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  1. Sign-up CLOSED! We are running a Town Traitor game. Roles and such inbound whenever I figure them out; game starts tonight.
  2. Time for another version of "Gustav is getting lazy and has to slap himself to go do the press conference": For the week ending the 12th of July! 1. Well, that does it for our season. Let's look ahead--what are your goals for S73? 2. The expansion draft is coming up on us. Looking at our team, who's the very first player you protect? 3. The finals come down to Riga and Calgary! Who wins? Who do you want to win? 4. The VHL comes out tomorrow and announces that all players will be rerolled in the offseason, with every point you've earned now being banked and ready to be applied. Do you change your build at all? What do you do with it? 5. What's one member of the league you'd like to meet in real life? (Obligatory disclaimer: if you are under 18, planning a meetup is not allowed per league policy) 6. Last week, Berocka asked you which expansion team will be the worst next season. I'm slightly more optimistic, so I'm asking you this: which expansion team will be the best next season? @Quik @ColeMrtz @Sonnet @McWolf @Alex Bridges @David O'Quinn @Ahma @Josh @Brrbisbrr @PadStack @gorlab
  3. But wait, there's more! I'm terrible, but I'm not that terrible. Here you go @Sonnet...with and without a final step I wasn't sure about.
  4. Definitely one of the defensemen. I can't speak for ADV but as long as he's cool with playing for DC I don't think any ties to Malmo should get in the way of his career there.
  5. Don't have to, it's just an option for people who'd like to request a role. Click the links in the first post to read up on the game a bit and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Remember that game I ran while you were on vacation a while back where you were kind of there but kind of not? This is basically that but with more roles. The idea remains the same--it's a small group of people who can talk to each other behind the scenes and work together in private against a large group of people who can't and have to figure out who's evil and kill them. Evil roles will pretend they're good and the town has to figure out who's telling the truth. Here we've also got neutral roles which work for neither side and have to accomplish their own objectives. Read the rules and look through the wiki (links are at the top of the thread). It will be confusing and that's ok. When the game starts I'll message you your role and describe what exactly you're aiming to do with it.
  7. NOTE: I've added a poll at the top because I didn't remember to do it last night. Sorry for the double ping of last game's winners, but all who want to are welcome to choose their preferred format.
  8. Town of Salem is BACK! Sign up here: 


  9. List of those signed up: a_Ferk Alex Bridges BarzalGoat Beaviss Berocka bigAL Devise Doomsday eaglesfan036 Mike Mr_Hatter Nykonax omgitshim OrbitingDeath osens Ricer13 rjfryman solas Spartan Z16
  10. It's been a while! Let's get this kicked off. Earlier today (ok, fine, earlier yesterday, unless you're in Hawaii or something), I promised to have this thread up "tonight". While I haven't technically lived up to that promise, I am not in bed right now because I'd like to stay as true to my word as possible--so y'all better not disappoint with the sign-up numbers. -TRIVIA IS BACK, BACK AGAIN! Is this fun? Do people enjoy it? I hope so, anyway. -If you won the last game, you have a 30% chance to receive any role of your choosing, should you wish to ask me. The winners of the last game are listed below: -If you did not win the last game, you can earn up to a 20% chance of receiving a role of your choosing, by completing trivia! Earn 5% for each correct answer. -And, if you did win the last game, you can take your 30% chance and bump it up to as much as 50%--the up-to-20% you can earn here will be added to your existing 30. -If you don't want to request a role, you can still play trivia for the fun of it! Just enter "random" in the role request box. -THE LINK IS HERE Finally... Rules are here The Town of Salem Wiki is here This link, for once, is NOT the link to Rick Astley's music video for "Never Gonna Give You Up" Target start date: Wednesday or Thursday night! Depends whether or not we get a good group and whether or not people are still trickling in on Wednesday.
  11. I've got a media spot claim for this week, I need 2 more TPE to hit the cap, and since I'm not giving @Berocka the satisfaction of seeing me answer his press conference questions, here we go with another article. Be warned--this is going to be another one of my infamous "this should really be a media spot but here it is" walls of text in the .com section. The David Knight trophy! Awarded each season to the top GM of that season, as voted by the BoG (a group of fine people including myself! Our favorite activities involve smoking cigars in the living room, making condescending remarks while reading the daily paper, and figuring out how best to suck precious TPE from first-gens to feed our own collective life force while making occasional "how do you do, fellow kids?" posts to appease the masses) and mentioned in the seasonal awards thread--and eventually possibly used as very slight leverage in arguments for one's own chances at the Hall of Fame as a builder or in petty disputes on Discord over who's Top 1. Perhaps the most significant part of potentially winning the Knight is getting a little red season number next to your name in this thread right here. If I were to win the Knight this season, I'd be the first to get one of those little red numbers for Davos since @Gooningitup back in S50. I could be using this as a platform to argue for myself--but instead I'm using it to lay out the reasons why I will not be voting for myself to win the Knight this season. One could argue that this is better suited for the BoG award thread (and I'll link it there) but I figured I'd turn it into an article as it makes for an interesting topic and could possibly launch a bit of debate. Note: I will not say anything here about who else is being considered, and I will also say nothing about current BoG opinions which pertain to my worthiness for the Knight. Those are best people secrets best left untouched unless I want to get branded with a photorealistic iron carving of @Beketov. And believe me, the best people don't mess around--that's only what we do for Strike One! The Case For Me: -I was the most exciting GM to watch this season, and probably by a long shot. I made a ton of trades. I lucked into three lotto picks this season, two of which were some of the last remnants of the Shawn era and one of which I got in a trade that looked awful at the time but which I ended up eventually winning. I had a ton of players and a ton of picks, and after a whole lot of moves--a bunch of trades, a couple signings, and even a couple position switches, I managed to put together a really solid roster on paper. Davos should have been the story of the season, and if things had gone the way the TPE suggested, I probably would not have had any reason to write this article and would be sitting there in the BoG thread arguing my own merits. But does "exciting" mean "good"? The Case Against Me: -It didn't really work. Davos managed to barely sneak into the playoffs and was even beaten in the standings by Moscow, the team who effectively gave me Jet Jaguar for a 1st. Stare down Riga in the first round, who we only beat 3 times or so in the regular season, and promptly get swept (which I blame on Berocka for no reason other than that I can do that). Sure, I was flashy, but that doesn't mean anything if it doesn't work. -I didn't serve the players as well as I would have liked to. I had 8 forwards and a lot of talent in one place. Having to plan around 8 people, all at the same time, led to just about everyone getting less ice time than they would have received had I been running lines with 6. That wasn't the only contributing factor--there were a couple other situations which negatively affected one player or another in particular--but the way I eventually had the team set up came at a cost. I will not get into specifics, but more than once I dealt with a player's frustration regarding how they were being used in our lines. While part of this is just a "well, that's life" situation, at least part of it is also my doing--and I don't think I did a "#1 GM" job in terms of working to keep everyone happy. You ever watch Shark Tank? For those reasons, I'm out.