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  1. Play by Play - Alex Burrows Game one Minnesota vs Ottawa Things start off fast in the first period with Ottawa opening the scoring, Harrison got a beauty of a goal. Vikingstad scores eight minutes late to make it a two goal lead. Then Minnesota arrives with a goal by Teddy Smith! Assisted by Jason Connors and Kendall Rasmussen. Two to One after One. Period Two, Hunter Harrison on Ottawa took a early high sticking double minor penalty lets see if that will come back to haunt them. Well it does early with Leon Gutzwiler scoring on the power play! Ten seconds later his brother Gabriel scores and Minnesota takes the lead! Minny is still hungry as ALEX BURROWS SCORES HIS FIRST VHLM GOAL! AFTER A HARD SEASON LAST YEAR HE HAS SCORED A BEAUTY! Burrows scores his second in the VHLM ninety seconds later. Gabriel Gutzwiler scores his second of the game and it's SIX to TWO for Minnesota going into the third. That's all she wrote folks Minnesota wins there first game of the season! YOUR THREE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Leon Gutzwiler (MIN) ⭐️⭐️ Teddy Smith (MIN) ⭐️ Alex Burrows (MIN) Game two Minnesota vs Mississauga Minnesota keeps there momentum from there first game with a early goal by Jason Connors assisted by Kendall Rasmussen and Teddy Smith. DeYeeto scores his first of the season assisted by Kai Smith and Gabriel Gutzwiler. DeYeeto scores his second of the game a minute and a half later assisted by Gabriel Gutzwiler and Alex Burrows! The Hounds score one and it's Three to One after One. Period two was a snooze fest with no goals being scored. DeYeeto SCORES A HAT TRICK!!!!! assisted by Jason Connors. Rasmussen scores his first of the year as well assisted by Tougher and Kiak. Minnesota wins by a score of five to one YOUR THREE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jason Connors (MIN) ⭐️⭐️ Kendall Rasmussen (MIN) ⭐️ Danny DeYeeto (MIN) Game Three Minnesota vs Saskatoon Teddy Smith opens the scoring early in the game off a great pass from Rasmussen. Minute late Alex Burrows scored his third of the season assisted by DeYeeto and Gabriel Gutzwiler. Fish scores one for the Wild and it is three to one after the first period. Jason Connors added to Minnesota's lead half way through the second with a goal off of a Rasmussen pass. Alex Burrows added another assisted by Leon Gutzwiler and DeYeeto, His second multi goal game this season. It is five to one after the second period. Minnesota has a confident lead but anything can happen in the final twenty. Gabriel Gutzwiler scores off a feed from DeYeeto, who scores one later in the frame as well off a Burrows and Gabriel pass. A seven to one win for Minnesota YOUR THREE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Alex Burrows (MIN) ⭐️⭐️ Danny DeYeeto (MIN) ⭐️ Gabriel Gutzwiler (MIN) Game Four Minnesota vs Las Vegas First period had no scoring but Vegas scores early into the second period as they take the lead! Burrows scores to tie it assisted by Teddy Smith. Gabriel scores and makes it a two to one lead for the Storm with his brother Leon and Connors getting a assist. Alex Burrows scores late in the period on the POWER PLAY! Assisted by Gabriel and DeYeeto. Three to One after the second can Vegas come back? Graves scores for Vegas to cut the lead for two early in the third period on the power play. Leon scores later to get the two goal lead back but LeBlanc scores to cut the lead to one again! Connor puts in the insurance marker on the power play late in the third and Minnesota takes the game five to three. YOUR THREE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Leon Gutzwiler (MIN) ⭐️⭐️ Gabriel Gutzwiler (MIN) ⭐️ Alex Burrows (MIN) Game Five Minnesota vs Mississauga Gabriel scores early in the game on the Powerplay assisted by Connors and DeYeeto. He scores again on the power play assisted by DeYeeto and Connors. HE GETS A NATURAL FIRST PERIOD HAT TRICK! Assisted by his brother Leon and DeYeeto. Three to Nothing after one for Minnesota. Kiak scores his first of the season in the second period and Minny has a four to nothing lead after two. Dick Cheezy scores in the third and finally gets the Hounds on the board. Pyatt scores