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  1. Bad day as a whole for Johnson, but time to move forward. I'm still optimistic about our chances of being a better team this season. Also #fixthelottery
  2. Really? Two 5-0 shutouts? We're putting the shots on net, they're just not going in... #fixthelottery
  3. It's not all bad. Shots on goal were equal. We just saw one goalie have a good game, while the other one didn't do so hot. I'm excited to watch as Michael Johnson develops! #fixthelottery
  4. Hello @PotatoKing and welcome to the VHL! I'm GustavMattias, GM of the Mississauga Hounds, and I've got a proposition for you... I'm writing here because I'm interested in taking you on as a member of our team this season. To start, you'd be on our second line, with lots of potential to even move up to the first if you're active enough! This comes with a bit of a catch--we're not a good team this season and won't be winning many games. But, if you'd like lots of ice time, along with an active locker room, we'd love to have you! Simply quote my post and say "accepted" to hop on board (and, should you do that, please tag my AGM, @berocka, as well, as I'll be out of town and off the site for some time soon). If what we're offering isn't your thing, you're always free to wait for other teams to make offers as well. No matter which team you join, good luck, and feel free to ask questions! -Gustav
  5. Revive #hiregustav. It worked the first time...

  6. What? An application thread for a VHL GM spot? Sure, why not. I'll apply. Wouldn't mind moving up. I'm new enough that I can't promise that I'll be the world's greatest GM in terms of winning cups--I was able to guide the Hounds to an entirely average season last season and we're currently in the middle of a fire sale so as to be set up for the near future. I can certainly understand if you guys want to go with someone more experienced than myself, but if you like your relatively new guys, then here I am! As a side note: if there are any interview questions, or announcements, to be made tomorrow through next Saturday, I'll be out of town then and likely won't be able to get on much, if at all, over the next week. If anyone has any questions for me, feel free to send them anyway--I'm not ignoring you, I promise. I'll answer as soon as I can.
  7. I'm with @Nykonax in that Mississauga's backup goalie needs to remain THE HOUND. He became a meme last season and we were all very disappointed to hear that he had been savagely murdered come this one. Other player names, for any skater: -Boubabi Anderson -Beavis Butthead
  8. I picked Malmo 5-3...oh well. 6 blocked shots puts Jerry on top of the league here, at least for the time being. #fixthelottery
  9. I think we're still just about on Moscow's level, all these losses notwithstanding. It's disappointing to see for now, but eventually I hope we'll start to even it up. #fixthelottery by the way.
  10. I'm out of town next week, so I'll post the first roast thread Friday. Who should it be?

  11. Well played by Kriketers and the Riga crew here. ctrl+f for "intercepted by Jerry Garcia" gets 21 results, but the stat sheet isn't too impressive for any member of our team. #fixthelottery
  12. Dammit Tzuyu. I'm still hoping for an epic defenseman showdown between myself and @tfong this season. #fixthelottery