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  1. You're probably thinking of the old EASHL league also called the VHL.
  2. A dirt engineer? Are you the guy who writes geotechnical reports about soil conditions and if they can support whatever project is going on?
  3. It appears I misread everything last night and you are not in fact a Penguins fan.
  4. This is not meant to be pro-super league, but I can't help but chuckle that fans are OK with clubs owned by billionaires, Russian oligarchs, oil states, etc.. and are fine with the close to unlimited money that comes with that, but this is the straw that broke the camel's back.
  5. 1.) It started off hotter than it is currently, but it seems like there's some discussion in there every day, if not almost every day. So overall, maybe a 7/10. 2.) Ha, no way. I barely know who is on my team, let alone who is on other teams! 3.) I think all the talk about how Hall specifically is a "loser" because of the teams he's been on is insanely dumb. Yes, you can hold it against him for only scoring 2 goals with Buffalo this year, but Hall is a talented offensive player who will put up points (as we've seen) on good teams. You know who else was a loser before he won? Ovechkin
  6. I just wrote 1,000+ words on a media spot, now I have to write something else? UGH. So, it's the trade deadline. We just traded for a defenseman. That seems good, as I believe defense, especially defensive depth, is where we were weakest. Now, admittedly, I know nothing about the member added EXCEPT for the fact that they're a Penguins fans, so they're already starting at a -1. But in all honesty, one of the things I miss about team hopping is meeting the newer members (or at this point, non Best people here but socially distanced members, since that's who is "new" to me) since even one
  9. It's theme week, meaning it's time for my annual (seasonal?) media spot, since I can't give up extra TPE THAT easily. This year, the theme is "what if" where we're essentially supposed to talk about something or somethings VHL related and how the league or those situations would be changed if a different situation happened. I'm not entirely motivated enough to do a long media spot on one specific instance, so in true @Fire Vigneault fashion, I'm going to talk about a couple of different things and the "what if" scenario that goes with them. "What If @WentzKneeFan036Doesn't Join The
  10. There are no days off from simming!!!
  11. What have you been up to and why did it take you so long to return???
  12. My recommendation is not to go 100% all out for every player. You just can't. Like you said, it results in burnout. There is nothing wrong with doing welfare and getting 10 or 11 capped TPE a week. Of the 7 players I've had, I've gone all out on 3 or 4 of them, and of those 4, I didn't last all 8 seasons of top TPE earning. Being a goalie comes with its own sets of challenges, and I can't comment on it, because I made 1 and it was bad.
  13. Grills are one of those things that are most likely to start a fire that tenants have control over. The technical guideline we have is "grills must be at least 10 ft from any structure" (which, by the way, is 100% recommended. DO NOT put the back of your grill close to your house/apartment), but in a typical apartment, how often do you actually have 10 ft of space? Add on the fact that tenant occupied property is much more likely to have a property claim than owner occupied property and not allowing grills is one of the easiest way to reduce property claims. And I've never understo
  14. I'm only on Part 2 of this for S77....did I miss two weeks? I know I missed last week because I was more exhausted from Easter dinners than I thought I would be, but I didn't think I missed any other weeks. That would put us in week 3...which sounds right? Prague has been slipping recently. Still playing pretty well, but we're down to 4th in the VHL standings and I believe 3rd in the European Conference. From a points perspective we're right up there with everyone except 1st place, as there isn't too much separation between the rest of the teams. Looking like a good competitive season.