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  1. Great win once again San Degio playing pretty good.
  2. 1 Canada 2 America 3 Europe 4 Jordan Tonn
  3. 1. Now that we are about a fourth of the way through the season, things have started to settle in. What has it been like playing for this team? I have been 😑 not feeling like I belong on this team. Something may happen this week. 2. Ottawa now sits at number one, what do you think is largely responsible for this? The team has really just been performing well. People are playing their roles. Therefore were getting it done. 3. Wjc is starting, with some rosters already being announced. Do you think you will make your national team? Team Canada was announced and I did make the team. Likely playing 3rd line but happy with that! 4. What expectations do you have for your national team? I think we can get a medal this tournament. I don't want to underestimate any other teams. Every team has a shot. 5. Is there one player from another team you would like to be one your team? For what reasons? Maybe Kyle Sabertooth sense we playing in Las Vegas together and really hit it off and we have become pretty good friends in my opinion. :} 6. What do you like to do after practice? Usually, go outside and just stare at my cows for a few hours and mentally prepare for the next game. 7. Do you have some sort of pregame ritual? Before every game, I got out and eat a nice rare and juicy steak to remind me of who I am playing for. (Obviously my Cows) 8. What is your favourite part of playing in the VHLM? Is it the thrill, the drama, or the brother(and sister)hood of it all? I love all the Drama that is going around. You hear about someone on Ottawa wanting a trade. (Who that might be no one knows) 9. We have all had people help us along the way. Who has been your biggest supporter, even when things got tough? Definitely Jubo. He made me the person I have today. Huge respect to him and what he did to me. Can't say 1 bad thing about the guy. Best person ever. But IR is catching up! 10. What is your perfect idea for a team party? Just head out to Vegas and sit in the stands and boo them. Best party ever.
  4. Great shutout! Bad team xD. But huge shutout.
  5. You have to claim it with this . Then the updaters will confirm it if correct or deny it if done wrong. Then you can apply your TPE to your player.
  6. just hit start topic wherever you want to post it and type it out and hit post. Make sure to go through The New Member Guide. Read everything it offers.