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  1. claiming this + graphic for theme week, 8 uncapped TPE.
  2. 1) Probably Mikko for the whole season, but Pekka came in super clutch during the later part of the season. 2) Well I originally did give us an over/under 3.5 line, so clearly better than I expected lmao 3) I think everyone as a whole will play better, we'll get some young studs to help out. 4) Could be, I haven't paid attention, however Pouta seriously stamped his name during this season as the clear starter. 5) Riga, Malmo, Seattle, Vancouver. 6) 1st - Benny Graves, 2nd - Soren Jensen, 3rd - Cinnamon Block
  3. For this Theme Week I decided to show a bit of love and recognition for one of the VHL's best Power Forwards & also one of the longest captains in the VHL, to ever skate on the ice - Brennan McQueen Regular Season Career Totals: 504 GP / 296G / 311A / 607P / +197 / 1095PIM / 2518H | As we can see, McQueen was an absolute monster of a power forward, he absolutely loved to throw his body, and was never afraid to take a fight, but all of this didn't stop him from scoring goals or landing passes, as he was over a point per game during his VHL career, and a stat that I found particularly interesting was, that his lowest hits during a regular season in his entire career was 333, which is absolutely insane to think about, he was almost always over this number except for 1 season. Fun Fact: Drafted in S35 by the..... Seattle Bears?.. Yeah, Seattle drafted him but later on decided to trade him for Edwin Encarnacion, little did they know they just gave Riga Reign their new captain for the next 7 straight seasons, who is also tied for 2nd longest serving captain in the VHL. - S37 & S38 were the seasons where McQueen won the Scott Boulet trophy, meaning he was named the leagues top two way forward. Playoff Career Totals: 66 GP / 37G / 32A / 69P / +10 / 201PIM / 339H | Also a big playoff performer, this especially comes in play in S40, where in 16 playoff games, he netted 10 goals, assisted on 16 , for a total of 26 points, was a +9, had 51PIM, and delivered 81 hits. This is notable because this is the first and unfortunately last time Brennan lifted the Continental Cup, with this he also received the Daisuke Kanou trophy as the Playoff MVP. Along the way he also racked up 5 All-Star appearances.
  4. 1) Philadelphia, Hart will lead them to the cup. 2) He has 2 choices, either he plays for D.C, or gets put into a retirement home for old people, he always picks the first option.. 3) You can't go against Hitz, dude is a natural fightning machine 4) Aaltonen - he's ready to put up 80 goal seasons for this to happen. 5) Possession, more valuable imo. 6) Mikko is a Powerplay god for sure.
  5. About time the VHL needed another finnish Mikko, welcome to the club.
  6. 1) Helsinki is doing really good but I'm tired of seeing them on the top, so for Malmo we cheer. 2) Really like the Marlins logo, the colors work really well together. 3) Mostly his friends and family back in Finland, he visits them every off-season. 4) There's a really nice chocolate factory near center of the town, worth a visit. 5) Listening to rap gives Mikko an energy and a confidence boost. 6) Christmas probably, Aaltonen isn't a big holiday guy, but he likes spending time with his family and friends.
  7. 260 Vancouver Wolves @ Helsinki Titans 261 Moscow Menace @ New York Americans 262 Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears 263 Calgary Wranglers @ Toronto Legion