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  1. Wendy "Kandee" Cain was traded this Tuesday in a blockbuster move to the Minnesota Storm, here we have her comments on the matter. "Well, it fucking happened. I bought a new place, spruced it up, bought some nice art, moved all my shit out and now I'm traded. I'm in a bad mood right now because I've spent the last week in hotels, I'm not buying a new place so I'm just gonna crash at random places until the season ends and I can go home. I'll probably stay in Philly or I might go back to Chicago, I guess I'll figure it out after the season is over. I'm not happy about it but I guess I don't really have a say in the matter. As for the team... they're quiet. The fun party atmosphere of Philly is all but a distant memory. Just talking about lines, random stuff, boring stuff.. No 'Hey' or 'Good morning'. I don't like it. Remember when I complained about the emoji game or lack thereof in Saskatoon. Same story, different locker room. It's appalling. I could sit here and ride out the season and not complain but thats not who I am. If I don't like something I'm gonna tell you. And I don't like Minnesota much. Its fucking cold and boring. State of hockey my ass. Can't wait to get out of here, the sooner the better. I'm homesick." This emotional statement from Wendy gives us insight on her thoughts on the trade. Join us next week and thanks for reading!
  2. Do you celebrate a lot of holidays and do you encourage your team to celebrate with you? How do you feel the team is gelling together? Type of Skates you use? Most useless VHL Brand and what you think they should be replaced with. Teach me something, give me a random fact. one interest you have other than hockey. Minnesota is lame I guess they dont have their own presser Qs, using yours 1. I celebrate the usual ones, that everyone does, so I don't need to encourage my team so celebrate, because they already do. 2. Minnesota lost a few games when I joined so that kind of sucks, and they're a quiet bunch. 3. Bauer 4. Overarmor or whatever the fuck Dills talks about, just kill it. 5. John Lennon died on December 8th, 1980 6. Music, writing, playing, and listening.
  3. Where's the hype for me?? Haven't found it