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  1. @efiug HJKASEDFHASEHGRISDAFGHIAUWETHESIDUFGSHADF SOMEONE FINALLY CREATED A GOALIE! Anyway, you probably know by now that I'd like you to join the Hounds. We're a team that's looking for success this season, and I think having a new goalie would be perfect for our playoff run. If you sign with the Hounds, you won't be the clear-cut #1 yet, but if you're active enough you'll very likely take over the role, being our starter for most games in the remainder of the regular season and throughout our entire time in the playoffs. If this sounds good to you, just quote me and accept--you know what to do. Happy to see you recreate! Best of luck. -Gustav
  2. Calgary Malmo Davos Toronto
  3. Also @Will if this applies to your stuff
  4. TPE = Total Points Earned TPA = Total Points Applied I feel like you should have some carryover then, if that's the case. Here's the link to Zhumbayev's page; TPE numbers look like they've been messed up and it says he's got 30 TPE, but it's obvious from a quik look at fever's account that he earned points, and points have been applied on the portal. @Quik @Beketov what's the rule here?
  5. Hi there @fever95 and welcome back to the VHL! I'm GustavMattias, GM of the Mississauga Hounds, and I'm very happy you've made a return to the league at a time when we could use some new players (and created a defenseman, at that). The Hounds came out of the VHLM draft with a solid pool of talent, and we're shooting for success this season. With a bit of development from our players, some creative management, and a few solid signings (ahem), this team is going to go a long way, and I'd be very happy if you were to come along for the ride with us. Should you accept my offer and join the Hounds, we'll have you on the second line, but your ice time will still be maxed out as we've only got a legitimate top 2 at the moment. No matter which build you go for, too, offensive or defensive, you'll be on the first line on either the power play or penalty kill (and, by the way, you'll be included significantly on the other in some fashion). The Hounds also have a very active team locker room, so if you'd like to get caught up on things (and things have changed quite a bit recently), there's no better place than Mississauga. No matter where you go, though, good luck, and I look forward to seeing what you can do in your return to the league! -Gustav
  6. OFFICIAL Roast Gustav Thread coming in the future. For now, @eaglesfan036 is a shitty Flyersfan.