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    hejta's recruits

    +4 TPE for Mikko Aaltonen hitting 100TPE!
  2. hejta

    Oslo Storm Press Conference

    1. I played a total of 22 games and Got 12 points, its much better than what I initially thought I'd get, so its awesome! 2. I'd like to go to a team that focuses on winning the trophy, I strive for success and expect everyone else to be on the same page. 3. Helping my team as much as I can, I'd like to get at least 40 assists and hopefully over 10 goals. 4. So far, yeah I've no complaints. 5. Either a team that did poorly this season and has a better chance of drafting a good player(Yukon/Saskatoon) or an already developed team like Aces or Halifax 6. I had no problems, he was always active and ready to help.
  3. hejta

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. Halifax, I love an comeback story. 2. I believe i'll be in the VHLM Dispersal Draft, not sure, but im excited to see where I'll land in those ranks =D 3. Hanging out with friends, going to the gym and playing video games. 4. All the memories with all the people I played together. 5. I believe so, my guy had 12 points in 22 games, thats pretty good considering I had low TPE and only recently got more, now im excited to see what I can do next season playing it fully 6. Maybe an awards where players give their inputs on like "best teammate" or "funniest teammate" or fun stuff like that
  4. hejta

    VHLM Finals Fantasy Zone

    Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 4 - Las Vegas Aces @ Halifax 21st Game 5 - Halifax 21st @ Las Vegas Aces Game 6 - Las Vegas Aces @ Halifax 21st  Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Halifax 21st 2 : 4 Las Vegas Aces Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Nathan N Series leader in goals: Diljodh Series leader in assists: Eric Parker
  5. hejta

    Oslo Storm Press Conference

    1. I think its much better than having a team in Europe and then having to travel pretty much everyday back and forth, a North American representation will be much easier, plus Minnesota is known as the scandinavian region, so i'm excited! 2. I expect us to move past saskatoon rather easily, then everything is up for grabs! 3. I think good GM and AGM decisions lead us to this point, getting set up for the future with prospects, if you have good captains the ship will always head in the right direction. 4.I personally have nothing against anyone, I show up and do my job which is to play for a team. 5. I expect myself pretty high up the list, I've been working hard till this point and I have no intentions of stopping here. 6. 2-0 for us, lets go oslo!
  6. hejta

    Richard Hejtsel rookie

    Richard Hejtsel | #9 D | 6' 0" | 200 lb | Age: 18 | Oslo Storm | PROFILE Name: Richard Hejtsel Born: November 5th, 1999 Birthplace: Riga, Latvia Shoots: Left PLAYSTYLE Offensive defenceman, reliable in his own zone, but always ready to join the attack and shoot the puck. Strengths Offense & Defense: Hejtsel is an excellent defender, you can rely on him holding down or getting pucks off of dangerous opponents, he also positions himself in situations where he can use his body to block a lot of incoming shots and cover tight points, whenever an opportunity of attack appears, he uses it. The ability to almost instantly join the attack and help out his offense is what Richard strives for, snatching pucks off of dangerous enemies and turning those situations into attacks is what this player aims for, in his childhood he always was looking up to defenceman like "Erik Karlsson" or "Brent Burns". Always trying to mimic what they do in certain situations and understanding why they do things they do is what set this player apart from all the others when he was playing hockey growing up. He also has a strong shot, demanding he gets put into Powerplay situations, because when a slap shot is coming from this guy, its most likely going in the net. Hitting & Passing: Richard loves physical play and with his body he is a threat when going into shallow corners, he will not hesitate or think twice about hitting or checking you, because of this he sometimes gets penalties for boarding. Having the ability to accurately pass the puck is something Hejtsel possesses as well, he always manages to find good opportunities to pass the puck or setup his teammates so that they can score. Though most preferably he would like to be the one scoring, he has admitted that in the end he doesn't care how the puck ends up in the net, as long as he gets an assist at least. Weaknesses Discipline And Fighting: Richard has always been known as the dude that sits in the penalty box at least once every game, his temperament is what drags him down, he tries getting away with pretty much everything, but that's because of his competitiveness, he always wants to be the winner and will use pretty much anything to win, whenever he gets a penalty he might even get a bonus for unsportsmanlike conduct, because of this he sometimes gets into arguments and might even drop the gloves. His size makes him a pretty average fighter, but if something doesn't go his way during a game, this guy will probably try getting into a fight. Skating: This wouldn't really be a weakness more of that this is a field where Richard lacks more than all the other aspects of his game and because of that he is aware of this weakness and intends to improve at it, so that he becomes more helpful and effective to his team, currently he can get to an average speed and acceleration. Projection and Future Currently Richard is playing for the Oslo Storm of the VHLM, he has 9P in his first 17GP(3G/6A) and is looking to have a decent ending to his first season in the VHLM. He isn't too keen on looking what the future offers him, but if he keeps working like he has till this point, he might be a steal in his draft year.
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    hejta's recruits

    +1 tpe for Mikko Aaltonen hitting 50 TPE
  8. hejta

    hejta's recruits

    @GRZ confirm that I invited you!
  9. hejta

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1) I like the expansion teams and I feel that they will cause a surge of motivation for more players since lots of current teams are with full rosters and free agents are kinda stuck there 2) Definately checking out most active users and writting down which to snag, its a real steal when u get a player who is motivated to get better and improve, watching them improve and wreck is the most satisfying thing. 3) Since I play for the Oslo storm I'd rather face Yukon in the playoffs as I think they are a weaker team compared to Saskatoon. 4) I really like the HC Davos logo, love the color purple and they incorporate it really well in their logo. 5) Hopefully I'll leave behind good memories and will have improved lots, so that when I enter VHL I'll be ready and do some damage 6) I've already invited a friend and so far he is pretty active, so I think that speaks of it self, really awesome community and people around here.
  10. Moscow Menace Explanation: Decided to go for the 3 main colors of the logo - White, Gray and the gold of the crown, also incorporated the whole "winter" and "cold" vibe in the player numbers as I thought it looked nice. This jersey might not look too intimidating as Moscow Menace intends to be, but it can bait enemies in to a false sense of security Houston Bulls Explanation: The logo just screamed Fire & Flames to me, so I decided to give the jerseys that "burning" feel to them, also the fact that bulls are aggressive when seeing the color red, made my decision as to which color to put as the main accent easier. Philadelphia Reapers Explanation: This was an interesting one to make, since the colors are passive, however work together really well, the agressiveness of the red color on the scythe is balanced out with dark blue/green color. EDIT: Claimed for February 10th, 6+6 TPE. EDIT EDIT: I'm so sorry to the Philadelphia Reapers organization (@BladeMaiden) , I must have forgotten to put yours in by accident.