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  1. 1. We are at about the third season mark. What teams are most likely going to face off in the next Founder's Cup final? I am still sure that we (Minnesota Storm) will get up to speed and live up to the team on paper, when it comes to actuall performance. So Storm vs Vegas. 2. What is one trade you'd like your team to do at this moment? We need to get better on the dot, that is for sure. We got good players but lack the dominance in the middle. So any help there would be nice. 3. The 3rd World Junior Championship Commissioner was just hired (congrats Frostbeard), meaning the S65 WJC is about to start. Do you think you have what it takes to represent your nation? Good question, but I rather focus on on the league right now. If I get the call I would be happy to take it and to live out that dream, but I won't dwell on it before it happens. 4. Who are your early favourites to win some awards in the VHLM? MVP, best two-way forward, best defenseman, best goalie? MVP should be our very own Wolfe, that is for sure. Without him we wouldn't be close to where we are. If he doesn't also wins the best D I will eat my skates. Slade is a bit overlooked but should get the two-way award. Goalies isn't even close. Chase is dominating in the net. 5. What's one song that you listen to before stepping on the ice, that will inevitably pump you up and get you ready for action? "Baby got back", while peaking at El Chico in the shower. That is one inspirational butt! 6. Describe your VHLM team's General Manager and/or Assistant to the General Manager in 3 words. Gone but there.
  2. My players first graphic
  3. "You can submit either a Player Card and a Player Card for 2 TPE each or you can submit a five minute Podcast for 3 TPE."
  4. 94 Vancouver Wolves @ Calgary Wranglers 95 Moscow Menace @ New York Americans 96 Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans 97 HC Davos Dynamo @ Riga Reign
  5. Just simple banner with a stormy theme.
  6. 66 HC Davos Dynamo @ Moscow Menace 67 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 68 Calgary Wranglers @ New York Americans 69 Moscow Menace @ Riga Reign
  7. 67 Toronto Legion 6 @ Vancouver Wolves 3
  8. 1. While we (Minnesota) haven't been bad I am sure that we can do better and should do better. So far we have only relied on our top guys but we need a better performance from us in the depth. 2. The locker room is doing great. Everyone is just fighting hard to improve and awaiting the improvements that comes out of it. Our GM have been really active in geling the team and supporting us players on the road ahead. It will be an important weapon in the long run. 3. I really like to face both Halifax and Las Vegas. When you fight the best you improve the most. 4. Oh my, that is one question I haven't even been thinking about. I take that day when it arrives and work on doing my best here and now instead. 5. Not much really. I have a background in floorball but same as with the draft, I focus on hockey here and now. 6. I dance tango for half an hour with our very own resident fin Anssi (Koivuhaka) to get in the rhythm and focus. Highly underestimated warm-up I tell you! Then I finish it off with hamburgers without the bread and the meat switched out for halloumi cheese.