late assisted by BRT LW2 no one saw that coming tonight and the lead is cut to two. DeYeeto scores later on the power play and Minnesota takes it by a score of five to two. YOUR THREE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ryder Pyatt ⭐️⭐️ Jason Connors (MIN) ⭐️ Gabriel Gutzwiler (MIN) Game Six Minnesota vs Houston First period is a total snooze fest both teams combined for 9 shots. Houston gets the lead in the second off of a McDagg shot. Klak scores his second of the season assisted by Burrows and Smith and the game is tied! Armstrong scores his first of the season as Minnesota takes the lead. It's two to one Minnesota after two. Houston ties it at two and it's looking like we may have overtime. Teddy Smiths says no and scores the go ahead goal as Minnesota takes the game by a score of three to two. YOUR THREE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kendall Rasmussen (MIN) ⭐️⭐️ Kristopher McDagg (HOU) ⭐️ Erik Killinger (HOU) Game Seven Minnesota vs Mexico Gabriel scores early on the power play assisted by DeYeeto and his brother Leon. Daldo ties it up late in the first and it is one to one after one. Prince scores and Mexico has the lead after two. Kiak scores his third of the season assisted by Burrows and Rasmussen. It's two to two after two. Fish scores his first of the season in the third assisted by Rasmussen and Feriancek. Feriancek laters scores his first of the season assisted by Fish and Rasmussen. Mexico scores one after to cut the lead to one and Minnesota takes the game by a score of three to two. YOUR THREE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Crush Cile (MEX) ⭐️⭐️ Seth Fish (MIN) ⭐️ Jack Feriancek (MIN) Game Eight Minnesota vs Yukon Feriancek opens the scoring in first period assisted by Fish and Rasmussen. Leon scores a couple seconds later assisted by Connors and Armstrong and it's two to nothing Minny. Connors adds to that off of a pass from DeYeeto. Teddy Smith makes it four to nothing after a Rasmussen pass and that's the score after one. Weibel scores his first of the season assisted by Rasmussen and Feriancek. Connors scores to make it six to nothing assisted by Gabriel and Burrows and that's the score after two. Minnesota takes it six to nothing. YOUR THREE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jack Feriancek (MIN) ⭐️⭐️ Jaxx Hextall (MIN) ⭐️ Jason Connors (MIN) Game Nine Minnesota vs Philadelphia. Philly scores two in the first and it is two to nothing after one for Philly. In the Second Connor scores early on the power play but then Philly makes it three to one and that is the score after two. Philly takes the game by a score of four to one. YOUR THREE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Isak Sjostrom (PHI) ⭐️⭐️ Kyle Andersen (PHI) ⭐️ Bud Knight (PHI) Game Ten Minnesota vs Houston Houston makes it one to nothing early but Connors scores assisted by Leon on the power play and it is one to one after one. Frost scores one for Houston early in the second but Gabriel cuts the lead to two assisted by DeYeeto and Connors. Houston makes it four to two after two. Leon scores assisted by his brother and Armstrong and Minnesota loses there second in a row. YOUR THREE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Gabriel Gutzwiler (MIN) ⭐️⭐️ Erik Killinger (HOU) ⭐️ Jimothy Frost (HOU) 1292 Words claiming for weeks ending 1/26, 2/2
  2. Shit I completely forgot about this other shit was on my mind
  3. Hunter Hearst Helmsley @ColeMrtz
  4. 1.) just talking to everyone here it's a great place 2.) no I got 1 point in 30+ 3.) played me more obviously 4.) Idk didn't pay attention 5.) update update update 6.) getting drafted in the M #Season71
