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  1. 1) We're inconsistant as hell lmao, we get on massive streaks where we score 5 each game and then we have multiple games where we struggle to score more than 2 goals. 2) no idea, the sim gods are upset at Riga 3) I personally don't know the guy, and have no idea what the ban was about, sounds like a big deal to everyone, so idk. 4) Wish both of the upcoming GM's luck, gm'ing is hard but I know both of them are capable of leading franchises, excited to see them succeed. 5) Worried? no. Am I thinking about it? no. Will I be upset if I am taken? no. 6) If the recruitment team keeps up its job more expansions will probably be needed in the future.
  2. We caught Mikko in between flights to finish the regular season, we asked him a question that has been asked a lot by the fans of the Reign. Earlier this week, an article was published stating that with the 2 expansion teams joining the league, Riga is bound to lose a promising prospect in the expansion draft, are you worried at all? Not really, no. Right now I'm focused on playing hockey and winning with Riga, the ultimate goal is the cup and I'm not letting anyone stop me, and on the expansion draft thing, I'm not really sure how that works, I haven't looked into it so I can't say for sure we are losing someone, but could be, given that 2 fresh teams are entering the league, they would need an immediate boost and a solid prospect might be what they need. So not worried, but would u prefer to stay in Riga or get taken by an expansion team? As I said before I'm only looking at the main goal - winning a cup, I don't care with which team it is, I'm always giving my 100% energy and dedication to whichever team I play on, and if its with Riga I'm happy, but if its with a different team nothing changes, but to the fans of Reign, I can't really guarantee anything, its upon the GM to decide which pieces he wants to keep and which pieces he wants to deal, and we all should trust his plan and support his decisions. 230 words, claiming on week ending 25/08, 2+1 theme week
  3. We are joined by Riga Reign forward Mikko Aaltonen, a player picked 8th overall in the S66 VHL Entry-Draft, we will be discussing the hottest topic - Expansions. "Good evening Mikko, how was your day?" It was fine, super busy but busy is good, so I'm good. Obviously you know the topic which we're going to be talking about because EVERYONE in the entire league is talking about this - The Expansions, what are your overall thoughts on the league expanding again? I'm happy about it, with the current recruitment we're getting, the older teams are almost full with roster spots and in some cases the veterans are battling it out with the prospects for ice time, and with the league getting 2 fresh teams I believe it will benefit not only to the prospects who are anxious to perform and show that they belong here, but also to the veterans to prove that they still have it in them. Also it adds new rivalries, which is always fun. Have you thought about where the locations would be? Not really, It's not my job so I'm not going to distract myself from an already busy schedule Sounds fair, with that in mind, you were picked in the Dispersal Draft by an expansion team - Philadelphia Reapers, because of that you have an experience of starting fresh, what is some advice you could give maybe for someone out there, anxious, excited or even stressed about getting drafted or picked via expansion draft to an expansion team? Most important thing I would suggest is that you don't need to overthink things, for us athletes of course it's important to like and enjoy where you play, but when drafts come around, in my opinion, sticking to your game and training even harder is the most important thing, because with hard work you can pull off anything. With that said obviously there are some franchises which tend to start slower and build up with each season unleashing in their 2nd or 3rd season in the league, then there are some that start off with a bang and want to rush for the cup instantly. I was in the first situation, where I landed in a team in Philly, which obviously wasn't a contender the first year, actually that year went pretty bad, but I was never sad or I never regretted being picked by them, sure winning as soon as possible would've been cool, but not everything in life happens as you want it to happen. So I just went with the flow, practiced as hard as I could and believed the process that the GM told us, and look at Philly is now, dominating everyone. Also on this topic I feel like some people undervalue expansion teams, where some people want to avoid them like the plague because you are not going to be winning everyone instantly, but imagine the ice time and experience you get as a youngster getting top minutes on a team, AND you get to create history with it, which is just cool in itself. 520 words, claiming on week ending 25/08, 6+6 theme week
  4. down for a free hockey league
  5. 331 New York Americans @ Vancouver Wolves 332 Seattle Bears @ Riga Reign 333 Malmo Nighthawks @ Moscow Menace 334 Calgary Wranglers @ Helsinki Titans
  6. 1) tbh I don't think Riga needed any trades, our roster is stacked as it is, and adding a big name would limit time for rookies even more. 2) VHL - Ours(obviously), Malmo & Davos. VHLM - San Diego Marlins 3) I think Ottawa Lynx & Saskatoon, both of the logos are kinda similar and imo they just look bland. 4) Probably would be an Offensive D'man or a Playmaking Center. 5) Ryan Kastelic, dude changed positions and now is completely destroying everyone. 6) The lowest ranked one, with our consistency this season we need an easier start to the postseason so we can warm up just like this season.
  7. 291 Vancouver Wolves @ Calgary Wranglers 292 Riga Reign @ Toronto Legion 293 Malmo Nighthawks @ HC Davos Dynamo 294 Helsinki Titans @ Moscow Menace
  8. Gold - Canada Silver - Europe Bronze - USA MVP - Ambrose Stark