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  1. 1) 100%, we're in it to win it. 2) I think we finally developed some synergy, something that we lacked earlier in the season 3) Aaltonen will need to hit the gym very hard, the upcoming season will be his last and he wants to make sure he's in the best shape he can be for it. 4) Sure why not, being apart of expansion teams means to help them build/start off their legacy. 5) Gonna be a tough match up for sure, but I think we have what it takes. 6) yes
  2. 1) Every D.C Dragons player is my best friend 2) Getting a cup for D.C 3) Back home to Finland, Mikko has some "scouting"to do 4) Locations are alright, but the logos are pretty underwhelming 5) Have never tried subway, some of my friends have told me its pretty meh so I've just avoided it. 6) Obviously turning things around and making the playoffs would be nuts, but I just want us to finish as competitive as we can, win as many games as we can, and try to steal points off top dogs.
  3. 1) At this point we need to do everything for simonT to start loving us. 2) despite the poor results everyone is still in high spirits and giving their best in practices. 3) I watch/follow hockey pretty closely, but If I have to casually sit back and just watch a game I choose basketball 4) too lazy, will skip it =D 5) chicken with rice, absolutely insane combo 6) rap and hiphop, hypes Mikko up
  4. 1) Aaltonen is still pulling his weight! (even though hes ancient) 2) Mikko always loves listening to rap before games, it hypes him up. 3) Listen, at this point Mikko will do the dancing, if needed to turn these things around. 4) What happens in D.C's locker-room, stays in there . 5) Both hit like absolute trucks, but I have to say I'd prefer to not be hit by Boris. 6) In my country this PBJ thing isn't really that popular and I haven't tried it, so unfortunately can't comment on this.
  5. 1) I'd say we as a team have been having a "few" rough outings lol, but on a serious note, beginning of the season can sometimes be tricky so we need to move onward and pick ourselves up. 2) Yes, always an honor wearing your countries colors. 3) If I ever were to have a job in the VHL it'd probably be the updating job, I have tons of time on my hands but most of the time im lazy hence the reason why I never have applied to such a thing, maybe in the future who knows. 4) our rough start tbh, but I know we'll get through it. 5) Definitely deserved start for Lesieur, he's been training super intense and I'm really happy for his success thus far. 6) Beach vacation for sure.