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  1. Damn, so many people are yeeting themselves. I know Vancouver never quite went to the heights you might have imagined over the last few seasons, but you've always been one of the cooler people in the league and I'm glad you got the chance while you had the time to take it. Congrats on the promotion, and hoping you stick around here otherwise!
  2. I always love me a good honest reflection piece. This lovely little thing called self-reflection is a great quality to have as a GM. I've seen many people--myself included at one point, so no, this is not me looking down on others--stick with GMing because they want to keep the prestige attached to the role and hate the idea of losing that more than they like the idea of being devoted to a team and actually living up to that prestige. Which sucks for the GM, the team, and the community. It's refreshing to see someone being open about their role and having a realistic sense of what's going on. Whether you decide to stay or go, I appreciate that your decision is informed and comes from a place of good reasoning. Congrats on the cup win--Malmo has done great things so far and will no doubt keep that up for a while.
  3. Hitting us with a sick copy-paste for easy editing: 1. @animal74 F - F - F - D - D - G - 2. @ajwllmsn F - F - F - D - D - G - 3. @Moon_50 F - F - F - D - D - G - 4. @KaleebtheMighty F - F - F - D - D - G - 5. @Greg_Di F - F - F - D - D - G - 6. @GustavMattias F - F - F - D - D - G -
  4. Warning: overly negative me wrote this article. If you're having a good day, click the back button. Hello! It's Sunday and I don't have a PT for this week. Well, I suppose I do. Earlier this week, I attempted to record a podcast on my commute. Now, I am not a podcaster and never have been. I hate the sound of my own voice and do not believe in my ability to speak about a topic for as long as recording a podcast should take. And, with that considered, it went fairly well. After a few minutes of getting used to it, I could go on about the championship and this season and everything. And I managed to keep things mostly on-topic for almost half an hour. In fact, here it is. I don't particularly want to share it, but I know if I don't people will ask anyway. There are two reasons why I'm not claiming this as a PT, as follows: -I still hate how I sound. I don't know why. That's just a mental thing. -Practically nothing I said in that recording is new. If you've read my articles, you've already heard what I said, and that feels like cheating. I'm sure getting around the second thing is simple enough--after all, I can come up with cool little article ideas, and podcasting is just an article in audio form. It's just the first thing that bugs me, regardless of how much anyone might disagree with it or have no idea what I'm talking about. It goes beyond just the usual "everyone hates how they sound in a recording" thing, for which there's a perfectly scientific explanation--I know I'm not supposed to sound good to myself. That isn't news. What is news is that recorded me, to me, becomes everything I don't like about myself. I can read an article I wrote a year ago and legitimately enjoy it if I forgot most of what was in it. In fact, I'll even do that sometimes. It gives me ideas for new stuff and helps me remember things from the time I wrote it that I found particularly interesting or funny. But in a recording, all I hear is this loser with no life who can't throw together a coherent sentence and who's reciting already-known things to a group of people who probably won't care, and I hate everything about that. Even though I know most of those things aren't even true, that's what I become to myself in an mp3. Honestly, I respect the hell out of anyone who can make a podcast without thinking any of that. So yeah, I tried it, I didn't like it, and here I am writing an article anyway because that's what I do best. As is always the case with an overly negative self-reflect-y Gustav post, I'm not looking for sympathy or affection, but rather, I find it therapeutic to put my honest feelings out there because I don't really have an outlet for it in real life (especially when it comes to talking about podcasting for a sim league). Hopefully--and it shouldn't be that difficult--I'll have something more enjoyable to read next week.
  5. You're right that it's going to cost more than a lot of other things--once you're able to get a job, you can save up for a few weeks and start playing on a budget, though! If there's a golf store in your area (or even just a sporting goods store), check out their box sets. For under $500 (and for significantly less in some cases) you can get yourself a full set of clubs--if they're still selling the Callaway Edge set in a couple years, that's a great one currently available (and you can probably find a used one out there for less than that). Then buy the cheapest balls you can find--you're going to lose a lot of them. As for courses, look around your area and see if there are any public/municipal courses out there. Those will be your cheapest options. A par 3 course is good too, because it's also cheap and because shorter holes are easier to digest for a beginner. Lessons are THE best way to learn and improve, but they're also going to be a ton of money. For far less money, watch some of the many tutorials by this guy, pay attention, and try to go out to the driving range a few times and apply what you learn before you play a round. If you do your research and put together a list of what you want and what it will cost, you'll find that you can realistically enjoy golf without having to drop thousands on it. Worst case scenario, you get a job and pay for it yourself when you're 16 or so...best case scenario, your parents think it costs thousands and don't know that that isn't necessarily true. I obviously don't know your financial situation--and regardless of what it is, I'm not telling you to ask for money or get mad if you don't get it--but figuring out what you need to get out and have fun is step 1 and it could go a long way.
  6. I play guitar and I also like writing music. I'm not as good at guitar as I'd like and I'm also clueless with recording software so I'll actually do it with a program that lets you write out sheet music since I at least know my theory. It can take a long time to make something I'm happy with (and none of it is written seriously so there's a lot of memes and weird shit) but it's relaxing and really fun when it works. Oh, and I also love golf even though I suck at it.
  7. Howdy doody I can manage and/or fill in if wanted and/or needed
  8. As someone who doesn't know you (yet), hi! You'll find that the league is very different from how it was whenever you left...and a lot of our member base is newer as well. That said, there are still many leftovers from the old crowd. Surprisingly @Beketov is still alive and there are quite a few others.
  9. Damn now we can't make slow jokes. Thanks for all your time here, I've always appreciated that you made an effort to connect with me and others and weren't just an oId boy. I still get to call you older than dirt though
  10. I considered making a comeback, but they're going to need better owners and management if they want me to show up. Probably Cleveland. It's a reasonably large northern American city that doesn't have an NHL team, which is enough for me to think it's cool. Whatever the league in Sweden is called. I know nothing about it but those godawful ad-covered uniforms better be bringing in the money to make things interesting. I closely follow the NFL, casually follow the NHL, and super casually follow the MLB. I think I'd like basketball if I ever had a team to root for, but I never have. At home. I'd rather be loved than hated. 74! That was the year I was drafted into the NHL.
  11. Before people start the chain of "sWapPiNg 4tHs iSn'T fUnNy" this one actually serves a purpose. This pick was the only one I had left in the coming draft and I have many more important things to do this weekend than stare at my computer for way longer than making a 4th-round pick should take.
  12. Cap hell is one hot place. Would have loved to keep my lineup but as players get better, things have to be done. Best of luck in DC @Midnite!
  13. What's your favorite NFL team?

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      It was the Packers till yesterday.

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      Browns. Especially on opening days

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