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  1. wow wait i dont even cost anything to the team im gonna cup chase forever
  2. salad underwear.

  3. applied. everyone else doesnt need to bother applying since im getting the job.
  4. gustav has had plenty of time to turn davos into a chariot. hes had the reigns for enough time to make you question if he really took the right path. even still davos is maybe the 6th,7th, or 8th best vhl team in switzerland. they are called the dynamo but they cant get the wheels turning. gustav is a great guy but cups dont just go to the great guys. there is an art to gming and there is a certain pizazz you need to get a teams engine going and i cant say rightly in my mind that gustav has that pizazz.
  5. corndog pasta

  6. really makes you ponder society.
  7. tried to change my pfp and it broke the site why is the vhl so confusing.

    1. efiug


      hahaha i fixed it. take that liberals.