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  1. efiug

    F O M B A

    oh thats crazy what a coincidence
  2. shl kinda sucks tbh theres this guy called efiug there and he's really weird. id reccomend it if not for him
  3. is it against the rules to be a communal backup in the vhl? like basically i want to play for every european vhl team and just have them trade for me when they need their backup games done. like im lowkey just trying to play for every team at least once but im a goalie and being a goalie is like really poopy because you can only play one goalie at a time but yeah. basically i want to play for every team. only in europe though fuck the NA conference i will never play for a team in the NA conference if i even get drafted by one im instantly retiring no cap. anyways this isn't againt the rules right so basically this needs to happen. riga gets first dibs though bc those guys drafted me i think and they are pretty chill. yeah so anyways im playing for everyone in europe, yeah even davos. if i dont play for every team im gonna cry and post it on the forums and yall will feel bad so basically dont do that yeah. thanks again everyone and look forward to me playing on your team in the future only if you are europe though. also im in the vhlm right now so basically i have to wait until im vhl ready you know. anyways thanks every im glad we could work this out.
  4. efiug

    F O M B A

    wait is that carey price i hate carey price
  5. im really just a piece of ham in a bacon world. damn.

  6. i just learned that the vhl logo spells vhl thats neat. augh!
  7. 1. Currently we're on a 4 win streak, what have you been doing to help this win streak? Now it's a 6 game streak, I've had a lower GAA and the team has been scoring a bunch. I've been making more saves when i have to and thats really helped the team out 2. Who do you think is the most underrated on the team? Someone like Crush Cile or Dylan Carpenter who is just an absolute puck magnet. as a goaltender players who block shots are my best friends 3. Mississauga is moving up on us, how can we keep them at bay? We could lose every game from here on out and mississauga wouldn't pass us. I don't really see the as much of a threat, there is a 19 point gap between us and as long as we keep winning like we have then that number is going to grow. 4. There's been a lot of talk about expansion lately. Where would you like to see a team? Personally a team a little closer to home, anywhere in France would be a good choice and i have plenty of good memories playing there when i was younger. 5. Are there any moves you think management should make coming up at the trade deadline? Not particularly, we seemed to have shored up our defense problem and we have some good recent success. Maybe if management can work some magic and get us someone amazing for cheap but that doesn't happen often. 6. In more somber news, Saskatoon's GM passed away IRL. Did you have any interactions or memories of Elmebeck you'd like to share? I did not know Elmebeck personally but from the accounts of people that did know him he seemed like an amazing fellow.
  8. what the fuck a gustav effect augh!
  9. my kidney hurt really damn bad


  10. okay how do you stop winning the day though? 🤔