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  1. Transaction ID: 0X5074086U264170A Free Week 5 TPE Uncapped Doubles Week Claiming Doubles and 5 TPE week of July 19
  2. Yukon Rush Press Conference week ending July 19 2020 1. The Saskatoon Wild came out on top against the Mexico City Kings. What are your thoughts on that series? 2. Now in the VHL Riga came out on top against Calgary. What are your thoughts on that series? 3. Who runs the music in the dressing room and what genre, or artist is usually playing on the team stereo before games? 4. Who do you think will win the cup next season in the VHLM and VHL? 5. What is your least favorite thing about Yukon? (I won't take this to heart please give me everything you got) 6. Now on a positive note what is your favourite thing about Yukon?
  3. Yukon Rush Press Conference week ending July 12 2020 1. Mexico took out the top team in the regular season in Minnesota, what are your thoughts on that series? 2. Who do you think will take home the (VHLM) Cup? 3. Witch Yukon Member do you feel made the biggest impact this season? 4. What's a hidden talent you have that others might not know about? 5. What teams do you see the top 3 players going to in the upcoming VHL Draft? 6. What are your feelings towards Yukon's current logo? Should it be changed?
  5. 1. With our playoff run brought a quicker end than we would’ve liked, what are your plans for the offseason? Get prepared for the VHL draft coming up in a few weeks! 2. Where do you think you’re going to go in your respective drafts? TPE wise i should go top 3. But goalies are different. If a team really needs a goalie they will choose me, it all depends on what team has what pick. I could go higher or a lot lower. 3. While our lack of advancement is somewhat disappointing, the first year Miami Marauders are giving the top seed Minnesota Storm a run for their money. Do you think they can pull it off? Im sure they could pull it off. Krice has done an amazing job in his 1st season and we all know why he is doing so good. (wink) (wink) 4. What are your predictions for the remainder of playoffs? I honestly think we will see Miami in the finals, and hey i could even see them coming out on top at this rate. 5. With golf season underway for the Hounds, who wins longest drive? Im not really a golfer in anyway, cant answer the question. 6. Who do you think had the best lockeroom presence this season? All the guys in Mississauga were amazing, no one really stood out to me.
  6. Interested in the whole management thing. This would be a great stepping stone to something bigger in the future. Super active and looking to do more.
  7. On the forums daily, looking for more to do. I've always wanted to be an updater and this is close enough! Also willing to do it without pay. Thanks Josh
  8. 1. As we come up to the end of the season, how do you keep motivated for that final push? We stay motivated by looking forward to the playoffs and what we can accomplish. 2. Have you learned anything new this season, either about the league or the sim? If not just something in general? I have learned that STHS really has its own mind. Sometimes it is just out to get certain teams. 3. Regular Season team awards are coming up, does anyone steal the show? No one in particular stands way out to me. I think it has been a sorta even season for awards. 4. How do you feel about our playoff chances? I feel 7/10. Like i said a few minutes ago. STHS has its own mind. It could go in our favor and we could win the cup, or it could go completely against us and we could out in the 1st round. 5. Who do you feel was our “rival” this season? I don't really think of any team specifically. Its been a super even season. 6. Do you think the NHL will resume play after the latest bout of infections? I think the NHL will continue on with their plan. Whether i think its a good or a bad idea that's a whole different question.
  9. Hey @Siddhus welcome to the VHL. I am the GM/AGM of the Yukon Rush and we would like to offer you a spot on our team. We are currently going through a rebuild right now so we can’t promise playoffs but we can promise you a lot of ice time. This will give you the opportunity to rack up as many goals and assists for your player. We also have a very good group of players and alumni in our locker room who create a fun atmosphere to be in. All of them are also very knowledgeable and will be able to help you seamlessly learn the ways of the VHL. So if a ton of ice time and a fun enjoyable atmosphere is what you’re looking for then quote this offer and type “Let’s go Rush” and we will get you into the lineup and on the ice right away! Good luck! GM | AGM Mexican Cow | Alex Bridges