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  1. 1. We are at about the third season mark. What teams are most likely going to face off in the next Founder's Cup final? Minnesota against Halifax seems most likely, but I'm not ruling out the Aces. 2. What is one trade you'd like your trade to do at this moment? Could we get a defense at any point, please? 3. The 3rd World Junior Championship Commissioner was just hired (congrats Frostbeard), meaning the S65 WJC is about to start. Do you think you have what it takes to represent your nation? Yeah, why not. 4. Who are your early favourites to win some awards in the VHLM? MVP, best two-way forward, best defenseman, best goalie? You can look past Saskatoon, that's for sure. 5. What's one song that you listen to before stepping on the ice, that will inevitably pump you up and get you ready for action? I stopped listening to music after countless losses. 6. Describe your VHLM team's General Manager and/or Assistant to the General Manager in 3 words. Drink the kool-aid.
  2. Rookie right winger Emil Passerelli seemed rather annoyed following Saskatoon’s latest loss against the expansion team Philadelphia Reapers, as evidenced by his chilly response to a question as to what is going wrong. “While I may not know if this is the root of all of our problems, I do feel as though the lines we’ve been using in this last stretch of games are asinine. I’m doing my absolute damnedest to help lift this hockey club to the heights I know it can reach, but when I’m relegated to third line minutes I can only do so much.” In regards to a follow-up question about what’s being done to change the Wild’s fortune, Passerelli had this to say. “The topic has been broached in the locker room and I’m hoping that lines change going forward. I can do so much more. We can do so much more. Losing day in and day out is crushing to morale. It’s time to turn it around.” This exasperation comes after the Italian-American put up only three points in six games played, all of which were goals. Only one question remains. Can they turn it around?
  3. 1. How would you describe the locker room atmosphere after Saskatoon’s rough start, then compared to the atmosphere now after the Wild’s win streak? It's been a bit cyclical with a downward trend, hasn't it? Bad stretch, good stretch, bad stretch... But the second bad stretch won't end. The locker room is subdued, to say the least. 2. Saskatoon currently sits third overall in the standings, are you satisfied with that position after a terrible start? I was satisfied with it, but then we fell like a boulder in a lake. We need to get it back, and fast. 3. The top lines have been extremely productive, in fact Saskatoon’s offense is ranked first in the VHLM, so who would you say is the greatest offensive weapon for Saskatoon? I have to go with Jagr, purely because he has the most points of our top line, but that entire top line is a sight to behold. I hope to get to that productivity level shortly enough. 4. Defensively, however, the team is struggling. How would you change - if you could - defensive strategies to reduce Jaundice’s workload? Simplest solution would be to improve our defensemen, either by trading for better ones or whipping ours into shape. If nothing else, the forwards need to start working on getting back into our zone and doing a bit of defending ourselves. Juan can only do much when he's got shots hitting him left and right. 5. For a team that didn’t draft in the first or second rounds, is Saskatoon’s position in the standings surprising? Back when we were up in promising playoffs positions, maybe. Now that we've fallen back down, I think we're doing about as bad as expected, to be honest. Only way out is up, so we need to get to it. 6. What do you think of your management's effort in developing you as a prospect and an individual? As a prospect, my stat line is only above average, I'd say. That's not management's fault, though, unless better partners on my line can make me do better. As an individual, I feel like I'm making a ton of progress; maybe I can start being the second-line leader that the team needs soon. I'll need to try, for sure.
  4. A frustrated Emil Passerelli answered a few questions after the Saskatoon Wild’s fourth straight defeat. When asked about what went wrong in the latest loss against Halifax, the young left winger forced a smile. “Well, when we let them drop three on us in the opening fifteen minutes it’s difficult to get out of that hole, you know? Doesn’t help that I was invisible that game. There’s no one I blame more for our loss than myself. I could always defend better, shoot better, pass better. Maybe if I had, we would’ve won. Trust me, it pisses me off.” Following a question about the slide the Wild have been on as of late, Passerelli ruefully shook his head. “You know how hockey is; it’s a game of streaks. Right now we just happen to be on a losing streak. We’ll dig ourselves out, don’t you worry. The boys are fired up and want to win, it’s just a matter of how bad we want it.” We’ll see if the New Yorker’s words ring true when we see Saskatoon’s upcoming bout with the Minnesota Storm.
  5. 1. After one long offseason, season 65 has finally started. What do you think of your team's performance in these first couple of sims? If I had to describe Saskatoon's start in one word I think I'd say potential. Tons of potential. We may not end up champions at the end of the season, but you're going to see a lot of growth from the boys, mark my words. 2. How is the ambiance in your locker room after these sims? We try to stay grounded. Some games go poorly and some games go extremely well. We celebrate the successes and pore over the losses. We're professional, but we know how to have fun. 3. Which team do you like playing against more than others? At the moment it's gotta be Ottawa. With how much we've played them already, our squads are developing something of a rivalry. 4. Season has just started, so the VHL Entry Draft might be hard to predict right now, but in what round do you think you'll be taken? People like confidence, right? First round, no doubt. 5. Besides hockey, obviously, what other sports do you like to play casually or watch? I enjoy watching and playing soccer as well as watching football. 6. What's your game day routine? What do you eat before games? Depends on if it's an early game or not! If it's early I'm eating a good breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast and sausage. If it's later in the day, I'll eat a hoagie and some fries, maybe some pizza with the guys. I'm not exactly on a diet, if you can't tell.
  6. 21 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace 22 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers 23 Toronto Legion @ HC Davos Dynamo 24 Seattle Bears @ New York Americans
  7. The Saskatoon Wild’s preseason could have gone better. In fact, it couldn’t have gone much worse. Three losses and one shootout loss, with Saskatoon losing each game by at least three goals (minus, of course, the SO loss). One point from four games is never a good look in the regular season, and hopefully the Wild can look back on their preseason blunders and fix some of the issues. Regardless of this, today we’ll be looking at left winger Emil Passerelli’s individual performances. In Saskatoon’s first preseason game against the Houston Bulls, Passerelli opened up the scoring one minute into the first period after picking up the puck following a blocked shot from teammate Rusty Shackleford. Unfortunately, that would be the last time that Passerelli would find the net in the game. The New York native ended the game with one goal from five shots, two of which were on target. Passerelli also earned a minor for high-sticking. The game ended in a 6-2 loss. Against the Ottawa Lynx in their second game, the left winger earned neither a goal nor an assist. He ended the game with four shots, three of which were on target. The Wild fell 6-2 once more, to a different opponent. The Wild’s third preseason game was against the Minnesota Storm, ending in a shootout. During regulation, Emil was unable to score himself, but did assist John Perdue. He ended the game with one assist and nine shots (five on target). The left winger did not participate in the shootout. The game finished 5-4. In the final game of the Wild’s S65 preseason, they matched up against the defending champions of the VHLM, the Las Vegas Aces. In this high-scoring affair, Passerelli assisted John Perdue in the second period, along with scoring the final goal of the game sixteen minutes into the third. He ended the night with two points from five shots, four of which were on target, along with one minor for tripping. Saskatoon lost 8-5. Emil Passerelli’s preseason stats are as follows: Five points from four games (three goals, two assists), with twenty-three shots and a +/- of 0. Here’s hoping that the young left winger can keep improving and head into the regular season strong. (374 words)
  8. Emil Passerelli - Saskatoon Wild - Craig Smith