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  1. Blake Gaudette points 105/10 = 10.5 assists 60/12 = 5 15.5 rounded to 16 16+3=19 yall need to fix this system somehow a player who had 2nd most points can't even get 20
  2. 1.) Vancouver tbh 2.) San Jose 3.) Hulk Hogan 4.) well I didn't play in the VHL last year but I would say Matts player sorry forgot name 5.) Davos easily 6.) Me Myself and I
  3. Halifax 21th going into the Playoffs!!!! The Halifax 21th have a matchup against the San Diego Marlins. The Marlins have been a team that has relied on there defense and goaltending while Halifax has been relying on there deadly offence lead by super star wingers A.J. Axelsen and Blake Gaudette Let's take at look how the lines match up Halifax's First Line Gaudette Nacho and Axelsen Gaudette was Halifax's leader scoring for the entire season except for towards the end when AJ Axelsen finally caught up for him giving him a run for his money Gaudette finished the season with fourthy five goals, sixty assists and one hundred and five points AJ Axelsen finished the season on a high note after being 2nd in team scoring for a while Emil Passerelli passed him and Axelsen finally came back and got the title for 2nd most points back but ended up tied for first in points with thirty six goals, sixty nine assists nice and one hundred and five points The last member of this first line for Halifax is Nacho, he is more of a defensive center he has been a good center though for the two great wingers in Gaudette and Axelsen, he finished with thirty five goals and forty four assists for a grand total of seventy nine points San Diegos top line consistent of Tannahill Marleau and Mikhailov Well Tannahill was San Diegos second best forward all season long behind Rhys Chism, Tannahill line mates were have a off year as he tried to carry them throughout the year as he finished with Forty goals and forty assists for a total of eighty points Marleau who was having a off year this season still put up decent numbers this season with twenty seven goals thirty eight assists and sixty five points hopefully he is able to bounce back in playoffs when it means the most Mikhailov had a season that he hopes he can leave in the pass with only seventeen goals and sixteen assists he had thirty three points which is 32 points less then his line mate Marleau. Well from the looks at it Halifax wins the battle of the top lines on paper and In stats we will see how many goals will be scored this playoffs Well the defence San Diego had one of the best Defenceman all season long in Lincoln Tate he had eighty eight points in only sixty five games seven less games then most of the players on his team if he played the full season he could of possibly reached the 100 point mark as a defenseman which is insane to see from a defenseman these days San Diegos next top defenseman is Samuel Sparrow he's a more of a pass first type defenseman and he takes shots but not many go on he has three goals on a little less then one hundred shots but his passing skills are unbelievable with forty three assists this season setting up a lot of great players in San Diego Halifax defence was carried by many different players all season but right now it's mainly being carried by Guy LeGrande and Hugh Chan both got over forty points this season and LeGrande didn't even play fifty games both are good at passing the puck and hopefully can match up with San Diegos top defensemen pair
  4. Oh wow I knew our top 6 was good but I didn't know we may have the 2 best lines in the league holy shit
  5. Well if Mexico is a good team then Halifax must be a legendary team?
  6. So if we're a joke what does that make Mexico?
  7. Matt I would love to be your AGM I'm active in the VHL discord and my teams locker room plus we share a VHL team go Malmö! But I think I'll be a good AGM for u because I can keep the locker room active by playing games with the team and stuff like that