  5. Alex Burrows - Week Four Journal Well after a successful round one the Mexico City Kings are back for the second round. In this series they will be facing second seed Mississauga Hounds. Game one. Mississauga scores the lone goal in the first period by Patrik Tallinder and it was one to nothing for the Hounds. Mexico needs to get there legs going here in the second. Which they did not, they only had one shot in the second to the Hounds eleven but no one was able to beat the goaltenders. Despite the Hounds having four power plays. The third period begins and Nyko finally cracks Spyro and it's one to one. Later in the game Wright scores and the Hounds won two to one. Game Two. Mexico is hungry out of the gates but they get a penalty. That doesn't matter as Nyko scores one short handed his seventh of the playoffs! Hounds are able to answer though making it one to one after one. Walker scores on the Power play as Mexico takes the lead! Quiet period after that and it's a two to one lead for the Kings. Early in the third Graves scores for the Hounds and tied it up at two. Later in the game Kris Rice was able to score the game winner and the Hounds are up two to nothing in the playoffs Game three. Well Mexico needs to win tonight or it will seem they might be down and out of it. Doesn't help much that the Hounds scored the first goal off of a Cheezy shot and lead one to nothing after the first period. Nyko scores his eighth of the playoffs and third of the series late in the second on the powerplay. Early in the third the Kings have the power play and Omdahl is able to score and it's two to one for the Kings! That will be it as well the Hounds now lead three to two. Game 4. Well it's the fourth game here in the series and currently the home team as won every game can the Hounds change this tonight? The first is pretty boring until the final minute, the Kings get the powerplay and they capitalize on it, Omdahl with a goal in back to back games! That was it for the first period. Hounds were upset that the Kings took the lead late in the period so they came out and tied it early. Now to the big part of the game, Burrows with the puck throws it to the point to Summers who fired and it's tipped in by Walker, ALEX BURROWS AFTER THIRTY ONE GAMES HAS GOTTEN A POINT! THE FANS ARE GOING ELECTRIC!!!!!! SAVE THAT PUCK!!!! Well now we head back to the game and the Hounds aren't giving the Kings any momentum scoring thirty four seconds after. It is two to two after two. Early in the third Mexico is on the powerplay and Hunter scores giving the Kings the lead for the third time this game, Walker adds to that later in the game as the Kings take game four by a score of Four to Two! Game Five. Well the series is all tied up coming back to Mississauga. Nyko scores his team leading ninth of the playoffs as the Kings take the lead early, the Hounds though are able to capitalize thirty five second later as they tie it up. But Davis thinks tying it is not enough as he scores twenty seconds after the Hounds tie it and now they have the lead. Oferson makes it three to one for the Hounds on the Powerplay bit later they score there fourth short handed. What has happened to the Kings in this game, Daldo has a answer for that as he scores one in the second. That wasn't enough as the Hounds take game five by a score of four to two. Game Six. Well our backs are against the wall tonight as we head home. The 1st period was the most boring period ever and no one scored and there was a total of six shots combined. In the second we took a penalty and couldn't kill it off as the Hound's took the lead and that was the dagger. The third had no scoring and we lost in Six. Well boys I enjoyed the group we had and I hope I can play with some of you guys again.
  6. Alex Burrows family update. Looking as if Alex Burrow's siblings Ryan, Dick, Greg, Marco and Allah are all coming to the VHL after the S70 VHLM Draft. Ryan the Center of the group has never actually suited up in a game with his brother Alex. Well for a matter of fact no Burrow's has ever played with Alex. Ryan has always played along side his brother and wing Dick. Dick the playmaking winger loves playing along side Ryan. Dick started playing hockey before Ryan as Ryan didn't like hockey as much to begin with. Now we head on over to Marco the prime defenceman who can move the puck well. He has a perfect 200 foot game and it's hard to see him ever make a error. Now Greg the defensive defenceman has 0 goals in over 500 hockey games. He does however have 62 assists 725 block shots and a +/- of +26 Onto the goalie Allah, named PeeWee goalie of the year 2 times over the course of his life and is always the cornerstone to the group of brothers. Will one or all end up playing with Alex one day? Find out soon.
