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  1. Keeping up the draft bust trend, at least I'm a good LR presence (which is why Olsen was drafted FYI)
  2. 1. You can be teammates with any one Hounds player of your choosing in the future. Who is it and why? Aleksandrov. He's a cool guy. 2. Hounds alumni now hold either GM or AGM positions in Minnesota, Ottawa, Yukon, Halifax, and, most recently, Mexico City. Which one should we pick as our archenemy? Halifax isn't a real city - Aleksandra Olsen 3. You can have any job in the league. Which job do you choose, and why? Oh god please don't give me a job again can I be an AGM who does nothing like last time? 4. What is a question you wish I would have asked here, and what would be your answer? Why is Gustav so lazy? Answer: he's too busy being a communist dictator. 5. The VHLM has a shallow draft pool this season. Is this good or bad for the Hounds, who have a ton of picks? Bad it means Gustav can't skip out on players who want to be here like he usually does you coward. 6. How does your player plan to spend their last week of freedom before the season kicks off? Drinking with Aleksandrov.
  3. Gustav couldn't spell my name because he was too busy getting high pass it around maybe this will get him fired #OverthrowGustav
  4. Recruited @goldenglutes Recruited @Gwdjohnson Recruited @DaftRaincloud (brought him back to the site from inactivity, I think that applies?)
  5. Aleksandra Katrin Olsen Age 18 5’10, 155 lbs Vestmanna, Vestmanna, Faroe Islands Sandra Olsen’s hockey career began not in her home country, which sports no youth hockey leagues, but in the country of Denmark. Ice rinks were in short supply before her family moved to Denmark permanently, so she made do with street hockey in what passed for the streets of Vestmanna, a town of only 1,200, where she quickly became the best of the players. Beyond hockey, she dabbled in the sport of handball, extremely popular in her country, though her true passion would always lie on the ice. While she found little opportunity to skate on a rink during her time on the Faroe Islands, she always made it a point to skate on any frozen body of water she could find, to improve her skating as best as she could in a country with no ice rinks. Despite the lack of ice hockey opportunities, Sandra made it a point to practice every other skill of hockey by any means necessary, playing both street hockey and field hockey at varying points of the year, and devoting the families basement to puckhandling drills. On Sandra’s 11th birthday, the family moved to Denmark, and her ice hockey career truly began. While she wouldn’t stay in the Danish system for long, women’s hockey in Denmark is unpopular to the point of providing few options for young players, Sandra quickly grew to be one of the best young players the league had ever seen, before eventually leaving for the SDHL in Sweden shortly after turning 14. In Sweden, Sandra first played with Hässelby Kälvesta HC, finding her feet in a lower Swedish league that quickly proved insufficient to her skills, though she would remain with them for the following two years. Most recently, from age 16 to now, Sandra has played for the Women’s division of the renowned Swedish club Djurgårdens IF where she has continued to develop her game. Initially relegated to a third pairing powerplay specialist due to her passing skills, Sandra’s endless desire to improve has only led to her gaining more ice time over the past two seasons, as she’s forced herself into being one of the key players on the team. While in Sweden she was scouted by several CWHL teams before that league ceased to exist, as well as NWHL and RWHL teams, but has decided to try her luck in a the mixed-gender league of the VHL, to prove that she’s just as good as any of the men playing there.