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  1. Europe – last year finish: 1st place – returning players: 6 The defending champions look ready to win the whole thing again. They return 6 players from their gold medal winning team including their leading scorer, Maximilian Kirbsson. The main question for Europe will be, can goalie Owen May step up and match the MVP performance of JB Rift? Europe rode Rift’s incredible performance to victory last year. If they expect to win again this year, they’ll need a similar performance from May because, with 3 VHLM players, Europe’s defense is their biggest liability. Canada – last year finish: 2nd place – returning players: 2 Canada’s loss in last year’s final sent shockwaves throughout the hockey community. Canada had been so dominant in the World Juniors some thought it would be impossible for them to ever lose. With Canada only returning 2 players from their silver medal squad, this may be their toughest tournament yet. Word on the street is that some of Canada’s defenders might not even want to play hockey anymore. Canadians are hoping their selection to the national team will re-ignite their love of the sport. World – last year finish: 3rd place – returning players: unknown Global tensions are at an all-time high and this is evident in the fact the World team hasn’t even announced their roster. Will the people of the World set aside their differences, come together, and form a medal winning junior hockey team? It seems very unlikely. USA – last year finish: 4th place – returning players: 7 Outside of the locker room, expectations for team USA are muted. Last year’s overwhelming favorites underperformed and missed the podium. People are afraid to back a team the perennially underperforms. Inside the locker room, the team sounds confidant and ready to win it all. USA features 7 returning players including 2 from the all-tournament team, Kyson Blake and Dallas Jones. USA’s offense welcomes the addition of VHL rookie sensation Tegan Glover. Their defense features 4 VHL players and should make things easy on returning goalie Joe Nixon. Asia – last year finish: 5th place – returning players: 7 Asia had a tough tournament last year. Things don’t look too much better this year. Asia hopes the experience learned by their 7 returning players can bolster them to a podium finish. Top players Matthew Kai and Bald Guy will need to be at the top of the game for Asia to have a chance at getting a medal.
  2. Big win to climb past Malmo in the standings.
  3. Crimson with the Gordie Howe hat trick! Strong performance from Davos here. It's nice to have Finn back in net. This game might have been a loss if the backup were in.
  4. 1) Europe 2) World 3) USA MVP: Jack Lynch
  5. The lottery system that rewards any comment in any game thread is the cause of spam posts. Without the chance for reward, there would be no spam. I'd be interested to hear what those guidelines would be. I think it would be very difficult to create enforceable guidelines that would eliminate spam. It also would be a lot to ask of someone to be the judge of what's acceptable for a guideline-following, lottery-worth entry. It also doesn't help when league representatives create posts that highlight the slippery sloped nature of guidelines like This or This or This. Those posts are acceptable, but someone making a meaningless statement in every game thread to enter a lottery is somehow going to be stopped, even if there are guidelines?
  6. If the purpose of the lottery is to promote discussion in the game threads, it is failing miserably. If the purpose of the lottery is to give random people some free prizes, then the practice facility thread should be used to pick players to award the free prizes to, or create a separate thread specifically for lottery entries, or use an online form like trivia and VHLM pick 'em. There are better options for promoting discussions in game threads, like directly awarding TPE for comments that meet a specific criteria/word count. There are so many options for a better lottery system, with a small number being laid out in this thread and in other discussions. Even the current system could be improved with a more defined and monitored entry system. Almost anything is better than the current system. I think the lottery should be cancelled immediately until a better system is created. #FixTheLotteryByEndingIt
  7. New set of questions, choose 6 to answer: 1) After another week of similar results, Davos still sits around .500. What are your thoughts on this? 2) Davos has shuffled the lines multiple times over the season, with lines being changed again recently. Would you make any changes to the current line structure? 3) Do you think Davos should be looking into shaking things up by making a trade? 4) Veran Dragomir has become the clear scoring leader on the team with 19 goals and 30 points. What has his addition meant to this team? 5) Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen was promoted to the top line D. How do you feel about this change? 6) Davos took a bold strategy by playing their backup goalie games early in the season. Do you think this was a good decision? 7) Davos has now played at least 2 games against every team. Who is your favorite team to play against? 8 ) Which team do you hate to play against? 9) Have you developed any rivalries against opposing players? If so, who? If not, how come? 10) Now that Game of Thrones is over, what are you going to watch on TV?
  8. hmm, Davos' 4th line got worked here, registering a -3. Not really sure how that happened.
  9. Is it possible to give out something higher than the 1st star? If it is, Dragomir deserves that for his 4 goal performance this game.
  10. Hopefully the last action our backup goalie will see this season. Can't help but think this would have been a W with Finn in net.
  11. An extremely tight and close game. Helsinki's empty netter skews the end result a little. The net Corsi for this game was 0. Both teams had the exact same amount of shot attempts.
  12. I guess Davos got a wake up call from the last game against Helsinki. Really good win.
  13. Guess Davos was sleeping at the start of OT. Calgary scored 7 seconds into OT. Giving Calgary 10 powerplays, which lead to 3 PP goals sure didn't help us in this game.
  14. Thank you @GustavMattias for taking the time to write all this out. For those wanting to dive even deeper into this (and some different opinions than what is presented here), I strongly recommend checking out @Positivefan036's excellent analysis in these articles: