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  1. Can i apply for AGM of Canada Jubo and I have a great relationship as he is my GM.
  2. I would love too. I really want to learn how to be a GM one day so this would be a good step for me. No experience but have a desire to learn!
  3. Jubo07 my Gm said this is all i would have to do to become C from RW. He said he officially wants me as center as it makes things easier. so example the 3rd line center is being played more because they are a center, not a winger. Jobo set it up so, I would play more but it's not doing what it should. Sorry if this makes no sense.
  4. Right Wingers suck xD So make me something better a center! @Beketov
  5. 1. The Aces have dropped below Halifax in the standings. Has this gotten the team fired up to start performing better? How have you seen this on the ice? It does suck. but i think our team can rebound and come back at them stronger next game. We just have to keep working hard and good things will happen. 2. Some new guys have signed with the team recently, how have you worked the new guys into the chemistry and atmosphere of the team? It's gone really well. All of our new guys are positive and super fun to not only play with on the ice but when we are not on the ice as well. 3. Since I asked you guys some questions last week, you've gone 6-6-0 in your last 12. How do you impact this performance and try to better the team to try and go above .500? It's just a mental game. We just have to work and staying positive and just playing better as a team. Getting shots on net and scoring on power plays. 4. Was the early season streak out-of-character or do you think you could get back into the winning swing of things soon? Like i have said in the previous questions, we just need to start playing as a team again. If we work hard everyday i am sure we will get the results we want. 5. Have there been any huge surprises with how the season is going overall? Have there been any surprising results from any teams on the standings? As far as the standings go kind of what i expected. Wish we could be on the top, but that's how it goes. Everyone is playing there best so no real surprises. 6. Finally, what are some of your favourite things to do around town when you're not at the rink? I love going out on the field and playing a game of soccer. Just being with my teammates and enjoying our selves and of course, it's always nice to get a beer once and a while.