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  1. Plate

    DCD/MOS; S77

    Ryan Schwarz will be missed
  2. Josh if you can get this working then you get all the credit.
  3. Not as controversial as eating corn without butter, salt and pepper. Just add a tag for people that are part of locker rooms. You can tag VSN, Commish, BoG, all those good guys. But you can't tag people that are part of locker rooms and honestly it doesn't make sense. If I make a media spot that mentions my team in it you BET I want them in on the action. This would also help the rightless AGMs who make press conference questions. So they can, you know, ping their team in the forums to let them know that press conference questions are up.
  4. Sorry for the ping to those who have finished this weeks presser. Just getting this ping system set up for the next week, for those that like to hop on the forums to check what's going on instead of Discord :).
  5. 1. Fringe playoff team that probably has the capability of an upset, but might not pull it together the deeper the run goes. 2. Most important quality of a D man is decision making, decision making, decision making. Defensemen are the ones that stand between the first line of defense and the goalposts. Stopping shots and making sure shots never happen is the most important part of a defenseman. 3. Руссиа хас а греат цултуре анд то наме оне тхинг ин партицулар wоулд бе ан инсулт то оур глориоус натион. Водка ис тхе онлы релевант ансwер. (Russia has a great culture and to name one th
  6. Markus Schauer, A “Bust”? Scouts will tell you the same thing about Schauer. He has no strength. Gets shoved off the puck too easily and loses balance. Defensive awareness is decent for someone that looks like they play with their eyes closed. The upside that everyone thought was there at the draft never really happened. In the first scouting reports of Markus Schauer there was a lot of talk about his lack of motivation. Somehow, someway, those same reports got swept to the wayside in an advantageous draft class. Defensemen were at a premium and Schauer was coming off a red h
  7. D - Chicken Wing Sorry I wasn't home yesterday and I posted my pick in the wrong thread, so that's pretty funny.
  8. D - Chicken Wing Sorry I wasn't home yesterday I JUST POSTED MY PICK IN THE WRONG CHAT OHMYGOSH
  9. F - Rhynex Entertainment @PatrikLaine have fun
  10. Well I'm glad my suggestions are starting deeper conversations about activity. However, based on section 4.5 and with Quiks recent message it looks like activity was switched from posting to updating. The whole point of the "Active" and "Inactive" label was deliberately to erase part of the grey area that we are having this discussion about. Maybe this should be a talking point in the BoG in the next meeting.
  11. From the rulebook: 4.2 - Inactive Players / Free Agents An Inactive Player is any player who has not had a TPE Update in the past 30 days. An Inactive Free Agent refers to a UFA who has not updated their player in the 30 days prior to the opening of Free Agency. Obviously you don't need to implement one word on the player page. I just thought it would be nicer to have than not at all. Which begs the bigger question. What is an inactive player if it isn't someone that hasn't updated for a while?
  12. Obviously I don't know how it would be done, but if it's something enough people want I'm sure there's a way to do it.