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  1. 1. We've learned that it doesn't matter what last week showed, the next week does not care. It's something that can be seen in the VHLM, and something we see in Davos 2. We're still developing, so there's bound to be some growing pains. We just need to strengthen up defensively, get in front of more shots and hope that we can give the tendy an easier time. 3. Honestly we could bring in any position and it would help us out. We could use some more assistance on the blueline to help shore up the defense, a goaltender that might fair better against the high shots, or a forward that can
  2. I think I said Season 75 instead of 74. I gotta start doin these earlier I'm too tired for this ?
  3. I have added Halifax to my no-go list. All I feel is pain
  4. cmon buddy I do my claims at almost midnight you be cuckin me with this ?
  5. 1. The only weird thing in our locker room is Dyl and that's just something everyone has learned to put up with. 2. Shawty plays back every shift in their head, thinking of what they could've done differently or any decisions they made that should've been changed. Really just evaluate how they played and think of areas they can improve on for next game. 3. I don't know why but I've always seen Mexico City as a fun team to hang around. 4. I'd probably choose center. it's the most defensively responsible position for forwards so I think it's quite fitting. Also they pass the puck
  6. Blake Laughton so good that he plays on two lines