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  1. Welcome back to the league @Renomitsu! I'm the AGM of the expansion Houston Bulls, in our first season we're making a good run at being a playoff team. We can't offer you as much ice time as other teams, we'd only have room for you on our third pairing, but we're in a good spot and our locker room is extremely active!
  2. smh we cant lose to halifax this is illegal
  3. 6 for 6 on the PK thats what I like to see
  4. 1) Be honest, are you tired of playing against the Yukon Rush yet? Tae be honest, yeah, Ah wish we played them less. English: To be honest, yeah, I wish we played them less. 2) What part of your game do you think has improved the most since the start of the season? Mah skatin', fur sure. I've gotten way faster, blowin' pest troaps loch a bampot. English: My skating, for sure. I've gotten way faster, blowing past people like crazy. 3) Who's pulled the biggest prank in the locker room so far this season? Definitely me, tryin' tae keep th' wee jimmies morale up. English: Definitely me, trying to keep the boys morale up. 4) The Bulls have considered opening their practices to the public, so fans can come watch the team prepare for games and interact with their favorite players. What are your thoughts on this? As lang as th' fans dornt flin' jobby at us while we practice if we're nae playin' weel. English: As long as the fans don't fling shit as while we practice if we're not playing well. 5) If you could have a "Wrestlemania" style entrance to the ice before every home game, what would it look like? Jist play Aam Gonnae Be oan max volume while Ah skate it. English: Just play I'm Gonna Be on max volume while I skate out. 6) Do you have any pregame rituals? Have they helped or hurt the team's performance so far? Ah bevvy a bottle ay scotch afair every gam. Management let's me dae it as lang as aam producin'. English: I drink a bottle of scotch before every game. Management let's me do it as long as I'm producing.
  5. Recruited @StaticShocked
  6. Prior to the recent first meeting between Houston and Halifax, many fans of both teams found themselves patiently expecting a hard fought, tough contest, and that’s exactly what they received. The Bulls eventually triumphed over the 21st 4-3, with Bulls defenseman Jerry Garcia notching his second goal of the season seven minutes into the third period to win the game. Bulls forward Callum MacElroy, appeared on the scoresheet as well, as the primary assist of that game winning goal. The RW and alternate captain has been somewhat vocal about his disdain for Halifax as both a city and a team, and was quoted prior to the game as saying “Aam gonnae it thaur tae kick their asses.” Following the game, he was reported to be “Huir uv a excited.” While reporters have as of yet been unable to discern exactly what that means, it’s almost certainly a good thing. There’s quite some time until Halifax and Houston meet again, but MacElroy’s excitement doesn’t seem to have waned, and watching the rivalry unfold will be an entertaining narrative throughout the VHLM season.
  7. Heya @StaticShocked! Welcome to the league. You already know I'm the AGM of the Houston Bulls, so I won't go with the whole copypasta. I'd like to offer you a contract to play on our third pairing, with the opportunity to move up depending on how you earn. Just quote this and say accepted!