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  1. Yeah, adding onto this... Do I think the tank logo was drawn up or voted for because our community supports Nazi Germany? Absolutely not. Do I think the logo was meant to represent Nazi Germany? Also no. Obviously, if you voted for it because you think it does, fuck off. But I would like to agree with the point that we shouldn't be representing Germany and mid-20th-century military technology with the same logo. The connection doesn't take a big leap of logic to make, even if it's unintentional. We changed the Mexico City logo because it wasn't meant to be insensitive,
  2. For the week ending 6/20: 1. With the trade deadline come and gone, big-league rosters are finalized. Were there any moves you feel we could have missed out on? 2. The team goes out to compete on Survivor (if you've never seen it, picture a game where you compete in challenges, find your own alliances, and vote others out of the game while trying to stay in it yourself). Who's the first person you vote out? 3. The NHL is down to its final four teams! Who's your favorite out of those who are left? 4. With the E league putting a couple team names out for a public vote,
  3. I get the connection to Paris and some of the logos I've seen are cool but "Paris Revolution" has always sounded stupid to me as a team name for some reason. Not sure why but I'm 100% more in favor of Guardians.
  4. *Theme week noises* I suppose it's a relief that this theme week actually fell on a week where I'd need to do a PT anyway, and it's the first such week in a while where I didn't already have my stuff written up and posted before the announcement came out. So...let's talk about the VHLE! We can get into the technicalities all we want, we can argue our cases or whatever, we can do articles on teams (in fact, I got up to this sentence intending to write a far more boring article about team names in which I advocated for teams like the Hammerfest Hammerheads, and, of course, everyone's
  5. For the week ending 6/13: 1. This week's big event in Davos land came when we traded defenseman Tyler Walker to Calgary for a good bit of future potential. What are your opinions on the move? 2. This week is VHLE theme week! If you could make your own league, all in one specific area outside of Europe, where would it be? 3. Is there any way you'd like to see me change as a GM? (Be honest, I'm very hard to offend!) 4. What's something harmless that you do way too often? 5. What was the last book you read, and was it any good? 6. It is (for most of us) gettin
  6. Interesting trade, and I think it could work both ways. Some big names in here for our VSN folks
  7. Agreed. Also agreed. My opinion is that it's necessary if we want to deal with things correctly, short of some stupid "every GM decides to be an asshole and not sign people they don't want" thing, which I see as the only other objectively viable alternative. And since that alternative is unethical, we're left with this thing. I think this is great for very casual members, and it's also great for VHL GMs. Job creation is a big thing too in this day and age where everyone wants a team. So, I hope it does go well, and there are things I like about it
  8. Obligatory @Juice mention. This is wild. You've been through a lot and I can respect that--good on you for following your dreams.
  9. I'm happy with what I got. Forward is our weakest position group and Kaprizov has picked it up lately--we've got some good potential on our hands, plus a 1st. plus only one team was interested so there's the current trade market for you
  10. What did I ever do to you?
  11. RIP a lot of fantasy teams. It's a sad day in Davos land, but realistically this was probably coming at some point given that we haven't improved a whole ton this season and valuable career space was being wasted. Wishing all the best to Walker & Company in Calgary this season! Never thought the Wranglers would be my favorite NA team, but here we are I guess...
  12. Thanks for the feedback everyone! It will be a cold day in hell when I make text look good...but I'll keep working on it for sure.
  13. s k r e e e e e e e e I don't like text in most contexts--in my opinion, if text is not completely and totally necessary, it does not belong in a logo. I think that's the case here, especially since the text is completely in front of and almost larger than the logo itself. Why not just make the logo the actual picture, which people recognize as the Berlin Iron once they've seen it a few times? That aside, I'm loving these concepts (this one included). You're great at what you do!