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  1. @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD @JeffD
  2. Day 2 comes to an end, and the town decides they've got their target in @JeffD. In a burst of "damn now I have to write up a post in 5 minutes," Gustav kills him off quickly. He was indeed a CRUSADER. Day 2 ends; Night 2 begins! Oh, and thanks to @Josh--THREAD LOCKING NOISES. Fear me, peasants, for I have power officially in this section. List of those alive (16):
  3. The end of the day phase has been postponed 5 minutes due to a last-minute vote.
  4. One goat, two goat, red goat, dead goat! @BarzalGoat is the first one found dead this morning. Killed by a member of the MAFIA, he also managed to fall victim to the Night 1 MEDIUM curse (yes, that means he was a Medium, for those to which that was unclear). Of course, no good N1 would be complete without another Town death--this time it's @TheLastOlympian07! Killed by a PIRATE, he was a TRAPPER. Now it's time for Day 2! Check your Discord channel prior to posting here, and let's see what happens! Oh, and actually don't talk in this thread at night, please.
  5. Who are the first and last league members you'd want to be locked in a room with?

  6. It's the end of D1. Someone went and killed @Mr_Hatter, but nobody of value is dead. Let's start Night 1 a bit early because of that--gives you guys more time to figure out your plans and gives myself and Eagles more time to figure out what's going on. Some reminders for our first-timers: -Don't talk in this thread at night! -If you choose to speak in the #general channel of this game's Discord, nothing you say may be relevant to this game. D2 kicking off before 8 Eastern tomorrow morning! Be warned. List of those alive (19):
  7. D - James Rose G - Rayz Funk Which brings us to @jRuutu
  8. @Greg_Di gets skipped again, @frescoelmo up
  9. smh members tag still not working
  10. "I wish this place had a Wawa," says @Doomsday, taking a bite out of the cold sub he bought from the local Sheetz in Salem. He's weird, though, and other people have bigger priorities. There's mafia trouble afoot in the town, and it's time for some people to die! Everyone get hype! A couple announcements for this game: -Once again, @chatfan036 is acting as co-mod! Give him the same respect you give me (meaning, I don't care how you treat him). -ALL NOTIFICATIONS HAVE BEEN MOVED TO DISCORD. JOINING THE SERVER IS MANDATORY. HERE IS A LINK TO THE SERVER. -Be sure to che
  11. As of right now, sign-up is closed. Join the server for your role!
  12. Last game, we had a tie that barely resulted in the game being played as Any All. That, combined with the fact that the EFL is starting their own Any All game soon, leads me to decide that this will be a normal game, with the Mafia as the evil faction. Plan accordingly. Still time to sign up! I'll be closing this out and kicking things off tonight. Also, join the Discord if you haven't! The following people (I think) are not in the server and will need to be to participate in the game: @a_Ferk @Riley_Couture (if you're in) @TheLastOlympian07 @JorgThe