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  1. I appreciate the interest @Presinator. Unfortunately our season is over. If you remain active and keep updating your player, we'll keep an eye on you in the draft and hopefully you'll officially join the Reapers when we select you!
  2. Press conference questions for week ending 11/1. Answer all 6 and claim for 2 TPE. 1) The Reapers finished in 9th place, missing the playoffs by 3 points. What are your thoughts on the team’s performance this season? 2) What are your thoughts on your individual performance this season? 3) The offseason has begun, are you staying in Philly or going somewhere else? Why? 4) During the offseason, you won’t be under the watchful eye of the Reaper’s dietary team. What item are you most excited about eating? 5) The Reapers fan club had a gift p
  3. 9th Annual Unofficial VHL Regular Season Awards – S74 Another exciting regular season has come to a close. That means we can dole out some regular season awards! Welcome everyone to the 9th Annual Unofficial VHL Regular Season Awards honoring S74! Thank you to everyone that reads this. I’m always looking for new award ideas. Please keep the award suggestions coming! These awards have been created by me. There is no voting process and they are not officially recognized by the VHL Board of Governors. I wrote descriptions for most of these award names in the original award post. L
  4. New question for week ending 10/25, answer all 6 and claim for 2 TPE: 1) Two games remain in the season. Philly sits in the final playoff spot with a 1-point lead over Miami, who has a game in hand. Who’s making the playoffs? 2) Defensemen Bob Tristan and Shawn Andrei Zyuzin got 1st stars in recent games. Why do you think we’ve had an increase in points from our defense? 3) Forward Justin Lose leads the team with 0.88 points per 20 minutes played. Why is he able to score so consistently? 4) Do you prefer to play home games or away games? How come?
  5. The goal should be to get the most important information to the person as quickly as possible. Is it "difficult" to find your team in a list of games, no? Is it inefficient? Yes. So if we do go down this path, I definitely think there can be improvements made to the game threads. First, put the score in the title. Maybe that's a bad idea because of spoilers, if so then put it in the text of the post, instead of just a link to the summary. Second, add the stats to the forum post. I know this may be more difficult, but seems like if you can automatically create a link i
  6. A couple of clicks for 2 games, everyday. UX/UI design is based around eliminating steps to access the most important information to a person, but we're adding steps. Another reason the bot is so popular is that it provides notification of when the game is posted. I think the notification aspect is huge and eliminating that is a big deal. I understand the complexity of having team tags, but it would go a long way to have people notified when their games are posted and provide them with a direct link to that game in a notification. The GMs could be responsible for maintaining m
  7. There's multiple ways to measure activity. A lack of posts in a forum thread does not mean there is no activity. I understand the league values forum activity, but the way to increase forum activity is to make it more appealing, not to make getting game results more difficult for everyone. I don't think making things less efficient is ever a good idea. People's time and attention is extremely valuable and now we're making it more difficult for them to access the most important thing that occurs; results from games. I don't think this is the right direction.
  8. Hey @Phil ! So glad to see you creating another player. At this very moment, the Reapers have 12 active players on offense including the incomparable @Tate. We'd love to sign you, and I'm sure you'd love to be a Reaper, but I can only sign you if you're willing to play defense. You wouldn't have to change your player to a defenseman, I'd just play you there. We only have like 6 games left, by the time you sign and get added to the roster you might get 2 or 4 games. So it's not a big deal either way. We'd love to have you on board so that we can officially say that Phil The Rock Johnson, the gr
  9. Sorry to break your heart. The Reapers are drawn to the dark side. But we'll make it back our rightful spot in the playoffs!
  10. Welcome to the VHL @Maik! Thank you for creating a player and joining this awesome league. As a newly created player, you can choose to play for any minor league team who offers you a spot. Take your time, consider your offers, and pick the team that's best for you. The VHL is a forum-based hockey simulation league where you complete weekly tasks to earn attribute points. Apply your attribute points to improve your player and make a hockey legend! To become a legend, it requires consistent dedication and hard work on your part. If that’s something you can provide, we have a spot f
  11. @SofaKing, we could use a defenseman like you on the Philadelphia Reapers. Quote this offer to accept and join the Reapers!
  12. Glad to see you recreate @Big Mac! The previous Gunnar was a star in Philadelphia and that foundation led to SIgard winning all those awards in S73 and a cup too. Have JL follow the same path. Start your career in Philadelphia. We need 1 more defenseman to completely fill our roster and JL is the perfect fit for the Reapers. Join us for an exciting playoff run!
  13. Thank you for recreating @Acydburn ! We have an open spot for a defenseman and would love to have you join the Reapers. You would make our roster completely full, which is amazing in it's own right. But also you'll be a key member of our playoff run! Your presence would be greatly welcomed in our locker room with both our newer members and our veteran players!
  14. New questions for Week ending 10/18. Answer all 6 and claim for 2 TPE. 1) The trade deadline has passed. How does the roster look to you? 2) A full roster means less ice time for everyone. What are your thoughts on your current ice time? 3) Newly acquired defenseman Bob Tristan (@n0hbody) has shown he’s able to find the net extremely efficiently, scoring on 66% of shots taken so far. Why do you think his shooting % is so high? 4) Recently signed defenseman Roman Grachev (@humiller) excels at blocking shots, leading all new waiver signees with 17 s