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  1. Both good but sig 1 needs better lighting/a saturation layer or something.
  2. Interesting how in sig 2 the logo is mirrored but the text on the logo isn't...
  3. I'm actually going to go with #2 on this one. #1 is probably a bit more difficult to pull off and the color works nicely, but the mosaic effect is just the tiniest bit awkward and it took me a few tries to read the text (and that's with me knowing the player name). I don't really like the text in #2 and I agree with Bek that the background is a bit too clear, but it's cleaner overall--and that's one fine helmet swap.
  4. The seventh day is over, and it seems that many in the town have taken Genesis 2:2 to heart. "Let's hang Sebster!" says @Rayzor_7. One agreement comes in, then two, then three, then four, then five. And then silence. "Can we get another vote?" say the five who have voted to send @Sebster03 to the grave. Crickets. @Philliefan thinks he hears a distant "WHERE THE HELL IS MY HAT?" but it's probably just the wind. Night 7 begins. What's going to happen? List of those living:
  5. +25 to Defense (50 to 75) (30 TPE) +15 to Skating (50 to 65) (15 TPE) +15 to Puck Handling (50 to 65) (15 TPE) I assume we're using the VHL update scale? If so that's my 60 right there.
  6. I knew I shouldn't have picked Beav for this.
  7. I'm going to tag @Rayzor_7 and leave this thread.
  8. Vote tracker: Sebster - 5 Votes needed to lynch: 6
  9. Vote tracker: Sebster - 4 Votes needed to lynch: 6
  10. Vote tracker: Sebster - 2 Votes needed to lynch: 6
  11. "And on the seventh day GOD had finished all the work which He had made, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made." -Genesis 2:2 ...or not! I'm back to kill off more people. Last night was a full moon, so anyone paying attention to the numbers could tell you what happened to some person, at least. In this case, it's @DoktorFunk who's been given the WEREWOLF treatment. After telling the town he was the PLAGUEBEARER and avoiding being lynched on day 5, sudden suspicion arose of him being an ARSONIST yesterday--but it turns out he was telling the truth about his role. The town then checks out the house of @omgitshim. OMG, indeed--he's been given the standard MAFIA treatment of being at the business end of a machine gun, but something is different...though there are holes in the wall behind him, he's only got one bullet wound. That bullet is dug out, whereupon it's discovered that the mafia packed a single silver bullet in with the rest. He was a VAMPIRE. omg's last will: Day 7 starts now--don't get yourself killed...ha. Ha. Ha. List of those still alive: Votes needed to lynch: 6