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  1. I strongly believe that locker rooms added or managed more strongly wouldn't fix the problem of actual violations taking place. Also, the fact that most Locker Rooms have their own unique way of operating allows for each team to also be more unique. I believe that there are violations and things we have to moderate but there is also a trust in people you hire as GMs to moderate their own Locker Rooms. If that means hiring people based on their previous actions or things they have said, I am fine with it. I have always stood by the fact that certain things should not be said or they should be kept to themselves, there is a certain way how a person should act when he becomes a part of a larger community. Also, everyone should uphold that standard equally. What I am trying to say here is that Moderators are not the only ones who should moderate and, well, some of us, of the people who have been here longer than some other also uphold this same understanding of conduct on the highest level but we are not afraid to talk, to explain, to teach. That is what moderation is all about - teaching about things, understanding each situation to the core. The openness of the community to discuss things, to learn about each other and be confronted with things we don't like is what makes everyone stronger together. Is CoC bad? No. Should CoC looks like a document released by Ministry of Justice? No. We need simple, broad rules that work. We need honest explanations about bans so that the community knows why a certain person was banned, punished, warned. If we are not open about these things, we are not ready to be a community.
  2. Alrighty, here we go - I am giving up for auction a simple thing: I will write a fantasy themed article about any team in the VHL/VHLE/VHLM with your choice of player as the main character and then do a podcast reading it in the most artistic way possible!
  3. Bratislava Watchmen Press conference Start of the season 81! As per usual, 3 answers will give you 1 TPE and 6 answers will get you the Max 2 TPE you can get from PC every week! 1. How do you feel about the start of the season for Bratislava? Are we underperforming, exceeding expectations or just right where you thought we would be? 2. GM Frostbeard was recently found sneaking out of the Rome Gladiators locker room with The Gladiator movie DVD in his hands, security took him in for questioning, what do you think he was doing in your opponents Locker room? 3. Nils Godlander and John Baard have been absolutely on fire this season, do you think there is some natural chemistry between them or just great work ethic? 4. William Groves was recently called out for being extremely cold towards interviewers but super engaged with fans, some called it unprofessional - your thoughts on that? 5. Our team is tied for the first place with Istanbul Red Wolves, how do you feel about our matchup against them, are they a strong competitor or really a lucky team to even be up there in the standings? 6. Defensively, we have been playing decent hockey. How do you feel about our current defensive core with Cadmael Ixazaluoh and Sting Chameleon leading the charge?
  4. GM John Frostbeard was invited to an interview about S81 Bratislava, the draft, offseason and the future. - Mr. Frostbeard, do you think you had a good draft? -- I believe we had a super strong draft. We got strong players who are ready to help us this season and some players that will be joining our team next season! I know we are ready to compete even more than last season! We have what it takes to get things done! - Do you think the fact that you are the GM that makes most trades in VHLE matters? -- I think it just shows that I am willing to take up opportunities, great opportunities. Like look at the Nils Godlander trade, it was a straight 1v1 trade that I believe I have won considering the start of the season for Nils. - How do you feel about the future of Bratislava? -- I see huge potential, we have great players in every single position ready to join our squad next season, we have all our picks still here and ready to be used to pick up strong players for the upcoming seasons. I think that smart drafting and decision making when it comes to trading is what I will make us shine so yes, I believe our future is bright if we will keep going on this path to victory! - You recently announced captaincy for S81? Any comments? -- Strong squad, voted in by our own players. The fact that John Baard was named captain does not surprise me, he is such a strong personality and a brilliant player, many on our team look upon his with great respect. Assistants are amazing, Godlander and Ixazaluoh are gonna do brilliant job! - Thanks for the interview! -- Good luck in the future and I think we will surely meet each other.
