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  1. I apply for team Canada. I am looking for a chance to get them some Yukon Gold BABY. Also willing to mentor a young stud as they learn how to be a GM.
  2. Congrats son. Knew you would get more power than your dad someday
  3. 1) We are up 3-1 on the Miami Marauders in the first round of the playoffs. Miami has proven in the past to be a hard team to put away. We have 3 chances to get it done. How confident are you? I was very skeptical. Was definitely a little nervous through the whole series. Glad we got it done in 6 games. Wasn't easy. 2) It's only been 4 games so far but we have gotten contributions from plenty of different places so far. Who is your early choice for Yukon Playoffs MVP and why? Sovik has been absolutely huge for us. Pretty sure he was a top 3 goalie in the l
  4. Congrats on an amazing Career Jubis. I enjoyed my short time in Calgary with you. The VHL lost a great one.
  5. Congrats and goodluck with Malmo!
  6. Hey Spyro! Yukon pushing for top 3 in the league. We are looking for a veteran like yourself to lead us to victory! If you want to join the Rush you know what to do! (3rd line minutes btw)