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  1. The S60 Toronto Legion are, by far, the worst team in VHL History. With a record of 4-67-1, for a point total of.. 9... no team may ever be quite as bad as the Legion were that year. Let's expand. Forwards JourneyMan - RW This veteran winger was standing on his last legs - on a team without any solid ground at all. They forced him to play 28 mins a game, and he ended up with 40 pts. Corey Klopfenstein - C I couldn't really find anything on him. He had 43 pts, and was a rookie. Matt Denning - RW Another rookie who I couldn't find any information on. Jakub Pastrnak - LW A veteran presence with a few years left on him, he was nothing more than a minor depth piece. Defensemen Luca Volkov - D Possibly their only decent player, Volkov ended his career with 330 pts in 447 games. He was good, and had 53 pts that year as a veteran presence. Jean-Claude Girard - D Antother Veteran, Girard was a bottom pair D for his career, and was okay this year. Nicodemus Raven - D ANOTHER rookie I couldn't find any information on. Goaltender (singular) Brienne O'Tarth... yeah, another no-name rookie... So, the legion really sucked. They only had four players with any career history, and only one who was truly notable, being Volkov.
  2. Uh. #BanADV? How does this stupid twitter thing work...

  3. 1. "I'm not really sure. I try not to think about that stuff too much, but I like a lot of the rookies on this team. Whoever is on this team next year, I just want to be a part of it." 2. "Well I hope they catch me! My wife has been going on and on about how she thinks i'm going to be a high pick this year. I don't really much care for the semantics, but I just hope here in the VHLM I stick around here in Saskatoon. As for the VHL, I'd like to stay near home." 6. "I think, to some degree, it's my duty to follow everything that happens. Obviously I can't, and I won't, watch every game, but knowing who to watch out for on the ice is important. Knowledge is power, you know, you gotta keep up with the times before you're left behind." 7. "I don't think I've ever looked at my own stats, not once. It's all about the team, and whether the team wins. I've been told i'm doing pretty good this year, but beyond that I don't know anything about my stats. I can say that I've been working very hard this year, that I'm happy with my progress, and the team has been winning more, but I can always improve. I hope I always will, yknow?" 8. "I think i probably sound like a broken record with this one, but the goal is for the team to win. If that means I don't score a goal all season, that's okay. But if I need to score 20 for us to keep winning, that's where my eyesight will be set. It's about the team at the end of the day. 9. "Hahaha, ahh. My wife went to college there, so I don't have a choice but to root for them."
  4. This took... *forever* to gather. Mostly because i'm an inefficient bitch. Season Team Name Record GF GA DIFF S20 New York Americans 10-59-3 230 492 -262 S21 New York Americans 7-63-2 224 463 -239 S22 Vasteras Iron Eagles 22-48-2 155 244 -89 S23 Seattle Bears 9-58-5 118 336 -218 S24 Seattle Bears 9-58-5 142 295 -153 S25 Calgary Wranglers 10-61-1 133 348 -215 S26 HC Davos Dynamo 9-60-3 145 374 -229 S27 Toronto Legion 8-58-7 138 308 -170 S28 Vasteras Iron Eagles 8-58-6 161 378 -217 S29 Helsinki Titans 19-46-7 156 252 -96 S30 RIga Reign 18-47-7 152 262 -110 S31 Toronto Legion 10-57-5 132 310 -178 S32 Seattle Bears 9-61-2 115 313 -198 S33 Vasteras Iron Eagles 7-58-7 108 310 -202 S34 HC Davos Dynamo 9-60-3 118 303 -185 S35 Riga Reign 5-62-2 83 314 -231 S36 Calgary Wranglers 6-65-1 88 357 -269 S37 Helsinki Titans 6-63-3 118 329 -211 S38 Quebec City Meute 8-58-6 131 314 -183 S39 Toronto Legion 13-55-4 107 242 -135 S39 Quebec City Meute 13-55-4 135 244 -109 S40 Missing Missing N/A N/A S41 Stockholm Vikings 10-53-9 135 273 -138 S42 Riga Reign 11-56-5 131 287 -156 S43 Calgary Wranglers 15-53-4 102 