  7. 1.) Idk what world your living in but in mine I think we won in five but none the less we made it to the next round 2.) Mexico in 7 3.) Burrows for us and idk who plays for them 4.) I think all teams deserve to be here 5.) Don't pay attention to Calgary 6.) I forget your players cuz your to forget able
  8. Alex Burrows - Week Three Journal Well here I am back with another entry to my journal. My team the Mexico City Kings made it to the playoffs and were playing the San Diego Marlins. (Spoiler Alert I didn't get a point). Game one. We came out slow in the first period allowing three goals in the first ten eighteen of the hockey game. Lewis Dawson gave us a bit of life in the second period and it was three to one. San Diego got one more early in the third putting us down by three. But goals by Bennett and two by Nyko made it a four to four game with fourteen minutes remaining in the third. But we went short handed in the third and San Diego was able to score making it five to four and us losing game one. Game two. Mexico was not happy with there play in the last game but they came out in the first. Scoring two goals by Lagesson and Nyko nineteen seconds apart. In the second we were also soaring high scoring three more goals, Nyko Daldo and Lagesson. It was five to nothing for the Kings. San Diego was able to get one goal in the second and one in the third. Mexico took game two by a score of five to two. Game three. The boys were hungry out of the gate scoring one two minutes and fourteen second into the game on the power play and added another one later in the period also on the power play. Making it two to nothing for Mexico heading I go the second. San Diego must of had a talk in the locker room has they scored twenty five seconds into the period. Mexico was able to score one in between another San Diego goal. It was three to two coming into the third. And Jaxon Walker burried one in the third period! Mexico takes a two to one series lead! Game four: Mexico scores one early into the first but San Diego answers shortly after. Lagesson scores one on the power play and Walker scores his second on the power play shortly after. It was three to one for the Kings after one. Ritchie scores his second of the game for San Diego and that was it in the second. Going into the third now Mexico is up by one. Ritchie scores his third of the game for San Diego and we are going into OVERTIMEEEEE. Mexico gets a power play and Walker shoots, and it's in Walker scores a hat trick in overtime!!!!!!!!!!!! Game five: Mexico can take the series tonight with a win but can San Diego force a game six? Lagesson scores the loan goal in the first for Mexico and its one to nothing for the Kings. Omdahl scores his first of the playoffs in the second period and San Diego answers quickly. Nothing happened in the third except I took a penalty. Mexico takes the series in game five!!!
  9. 1.) We did good in the regular season but let's hope it transfers over 2.) Just get as much TPE as possible these upcoming days 3.) Def Burrows his 0 points were killer 4.) Hopefully me 5.) Malmo Nighthawks 6.) I am going to say Saskatoon
  10. Alex Burrows - Two This week on Alex Burrows career so far. Well After hard talks with my family I decided to sign with the Mexico City Kings. A great team led for GM Motza, it was a great community to join and everyone is very chill there. They were the first offer I got and I had to accept it because it was the right place for me. But that's enough of stuff off the ice let's talk about on the ice. Well I have played twenty one games so far in my career and I suck! I currently sit with zero goals, zero assists for a grand total of zero points. I am not happy with how I am playing so far in my career but it's okay I guess as the team is winning. Here's a few highlights so far in my career. Well I mean I'm one of the few players who got zero points in twenty two games so that's always fun. Well I'm a plus ten so that must mean my line mates are scoring but I never get the puck. I have twenty five hits so I mean that's more then a hit per game. I've only shot five times this season so I need to get pucks on the net. I also have eight penalty's which is fun but I need to stay out of the box. Another highlight so far of my career is being apart of a great team at the end of the season. We turned on the jets towards the end and won most of our final games keeping us in the hunt. I hope Mexico can have a great playoff this year and hey maybe my first point will be in the playoffs! But I don't care much about points as long as Mexico can give me a ring I'll be a happy camper. After the playoffs happen I'm gonna need to go through the VHLM draft. Where I will be selected by a different team in the VHLM. I hope gm Motza can keep me here in Mexico but if not it's all good and I will find another place to play. My goals for the upcoming season is to just score a goal it sucks not getting points. With Christmas time around the corner I really hope santa will bring me my scoring touch. That's the only thing I ask for this year just because I want to slay the dragon that is Saskatoon. There's a few people on our team who are insanely good and eat up all the minutes which pisses me off a bit. I only averaged seven minutes a night late in the season and wasn't able to play to my fullest. Except seven minutes is something I suspected to happen because I came in mid season. Well this was Alex Burrows weekly update so far on his career. He is going to be a super star one day fighting with the greats.