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  1. It's been an absolute honor being part of Houston in this first season. All the best to Sonnet and the team. And as always #HornsUp
  2. Callum MacElroy Forward Points Goals
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    HOU/OTT: S65

    Welcome to Houston! @xsjack
  4. 1) The trade deadline is coming up for the VHLM. Do you think the Bulls should buy, sell, or neither? Buy buy buy, we can make a real run if we buy. 2) The playoff race is heating up, with nearly every team in the conversation for the bracket. What gives Houston an edge over other teams? Depth and the close locker room atmosphere, plus our offense can take control of any game. 3) How do you feel about your own personal performance thus far? Doing better than expected, could be playing better and I'm going to keep pushing to get better. 4) How would you rate the Houston locker room, up until this point? 10/10. Great group of guys, always active, no drama. 5) The World Junior Classic is coming up- what are you most looking forward to in regards to the tournament? I stopped paying attention when I didn't make one of the teams, to be honest. 6) What does your player HAVE to have in the locker room at all times? A good luck charm? Snacks? A rock from the beaches of Scotland that is absolutely a good luck charm.