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  1. At the start of this season Bert Meyers was turning heads and racking up the points left and right, while getting solid ice time on the 2rd and 3rd line. Enough points to keep him in the "Top 5 Rookie" spotlight for about half of this season. These stats and effort level didn't go unnoticed by the coaches, management or the opposition and Bert Meyers started seeing some increases in ice time, making some appearances on both the power play and the penalty kill. He was maintaining a face off percentage a bit above 500 and was quite the factor on the ice. It only made sense to try him out on the top line as soon as Helsinki hit a rough patch on easy street as they were used to stringing together some impressive runs and really setting themselves apart from the rest of the league at the top of the standings. Now with Bert Meyers manning the face off circle for the 1st line his production has hit a rapid decline and he hasn't seen the likes of the "Top 5 Rookies" chart since. When asked his feelings on this move and the fall from "Rookie Grace" he replied, "this is where the team needs me right now and the top rookie spot doesn't hold a candle to the thoughts of helping lift this team to a Continental cup at the end of this terrific season. Personal success has always been of lesser importance to me than team success, after all we are here to win games and cups, not personal records and accolades." 266 Words
  2. 1) Be honest- Pepper or HSK G? Peppers, no doubt! 2) The end of the season is nigh, and playoffs are just around the corner. Are you more focused on the current games, or the ones to come in the postseason? Gotta stay in the moment, can't get caught day dreaming out there! 3) Right now, Borwinn leads the league in points (70) and Thompson leads the league in goals (35). What makes these guys so good at what they do? Work ethic, if you saw these two at practice and the amount of time and effort they put forth day in and day out, there would be no doubt it your mind why they're they best at what they do. 4) Lately, the team has suffered some pretty close games/losses to teams they should be beating. Are you worried? It happens to the best of teams at some point in the season, we just have to regroup and focus up here when it matters most. 5) Which is more important - offense or defense - and why? Defense, good defense will create more offensive opportunities! 6) Who've you got- Bruins or Blues? Don't like Boston but hate St. Louis, so LETS GO CHARA!
  3. 295 Helsinki Titans @ Malmo Nighthawks 296 Toronto Legion @ Calgary Wranglers 297 New York Americans @ Helsinki Titans 298 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace
  4. 1) Six games, six wins in a row. How are the Titans keeping things so hot in Finland? Distributing the puck and playing as a team, the chemistry this team has on and off the ice is second to none. 2) The Finnish national team recently brought home an IIHF Gold Medal, is that a motivator for the VHL Titans? Oh hell yea, they got the nations attention and got them going now that's carrying over into our fan base and really getting our stadium rocking during game night. 3) What's been your strangest interaction with a fan? I've had some fans asking to be my Ernie, those wind up to be some crazy conversations about them wanting to pursue living arrangements and trying to buy me a pet pigeon Maurice.... 4) Up until now, what's been your favorite moment as a player in the VHL/VHLM? I think to date it would have to be my first VHLM hat trick, that really was the turning point for me in the VHLM and everything has been all systems go since. 5) If you could give the Titans a goal song, what would it be? Jerk It Out 0- Caesars 6) If the VHL were to hold a special outdoor game, who would you give it to and where? Why not give the VHL fans what they want, a #1 v #2 matchup, Helsinki v Riga. As far as location I think it would be fun to play at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium!
  5. Updated graphic below........