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  1. Ricer is his AGM and Devise said it was okay.
  2. Or @Ricer13 has permission
  3. Jordan Tonn has had a pretty good career. But now it has come to an end. Jordan had high hopes this season. He's on a fantastic team that is destroying the league and he plays on the 1st line with the top defence in the VHL. Jordan had 62 points in 72 games last season. Definitely not bad for a defenseman. So far this season he has put up 16 points in 26 games. I mean that's not terrible but Tonn's just not the same anymore. So the question is What Is Happening? Nothing has really changed. Tonn is continuing to update getting max TPE a week and he's playing with the same defensive partner as last season. So the question still stands. What Is Happening? Has he becoming the captain this season messed with him? Should Bush demote him to an Alternate? Will giving him more or less ice time change anything? These are all great questions but there is 1 question I didn't say. Is it that Jordan is getting old? Jordan is now married and has 2 kids. Could his age and grey hair be getting to him? There is only 1 way to find. Come back whenever i get around to writing another one of these to hear what Jordan thinks of this.
  4. 1. The Wranglers have gone 9-5-0 this week and 16-8-0 on the season. That's good enough for 1st place. How do you remain in 1st? We just need to keep playing our game. As a team we have really produced in the last few games. We continue that and we'll win and we'll remain 1st. Simple as that. 2. Edwin The Encarnacion has 4 goals on the season. 3 of those are game winners. How is Edwin so clutch? Hes always been great. He keeps with the game, hes focused and determined to get that game winner. 3. Should Sigard Gunnar actually play 60 mins a game or is he out to lunch ? This guy needs to calm the f train down. The only guys who should be playing 60 mins a game is Jordan Tonn. He's actually godly and it's embarrassing that Gunnar thinks he deserves 60 minutes. 4. What Mario Kart character would you select to play with ? I would for sure go with a classic Mario or Luigi. They are just them. Thats why. 5. Will the 2019-2020 NHL season return in any form? I think that in 4 or 5 months the playoffs could start. They would do something like best of 3 then best of 7 for the finals and if they go into the next regular season it will just be shortened a bit. 6. Your powerplay has suddenly improved to 21% this week. What was the reason ? We have really been working hard on our PP and i think it finally paid off. Were playing well as a unit and that is contributing a lot. 7. Using only a GIF, what does it feel like to be on your current winning streak ?
  5. Krice has absolutely been the best member here for me. From the get-go I chose him for his enthusiasm to just want to be involved and to learn, he's been driven and never lost that drive or enthusiasm through the seasons he's been my AGM. He's always open to listen, always around to help when it's needed and he's always talking in the locker room engaging with the team. I know that Krice would absolutely be an excellent selection for the next GM of the Ottawa Lynx.
  6. Claim for Jacob Tonn 1) Connor McDavid 2) Martin Jones 3) Seth Jones 4) Nikita Kucherov 5) Brian Elliot 7) Vladimir Tarasenko 8 ) Kris Letang
  7. 109 Malmo Nighthawks @ Vancouver Wolves 110 Toronto Legion @ Prague Phantoms 112 Helsinki Titans @ HC Davos Dynamo 113 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace
  8. 1. 2nd overall with a record of 7-3-0 This week. Who expected this ? Telling the truth right here, only I expected this 😎 I am a genius! 2. The Wranglers are also first in goals for with 33 goals. Can you maintain this rate of scoring? If the young kids are going to keep it up then ya i think everyone will continue to help them out and we'll finish 1st in goals for. 3. Do you feel bad for Davos? They have scored only 11 goals in 10 games. Na don't feel bad for them. They are terrible for a reason 😉 4. How long can you maintain your Home unbeaten streak? You're currently 5-0-0 at home with 21GF and 10GA. Compared to 2-3-0 on the Road 12GF and 14 GA. Our fans give us a ton of energy i think we could go only losing like 5 games are home. 5. What's more important your 38 shots for per game avg or your 93+% penalty kill ? I think they are both key parts of a team. You need the PK to be able to kill penalties and you also need shots getting on the net. They are both super important to a successful team. 6. 50% of the Wranglers goals have come in the 1st period but only 29.7% of the Wranglers shots occur in period #1. Why are the Wranglers scoring so much in the 1st period ? I think we are just always ready. We come out ready to play our game, but then we start to get a bit tired and that always hurts us. 7. Realistically do you think this team can win the cup ? I mean we are 1 point back of 1st so ya we should be in the finals again. 8. If @Jubis joins in on a podcast, what is something you would like to know about him ? Everything. 9. What's more surprising sophomore D Encarnacion having 12 points in 10 games or "rookie" goalie Lafontaine going 7-3-0 , 1 shutout , 2.39 GAA, 0.926 SV% ?? I think they are both super surprising no one expected this type of play from either. 10. Do you sleep on your side, stomach or back? ALL.
  9. Player Name: G Jacob Tonn Attribute Updates: Rebound Control 50-70 Style Control 50-60 Hand Speed 50-70 Reaction Time 50-70 Skating 50-60 Size 50-60 Agility 50-60