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  1. Maximilian Kirbsson Forward Points Assists
  2. 1) PLAYOFF TIME! First matchup is against Halifax, how do you think we'll do? Our backs are against the ropes but that’s how we like it. We need two more to complete the comeback! 2) A VHLM expansion was just announced, with three new teams joining the league. What are your thoughts? The more the merrier. Regardless, I’ll always be a Bull at heart. 3) Most of us will be either making the jump to the VHL next season, or entering the dispersal draft. Will you keep in touch with your former teammates? No doubt. I’m hoping to maybe end up at the same team as a couple of them. We will always be brothers. 4) If you were to pick a team MVP right now for any reason, who would it be and why? Jurri. He’s been hammer and tongs with me the whole way. If it ain’t me, it’s him, in my opinion. 5) Who do you think is going to put in the most work, this playoff season? All of us man. We work as a real unit. The lines are fluid so we can hit you from any angle at any time. 6) Pretty soon, the all-time stats will be updated and posted for all to see. Are you proud of the legacy you'll leave behind in Houston? For sure. I’ll be leading point scorer which is nice. But the trophy is what matters. I want to win it all as a Bull.
  3. 1. In the latter half of the season now and, while Halifax and Minnesota are quite a few points ahead, there is just 4 points separating 3rd and 7th, which of those five teams (Aces, Bulls, Lynx, Rush, Wild) do you think will finish highest at the end of the season? Come on man, you know the answer to this! Well, you know my answer anyway... Bulls baby! We coming! 2. Since the last set of questions were asked, the World Juniors Rosters have been selected. What do you think about your nationalities chances at winning the tournament? I’m confident in my abilities and my countries. It’s as simple as that. We were born on the ice. And we will win on it. 3a. (If you made your World Juniors roster) Who would you consider the best player on your team? Maximilian Kirbsson. Yes, that’s me by the way. 4. Hunter Hearst Helmsley is currently leading the league in points and goals, do you think there's anyone who can stop him from leading in either come the end of the season? I feel good about my game right now and I’ve been really trending upwards recently. I’m closing the gap on him every single game so I definitely think I’ve got a shot. 5. Give a shout-out to one member of your team who has helped you out and why (maybe a member's player has helped your player perform well in the sim, a member who helped you with PT's, etc.) Kari Jurri, peace up bro. You make my life easy. Literally, I pass it, you score it; and vice versa. Brothers for life! 6. Recommend either a video game or a movie for other members to play/watch and why you'd recommend it.  I am a sucker for Madden to be honest. You can’t beat it. The new Squads mode is awesome. Me and the boys play it often after we win. If we lose it’s usually something more manic like Call of Duty. No idea why.
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  5. 1) What's been your favorite city to explore when we're out for road games? Philly was pretty cool. We got the chance to go and visit the Eagles stadium and hold the Lombardi trophy so yeh... that was awesome. 2) If one of your teammates had to be "the guy" to answer questions for TV broadcasts, who would it be? ME! Come on now. Look at me. 3) Off the back of that last question, who WOULDN'T it be? Probably our keeper. He’s one heck of a goalie but he is all about business. He doesn’t get out much. 4) If you could be the spokesperson for one product, what would it be? I think it would be for L’Oréal honestly. These locks I have take some serious maintenance. No, seriously. It takes a lot of effort! 5) If you weren't playing hockey, what do you think you'd be doing with your life? I’d like to think I’d be some kind of model but the reality is I’d probably be a ski instructor at Are or another Swedish mountain range. 6) Walk me through your ideal Houston 3rd jersey. What colors are you picking? Any special logos? Something really bold. Maybe green. Something that totally throws the opponents off. Heck, mainly even pink. Luminous pink.
  6. The Houston Bulls are on a tear right now and part of the problem for opposing teams is controlling Swedish maestro Maximilian Kirbsson. It’s been a week or so since we caught up to him so here he is talking about his teams recent upturn in performances: ”It feels good now that we are winning again. We are finding holes in the oppositions defenses and we are starting to exploit teams. Its nice to have crept into the top points leaderboard for the VHLM but honestly it’s largely irrelevant to me. I’d happily be at the bottom end if it meant my team is winning. I think going forward it’s about winning more games and keeping steady. We are doing great things right now and I think it’s part to do with the coaching, part the locker room atmosphere, but also the fans man. The fans are what make us get out there and smash game after game. Thank you Houston. We will provide for you. I promise! I had a young kid come up to me after one of the games this week and he said he’s been a fan since he could even remember. It did make me laugh, I didn’t wanna break it to him that we are a new franchise team. He seemed so happy. So I signed his hat, gave him a glove, and went on my way. It’s that sort of stuff, the connection we already have with this great city, that makes it all so real.”