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  1. 40. We traded @oilmandan. You got him a going away gift. What was it? What did you say? I like OMD, sadly I was involved in this trade so I had to send him a book about best pubs in Malmo, not only that, I gifted him a box of the great Malmo Viking brandy. 41. We traded @Dtayl. You got him a going away gift. What was it? What did you say? A box of chocolates labeled "From Latvia with love". They were cherry flavoured and each wrapping had a traditional Latvian proverb in it. 42. We traded for @Matt_O - once a rival with Malmo back when our dynasty first started.. how did you we
  2. End of July, 2019. Young and promising forward and VHLM GM Frostbeard has a chat with GM of Calgary Wranglers, GM who drafted John well above his expected draft rank. GM Bushito promises that he will not trade John Frostbeard as the future of an aging team is on the line. It is vital for Calgary to keep the team going and sell off some older players like Sebastian Ironside, Leph Twinger, Maxim Kovalchuk and Robert Malenko (FA signing). With that the team would be ready to compete in one or two season as Diljodh Starload, Brick Wahl, Tyler Barabash Jr., Cody Smith and John Frostbeard would be a
  3. 19. Predict the Bears record at the end of the 72 game regular season. We will finish 42-30. Just because of the latest trade that made Bears just better. 20. Predict your players offensive stats at the end of the 72 game regular season (VHL or M) I am hopeful to finish at 60 points in 72 games. If I do that after the horrible start I had in Malmo, it would be an accomplishment. 21. Who will be the Bears biggest player this up and coming season? I believe in Timothy Brown, he is a true all-star player. 22. Predict who you think will be the league MVP? Pistal
  4. I am a fan of Tampa Bay Lightning. My origin story as a hockey fan dates back to October of 2009. I was a young lad and was interested in all of the sports and just really wanted to get into Hockey more as my dad had bought me NHL 2006 for our PC (I very rarely got any type of Games as I my family was living quite poor and NHL 06 was being sold at like 60% discount). So, I decided to turn on our TV and go to Czech Sports channel that we had on our Satellite TV. I saw that they are showing a rerun of previous week's NHL game between Bolts and Senators. I promised that I will follow a team t
  5. Marshall James Frostbeard Purchase 1 - Checking 60-50 Purchase 2 - Checking 50-40
  6. Let me adjust and I will show you my worth.
  7. Quite probably, I am sure that it would lead either to an outburst or just quiet quitting. I guess all I can say is that I will learn from this and not make same mistakes
  8. I am not really gonna go into the details but I can I tell you this - S65/S66 VHL was a bit different from S77 VHL
  9. No. I didn't choose. I as put there because I had a mentor that was working the strings and people around and the community so I was in the middle. I did not choose to be.
  10. Review- I have to say that I am impressed with the quality of this article - it is truly magnificent. From highlighting the text to including various types of pictures to enhance the story. I have always enjoyed an interview style for these sort of posts as it allows the reader to really jump into the story. I extremely liked that you tied in WJC in your article as that gives it a perspective to how much activity a player in VHLM can get 10/10
  11. In this weeks VHL article I plan to talk about a reason why I have decided to open up about my experiences in VHL. So, as some of you might have noticed, my first Frostbeard's Chronicles had a bit of attention brought to it. When it comes to what was said in the article - I am not going to apologize if I hurt someone's feelings, if I was "unfair" - what I did was share my experience and I assume an experience of many new players in VHLM. When it comes to FrostBeard's Chronicles, I plan to expand on it and truly create it as a bi-weekly article that gives a perspective on different expe
  12. 31. What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? Well, I plan to celebrate a trade and a chance to quickly get back into competitive mood. I feel that Bears are going to get only stronger from now on! 32. Do you have any plans this year for Easter? There are these things called eggs that you eat. That is my plan. 33. When you think of Easter, what is one good memory that comes to mind for you? When I was a small child and still was living with my granddad and grandma in an apartment building, I was told to go and look for Kinder Chocolate eggs with toys inside of them (Was abo
  13. FrostBeard

    SEA/MAL; S77

    Alrighty, so, wanted to say thanks to @Hylandsfor making Malmo a home for so many new players! To me it will forever hold an important place in my heart! When it comes to Seattle - John had 2 Cups with this franchise, hmm, maybe we can double it? Cheers!
  14. I don't think that it is clickbait, I could have done a lot better to call it clickbait.