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  1. The Riga Reign had a dominant season in the European Conference. The Latvian club finished second in the division behind a supremely talented Helsinki team, and will now face Davos in the first round. Riga’s third line right winger Arnor Sigurdsson is excited to prove himself under the spotlight in the playoffs. “I really want to produce at a high level this postseason. I only broke 10 points this season, so I was pretty frustrated, but I think I can break out of that rut this postseason.” When asked about a recent article by @GustavMattias, who called the right winger “a subpar earner for his draft position”, Sigurdsson had this to say. “Let him talk. Sure, I may not be writing media articles that much, but I’m still a top 10 player in this class TPE-wise. Tenth, to be exact. And I went ninth, so I’d say the fact that I’ve been keeping up with everyone else more than proves my selection at that point. My production on the ice hasn’t been very good, but my TPE gains, while minimal at times, have been consistent.” Bringing it back to the postseason, we asked if he had any predictions. “The winner of a Riga-Helsinki series wins the cup. These two have been the class of the VHL, so the winner of that series, if it happens, wins the league. No doubt in my mind.”
  2. "not living up to earning expectations" may be true but at least i'm a positive plus-minus
  3. hey bud fuck you cause blues fans do exist
  4. Arnor Sigurdsson is mad. “10 POINTS! TEN FUCKING POINTS!” That, of course, refers to his amount of points in 61 games. Ten. Worst on the Riga Reign. And the rumor is that young Sigurdsson, angered by his production and lack of ice time, is going to ask out of Riga. “I really feel as if I should be playing more. I play the second-least amount of time out of everyone on the team. I’ve barely even scored, which a player like me is supposed to do. And, not to mention, I’m playing on a line that doesn’t let me play to my full capabilities. I’ll admit, I’m not a passer. At all. Which is why it’s taken adjustment playing with Aaltonen. Sure, I like the guy. But he’s a sniper. And I’m not a playmaker, so I can’t cater to his skill set. This has just been a frustrating season, and if I don’t pick it up next season, I’m more than willing to try somewhere else. I’ve by far been the worst rookie on this team, and that needs to change.” It really seems as if the normally mild-mannered Sigurdsson is pissed off. Many are labeling him a bust already due to his struggles this season. Can he break out of that label and make his way to superstardom? Only time will tell. But for now, the young right winger has some improving to do.
  5. Helsinki Calgary Helsinki Riga
  6. The Riga Reign have consistently been a very good team throughout the season. The Latvia-based team is currently second in the Europe division with 66 points, good enough for second-best in the league and ten points behind Helsinki for first. This, of course, is due to production from the team’s three key stars: Ryan Kastelic, Edwin Preencarnacion, and Podrick Cast. All are over a point per game pace, with Kastelic, a defenseman, leading the way with 60 points, followed by Preencarnacion with 56 and Cast with 51. Power forward (and hometown hero) Randoms follows them with 42 points, and rookie Hunter Hearst Helmsley has taken the jump we all thought he would, with 36 points making him the favorite for Rookie of the Year. Goalie Kallis Kriketers has had another outstanding season as well. The Latvian goalie has a record of 30-11-4, with an outstanding .928 save percentage and a 2.16 GAA, which is outstanding for a league known for its scoring. Kriketers has to be the front runner for the goalie of the year award. Riga is definitely a team on the rise, with good young talent and veteran leadership. They should make a good run in this year’s playoffs.
  7. 1) Trade deadline's approaching. Who do you think is most likely to be traded AWAY from their team to a legit playoff contender in exchange for picks? i have no clue and couldn’t care in the slightest 2) We just had a couple of dominant wins over Malmo after a rough few games vs. Helsinki. Which of your teammates have been most important in this stretch? Probably Preencarnacion. The man’s been dynamite all season, especially against Malmo. 3) Helsinki beat us with their bot goalie in, and we beat Helsinki with our bot goalie in. What gives? no clue 4) With 10 teams in the VHL, most minor league teammates are split up. Is there anyone from your minor league days that you keep up with? Not really. I haven’t really seen anyone from Yukon besides HHH and Tony. 5) Did you (as a player) ever game? If so, what's your favorite video/board/tabletop RPG game? I game all the fucking time, and love old FIFAs ranging from 11-17. 6) We heard that one of your teammates has a new celebrity partner. Who's the teammate, and who are they dating? HHH is dating some hot model or some shit, I don’t know 7) Toy Story 4. Is it beating a dead horse? Will it be as good as any of the first three? Yes. No. 8 ) Is it true that Riga has a team dog? yes. His name is Doggo, and he came from hell to bite me every week. 9) We heard the league (and some responsible media members) have the ability to ping/call/text players, like so: @hedgehog337. Is this system annoying for you? hell yes 10) I'm out of questions. Uhhh, would you rather learn 5 new languages or have your lifespan extended by 25 years? Have my lifespan expanded by 25 years. Is this even a question?