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  1. 1. I am not getting drafted to the V so i do not know 2. I scored! 3. Not really don't pay much attention to other teams 4. Mexico 5. not really 6. yes i was driving across Canada
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/hAzPkxt @Bojovnik
  3. Ill throw my name out there
  4. Questions for Week 2/15 - 2/21 How do you feel about the Wild's playoff chances after all the new pickups? The team has been playing with a win one lose one streak lately how do you feel we can get on a winning streak? What are your expectations for yourself in the final stretch? How many wins do you believe we will end up with? Do you feel you can take the next step and become a legend in either the VHLM or VHL Who is your favourite new addition to the team?
  5. Caleb Gaudette grew up with a former VHLer as his father Blake Gaudette. Caleb started playing hockey back when his father first moved to Halifax. Caleb first started properly training at the age of five to join try and get himself to follow in his father's legendary footsteps. Blake continued to train eight hours a day in order to stay in shape and become one of the top triple A players in the country. In his sophomore season he was able to score fifty one goals, seventy one assists for a grand total of one hundred and twenty two points and was named the top forward in Ca
  6. Transaction ID: 20531535680951714 S76 - $10 Player: Caleb Gaudette Double Week claiming for week ending 2/21 5 uncapped TPE claiming for week ending 2/21
  7. @Seanyquote this saying i recruited you
  8. Player Information Username: Gaudette Player Name: Caleb Gaudette Recruited From: Returning Age: 18 Position: LW Height: 72 in. Weight: 185 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page @VHLM GM
  9. Play by Play - Alex Burrows Game one Minnesota vs Ottawa Things start off fast in the first period with Ottawa opening the scoring, Harrison got a beauty of a goal. Vikingstad scores eight minutes late to make it a two goal lead. Then Minnesota arrives with a goal by Teddy Smith! Assisted by Jason Connors and Kendall Rasmussen. Two to One after One. Period Two, Hunter Harrison on Ottawa took a early high sticking double minor penalty lets see if that will come back to haunt them. Well it does early with Leon Gutzwiler scoring on the power play! Ten seconds later
  10. Shit I completely forgot about this other shit was on my mind