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  1. 1) It's bound to happen eventually, players can't play forever unfortunately and a youth movement is required at some points, I am excited to play with all the new players! 2) Black with purple stripes 3) It's in my contract that I cannot answer this question publicly, although I am very surprised someone let this one out. 4) Ove likes to listen to norwegian music after games, makes him remember where he came from. 5) Dyrdahl has a deer chain that he always wears everywhere, he got gifted it by his father 6) big cereal fan.
  2. G - Stone Wolski D - Victor Grachev @Blazzer
  3. F - Ola Vikingstad F - Dakota Lamb @Blazzer
  4. D - Rogue Davis F - Chris Hylands @Blazzer
  5. 1) It's really unfortunate, we know we can do much better than that and will work even harder next season to show it. 2) Practice , practice and ....... practice. I feel like our D's chemistry wasn't good enough last season so we will for sure work on it this off-season, alongside, of course, individual training, gotta hit up the gym more. 3) Obviously, Guy and Benny have been massive contributions to this organization and that will always be remembered. 4) The new guy on the block - Alex, that's a tradition. 5) No, not really. 6) I'd love to go hang gliding over some nice views, li
  6. 1) Black/Purple 2) Working on those puckhandling skills 3) Pretty good, but we can be better. 4) Dood, that dude has mad drip 5) Love Penne and Linguine 6) Ove is a big boy, 195lb
  7. 1) Can't pick one, the entire D.C organization is like a family to me. 2) Philiefan has been really good throughout this first stretch of games, hopefully he keeps it up! 3) Our GM did play hockey back in the day, im sure he could jump on the ice and show us some moves 4) I pretty much follow hockey only and started like 2 years ago, so nobody historic but currently favorite player is prob Zach Werenski 5) water is the best drink on the entire planet, sometimes a fizzy drink like fanta is fine too. 6) that I am a gaming colossus(real)
  8. G - Stone Wolski @Cornholio
  9. F - Chad Magnum @Cornholio
  10. F - Timothy Brown @rory
  11. D - Latrell Mitchell @Cornholio
  12. 1) This is the season Groovy hits the 50 goal mark, I can feel it. 2) Really good, got some free agent additions(some new, some old) and our draft went fine! 3) Hell to the yes. 4) Absolutely, nobody has seen what Ove can do yet. 5) Need to become more consistent, no more of those "1-1 DC" sims 6) Prepare the yeetus!