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  1. It occurred to me while I was doing my usual updating duties that Tsujimoto just hit 500 TPE, and I need 2 more capped (outside of my 6-pointer, coming eventually) so I figured I'd talk about that and make it as worth reading as possible. -Taro is #1 in the S75 draft class in TPE, something I've never cared about too deeply (see: Ryan Kastelic) but which I suppose is nice to be able to say. Had I created a day earlier by mistake and been pushed into the S74 draft class, I'd be 17th without taking catch-up TPE into account...which, if I'd received it, would put me around 10th or so.
  2. For the week ending 1/24: 1. The season just started! What do you think our chances at success are? 2. Predict your statline for this season! 3. We had a lot of high-scoring games today, in both the VHL and VHLM. Do you think something has changed with either the sim engine or the league, or should we expect things to level off to normal? 4. Where do you see yourself in the VHL in three seasons? 5. How has your NHL team done to start the season? What's been good and what needs work? 6. What's your favorite snack food? @Jer_Lefebvre @Sonnet @Vel
  3. Just when you think you've got experience this guy rolls up with player #15 or some shit
  4. If you hate attention to detail and consistent scheduling, you'll LOVE Town of Salem! 


    1. JigglyGumballs


      Town of Salem has scheduling??

  5. List of players signed up: BarzalGoat Berocka Blazzer Caboose Doomsday JigglyGumballs JorgTheGoat03 Ledge_and_Dairy Lefty_S MMFLEX Mr_Hatter omgitshim osens Ricer13 Spartan WentzKneeFan036
  6. more Gustav noises I can fit in another game before school starts again, so why not do that? Let's have fun with this one. Only one special announcement: for reasons that should be obvious to just about everyone except @osens, I am nuking Town Traitor again. I am leaving the door open to bringing it back in the future with some rules and roles modified, but I hated the last game enough that I refuse to do another under that specific format. Copy-paste time again! If you're not using dark mode, too bad! As always, I am too lazy to re-format this if I paste it
  7. For easy tracking/editing: 1. Team Hex F - F - F - D - Ziarie Anigbogu D - G - 2. Team RED F - Mikko Lahtinen F - F - D - D - G - 3. Team Hylands F - F - F - D - Latrell Mitchell D - G - 4. Team Crstats F - Groovy Dood F - Patrik Tallinder F - D - D - G - 5. Team Jtv F - Edwin THE Encarnacion F - F - D - Roque Davis D - G - 6. Team Gustav F - SS Hornet F - Ola Vikin
  8. I was told to mention a thing in this thread so here I am mentioning that thing
  9. GustavMattias


    Interesting. I did know of a couple weird things going on in HFX but didn't see this coming. As requested I won't inquire further because I do recognize that it isn't my place to poke around matters I have nothing to do with. I do think @Dil is actually a good guy who cares a lot, and I'd love to see him get back into management at some point because I know he's very capable of doing good. That being said, congrats to @rory! You've certainly been active enough to deserve this, and the team is in good hands.
  10. What's your craziest VHL conspiracy theory?

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    2. diamond_ace


      Sixers is a long lost third Gow.

    3. diamond_ace


      (I actually do have another slightly more serious one but not posting it here)

    4. a_Ferk


      The legend Elijah is still among us as a multi.

  11. Last season, I introduced a new system for Davos captain voting, this time with a three-season term limit. Seeing as no terms have expired this season, I'm proud to announce that our captains remain the same: C - Fernando Jokinen @Ahma A - SS Hornet @McWolf A - Tyler Walker @Advantage Congratulations once again to our captains, and let's have a great S76!