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  1. If you need any help other then creating graphics let me know. I would love to help out in some other way.
  2. Let's fucking stop with this. It's over both of you need to grow the hell up.
  3. Wait is this the real Dorsal Fin? He has like 50,000 subs on YouTube.
  4. Alright lol. I am quite eager. Won't bug you for a few days now 😃
  5. Welcome! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask anyone here! We would love to help! Enjoy your time in the league. It's a Tonn of fun. Ha ha ha. You wont get the joke but ha ha ha. I'm so dam funny.
  6. So @Beaviss do you have a timeline for when I can purchase San Diego clothing?
  7. Team MexicanCow123 F - Maxim Kovalchuk F - Triple H F - Julius Freeman D - Leph Twinger D -Sidney Crosby G - Brick Wahl @BladeMaiden
  8. Want to make the Toronto Legion logo for me now @Beaviss 😏