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  1. I'm applying. Ive helped Moscow's locker room and have a glowing personality
  2. Hello all. 1. WOOF, a rough start for the team as we sit mid table. Is this start what we'll expect out of the Menace? 2. Compared to last year at this time what is the hype level at? Is it better or worse? 3. Moscow wants to design a 3rd jersey and wants to know what you would make the third jersey if given a chance? 4. It's a tight race to begin the season, except for 1st place. Who do you see as the strongest Challenger to overthrow 1st? 5. What's the biggest improvement from last season? 6. If you got the opportunity to change one thing in the VHL, what would you change?
  3. 56 Helsinki Titans 57 Toronto Legion 58 Moscow Menace 59 New York Americans
  4. Hello! I'm Back! You know what to do. 1. The New Season is upon us what is your personal goal for this season? 2. Moscow looks primed to be playoff contenders. Are you willing to put down money on Moscow? 3. Is there a team you look forward to beating this season? 4. Early year prediction. Who wins the MVP for Moscow? 5. If there was a player in the NHL/VHL you model your play style after who is it? 6. What has been your greatest experience in the VHL/VHLM so far?
  5. Hey so as I move to a brand new home this week I've really been struggling to keep up with weekly requirements of the VHL, so moving forward I think it would be interesting for a few things to arise in the VHL. First, my thought is to have a weekly task moved to bi-weekly. Double the TPE earned while giving people an extra week to write articles. I think this reduces the workload of the VHL. Let's be honest, most of us on here are in school or have full time jobs. For me it's been hard to put up articles when I have a crap ton of other paper work to do. I think this also gives newer players a more forgiving requirement to jump into the league. Second, Is there a way for teams to select who they play in the playoffs? Also can we make it so conferences are dissolved in the playoffs? So Helsinki could have picked the lowest NA team if they so chose and the possibility of a Malmo, Moscow Cup Final is possible.
  6. Training camp has come as we sit on the doorstep of another VHL season. This time of the year can be overwhelming for the youth. Rookies have to adapt to the speed of the pros but are given some leeway due to their young age. Sometimes the sophomore and junior years are more stressful for players. The leeway to make mistakes gets shorter and fans begin to lose patience with their young stars. May is no different. The young goaltender is feeling the heat in Moscow. The second round pick had a shaky beginning to the season and the team brought in another goaltender. He'll be under much scrutiny with the upcoming season. Will May find a way to be the goalie of the future or will he be a bust and get run out of town? It's up to May if he continues to put in the work or not. May is not one to toot his own horn but he hasn't shied away from the mic this season. A fellow reporter was attempting to get under May's skin. The young goaltender attempted to keep his composure but found himself getting angrier with each question. The reporter asked if it was worth moving to Moscow with his future in the air. Eventually, an outburst ensured. "I just can't believe that my future is anyway up in the air. You come in here thinking you're smart. I've spent this past week trying to move my fiance to this country and it's bad enough I gotta do that while trying to earn my spot on this team. I've worked harder than most players and deserve to be given a fair chance. I apologize to everybody who has to sit here and listen to me rant but for once I just can't handle this guy. The reporter was then asked to leave and was escorted outside the team locker room. I was able to question May about what season he thought was harder. "I know we haven't even started this season yet but I'm definitely feeling the pressure to perform. With the team building for a cup run I don't want to bring this team down with sloppy play. I think I didn't show the level of play needed to be considered a quality goaltender." May's season wasn't the best rookie season but was nowhere near the worst. When asked why he's so hard on himself May seemed puzzled. "I think every great athlete needs to be hard on themselves. We're in an industry where the ones who don't commit themselves entirely to the game are belittled and ran out of town. Sure I could take the positives and run with it but I'm not that kind of guy. I need to keep addressing my weaknesses in hopes of becoming someone better. I may come off as a negative guy and some people might think I'm a negative voice in the locker room but that's how I honestly work and I love all my teammates.
  7. 1. Did you pay attention to the Vancouver vs Helsinki series in the VHL Finals? Did it go the way you expected? Not as much as I wanted but it definitely ended the way I thought it would. 2. What is the biggest off-season move in the VHL thus far? Trade/Signing/Draftee? I think the move to get Cast was the biggest move, it really gives Moscow a significant Boost 3. What are your thoughts on the S67 VHL Entry Draft? Do you know any of the members who were drafted to any of the teams? I haven't been able to follow the VHLM and have been off the grid for the offseason. 4. Moscow has made some serious roster changes this off-season. Do you think this makes the Menace a serious cup threat? I believe we are a cup threat. We have the offense to be number one in the league. 5. Which addition to the Menace lineup are you most excited about? Podrick Cast, Randoms, Vlad Pavlov or Roger Sterling? Why? Definitely Cast. He's definitely the strongest guy coming our way. Hopefully he gives us an edge over our competition. 6. S66 Moscow draftees Clarke, Vigneault, Gabella, and Tocco will be joining the roster in S67. What advice do you have for the rookies? Don't pay attention to the stats. Just keep working to get better
  8. You're having a laugh if you think I'm even bringing my equipment
  9. Holy Shit. MA I MADE IT
  10. Gold: Canada Silver: USA Bronze: World