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  1. I knew getting you in fantasy would be a good move Keep it up, everyone deserves a nice breakout season.
  2. ...meaning that I'd lose if you stay alive, right? Therefore, by basic common sense: VOTE NSG
  3. For the week ending 8/1: 1. Our first week or so of sims hasn't been remarkable, but it has brought us some wins, which is more than we've been used to lately. What are your first impressions for this season as a whole? 2. How do you feel about your individual production so far? 3. What's your best hot take for this season, unrelated to Davos? 4. Have you been watching the Olympics? If so, what have you seen? 5. What's an underrated YouTube channel you think everyone should know about? 6. What's the last thing you ate? @Grape @Berocka@Ricer13@ef
  4. Hi town...I know I've been quiet but my role is very much dependent upon me being trusted and with the first few days of this game being busier days for me the time to build that trust with a fake claim ran out. So, I'll say it straight-up even though I'm not a Town role. I am a LIBERTARIAN, sovereign citizen supreme, and I kindly ask that I not be tread upon until I can be elected. I do not expect to become Mayor tonight or anytime soon, but should we come to a point in the game where one side has established dominance over the other, I'd like to be made Mayor, please and thank yo
  5. I'd say it's more stats-based than anything else, and how a player's career stacks up to other players who were around the league at the same time. There are actually a surprising number of Hall-of-Fame players who never won an individual award (something we'll probably see happening more often in the future with the amount of teams we have now). Realistically--I think Socks ends up in the Hall of Very Good. You're consistently up there in SB and points, and I think you've at least been nominated for some award in many recent seasons. The point about awards being somewhat lacking d
  6. I drafted Hornet earlier...so I'll put you back on the clock. Since you don't have room for another defenseman I'll pick one for my team because it won't interfere with your pick: D - Zeedayno Chara Tag Jubo when you've made your selection as he would be next on the clock.
  7. Last night my notification was "You were protected last night." I don't know if that means I was attacked and protected (waiting on confirmation there), but if I was, thanks to whoever the TP was.
  8. What are you up to this week?

    1. Berocka


      Working you

    2. Banackock


      First day back to work today... 10 days to go! :( 

  9. I'm not surprised at all, honestly. There are a few classes where you might have been a bit lower down (S66 comes to mind but maybe that's just my own bias talking) but S69 wasn't a bad season at all. There will always be people who disappear early on or drop off in earning, so as someone who kept up a respectable earning pace for an entire career you were bound to move up for sure. As a reference point, consider that you went 13th last season, right about where you were in the redraft. This time around GMs know what they're getting and value that around a late 1st (which I'd agree
  10. London...more like LAKE HAVASU CITY, ARIZONA Located in EVERYONE'S FAVORITE COUNTRY Thicc convention at my house tonight
  11. I assume that rule is still in effect? If Dom can confirm that for us, the next two picks would be, based on last season's rankings: ...and you can consider yourself on the clock.
  12. No, not the TV show otherwise known as Texas Anime. I'm speaking more in terms of the old, probably now-banned-in-school game where one kid gets up to the top of a pile of snow or something and everyone else tries to knock them over and get to the top. At the exact moment I'm writing this article, Taro is currently king of the VHL TPA hill, sitting here with 995 applied at the start of his 5th season. This isn't something I actually care about deeply, or really at all. It's not even something I think I'll hold onto for longer than a season or so, or even for much longer than a coup
  13. Week 2 time--claiming was interrupted by birthday week.
  14. Sad to hear your EFL experience wasn't much. It's a fun league, and if you earn steadily you can go places...I don't blame you for dropping out of it based on your experience with it though. I'm sure you would havel found that it's a cool community if you were actually given a fair shot (maybe people just don't like kickers).
  15. You get two picks! I'll hold off on mine + give you some time to make your second one; just tag me when you've made it.
  16. TL;DR: I screwed up. This season's draft, as many other drafts tend to do, fell on a day when I had other obligations. While I am the type of person to be around these parts quite a bit, I am not the type of person to be able to guarantee that I'll be around at any particular time. And being that as it is, this season, as I have done more than once before, I made a draft list and sent it in to the blue team in case my ever-devoted AGM found himself similarly inconvenienced. What I failed to take into account was that I should have sent my list in to more than one member
  17. For the week ending 7/25: 1. The draft has come and gone, leading us with a few new people--led by 4th-overall selection Poopy Peepants. What's something you'd tell one of our draftees about what makes us unique as a team? If you're one of those draftees, what are your initial impressions of us? 2. Though the offseason has seen some big, big moves, free agency has not gone at all the way we wanted it to. We have some cap space to work with--what do we do to fill it up? 3. What's your prediction for where we end up this season? Have we managed to pull a complete 180 and ge