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  1. Transaction ID: 20628083825938158 5 uncapped tpe -- using w/e 5-16 doubles week -- using w/e 5-16 free wee
  2. “I am excited for the draft and to see where I go and to which team. The interviews are coming in fast and furious and have had a lot of good conversations with GMs, but I really have no idea where I am going to get drafted to and in what spot. I am just having a small group of close family and friends over at the house to watch the draft and while I don’t expect to go in the first round, the nerves will probably start to kick in around the halfway point of the second round if I haven’t been selected by then.” “I fully expect to play this season and next in the VHLM and then get
  3. 1 -- depth and defense are probably the two biggest ones right now 2 -- golden pick axe 3 -- probably not 4 -- this is a tough one, but i think the later on i would be in my career and the team goals dont match mine, then going to FA and a contender would win out 5 -- NHL94 6 -- Disagree (although if i do go to see a movie and second or third time, i will usually go alone)
  4. 1 -- wish it was the other way around and it will be next season thats for sure 2 -- crying Michael Jordan 3 -- i am too old for that stuff anymore 4 -- scoring 5 -- anything with pasta since you can do so much with meats. veggies, etc 6 -- agree unless cupcakes fall under cakes then cupcakes over it all
  5. The Miami Marauders won the VHLM championship by defeating Mississauga 4 games to 0 in the finals. Miami put together a 12 and 3 record in the playoffs including winning 9 games in a row after San Diego took them to a 7th game in the first round. It was a back and forth first round series with San Diego as Miami took an 3 games to 2 lead but the Marlins staved off elimation in game 6 with a 4-2 win to send the series back to Miami for Game 7. The teams would trade the first 6 goals of the game but the Marauders would get the game winner late in the second period and held off all 15 San Dieg
  6. “It has been tough watching the playoffs at home cause you want to be out there playing and competing for a championship, but what I can do right now is prepare myself for the upcoming season. I am training hard both on the ice and in the gym to improve my game and give the Rush all I can next season so we can make the playoffs and hopefully make a run for a VHLM championship.” “I want to make sure I am working hard this off season in preparation for the draft to show the VHL clubs that I want to make it at the next level. I am not worried about what team that I go to and fully
  7. With the season now over, its time to start to prepare for the draft and next season with a solid off season workout and eating regimen. Lucky for me as I return home to Denmark, my dad is a chef and my brother is a fitness expert who can both help me eat right and stay in shape for the next season. “I am looking forward to the draft and it doesn’t matter who I get drafted by or where I am picked. I am going to continue to work hard and do the best I can out on the ice in hopes of having a solid career.” From an eating perspective, my mornings will start out with a solid and hea
  8. “Its always tough to miss the playoffs and watch other teams play while you are at home, but it just gives you that much more motivation to work hard this off season and be ready to come out and play next season. I think we will have a real solid team between the returning players and the potential draftees coming in and fully expect the Rush to be one of the top team in the conference and league.” “Overall, I am happy with my season. My numbers fell off a little bit here toward the end of the season and I didn’t keep my point per game pace. I got more assists and points than I
  9. 1 -- Even though we missed the playoffs, it was still a good experience and got to have a lot of different teammates on the team to get to know and hang out with. As for my player, little disappointed he fell off toward the end of the season but i still hit my goal of 30+ assists and 50+ points so i am glad there, wish i could have gotten to 20 goals though 2 -- i ll probably have a little bit of interest in them, but if i am not playing in them, its hard to follow and good to take a little mental break for a week or two 3 -- team vote is always the best way to go
  10. RUSH TEAM STAT REVIEW The Yukon Rush finished the season with a 25-42-5 record which was good for 55 points on the season and a 5th place finish in the Western Conference. They finished 21 points out of a playoff spot and and 10th overall in the 12 team league. They had the same record as Ottawa from the Eastern Conference but the Lynx won the tie breakers and finished 9th. The actually had the 6th best offense in the league scoring 249 goals on the season but the downfall in the long run was the goals against which was 10th in the league and one of three teams that
  11. “Our GM has made a couple of great moves in trading a couple of our top players for other players that will come in and play next season for us and some draft picks. This will set us up well next season to not only make the playoffs but also challenge for a league championship. We are in a great drafting position with a lot of picks that will allow us to add some significant talent to the team.” “It was definitely a tough go of things here lately for us but we kept our heads held high and continued to play some solid hockey even though we couldn’t get the wins we needed to keep o
  12. 1 -- losing GM has to write their article for the week based on how great the winning GM is, how the winning GM has shaped his life here in the VHL and how the losing GM will strive to be more like the winning GM in the future 2 -- we knew it was going to be a long shot coming into the season to make the playoffs and we gave it as good as a run as we could based on our depth, etc. It is always a bummer to miss the playoffs but its basically out of reach now for us. 3 -- It is a good to move to always improve the club for the future and looking ahead to next season. Th
  13. What if…what if during the last expansion, the VHL expanded into 24 teams – 12 in Europe and 12 in North America with stipulations being an East/West divisions for both, the cities in Europe must be a major city and in North America, the cities cannot have a current NHL team – what would this look like potentially. In the North American divisions, I would like to have 3 Canadian and 3 United States cities in each one. In the Europe West Division – London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest to hit all of the major cities in predominate hockey countries and keepi
  14. 1 -- we have gotten ourselves in a little bit of a pickle now that we are 10 points behind SD for that final playoff spot -- its going to be a tough climb, but i think we have the tools in place to make up the ground and challenge for that spot 2 -- i have heard from a few teams already and it will be cool to get to the VHL eventually, but i am excited to play in the VHLM for a couple more seasons 3 -- yes i definitely will, its a pretty cool idea and something fun to write about 4 -- oreo for sure 5 -- Joe Namath 6 -- we got Jeff Ca