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  1. 1. With a new season comes hope! What are your expectations for the 66th season of the VHL. Being in the sophomore season of an expansion team, I hope we can build new some traditions and shape our team identity for future seasons. 2. What is a personal goal you'd like to achieve this year? Ideally I would like to hit .5 ppg, but I just want to put up a solid rookie season that I can build on. 3. What is a team goal you'd like to see the boys accomplish? I want to see us win 10 games at least, or maybe not finish last this season. Any signs of improvement compared to last season would be awesome. 4. Share an experience you've had with the folks from Moscow, what are some similarities and differences? The language barrier has been a big difference, lots of hand gesturing and confusion. 5. If your new to the team, what excited you the most when you were drafted/traded or signed to Moscow? If you're not new, is there someone who's new to the squad you're interested in playing with? I was excited to be a part of a team that I could help build and grow with. I was part of an expansion team in Houston and help manage one right now, so I think expansion teams are meant for me. 6. If you could pick a goal song for the Menace, what would it be and why? The 7th Element by Vitas, just look it up and you'll see why.
  2. I think there should still be a limit on how many times you can be entered if this is the case, because then people could spend all day commenting and they would comment serveral times on threads with more spam. It's the reason theres a cap on tpe you can earn in a week, so people can't just no life it and force anyone who wants to compete to have to put in an astronomical amount of work.
  3. Aside from the spam instead of discussion argument, I think this also forces everyone else to take the time to go through every thread and make meaningless comments just to be able to compete. We then end up having alot of members (me included) who otherwise would've had the lottery encourage them to comment on a few threads when they think of something meaningful to say, who now see no point in commenting on anything knowing they have no chance when there are guys who comment on literally everything who will most likely win the lottery every time. I think it actually discourages anyone who has a meaningful comment to say anything. I think a good solution would be to have everyone who comments on a certain number of game threads (like 3 or something) be entered into the lottery one time, and then pick a random winner out of everyone.
  4. Moscow Malmo Moscow Vancouver
  5. EASTERN CONFERENCE (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (WC1) Carolina Hurricanes Winner: Boston # of Games: 6 WESTERN CONFERENCE (C3) St. Louis Blues vs. (P2) San Jose Sharks Winner: San Jose # of Games: 6
  6. Hello there @Viknegar I'm Radcow, AGM of the Mississauga Hounds, one of the VHLM's new expansion teams this season. At the moment, we have the best goalie of the draft class and some great forwards, but one piece is missing: defense! If you sign with Mississauga, We can guarantee you'll be placed on our top 4, and if you're active, I can pretty much guarantee you'll crack the top line (you would just need to earn a mere 2 tpe). If this sounds good to you, feel free to quote this offer and say "accepted" with it so our GM @GustavMattias can offer you a contract on the portal. Good luck this season, and feel free to ask me if you have any questions! -Rad