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  1. Blake Gaudette Forward Assists +/-
  2. Name Blake Anthony Gaudette Born June Eighteenth Two Thousand and One Height Five foot 10 Weight Two Hundred Pounds Hometown Born in Vancouver British Columbia but grew up too hours away from Halifax Before coming over to the VHLM he played for the Halifax MooseHeads a former CHL team which turned into a triple A team after the VHLM and VHL came around he posted One Hundred and One Goals and Seventy Three Assists in his time there for a grand total of One Hundred and Seventy Four points Pros about my hockey career Shot My ability to score goals is great I've been working on my shot for the pass six years now and I'm ready to make a impact on a VHLM team, My usually shot rate is every one out of three go in when I'm having a good day Skating I've been one of the smoothest skaters to every play in my High School League before coming to the Oslo Storm these pass few days I was able to do a full lap around the ice in 14.76 at the age of Sixteen I can only get faster from here Passing I've always been a great passer notching Seventy Three assists in my last High school year but then again that was High School idk if my passing ability can we able to carry over into the VHLM but it might we will see when I finally suit up for a game Cons Defence Seriously what is Defence? I never tried to have defensive before so it's going to be really hard for me to come to a league where both matter I'm usually only focused on getting the puck on my stick and going on a breakaway, I'm hoping this training camp I can learn how to defend some of our best players Faceoffs Thank god I'm a left wing, but whenever the Center is waived out of the draw a winger is usually the one that has to go there and when I played in High school I had a faceoff ratio of Six out of Eighty one, I've been trying to work on Faceoffs so one day I could move to Center but I don't ever see it happening Discipline I'm never a player who has ever been able to stay out of the sin bin I normally am in there for four minutes a game because I take careless tripping or hooking penatlys once in PeeWee I wacked a kid with my stick and got kicked out from the league so I earned a five hundred dollar fine as well Hopefully he can turn into that Top scoring winger that the scouts have him to become, he fell in the draft because of the worry that he wasn't able to perform but he hopes he can prove every General Manager wrong, I also am trying to model my game after NHL legend Alexander Ovechkin from the Washington Capitals who was a lethal scorer in his career