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  1. For the week ending 4/18: 1. It looks like our playoff hopes are starting to fade away, with a couple teams who were behind us catching up. Were you expecting this, and do you think there's anything we can do to get back to overperforming? 2. The trade deadline is coming up on Monday! Do you think we'll see many deals made around the league? 3. What's your way-too-early prediction for this season's champion? Current standings can be found here. 4. We're lucky to see COVID vaccination efforts paying off recently, as many back-to-normal estimates put us around the end
  2. I'm pretty sure the league is older than this Elijah so no. Have fun feeling old over that.
  3. This is about when I usually decide not to say anything meaningful and just call you a weeb.
  4. I was actually going to shout out to @bigAL at the end but forgot. So consider this a belated shout-out.
  5. I thought about just picking a random draft season and running with that with a full redraft. S70 came to mind, where Davos had three first-rounders and ended up with one bust and two players who were immediately traded for what effectively became 2nd overall in S72, where I eventually drafted Robin Winter--basically turning three firsts into one player who I eventually traded for one first--but I've already done redraft articles, and even though S70 was a pivotal moment in the Davos rebuild which had disastrous consequences and arguably significantly contributed to us being where we are today
  6. Damn, Malmo got some VALUE out of this given how difficult it's been to buy and sell this season. If it works, though...it works.
  7. smh my head I'd ask why I can't get half the community backing me up but I'd be setting myself up for another roast.
  8. Absolutely. I once had a player who would bash me every single week in our press conferences. I'm talking stuff a hundred times more insulting than anything written here. I reached out to said player in private, found out that it was a roleplay thing, and didn't have a problem with it going forward. Even if this is a legitimate trade request there's no reason why everyone should have jumped down a newer member's throat over an article that...really wasn't all that bad.
  9. That too, we have to get rid of all 13 VHLM teams eventually.
  10. @Quik nuking Saskatoon on the portal was just a test run to prove we could do it.