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  1. "100% correct" probably wasn't the best phrasing - was just going for the overall notion that what you believe should be open to changing your worldview.
  2. Be very careful with this. It's important to keep an open mind that your current thoughts, feelings, and ideas are not always 100% correct. I have a different beliefs than I did at 14, than I did at 21, etc...
  3. 1.) I think Seattle will win. No rhyme or reason, just a gut feeling I have. Really going out on a limb. 2.) I have not. Currently, the fiancee and I are watching Everyone Loves Raymond. 3.) Its absolutely disgusting that Wilson didnt come away from those incidents with a lengthy suspension. I applaud the NHL for a lot, but from a disciplinary standpoint, they are easily the worst league in NA. 4.) Of course! I always hope the USA does well in international events. 5.) Its Gritty and anyonr with a different answer is lying. 6.) Most people will say golf, but I play te
  4. Dont talk about my boy @Devise like that!
  5. The roughly 2 weeks during the playoffs but before the off season are the worst if you didnt make the playoffs. At least the off-season comes with drafts and other league wide news you can follow.
  6. Well, Prague got eliminated from the playoffs by Warsaw. We beat Malmo in the Wildcard Round, but ultimately fell 4-1 to the Warsaw...somethings (I forget their name currently and am too lazy to look it up. Predators I think? Knights? No idea). On one hand, I think the 4-1 series score was a little unflattering to our play, as the games were all relatively close. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure we were heavily outshot in the series and in each game, so maybe it was a reflection. In our last game in that series, it was unfortunate that we had to play our backup goalie as the LOUTH RULE
  7. 1.) Hopefully 4 - us sweeping our opponent 4 times. Since I'm writing this after we were eliminated...obvoiusly this didn't happen. 2.) I use a right handed stick and put my dominant (right) hand on the bottom. Apparently you're supposed to put your dominant hand on top, but oh well. 3.) Yes, although it still wouldn't have been full in Philly. With how the team has been (both this year and in the past decade) they're not even selling out the 2,000 or so tickets available. 4.) Hm....I think Helsinki could maybe use an upgrade, and in the VHLM...maybe the Wild or Lynx, but those
  8. End of the season and Prague is in the playoffs again. We started off strong as one of the top teams in the standings, but we've slowed down since then, probably not unexpectedly. We finished 4th in the conference and tied for 7th in the league with 84 points. Oddly enough, we would have also finished 4th in the North American Conference as well. All in all, we're only 6 and 9 points respectively behind the 3rd and 2nd place teams in the conference, so we're not severely outclassed. On an individual note, I finished just at PPG again with 73 points in 72 games, but this time with much mo
  9. 1.) Whoever STHS blesses, and that can be anyone's guess. On a somewhat more serious answer, it's really hard to tell, since your stats are also a product of the team environment that you're on....unless you've been blessed by STHS. 2.) Defensive depth is always nice for the playoffs. We don't necessarily have the star power to carry games, so we'll have to win with our depth. 3.) We need to score more goals than our opponents. Thanks John (Madden). 4.) Nah, no vacation for us this year. Bought a house in January and are getting married in July (hopefully ha