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  1. I am applying! Congrats on a fantastic career @Jubo. You were my 1st VHL GM. I wasn't feeling to good about the league as Quik decided to dip the season I moved up. You did a great job taking over, and I can thank you enough for leading me.
  2. If it's not hard to add as a custom thing I think it would be worth doing. Even if all members don't do it, I'm sure a few will. I for one would definitely fill it out and get all my friends too as well.
  3. Guy just starts following me now after our forever long relationship together smh

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      And I don't plan on it

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      You've recruited yourselves into each other's hearts.

  4. Lol gotta give the new guys a shot to learn. I think this is a joke but just making sure
  5. 1. Sorry for the late press conference, it's been an eventful week IRL... So how has your week and your player's week been shaping up so far? Week was okay. I was super busy and stressed but thing went pretty good overall. My player also had an alright week had some big performances and some terrible ones. 2. London chose to not make any moves a the trade deadline. Would you have made a move, or not made any moves either? I think we don't have the assets to really go get another piece. And this team is in a position were we don't need to make more moves. Wer
  6. I 100% support this. I have no idea what DA and Acyd were thinking. I fired Z from being my AGM for this exact reason. Like Geez when this guy going to get fired.
  7. I hate you all. I do this. Not you guys. Copycats.
  8. Wow grats on an amazing Career @DMaximus. I absolutely loved working with you when I was a GM. You had a hell of a career and you should be very proud of yourself. You are the reason so many members have stuck around. Congrats once again and I wish you all the best in the future!