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  1. 1. Sad to see all those guys go but it's what had to be done. I think you got a pretty decent haul for them all. Should be a good start to the rebuild. 2. Well I feel like you probably held out with some deals a little longer. It didn't feel like you were in too much of a rush to move some pieces so you were able to build up the deals a little more. With Malmo it must've happened pretty quickly, with not as much negotiating. 3. I don't necessarily know who should take that spot, but I feel like the right decision will be made. Someone with at least a little bit of a history of succes
  2. Writing this > Focusing on classes
  3. Shawty has had a tough time getting in some much needed rest and relaxation. Although there always seems to be a good amount of time between each season, something always ends up going wrong. Everything is planned out and they’re ready to go then BOOM, it falls through. Season 72 Offseason After coming over from Norway to play a handful of games with the Houston Bulls, Shawty looked to go back to their home country before the draft and spend time with their family at their summer home. Houston is way too hot in the summer anyway, especially by Scandinavian standards. Wi
  4. Shortly after signing a four season deal with HC Davos, Shawty Nananana finds himself on a team heading towards a rebuild after a poor record early in the season. Shawty released a statement to the media "Obviously it is unfortunate that we won't be competing this year, but I asked to be signed to that contract knowing that there were going to be good and bad seasons within its duration. I don't care if this team is at the top of the league or a bottom feeder. I have faith in my GM and believe that they will make the right decisions regarding the team in the end and I cannot wait to be a pa
  5. 1. Yea I'd agree that that's the right call to make. The team has been struggling and it's not likely that we really make anything out of this season. It sucks but it is what it is. 2. I could see Jensen and Jokinen being dealt, maybe even Dawson or possibly even Hornet. A lot of guys who could be on the move, but I doubt we really want to sell off everyone. 3. 2-4 seasons. Depends on how well we draft and also free agent signings 4. I highly value transparency in a gm. It doesn't matter what the state of the team is and what the intents of the gm are, as long as you're open and
  6. I'd give a dollar amount, but I know no matter how much I say, I'm going to end up remembering about this like 5 years after leaving and come back just to see if the sim doesn't hate Davos anymore.
  7. 1. I mean I haven't been terrible. Kind of stagnated pointwise after a hot start but at least haven't necessarily been a detriment to the team 2. The answer is obvious. The sim doesn't want Davos to have any hope. A name and logo change will put us onto the sim's good side. 3. Well I think we have an okay prospect pool, and considering the sim hates us, we'll have a couple decent picks in the upcoming draft. Sets us back but the replacements are coming up. 4. Gotta have Ovi. Russian Machine Never Breaks. Through pure Russian testosterone, we will survive. 5. I'd be in utte
  8. The lack of parity in the VHLM is something that really gets on my nerves. It's tough, but possible for teams to remain competitive for multiple seasons, but a lot of teams just decide to go boom or bust, rebuild, repeat. It's not fun to watch, and to be honest, for me at least, it wasn't much fun to be a part of. When my player was in the M, I was on a pretty stacked Houston team. We ended up getting bounced, and the team proceeded to go into the basement. I wanted to stay with the team, even if they weren't going to be that good, because I knew my player was going to get a lot more minutes,
  9. 1. I think we have the pieces necessary to get into the playoffs. Of course you never know and we could just be screwed due to sim luck, but I have hopes that we'll at least make it. 2. 0-64-64 +/- 4 3. There's always high scoring games. It's random and the randomness caused a lot of them to be at the beginning. We'll probably have a few more but we'll return to normalcy soon enough. 4. Still with Davos, still a solid dman, still putting up close to zero goals. 5. People are complaining about them, despite having yet to lose in regulation. Caps have taken a big hit with the
  10. 1. Secretly constructing a carbon copy sim engine so he can find the cheat codes that gives his players god stats. 2. More talent will always be good. Overall improvements in every area wouldn't be too bad to see. 3. We need our players to max out leadership so we can all give extremely motivating speeches, leading to more wins 4. Judging by his amount of debt, I think Evander Kane got TOO much credit. Probably doesn't have any anymore though. 5. Japanese. My favorite anime's manga is only in Japanese and I'd really want to be able to read it so I can feel something one las
  11. 1. Well that's not very nice of Victor to say. I demand an apology before I answer that question. 2. Smellypoopyeater29420xdswagmaster2011gamergod_xx 3. Bring in some big offensive talent and I think we'll be good. 4. Honesty. I don't mind if a gm builds a good or bad team, as long as they make sure all the players know the plan 5. I've been meaning to watch 1917 for a really long time but just have never found the time 6. Caps winning the Stanley cup. Brought tears to my eyes seeing Ovi lifting that trophy.
  12. I'm a first pairing defenseman... to my friends