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  1. 1. Season 81 has begun. What are your thoughts so far on the start of our season? I think we’re off to a good start. We’ve played the defending champs a few times and have fared pretty well against them, so I think that’s a really good sign. 2. Do you feel confident with the VHFL team you've drafted for this season? Anyone you wish you nabbed? I like my team. Most of the time I don’t draft myself but I wanted to this season, because I think put up some good fantasy points this season. Unfortunately, someone drafted Pistil before I could. 3. What is/was your least favourite subject in school? Least favorite was probably Art, because I was terrible at it. Luckily that was only for one semester. Least favorite standard subject was probably English. But honestly, I enjoyed school and learning, so I didn’t really have a least favorite. 4. Black Friday is upon us, are you eyeing anything or taking advantage of any sales? Nah not really. I did pick up some pillows that were on sale, but that’s about it. 5. Do you think the metaverse is the future of the internet? I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking here. But I think a virtual space where you can control an avatar and interact with other human controlled avatars is already a part of the internet. But I don’t think the metaverse will replace the internet because people will want to engage at different levels at different times. It will be too much effort to fully connect into the metaverse all the time, just like it’s too much effort to make a phone call, so everyone texts. The future of the internet will be when we have our brains mapped so that computers can read our thoughts. Every human’s brain will be connected to the internet and information will flow as fast as our thoughts. When that occurs, that will be the future of the internet. 6. What was the last meal you ate? The subject of much talk in the LR, I ate the last of my leftover tacos from Thanksgiving.
  2. G - Sirkants Klamasteris @Ricer13or @Spartanfor @NSG88's final two picks
  3. Disappointed at the limited options in the question. Carnitas (pork) is the best taco meat. Was primarily a soft shell person, but I recently discovered that it's tough to beat homemade hard shells. But to be perfectly honest I prefer burritos because I ALWAYS over-stuff my tacos.
  4. Excited to be the first person to hoist up the cup! Let's go!!!
  5. 1. Free Agency starts today. Thoughts on how it's played out so far? Any signings you like or dislike? I don’t think we could have asked for a better free agency period. The players we signed filled areas of need and we now have one of the most complete rosters in the league. 2. Our roster is coming together, with many new faces. Do you think the group will mesh well or need some time to develop chemistry? From the players perspective, we’re already clicking. Everyone seems positive and excited for a great season. We’ll see how that translates to the ice. I know our staff will be closely watching our performance and making the necessary tweaks if we’re not meshing, so I’m not worried about a couple bumps in the road if we encounter them. 3. What has been the highlight of your off season so far? I was able to help Team World win a bronze medal in the World Cup. I think we underperformed a little, but it was still nice to come away with a medal. It’s always a highlight to play in international tournaments. 4. What are your thoughts on the new VHLE conferences? Necessary or pointless? I don’t understand the point of conferences if it’s not going to change the schedule. If all the teams play each other the same number of times, then it is pointless. If the schedule is modified and you play in conference teams more than non-conference team, I guess that makes some sense because you can create rivalries, but I’m not sure that’s the case here. Verdict: pointless. 5. What is your favourite city or town to visit during the off season? Depends on the time of year for the off-season, but I like to travel to places I’ve never been. I prefer warm weather, so if you have a nice beach, you’re my favorite place at that moment. 6. Are you a gamer? If so, do you play on Xbox, Playstation, or PC? What game are you currently playing? I play video games, although I’m not sure I’d wear the moniker “gamer” because my playing is fairly infrequent. I play on PC and Switch. Current games are Civilization 6 on PC and Mario Golf, Spiritfarer, and Animal Crossing on Switch. At some point in the future I plan on getting a new Xbox or PS5, but it might be a while before I do for various reasons.
  6. D - Battre Sandstrom @Ricer13you've got the next two picks
  7. I think players should automatically be moved up to the E the moment they reach 200 TPE. If the M is for development and members become developed, why make them stay locked in the development league for an entire season?
  8. I am in awe at the strength and courage you possess to write this and other things you've written. It hurts my heart to learn that you have been struggling. I need you to know that your words and actions serve as an inspiration to me. Thank you.
  9. Pistil Stamen - Scoring [SC]
  10. 1. It is now the off-season, and multiple trades and signings have been made already. Are you pleased with the moves the team has made so far? Yes I think it’s great to see this team making moves that make our team immediately stronger. It’s looking like we’ll have a stacked roster and no excuses. 2. Are there any other needs the team has that you think should be addressed before the start of S81? I think it goes without saying that we need to have strong goaltending to win it all. 3. What do you hope to achieve in S81? I want to win a cup. I don’t care much about my personal performance, but I expect to have another season with over 100 points. 4. What do you think has been the most surprising storyline in the NHL this season? I barely watch the NHL and don’t really follow what’s happening with any other team besides the Buffalo Sabres, so I guess how well Buffalo started? Also how well some of the players in Rochester are playing. 5. Who are your 2 current favourite athletes to watch? I’ve got to give it up to my boy Christian Pulisic, scoring a huge goal against Mexico in World Cup qualifying and Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills QB. 6. Are the Edmonton Oilers really as good this year as rory thinks? Well, I don’t really know what rory expects from Edmonton and I don’t really know how good they are. Regardless, I will side with my GM and say yes, Edmonton is as good as rory thinks.
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