236 -134 S44 Helsinki Titans 10-55-7 141 314 -173 S45 Seattle Bears 11-58-3 137 324 -187 S46 Seattle Bears 4-61-7 116 299 -183 S47 Quebec City Meute 15-48-9 128 235 -107 S48 Riga Reign 15-50-7 107 208 -101 S49 Calgary Wranglers 9-57-6 87 264 -177 S50 Stockholm Vikings 11-56-5 83 231 -148 S51 Stockholm Vikings 6-60-6 68 246 -178 S52 Helsinki Titans 9-57-6 142 352 -210 S53 HC Davos Dynamo 12-52-8 82 244 -162 S54 Seattle Bears 11-49-12 69 210 -141 S55 Cologne Express 8-60-4 76 307 -231 S56 New York Americans 7-59-6 62 295 -233 S57 Stockholm Vikings 4-63-5 62 285 -223 S58 HC Davos Dynamo 10-56-6 99 249 -150 S59 Quebec City Meute 6-61-5 102 282 -180 S60 Toronto Legion 4-67-1 97 301 -204 S61 Seattle Bears 11-57-4 105 261 -156 S62 Helsinki Titans 8-55-9 114 300 -186 S63 HC Davos Dynamo 15-53-4 132 289 -157 S64 HC Davos Dynamo 16-50-6 135 246 -111 S65 Moscow Menace 9-56-7 155 332 -177 S66 Seattle Bears 23-40-9 182 261 -79 S67 New York Americans 20-35-7 193 282 -89 So, there it is. The WORST teams in the VHL, year by year. The award for 'Best of the Worst' goes to the S66 Seattle Bears, followed by a tie for the #2 spot between the S67 New York Americans and the S22 Vasteras Iron Eagles. The best worst team in VHL history by the advent of pure points is still the Seattle Bears of S66. The award for 'Worst of the Worst' in goal differential goes to the S36 Calgary Wranglers, who had an abysmal DIFF of -269. The actual award for worst team in the entire VHL since S20 goes to the S60 Toronto legion, with a record of 4-67-1... It is said, in legend, that they would not have even made the VHLM playoffs that year. The best player on their team was Luca Volkov, with an OVA of 69. For reference, the worst team in the league this year, the New York Americans, have four players at or above that OVA. That's not good. Also, for your memertainment, the list of 'how many times have you been the worst' Seattle Bears: 8 HC Davos Dynamo: 6 Helsinki Titans: 5 New York Americans: 4 Calgary Wranglers: 4 Toronto Legion: 4 Riga Reign: 4 Quebec Meute: 4 Stockholm Vikings: 4 Vasteras Iron Eagles: 3 Cologne Express: 1 Moscow Menace: 1 Congratulations, Seattle, your team has consistently been the worst, of the worst! Throughout the years, your team has sucked, and sucked, and sucked more than any other suckers. Succ. So what lesson is there to be learned here? Well, there really isn't. Throughout the years, tanking has been a successful tactic. There isn't any price that is too high for the cup, and if you spend everything you have to win the cup, and end up down the shitter for the next half decade, one could very easily argue it was all worth it. We're only on this earth for so long, and you likely want, and definitely need to accomplish as much as you can with the short time you have. So to all the general managers out there: Lose as much as you want, as long as you have a plan to take the league by storm and win a cup, who cares how bad you are right now. Fuck the critics. And to all the players, don't get demotivated if you're on a crappy team. Talk to your GM, find out their plan, and find out if you wanna stick around for it to work or move on. But there's always something you can do as a player too, and who knows, your team may just pull a Continental Cup out of it's ass. 823 Words, 450 without all the stats (but I figured the stats counted for.. something.) Bonus 6 uncapped TPE for the theme week. Edit: Added relevant meme.
  5. I'm very surprised I'm the most consistent S69 TPE earner! I won't be able to keep it up at 18/week though. Even getting lucky with predictions - the best I'll be able to do, since I exhausted all my doubles and once-a-career options, will be 14/week. The saving grace will be if I get lucky with pick'ems and score predictions. We shall see! Thank you for the article, good sir.
  6. Player Card Template Name: David O'Quinn Team: Saskatoon Wild Player Number: 69 Render Choice: Lanny MacDonald Are you S69?: Yes sir.
