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  1. 1) It's really tough to say. As a player I really want to make the playoffs with this squad but we have some weak points and allow too many goals. I understand if management wants to bolster their future at the cost of this season. Either way, I'm grateful for my time in this city. 2) I think we have elite offense that has the ability to knock anyone down from their perch. It shows on the draft rankings where we have a few players in the top 20. 3) Being 5th in the league for most categories is actually a bit frustrating. I know I've put the work in but to not see the results bugs me. 4) It's been an enjoyable place to be. I've really enjoyed my time with everyone and hope I get to spend some more time with these guys 5) I'm really excited to be a part of a team that represents my country, and also to face my birth country. I know I probably won't play but I plan to enjoy the experience. 6) I always bring my music. I can't go anywhere without it. My mood typically depends on music. I always make sure to have my warm up playlist up before gametime
  2. I think it would make it less of a headache minus every 4 years when everything resets. I would also volunteer to organise all of that.,I wouldn't mind taking on that headache but I understand what you are saying. I think I'm ok with Dual citizenship in emergency situations. and I understand the TPE, makes sense.
  3. As a fairly new member of the site I have done my best to stay out of complex conversations because well, I don't know the ropes. However, something that caught my attention was the process involving the GM selection process at the WJC. Lots of ideas have popped into my head and I would like to ask the general population what they would like to do. This article is meant to spur conversation into making changes to how we run this site and future development of communication to the new generations. I've been on this site for a couple of months and it almost feels like a caste system. I know my GM and my team. I feel like an untouchable, the people who have been here longer seemed annoyed with anything said by players who have less experience. I didn't even know about the WJC GM selection until days later when I checked my discord. Something that big should be informed to the masses. I'm glad one of my teammates was selected but I would have also appreciated a chance to throw my hat in the ring (despite the lack of experience). So I'd like to address some ideas: The Implementation of Committees: In real life, every country has a committee that selects the country's GM and then the GM picks the Coach. While I would like the idea of implementing a coaching system, that's a topic for another day. So my overall proposal is that every team is granted a committee as opposed to one committee selecting all GM's. These committees will be three people who have played out at least three full seasons in the VHL. It will be a job that is a capped 2 TPE towards their players. To select these committees, I believe there should be an election. A separate topic can be created where a neutral party can hold a press conference for candidates to campaign (would count as Press Conference for the week). Then a Google Doc poll can be created, just like the ones @Josh. has been making for the VHLM Predictions (10/10). Everyone will be tagged in this thread and will be rewarded 1 Uncapped TPE for participation in the election. Candidates can run for multiple countries but can not be hired for more than one. Every Four WJC the Committees can be voted upon once again unless ran unopposed. GM Selection: Once committees have been set up they are then free to select a GM. Here's where things get extra spicey. So for the WJC I propose it to be a complete amateur showcase. That means all GM's being people who have not completed more than one season in the VHL and have zero managerial experience except possibly being an AGM. I think this brings some more fun to the competition rather than having seasoned vets who understand the simming principles. The World Cup these restrictions would be lifted but I would also like to see the use of committees at the Pro level. To entice people to take the GM role seriously I propose the job pay 6 Capped TPE. If the committee decides to move on from the current GM he can be bought out at a price of 3 capped TPE. If the entire committee believes that the GM was negligent in his role, the player must forfeit their next week's TPE. I believe the introduction of a high risk- high reward system would put more of competitiveness into the competition. No Dual Citizenship: I believe players should not have the ability to switch nations until their removal from WJC eligibility. And they must make a one-time selection once they're introduced to the WC. Basically, in simplest terms, I declared as Swiss even though I was born in the U.S. I can not switch my nationality representation until I have been entered into the pro world cup. I believe this prevents stacking and cliques trying to stay together. Have some fun, losing is part of the experience. Forsberg faced Sakic many of times. I like my teammates and my GM but there's some fun to be had going against them as well. The Decrease in TPE Limit: As a VHLM player, my TPE sits at about 145. Not good overall, but decent, considering the amount of time I've been on this site. I've maxed out every week except my first week because I claimed Welfare not understanding the system. However, I will be facing players that are near 350 TPE. Which is completely ridiculous. I believe it should be brought down to 275TPE at least. This will create a more equal playing field for players. A lot of players who are new but have been getting their full weekly TPE are being left out while people on their 3rd or 4th character are hopped up onto the first line. Let other people have some fun. If you're trying to entice new people to stick around, putting them on the back burner doesn't exactly make a great business model. Final Thoughts: These are not the end all to end all. Its to open discussion on how to improve the experience on this website. Some of my thoughts may already be happening too and if they are I'm sorry. Also, I wouldn't mind these principles being implemented into the VHL as well. I like the idea of a GM being fired. Rather than the same people hold power, open the door for others who want to have a chance at managing a VHL team. Have the current GM's or just the long-standing ones be moved up into an owner role where you run operations for a designated amount of seasons unless you "sell the team" to somebody else. Also, have we ever thought about moving the sim system to NHL? Give some visual representation? I understand the difficulty and time consumption as we would need a complete overhaul of the rating system. So for another time then Thank you for your time this has been my TED Talk. WC: 1004 Claiming as Media Spot Week ending 3/24 and 3/31
  4. New York Americans Seattle Bears Riga Reign Helinski Titans
  5. Review- Make sure to only bold headings. Would like to see you make it more of a cohesive unit. Maybe talk about the skaters as one section and separate the goalies. Hope to see more of you around
  6. Review- I'd like to become a gm someday. But I like your article, felt very realistic. Good Luck on the rest of your season.
  7. Review- I like what you're doing here. Well written. I would suggest adding a picture of one of them not all 5 (Would be too much imo). Also a little salty no Bulls are on this list but I understand why
  8. Review- Good information, I assume you've written the Biography and if you haven't you really should. I would be a bigger fan if you put the stats in a graph or something, make it easier to find. Good luck on your career.
  9. Review- Biographies are the hardest review for me because they typically dull on and have the same basic story. This one was very easy to read. Always like the boy who got inspiration from their childhood heroes. Also entertain the idea of a trade lol
  10. Review- I read the whole thing and just the amount of grammatical errors had me sighing and then I saw your disclaimer. For the first time writing a story in English, it's very well done. For future reference I would put your disclaimer at the beginning of the story
  11. Where would I put my team? Portland! Where do I wanna see a team? Mexico City Logo Ideas Portland Beavers - Angry beaver chewing through hockey stick (bipedal) looks almost like a penguins/sharks logo mashed Colors: Green, Brown, Orange Mexico City Desperados Sunset circular logo with Desperado looking down. Colors: Green, white, Red
  12. VHL.COM~ Houston, TX By: Gloria Borger II If you have been following my articles on the young goaltender Owen May, you know the hard work he's put into the opportunity to play in the VHL. However, an outsider may not see anything special in the young man. Frustration had been boiling over as of late for May, but this week has seen a jump in overall play. In total May has a .870 save percentage and has a goal against average of 3.33. Nothing that stands out to the naked eye. Those numbers resulted in May being 7th in Save Percentage and 5th in Goals Against Average. May moves up to 6th in save percentage if you remove the tender who has appeared in two games for the Las Vegas Aces. One stat has proved to be in May's favor, Shutouts. While May is quik to credit his defense for the recorded shutouts it can't be said that his influence hasn't been present. Since his outburst at practice a week ago, May has played exceptionally well. Against the Yukon Rush May saved 30 of 33 shots, against the Wild 24 of 26 shots, and against Yukon all 22 shots. It appears as though May's Save Percentage could rise, resulting in his team winning some more difficult games.