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  1. Today we caught up with Mikko Aaltonen, one of many Riga Reign's prospects, and had a brief talk with him about his team's playoff matchup. First of all, congrats to Riga Reign for having quite a dominant season, are you satisfied with your performance in the middle of this? "Thanks, and yeah we have been doing really well as a team, we are really deep and that depth could give us an advantage vs our opponents, personally this season wasn't the one I expected out of myself, but I gotta keep reminding myself that this is a stacked team and there's only so much ice-time each player can get, so with all the chances given I think I did as best as I could." On to the first matchup, vs the HC Davos Dynamo, any thoughts on this matchup? "Obviously they're a good team, they have a very strong first line, but I think we have the depth advantage on them, many players who can step up at any point in time and deliver, so we'll have capitalise on that. Throughout the season we didn't have that many problems with them, I think we went like 7-1 or something against them, so we're really confident about this matchup and it's probably one of the best we could have gotten in the first round." Both teams kinda struggled at the end of the season, do you think that will reflect in the series? "Hopefully not, both teams want to give it their best and impress their fans with a win, all I'm saying is that we're winning. Could you give us a bold prediction on the series result? "4-0"
  2. 1) Of course, dude is a beast. 2) I kinda believed in their miracle start, thought it would look like something Vegas pulled off in their first season. 3) I don't follow those things that much so I can't really recommend anyone in particular. 4) Im excited about Cyberpunk 2077 more in general... Keanu is a nice addition. 5) Well sometimes the nastier the hits the more penalties his team would take, and that is never a good thing. 6) I personally want this league to succeed so they could create a farming club system where VHLM is the farming club league, like AHL is to NHL.
  3. So wsup, my player(Mikko Aaltonen) got drafted 4th overall this past draft by the Riga Reign. So far in 66GP, he has 17G and 13A combining for 30P, at this point I'm not concerned about my player not performing to expectations, he's playing on a stacked team in Riga, while he had his opportunities playing on the 2nd line, he didn't sim well there, so im all good in this department. But more on the topic of why I haven't been that active lately.. I joined this league in late January and got hooked instantly, earning max capped(plus more uncapped sometimes) TPE pretty much every week, with that I think I got burned out(which sounds silly, but its true). I used to visit the site many times per day, but lately that has fallen to 1 or 2 times per day, I'm still earning as much as I can while doing nothing major, which is my 2nd excuse, it's summer time and I'm lazy as shit, plus my graphic skills aren't that advanced so all my graphics look pretty much the same, and I don't like spamming the same thing. Who knows if I'll get the motivation to grind this thing again. At the minimum I'll get the weekly welfare/conference/practice/trivia. so Mikko isn't left in the dust completetly. thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  4. 295 Helsinki Titans @ Malmo Nighthawks 296 Toronto Legion @ Calgary Wranglers 297 New York Americans @ Helsinki Titans 298 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace
  5. 1) Not playing, I guess I'd like Europe to do well. 2) As many predicted, I expect Teagan to do very well, lets see if his team wins the whole thing. 3) Some close games for sure, we got outshot by a lot so thats one of the things we have to make sure to fix when we meet them again. 4) That's just the expansion team sim luck, got to a hot start and now slowly normalizing as to where it should/could be. 5) I personally haven't looked at any draft classes yet, but at the level at which the recruitment team is working I don't think there will be a lack of talent in any upcoming drafts. 6) 100% it will need to expand again, lots of new people coming into these leagues and most of them stay for good, with that rate vhl teams will fill up really quik especially given that some teams still hold on onto old veterans. About the expansion taking me away, personally I don't think that would be happening, but if it does I'll just live with it, nothing too major, I'll stay play for a cup even if I play for a different team.