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  1. Only positive is a second goal for Edward this season wooo
  2. 1-What were you doing when the Bus broke down? I was playing Mario Odyssey and it made me waste a life, I hate this bus for this now. 2-Favorite team activity we do on the bus? Playing cards, playing Mario Odyssey and not wasting a life for a bus. 4-Who Brings the best snacks on the bus and do they share? I always bring my famous cookies, and there's no way I'm gonna share those babies. 5-Who has the best survival skills on the team? Born in northern quebec, I can get around in the woods easily. 7-How would you blend with a native tribe if you were lost in the middle of Canada? Nope, not at all, I would be recognizable 2 km away. 8-How did management deal with the issue? Gorlab always bring some tools in his suitcase for some reason, he was the man of the situation.
  3. They are gone by now, I cook some more as soon as I get home
  4. 291 Vancouver Wolves @ Calgary Wranglers 292 Riga Reign @ Toronto Legion 293 Malmo Nighthawks @ HC Davos Dynamo 294 Helsinki Titans @ Moscow Menace
  5. 231 Moscow Menace @ Seattle Bears 232 HC Davos Dynamo @ Riga Reign 233 Calgary Wranglers @ New York Americans 234 Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans