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  1. 1. Who would you ask to help you if your muscles froze up after a workout and you couldn't move? Call the medics from the team, as simple as that 2. Name something you gave a nickname to that is work-related, what nickname did you give it? My stick is called Frostbeard, cuz he's a stong independant stick 3. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been as part of your hockey career? When I first visited Moscow when I got drafted by them, a beautiful place. 6. Who is the Philly GOAT (Greatest of all Time?) Frostbeard of course, ez 8. What is one thing you refuse to share? Frostbeard, my stick! 9. If you could make a rule for the Reapers and everyone had to follow it, what would it be? Post a least one thing in the LR each day
  2. 1. How do you think the reapers are doing this season? We are rocking it, as expected with such a stacked team 3. The reapers are having a bake sale for charity, what are you baking? I will bake some cookies made with a fruit from northern quebec called chicoutai. 4. What is the one think that could make our LR better? Obviously a french channel... 6. Your one piece of advice for a new member. Don't be afraid to talk in the LR, we all love new people! Don't be afraid about Frostbeard, he's a kind guy. 8. What is the once piece of equipment that would affect your game the most if you were forced to change it? My stick, it is perfect, just the right flex and the right curve, long enough to have a good reach, I can't change that. It is too important. 10. YOur personal best and goals for the future. Would love to make a big impact positively in the Moscow Menace roster! 12. Pic a fictional character that would represent your players personality in on the ice Bonus one, I would pick the lobster in sponge bob.
  3. 1-The VHL Draft has happened, were you surprised to see players go to certain teams? Got to say that I am really happy to be part of Moscow's organization. To say I was surprised, no not really, we had high expectation my VHLM teammates and me, and we were delighted to see that everyone was being drafted. 2- We also voted for team captain, what do you think of the way the vote was blind? Wouls you change that for next season? I liked the blind vote a lot, gave a voice to the newer player. I might change the vote to 3 vote per person just so they can choose their captain and their 2 assistants. 3-Reapers are picking a Mascot this season, How would you narrow down the choices? I would just narrow the suggestion to what represent this team the most. As simple as that. 4-Who is your new locker room buddy, who are you saving the locker next to you for? @FrostBeard is obviously my LR bud, he's such a nice guy, even tho he might tell you that I am a little bit weird picking hairs, but what he doesn't tell you is that he helps me doing it quite a few times a year, I mean, that's how nice he is to other people! 5- Why did you pick your jersey number? Birth date, no real signification apart from that. 7-Worst topping to put on a pizza? Let's say that people that like Hawain pizza need to go to jail.