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  1. He traded for me then signed me to a long term deal verdict: No brain lol
  2. @Victor This song sucks if you want a good number one song there's only 1.
  3. If Doom doesn't vote today it doesn't matter right? So nothing happens I guess.
  4. Or vote serial killer and town also whateva.
  5. I vote with the Mafia. I made a play on Devise right at start Eagles thought it would be hilarious. Jericho backed me up with other help from mafia probably and I got the win right at start. That is how I have to vote. Vote Town
  6. To be honest I got the win and haven't paid much attention let me know what is happening tomorrow in a recap.
  7. Why can't we all just be friends in this town?
  8. My only not 1st or 2nd finish yet. I think it might have something to do with taking our group 25% into season to finish people started scalping good players instead of using previous year info.
  9. The absolute nerve of some people. Why I never!
  10. Sorry been playing league as discord can verify. Vote Devise Leaving for dinner bb in like 30-1hour.
  11. I think MMFlex is Lying but I believe Devise is also lying with Jericho. Eagles probably put the Pajodcast as all baddies. There is so much lying going on right now its hilarious. Devise: Your target is suspicious! Vote Devise
  12. B/c eagles tagged me don't know what this is but I'm in.
  13. Kyl Oferson - F @Esso2264
  14. G - Woody McPine @Acydburn x2
  15. F - Rhynex Entertainment @Esso2264
  16. F - Onde Sandstrom @Acydburn x2
  17. Alex Letang - D @Esso2264
  18. Erik Killinger - D @Acydburn 2 picks
  19. 1. Probably should have traded for Defenz Mann sooner. 2. Gotta be STZ or the GM. STZ started around the time I was last super active and GM plays some LoL. 3. Feed Mann the puck. 4. Probably some scrub that isn't worth his weight in TPE. 5. Slack off and collect welfare. 6. Ice Cream.
  20. Must defend the crown.
  21. Calgary just got fleeced.
  22. 1. Free TPE no point tasks theme. 2. The old Toronto Legion just b/c that was my first GM team. 3. What is the VHLM? 4. Defenz Mann 5. Buffalo & Vasteras 6. A trade of my player possibly incoming