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  1. Review: Not bad for a pedo. I especially liked how you managed to spell over 90% of the words right. The screenshot from NHL 19, rather than an actual player's picture, should be a hot new trend in the league in good time. Overall, I'd say this one is right up there with legends such as BIG BOI, giving me no other choice but to rate this one 17 out of 18, or the maximum possible score in your book. Keep your work up and hard, but limit the vertical nature and the not-very-soft quality to work.
  2. @Strooper99 right-click on the image and click on "copy image address." If you copy the page URL it won't do anything.
  3. @Radcow deserved better. That helmet was sick. Surprised I was 12th though. I still suck.
  4. A one-goal game against Yukon is a bit too close for comfort. Seems defense is still an issue here. At least the shot differential shows we should be dominant. #fixthelottery
  5. I clicked this thinking "this better not be another one-goal game." It wasn't. #fixthelottery
  6. I mean...Scott Greene did a thing I guess? Good showing from our first line, and Greene is finally producing. There's a plus. Just not much else at the moment. #fixthelottery
  7. @berocka BRINGING IT! I almost don't care about this loss, you're showing great improvement.
  8. I put up good defensive numbers at least? I don't know. Two losses to Toronto = not a great day. At least people have shut up about our team though. #fixthelottery
  9. Good to see Garcia getting 2 assists in there! Shows my passing game hasn't become completely worthless. Tough loss though. Toronto is weird. #fixthelottery
  10. Basically, the lottery system works like this: every week, a random game thread is selected, and from that game thread a random comment is selected. Whoever made that comment gets 3 uncapped TPE. The same thing is also done every month, with winners of the monthly lottery able to get even bigger rewards (for example, up to 16 uncapped TPE, a doubles week, and some player store cash if you're lucky enough). Here's an explanation of what exactly I have an issue with. Please feel free to have your own opinion on the matter, but here's why I think it should ABSOLUTELY be changed:
  11. I agree--I wouldn't like to see anti-spam guidelines being put into the current system just because of stuff like this. Even things like "great game by *insert first star here*" or "oh look--*team* got *this many* shots off. *other team*'s goalie can't be blamed for this one" are two posts that are relevant and do have potential to start conversation. But to someone commenting for the lottery, does any sort of reply matter? Do they care? Speaking from personal experience, I myself find it hard to care about every single one of my team's games, and I wouldn't like to have a conversation about each and every one. So no, I really don't care. I'm commenting for the lottery, unless there's something about the game that I find particularly interesting. In that case, I'd be commenting regardless of whether or not the lottery existed in its current format. If what we had now was modified so as to have nothing to do with game threads, I'd still comment about what I was interested in, and avoid commenting about what I wasn't. It really is. When I started up the whole thing, I saw spam as a possible consequence, but decided to go through with it anyway. If you bother going way back on my profile, through way too many posts, you'll find an old status update from back when I posted the original "FIX THE LOTTERY SYSTEM GODDAMMIT" thread, which says something along the lines of "want to see the lottery system change? Add #fixthelottery to your comments on game threads!" That's what I intended it to be, and that's what I have done, personally. I comment on my team's games in just the same way I was before I ever thought about actually trying to do something about the system--drop in a comment about the stats or the outcome or shot differential or "Garcia scored? That's not supposed to happen," and simply throw in a little "#fixthelottery" at the end. It seemed like everyone had forgotten all about it within a few days, but recently others have started using #fixthelottery again, but making that the ONLY THING they're posting or throwing in some comment about how their post is just for the lottery. I have never supported this, never promoted it, and, in fact, I've even straight-up told my own team not to do it, and to use it the way I've been using it. I'm not saying I'm surprised by what's happened with it, but I'm slightly disappointed. HOWEVER, again, it's getting some sort of notice, and it seems like I've gotten people on board with it. Go forth and use it, please! Just don't spam it. That's not how you get results.
  12. Garcia had more shots than Odinsson. Funny how things work out. Good to see that we finally were able to beat New York after our losses in games previous. Also, it seems that Ylonen actually does well against us. @Esso2264 can you make him be good somewhere else? #fixthelottery
  13. I guess you mean FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY then
  14. Did somebody say s n u b b e d