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  1. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. This award and the success of the Reapers would not have been possible without the assistance of my AGMs, @Spence King and @dariusmarimotoman , the OG Reaper herself @BladeMaiden, and of course the amazing players who made this team so special. To my man @InstantRockstar, you will always be remembered as an all time great VHLM GM, regardless of this award. Thank you all!
  2. Couldn't figure out how to embed this. I apologize for the massiveness.
  3. S75 Philadelphia Reapers – The greatest VHLM team of all-time The history books will forever show that the Philadelphia Reapers won the S75 Founder’s Cup. Kids will act out Tom Eagles amazing end to end rush to score the Cup winning overtime goal. Fans will long tell the heroics of goaltender Jacob Carson, who’s .921 save % is the best performance in the playoffs in more than 10 seasons. Or they’ll talk about the perseverance of long-term Reapers like captain Darius Marimoto or assistant captains Carson Walkers and Jacob Carson. There are other feats by the team which w
  4. Count me in. I can manage a group and/or be a filler.
  5. I knew having this game in Philly was going to matter. Now it all makes sense.
  6. Awesome job Reapers! Mexico had a great team. It's a massive accomplishment for us to win this season. I can't thank you all enough for all your hard work and dedication. Congratulations to everyone in Reaper Nation!
  7. New questions for week ending 1/3. 1) The Reapers swept Yukon in the opening round of the playoffs. How do you think the series went? 2) Everyone agrees that playoff hockey is at another level. What is your favorite part of playoff hockey? 3) The Reapers will face the San Diego Marlins in the next round. How do you think it will go? 4) The Marlins are led by their top defensive pair, Scotty Kaberle and Cowboy Prout, along with center Nero Endrizzi and forwards Red Lite and Maksim Yakolevsky. Anything you want to say to them or any other Marlin?
  8. 10th Annual Unofficial VHL Regular Season Awards – S75 Another exciting regular season has come to a close. That means we can dole out some regular season awards! Welcome everyone to the 10th Annual Unofficial VHL Regular Season Awards honoring S75! Thank you to everyone that reads this. I’m always looking for new award ideas. Please keep the award suggestions coming! These awards have been created by me. There is no voting process and they are not officially recognized by the VHL Board of Governors. I wrote descriptions for most of these award names in the original award post.
  9. The Weight of the World – Pistil Stamen Rookie Experience Being selected first overall carries a lot of expectations with it. The fans are excited to see the player succeed and help the team. The coaches want a player who is an elite talent, but also will listen, learn, and buy into their system. Management want a marketable player who will sell tickets and merchandise. Owners want a face of the franchise. All of those expectations can create a burden on the player. It’s up to the player to handle the burdens and still perform on the ice. Growing up in a remote reg
  10. @rjfrymanWe chatted about this. We just had a spot freed up due to an inactive player. That means we have a spot available for Asher Reinhart. Quote to accept your offer from the Reapers. Come win a championship!
  11. Pistil Stamen The Unknown Prospect Since his recent discovery by Philadelphia Reapers GM, Pistil Stamen has raised plenty of questions about his potential future in the VHL. Let’s take a look at his VHLM career and list out pros and cons of Stamen. VHLM Statistics Regular Season Season GP G A P +/- SHT PIM HIT