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  1. 1. Not really. If it ain't us then I don't necessarily care. 2. You really couldn't go wrong with either pick, but I'd give the edge to Walker so solid choice. 3. I like my sticks to be really bendy, maybe rocking a 75 flex. I don't like them too stiff. 4. I clutched the 8th grade dodgeball tournament. There was one guy left on the other team and he got my last teammate out and was celebrating while I was running to grab a ball. Best moment was when I ran at him he fell over. 5. Earlier this year, unprompted, I took my pants off and used a broom as a mic and sung a song in
  2. 1. Players should give their gms a kiss on the cheek after every win. We need some more love in the sport 2. There was a theme week? I just wrote about what's about to happen during the VHL revamp. The Big Dave is coming. Be ready. 3. It might be fun for there to be a Create-A-Team theme week, where people make a graphic for a new team or write about a team they'd want to see put into the league. I'd love to see the fun stuff people come up with. 4. There may be a lack of roster space on some teams but other teams have plenty of room. There should be a promotion of trading and pari
  3. The Big Dave It was the first season of the VHL, and many teams were eager to etch their name in history right off the bat, to become the first champion of the league, and perhaps even the first dynasty; however, everyone was unaware of an undisturbed god about to make its power known to all. From the shadows, it emerged and took the league by storm. It became the champions of the first season, then the second, then the third, and continued unquestioned until the 10th championship. Maybe the GM was just really good. Maybe they’re just getting lucky in the sim. No. HC Davos was being l
  4. 1. Well there wasn't much expectation for this year, so no matter where we end up, I see it as a victory. Who knows. Maybe we'll still squeak in. If not at least we can go out and play spoiler. 2. Maybe. There's a good few players that we can see moved but you never know with GMs. They can get cold feet. 3. Screw it. Toronto takes it all. 4. Hanging out with friends hopefully. Seeing the boys again this summer will be great. 5. Nah I'm dedicated to the VHL. I would try and get into other sim leagues but hockey is the only sport I kinda understand so I wouldn't do too well in any oth
  5. 1. A win is a win, so I like seeing us beat every team we go up against, although, I'm a big fan of beating the top dog. Big hit on morale for them losing to David. 2. Not really. We got a solid setup right now and are staying competitive at least. Near the end of the season it might be fun to just try out a bunch of different lineups just to test them out. 3. The David joke is one that, although overused, can never die. Run it back. 4. Looking eastward towards either Japan or South Korea. Love their cultures and their arts. Definitely trying to do a study abroad over there. 5. I hate
  6. 1. The sim is weird sometimes and it's being really weird right now. Signs would point to us not being so good but I guess anything is possible. We're riding hot so we just gotta keep on it. 2. I feel that my player is doing pretty well this season. Rocking with 15 points and been in the top ten in the league for blocked shots so I'm pretty content with that. 3. Well I hope so. We got a good few rookies playing really well but it's still a pretty tight race. We'll just have to wait and see 4. Probably just sleep. I can grind out at least a couple days doing that. 5. Probabl
  7. Most players in this league follow the same build, and there's nothing wrong with that. The meta build produces consistent producers and is proven to be successful. The issue, however, is the entertainment value of this. Your first player, sure it's fun. It's always to be introduced to success and provides a good initial experience, seeing your player dominate at least the VHLM. Second player, the fun starts to dissipate. It's just a rinse and repeat sort of deal. You get a little better because you understand the system better, but that's about it. The fun of following the same thing over and
  8. 1. I feel like the team has played pretty well so far. Obviously there wasn't much expectation to compete this year but I think a lot of guys are putting in some good work. 2. I'm aiming for at least 35 points, hopefully all assists. I'd also like to get a minimum of 140 shot blocks. I think those are some reasonable goals for my player. 3. I don't necessarily care for the drama. People are going to do what they want to do. At the end of the day, none of this matters that much so no reason to be that serious about it. 4. Probably put a good chunk of that money in property. It's a safe
  9. This is a certified hood classic
  10. may as well just hire me right now
  11. I mean if you're looking for a guy with no experience and a dogshit sleeping schedule then hell I'm a perfect match
  12. I simply do not know how some goalies can even continue playing knowing that Shawty Nananana scored on them. It's even worse that it has happened five times already. I mean, one of them was a shorthanded goal too! It's amazing that none have decided to retire then and there, right as the red light comes on. Shawty's shot has the accuracy of an alcoholic peeing into a toilet with the lights off and the power of Stephen Hawking throwing a football. When Shawty went to a charity event and was showing the kids how to do a slapshot, their shot was so weak it went backwards. The frictional force of