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  1. That's not very yeettastic of you.
  2. Saskatoon should've dropped a yeetdab
  3. Player Information Username: Radcow Player Name: Yeet Dabbersson Recruited From: Other (Why do I gotta put somerthing here) Age: 19 Position: D Height: 65 in. Weight: 250 lbs. Birthplace: Thailand Player Page @VHLM GM
  4. Radcow

    MIN/MSH: S67

  5. Applying, I dont think I need to list all my credentials as i did that the last two times I applied and I'm sure you guys already know anyway, but I'd love to get my chance to gm and I won't disappoint. Good luck to everyone else who applies as well!
  6. I'll apply. Current commissioner of wjc, so I know some of the ropes already. Would love to get more league jobs.
  7. I would like to apply. I have experience with sths from agming for @GustavMattias and have tried to take as active of a role as possible. I'm ready for my shot to GM.
  8. 295 Helsinki 296 Toronto 297 Helsinki 298 Moscow
  9. I want to apply. I know I may be newer, but you guys hired @GustavMattias and look at how well that's going. I have sths experience from being the hounds AGM as well as being a WJC commissioner this season, and I'm hoping for my shot to gm. Good luck to everyone who applies, I'm sure this will be a tough decision.
  10. ST. LOUIS BLUES vs. BOSTON BRUINS Winner: St. Louis Blues # of games: 4