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  1. Welcome @Brewins15 to Malmo, hopefully you will have a truly lengthy and fun career with us here! Nighthawks are proud to have you onboard Thanks @GustavMattias, you are a lovely chap.
  2. @hedgehog337, awesome team you have built there and super happy Riga won! Awesome stuff! And to all Calgary players and staff, you did an amazing run and it has to said that your team has a truly bright future and we will surely see you around!
  3. Malmo Nighthawks AGM Announcement! As a strong opponent to the necessity to have an AGM I have decided to hire an advisor. His role on the team is more or less to talk to me about my trade ideas, plans, what I think is the best for the team, to counter my opinion, support it and in the end be there when he is required to help our with some Press conference questions. The person is very highly valued and an experienced GM himself, I welcome to the Malmo management @Advantage (I guess this is a return, isn't it?) I hope my vision of this team will only flourish and become even brighter than it is today with his assistance and support! GM John Frostbeard
  4. You are forgetting about Lewis Dawson, right?
  5. That is true Maybe someday it will be better! Also, I think this is a wonderful thing to bring back! Props to the amazing VHCS!
  6. @Beaviss You can try to include prospects too, so it includes people who will be joining the roster next season
  7. He decided to leave the tournament.
  8. Dear Participants! @Siddhus, @BarzalGoat, @dlamb, @a_Ferk, @Devise, @Snussu , @GrittyIsKing09, @Berocka, @Nykonax @bigAL, @ColeMrtz, @Garsh @diamond_ace and @DMaximus! Let us try to finish this stage of the tournament in the next 3 days! Also, check out standings - and tell me if they are correct and if I have missed some games played. Also, ping me when you want to play a game with me on Discord Sorry about this delay, life happens sometimes
  9. Hello everyone, will sort this out tomorrow! And be available for playing. Have been having a tough week and these past days have kept me away from VHL almost 100%
  10. I love you Jubis, please let Prague win.
  11. Will get tournament standings updated Thursday, going to be pretty inactive today and tomorrow Good luck everyone!
  12. Ok, if these results will even closely resemble real VHL Draft lottery, I will be raging in VHL Discord for S73, S74 and S75.