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  1. 1) Our defense has been unstoppable, but our offense has been hit or miss. What do you think is the key to success on the offensive side of the puck? It's been hit and miss, but we've still been bringing home the W's so we can't be too concerned. We've been toying with the lines trying to find that sweet spot and I think we'll find it here soon! 2) All-star votes will no doubt start showing up in a few weeks. Who's your early Helsinki favorite for the nod? Borwinn and Montgomery are in the mix with point totals and the way they've been playing so far this season and the impact they've been making on the ice should certainly get them some ballot love. Peppers is also a no brainer with his shutdown goal tending thus far. 3) What does your ideal Helsinki alternate jersey look like? It would have to be something mainly light blue, probably something similar to the Pittsburgh Penguins light blue jersey. 4) We've been able to maintain our spot at the top of the standings. How do you like our chances for the Victory Cup, for the best overall record in the league? I think our chances are great at this point, no one else seems to be gunning us down as of now, we've also been firing on all cylinders and playing well in both ends and in the crease, this season is looking all Helsinki still! 5) What is your player usually doing during their day off? Relaxing first and foremost, probably take a dip in the hot tub and play some video games. I usually like to follow that up with a light jog in the afternoon before dinner time. 6) Who have been some of your favorite line mates so far this year? It's been fun playing with our other rookie Ludvig, really like what I see from him and look forward to a long future of playing with him by my side! I have also love playing with Montgomery since he's been the type to bail me out a few times when I get over aggressive in the offensive zone, he keeps us in the game and lets our offense try to pressure more and generate some goal scoring.
  2. 1.) USA 2.) Canada 3.) Europe 4.) Bert Meyers
  3. I'll throw my name in. I am a US player, but if US is not an option I'd be willing to GM any team or AGM with a newer GM who may want some help.
  4. Johnny Havenk Carison - G Shawn Glade - D @Phil Last pick, make it a good one!
  5. 1) Currently, the Titans are only a single point out of first place in the league. How does it feel to be at the top of the pack? It feels damn good and I'm not ready to come down from this anytime soon! 2) Do we have what it takes to surpass Riga and claim 1st for ourselves? The way Peppers and our veterans are playing I would certainly say so, and our rookies are also stepping up and contributing to help bring home some of those tough road W's. 3) Dan Montgomery currently sis in first for both assists and points as a defenseman. How crucial has he been to Helsinki's success so far? This guy is the glue that keeps the team together and his defense is second to none, I think Peppers could attest to this! 4) Who's your early favorite for the season MVP, given what we've seen? I'd say it's a little to early to say, but there is a decent sized group that has separated themselves from the masses. I think over the next week or two a few will start to separate themselves even further. 5) Now that everyone has had a few games to shake off the offseason rust, do you think we've settled into midseason form? Do we have more to show? I think our goaltending and defense is firing on all cylinders. Our offense has produced enough to keep us at the top, but I believe we have some more in the tank and it will start to show here any game. 6) Which team do you hate playing the most this season? No one in particular has really stood out to me or rubbed me the wrong way yet, but now that the season is starting to take shape and teams are finding their place in the standings I think some teams might find themselves on my shit-list.
  6. As Helsinki and Davos took the ice after the 2nd intermission the scoreboard was reading 2-1 in favor of the Dynamo. You could see a fire burning inside the Titans as the 1st line took the ice for the start of the period. The players must've been listening to the coaches in the locker room because only 1:23 into the period Slade retrieved a loose puck and found Dan Montgomery, who skated it into the Davos zone and launched a rocket for the equalizer, 2-2! This rubbed the Dynamo the wrong way and Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen grabbed a blocked shot off of Kronos Bailey and found the upper corner over Peppers blocker for the go-ahead-goal, 3-2 Davos in the driver's seat again! For the next 13 minutes Davos did an impeccable job of keeping the Titan's at bay and away from Finn's crease. In one last move of desperation Helsinki pulled Pepper's with 2 minutes remaining. At this instance Davos sensed blood in the water and it was on. In the next 20 seconds Davos would record 3 hits on Helsinki players, each time causing them to lose possession. With 1:10 left in the period Bert Meyers retrieved a loose puck after Dan Montgomery was hit by Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen in the Davos zone. Meyers pulled the puck backhand as he skated through the middle of the Davos zone and slide the game-tying-goal just past Finn's skate to tie things at 3 a piece. Peppers returned to net and the stadium and players could sense the impending overtime period that was about to ensue. Fast-forward :25 seconds to Bert Meyers' next shift, with :41 left in regulation, he wins a Davos zone face off back to Dan Montgomery. From the point Dan survey's the ice and sees Bert open off the draw and slides one right into Meyers' wheelhouse for a one-time chance! GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL! Meyers goes right under the glove of Davison for the game-winning-goal and his second goal in :30 seconds to steal this one right from under the nose of the Davos Dynamo and an onslaught and flurry of obscenities polluted the air on both the Davos bench and their home stadium.
  7. I created this graphic a few days ago to claim the week of 5/13 - 5/19, can I submit this one? It was created 1-2 days ago? @Motzaburger
  8. @Bushito updated it here for you if you want to copy and paste to update on the top of the thread