind of cuisine will be featured at the arena. Many expect traditional Pennsylvanian fare such as cheesesteaks, scrapple, and traditional Amish foods to be among the new delicacies.The first General Manager of the team will be BladeMaiden. The second VHLM expansion team has been awarded to the city of Houston, Texas. With this expansion we have a second team located within the southern United States(the first being the Las Vegas Aces). Many fans bemoan more teams being created outside of traditional hockey markets but the league feels that in order to grow the game they must reach out to new territory. The city has long been starved for a hockey team and the VHL hopes to capitalize on this demand from local fans with a new team. The team will be named the Houston Bulls and will feature a color palette of red and yellow. Many hope that the recent expansion to the south will open up the sport to new audiences not used to the game. The most obvious rival for the Bulls will be the Las Vegas Aces. Although the Bulls will have a challenge as the Aces currently sit atop the league. The inaugural GM of the Houston Bulls will be Sonnet. The lone VHL expansion will happen halfway across the world from the VHLM expansion. The city of Moscow, Russia will be the latest site for hockey excellence. Following the trend of having the league spread across the world; Russia seemed like an obvious choice for growing the league. Russia is a country with a rich hockey history and a huge fan-base waiting for a team to support since they last lost a team in Season 10. The team will be known as the Moscow Menace and features a gold and white color scheme. The team logo is fierce and will likely lead to many merchandise sales. The GM for Moscow will be Victor who has a history of building top notch teams. Of course this expansion will affect all teams as both leagues will feature an expansion draft prior to the 65th season. We look forward to the changes that expansion will bring to the league. With so many changes the VHL must continue to adapt and improve itself to keep itself relevant. (Word Count 549) Claiming for Theme Week
  7. With big news of expansion going around both the VHL and VHLM, I wanted to focus in on the two cases of relocation among both leagues. Both leagues will have 1 team relocate during the upcoming offseason. First up is the relocation of the Oslo Storm to Minneapolis, Minnesota to become the Minnesota Storm. By relocating to the Midwest state, the VHLM becomes a league entirely based in North America. This will cut down on travel times for other teams and make games less of a pain/commitment for the fans to watch. The cross world shift will not drastically change the experience of the players as both locations have a similar climate. Minnesota also boasts a strong Scandinavian heritage which will resonate with fans of the team. The VHL also offers an change in scenery for the upcoming season. The Quebec City Meute will move across the true north strong and free to British Columbia to become the Vancouver Wolves. This move will look to invest in the previously untapped Western Canada market. Fans in BC have been clamoring for a VHL franchise of their own for many seasons. The newly minted team will also have a natural rivalry in waiting with the Seattle Bears. The league hopes this move will jump start the franchise to become winners.
  8. 1) The VHLM has officially announced expansion, with the new teams seeing action as early as next season! What are your thoughts on the teams they unveiled, or expansion as a whole? I like both of the teams announced. Houston and Philly both have good logos and should make for a more competitive league. 2) If you were the GM for a new expansion team, what would be the first order of business? Scouting the other teams to find a good core group of players to build on. 2 D, 2 F, and a good Goalie would be my priorities. 3) Four teams have now clinched, and two are fighting for the last available playoff spot. Who takes it, Saskatoon or Yukon? Saskatoon should take the last spot. They have been outperforming Yukon and I think they could make a first round upset. 4) Which VHL team has the best logo/design to you? Why? It would be a tie between Helenski and Riga. Helenski reminds me of my high school logo which is nice. Riga is very sharp while not being overly cluttered. 5) When you leave the VHLM to play in the VHL, what legacy do you think you'll leave behind? How will you be remembered for your time in the minors? I want to be remembered for high hit totals and plenty of goals from the blueline. 6) You're eligible for some free TPE if you recruit a friend and they end up sticking around; how would you pitch the VHL to an interested friend?  I would pitch it as a more involved version of a fantasy league. You make more choices and are in more control of your players future as well as having the chance to run a team eventually.
  9. Fylo Gibbles Defense Hits +/-