  7. Aleksander Rodriguez Position: RW Age: 16 Height: 6'5" Weight: 205 lb. TPA: 511 VHL Draft: 3rd round, 24th OA to Riga VHLM Draft: 1st round, 2nd OA to Mexico City Tonight on the Roger Pennies Show™, we fulfill a popular request, reviewing the top scoring forward on the New York Americans, the American born Aleksander Rodriguez. Let's begin. During Rodriguez's two year stint in the VHLM, he skated for two different teams. In S65, his first VHLM season, he skated for Ottawa scoring 24 goals and assisting on 35 for 59 points in his first 72 games. In his second year, drafted to Mexico, he played much better ending the year with 36 goals and assisting on 54 for 90 pts. The team made it to the postseason, but fell short, as did his performance, with 3 pts in 5 games. He managed a 1.03 PPG average during his VHLM years. By the time he had reached the skill to become a VHL player, he had already been traded to New York in a package deal with picks that would become Derek England and Ryo Yamazuki II, as a part of the New York American's plot that offseason to tear their team down and rebuild. In his first VHL year, he managed to score 17 goals and assist on 25 for 42 pts in 72 games for the Americans. In the following (and current) year, he has managed to score 17 goals and assist on 36 for 53 pts, in 58 games. So far in his VHL career he has managed a 0.73 PPG average, managing to be 30th of 153 for total points, and 2nd on his team behind defenseman Guy Legrand, a player who is a year less experienced than him. Additionally, he is 4th in New York goalscoring, two players also a year less experienced than him, one himself who is a rookie, and one who is a second-year VHL player alike Rodriguez. He is certainly not a goalscorer, and one may wonder whether the goalscoring stats on his team are a product of him, or if his playmaking stats are a product of them. There are other questions to be asked aswell, such as the availability of icetime to this player, or if the quality of his opponents has spiked his production, which it may have done to many North American Conference teams. Not to discredit Rodriuguez, however, as he is indeed 30th in league scoring. Six players from S66 or S67 have more points than him, and twelve in total have more points than him OR five less points than him. This makes him right in the middle of the active S66/S67 pack which altogether isn't all that special. Fan's of the league may look more towards his out-competing S66 Counterparts, or his S67 colleagues who are catching up to, or have outright surpassed him with a year less experience, but it also seems like he will be a reliable middle 6 forward who will never require the top paycheck the likes of his teammate Legrand may ask for one day. This means he can still be a valuable asset, or trade bait, though for which team he will play for next year is up in the air, as Rodriguez has stated, rather emotionally, his intentions to not return to New York and hit the free agency market. This has been Roger Pennies, later tonight we'll bring you the full shakedown on the VHLM Dispersal Draft. Again. 569 Words. Claiming my 2nd donation doubles week seen here
  8. Wait... what if I did... a VHL version of this... how much shit would that cause?
  9. The Ottawa Lynx are... trash, to say the least. With ninety six goals for, and two hundred and eleven goals against, this makes their goal differential a whopping -115, compared to the next worse of Saskatchewan's -66. This is no wonder, as Ottawa only harbors three active players. But this isn't the worst a VHLM team has ever been: Team Goal Differential Season Houston -215 S66 Mexico City -186 S67 Philadelphia -162 S65 Saskatoon -138 S67 Mississauga -136 S67 Las Vegas -136 S66 Ottawa Lynx -115 S68 (48GP) (It won't let me un-bold it) With the Ottawa Lynx on pace for a -172 goal differential, they're certainly not the worst ever. That spot goes without competition to the Houston Aces of 'S66, a team where only two players scored more than 20 goals, where they had a defenseman by the name of Londortharl end the season with a -106 +/- rating... this team was a disaster, as is the current Ottawa Lynx. It may all be worth it, however, as only last year was the year the Lynx Won it all, in game 4 of the Founders Cup versus the Minnesota Storm. They will rise again, as all franchise's do.
  10. 1. Perhaps not the best week last week, at worst ten losses in a row. Were we that outplayed do you feel, or just a bit of bad luck with bounces and margins? "I would never chop it up to luck. Maybe that's wrong of me, but I think a team that's good enough, that cares enough about winning, will never have to blame luck in a loss." 2. Which snacks do you bring to the locker room ahead of a game or a training? "Well that one there is a closely guarded secret!" Dave smiled, "For me, it's oranges. Maybe that's too healthy, with these other guys bringing jerky and.... nutspuds? What were those again?" 4. How are you liking your current ice time? "I'm just really glad to be out there playing as much as I can. I like to think, like I planned at the beginning of the season, I've earned my icetime. I'm happy with what I have." 5. Do you have a rival on a competing team? "No real Rivalries, no. I don't want to be one of these dramatic players, fighting through their whole career just to be better than the other guy. I want to fight to be the best I can regardless of who's on the other side of the rink. I do enjoy trying to push Jokinen around a bit, but it's not a rivalry." 6. With the Trade Deadline coming up, do you think we will see any big moves in either VHLM or VHL? "I can see Saskatoon doing something. Couldn't say what. As for the rest of the league, I don't follow it like that. I'm more focused on my practice than anything else" The one that's OOC 3. How do you feel about the S70 changes to the Career Point Tasks? ( I'll reserve my judgement and wait for the rubrics to pop up. However I really appreciated the very early 18tpe boost from Bio+Rookie Profile, I understand why they'd want to spread it out but I find it odd. It's more preference than educated opinion though!
  11. Fixed it a bit, changed the sizes of some headers and whatnot. I'm not a fan of centering things like this though, I find it makes them hard to read. However, about not being able to see the players face in the pic: This player is based off a real person, and there isn't any pictures of him playing for this team, by himself, while he's wearing that Jersey.
  12. +10 David OQuinn for surpassing 100tpe