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  1. After many weeks of speculation and countless amounts of Mock Drafts, the VHL Draft has come and gone and we finally have something to look forward to again, as the many drafted rookies look to cement their legacies in VHL folklore. A name that has been forgotten of late is that of former Houston Bulls, and now New York Americans Center Maximilian Kirbsson. An absolute star of the show in the VHLM last year, it’s surprising to see him fall so damn low. We managed to find Kirbsson roaming the streets of Manhattan, for a quik catch up: KIRBSSON: “It feels good to know I have a new home now. Come on, I couldn’t be in a better place. Frankly, I p*ssed around for a while after the season was done. It maybe affected me more than others when we bailed out of the play offs a bit prematurely. There’s no denying though, with my focus back, I’m a top 2 player coming out of this draft. It’s now down to me to prove everyone wrong again. It makes me laugh man, the short memories of people. Just watch. Watch and wait. My time will come in New York. Coach @Spade18 is a very credible dude and I’m excited to work under his tutelage. I believe I can contribute greatly for New York this season and beyond and I’m just excited to get to work man. Beyond excited. Right now though, it’s back to home searching. Anyone know someone looking to rent a neat penthouse? If you do, give me a shout. Peace out”.
  2. 1-If you got stuck in the elevator and was forced to listen to only one song, which would it be? The 1975 - Chocolate. I’m an Indy boy at heart, and this jam just sums me up... no pun intended. 2-What was your worst job? I worked in a taxi place once, man the drivers were dicks. It was like it was my fault that I gave them jobs. Come on now, go drive your car. 3-What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? Work hard play harder... wait. That didn’t quite work out did it. Oops. My dad always tells me to just stay focussed. I mean, I try right? 4-If you could live anywhere, where would it be? New York baby, I’m comin! 5-How do you treat people who annoy you for no reason? I treat everyone with the same respect I expect back. But some people can’t be helped unfortunately. 6-What does your name mean? I have no idea actually. I mean Kirbsson is because my dad is Kirby. In Sweden we add son at the end as I am his son.
  3. It was only six weeks ago that Maximilian Kirbsson was regarded as one of the three undisputed prospects coming out of the VHLM. He had the world at his feet and could do literally no wrong. Fast forward to now, and he slid to the late 20’s in the Entry Level draft. So my question is... why? And how? Plain and simple, his lifestyle drifted to wild parties and less training sessions. When you’re 18 years old, this happens. It’s a process of trial and error and it is just a shame that it came at a time when he needed to be looking at his best to VHL scouts. So did New York really just got the true steal of the draft? I mean, it’s claimed by many, that they are the steal of the draft. But who’s claim can be stronger than Kirbsson’s, if he has indeed sorted his lifestyle out now? There is another fact that will benefit Kirbsson. New York already has two great and one good Centers. This will only benefit a kid that may need a bit of time to catch up to his fellow draftees. Kirbsson was one of the best players in the VHLM season and he almost led the Bulls to a surprise championship. He brings savvy attacking play with some of the best passing ability not only in the minors, but I’d argue he playmakes as good as most in the majors. Period. There’s no denying that there is a long road ahead for the young Swede, and whether he manages to make the cut is still yet to be seen but to see such a naturally gifted talent slide so quickly, it truly is shocking and shows just how short the general public, and the scouts memories are. So where do we see Kirbsson fitting in right now? If he can put the work in this off season then there may be a spot for him leading the third line. It’s a big if but it’s not unthinkable. The first two lines are going to be out of play for the significant future, unless something crazy happens like a wild trade or something. Hard work, and dedication, is all that will bring Kirbsson to relevance again. I mean, he did it once, right? Surely he can do it again, right? He’s already been spotted in New York, this time with his family not a girl, looking at apartments to rent in downtown. My advice to you sir, would be to stay away from the nightlife. Because it’s even more addictive in the Big Apple. So for now we wait, time will tell us if New York got the true steal of the draft. The fall of Kirbsson is no more and finally, the Prince of Sweden has a professional home. There is plenty of time now between the off season and the first game of the season so I’m sure we will get more updates along the way. Wishing you the very best of luck Maximilian, welcome to professional Hockey.
  4. Maximilian Kirbsson Forward Points Assists
  5. 1) PLAYOFF TIME! First matchup is against Halifax, how do you think we'll do? Our backs are against the ropes but that’s how we like it. We need two more to complete the comeback! 2) A VHLM expansion was just announced, with three new teams joining the league. What are your thoughts? The more the merrier. Regardless, I’ll always be a Bull at heart. 3) Most of us will be either making the jump to the VHL next season, or entering the dispersal draft. Will you keep in touch with your former teammates? No doubt. I’m hoping to maybe end up at the same team as a couple of them. We will always be brothers. 4) If you were to pick a team MVP right now for any reason, who would it be and why? Jurri. He’s been hammer and tongs with me the whole way. If it ain’t me, it’s him, in my opinion. 5) Who do you think is going to put in the most work, this playoff season? All of us man. We work as a real unit. The lines are fluid so we can hit you from any angle at any time. 6) Pretty soon, the all-time stats will be updated and posted for all to see. Are you proud of the legacy you'll leave behind in Houston? For sure. I’ll be leading point scorer which is nice. But the trophy is what matters. I want to win it all as a Bull.
  6. 1. In the latter half of the season now and, while Halifax and Minnesota are quite a few points ahead, there is just 4 points separating 3rd and 7th, which of those five teams (Aces, Bulls, Lynx, Rush, Wild) do you think will finish highest at the end of the season? Come on man, you know the answer to this! Well, you know my answer anyway... Bulls baby! We coming! 2. Since the last set of questions were asked, the World Juniors Rosters have been selected. What do you think about your nationalities chances at winning the tournament? I’m confident in my abilities and my countries. It’s as simple as that. We were born on the ice. And we will win on it. 3a. (If you made your World Juniors roster) Who would you consider the best player on your team? Maximilian Kirbsson. Yes, that’s me by the way. 4. Hunter Hearst Helmsley is currently leading the league in points and goals, do you think there's anyone who can stop him from leading in either come the end of the season? I feel good about my game right now and I’ve been really trending upwards recently. I’m closing the gap on him every single game so I definitely think I’ve got a shot. 5. Give a shout-out to one member of your team who has helped you out and why (maybe a member's player has helped your player perform well in the sim, a member who helped you with PT's, etc.) Kari Jurri, peace up bro. You make my life easy. Literally, I pass it, you score it; and vice versa. Brothers for life! 6. Recommend either a video game or a movie for other members to play/watch and why you'd recommend it.  I am a sucker for Madden to be honest. You can’t beat it. The new Squads mode is awesome. Me and the boys play it often after we win. If we lose it’s usually something more manic like Call of Duty. No idea why.