  5. 1. New season is starting very soon, how ready is your player to get back on the ice? I AM AS READY... I am sorry for screaming, was at a concert last night and got a bit drunk. It is gonna be fine. I have worked out few times in the off-season, so I should be fine. 2. We got some new talent this past draft, for the veteran players, what is some advice you can give them for their first season in the E? and for the new team members, what would you like to say to your teammates? I am the boss here, you either follow me or you get punished, we have our own inside rules. 3. What are your expectations with the team this year? We will finish second, I have heard that those Bratislava brats are doing well. Shall see how it turns out. 4. Do you think individual stats matter? or are you all about the team doing well? I am the only player that matters here so here we are. I care about myself and myself only, I have always been the best player on the team but a long shot, so I will be the best here too, without exceptions! 5. We lost quite a few members of the team due to call ups, do you think this affects our chances of winning? No. We are just too god damn good. 6. Is there anything Thad and I can do to make this season better than the last? Yes, give out free alcoholic drinks between the periods so I have something to do, winning is already easy.
  6. Before we start, this is something I tend to do for my team so they feel more engaged with each sim, gonna be posted these from the previous seasons so you have a chance to check some things out and in the end, enjoy few fun things! Game 1 OTL Against Cologne Express Have to say, I am a bit impressed with our play. Cologne is a super strong team with highly hyped-up players and huge talent upfront. The fact that we not only kept up with them but actually played on equal grounds gives me hope that overall we are not looking at an average season but a season where our team can go in games as favourites! Awesome job by our goaltender for this game, a really solid start for the franchise! When it comes to on-ice talent - Donny Carter with 3 assists in his first game for our franchise is huge. Goalscorers John Adams, Pippo Cocca, and John Baard truly shining! Game 2 W Against Cologne Express What a performance by everyone! Outshooting our opposition 50 to 28, Donny Carter is still absolutely amazing on those set ups for our goal scoring talent, and John Baard with 2 amazing goals! We see our nominal first line show great results with Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson scoring a goal, Jakub Brozik finishing the game with 2 points (1 goal and 1 assist). Beautiful game by the other half of our goaltending duo - Orion D H Chiester IX! Let's keep this going and we will see a lot of amazing results! Game 9 L Vasteras Iron Eagles A tough game for us, really close in terms of shots and overall play. The biggest start for our team that night was surely our goaltender Alex Parise. Donny Carter got the sole goal of our team that game. Have to start thinking about improving our penalty kill or at least have a plan for that in the future (4 games don't really give much room to work with yet). Game 12 W Vasteras Iron Eagles Well, well, well... After a really close game like that, it seems that we decided to really make sure that we come on top. A truly dominating 7-1 victory. Absolutely amazing job by our goaltender Orion D H Chiester IX @Fun Is ∞ , saving 49 of 50 Vasteras shots. On the offensive end, some people just decided to finally show off their true potential - Jakub Brozik finished the game with 2 goals and 3 assists, Jannik Nylen with 2 goals and 2 assists. Ablar getting some action too with 1G and 1 A this game. Very interesting to see consistency from Donny Carter who again recorded a very productive game. Game 15 OTL Vasteras Iron Eagles A strong showing from both teams. Jakub Brozik and Logain Ablar playing quality hockey and each getting 1+1. Defensively Tony Adams was completely unstoppable. The game was fairly even until the Overtime when our team didn't manage to get a single shot on the net. Hopefully, we can turn these games into wins and start creeping up to that 1st place in VHLE soon! Game 17 L Rome Gladiators A devastating game as we didn't manage to put up strong competition against Rome. They almost doubled the shot count on us. Sven Eightnine was showing everything he has on both Offence and Defence but that wasn't enough. Probably the only reason why this game was as close as it is on the scoreboard is our goaltender Alex Parise who saved 55 out of 58 shots and finished the game with 0.948 save percentage. Game 22 W Istanbul Red Wolves 5-3 win against Istanbul, great performance by both teams but the better one came victorious! Sven Eightnine and Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson both recorded two goals and one assist, great performance by guys who have been huge for us each previous game, now put in a star role. Jakub Brozik managed to keep his high point total go higher with 3 recorded assists. Great performance by our goaltender Orion D H Chiester IX. Game 24 W Vasteras Iron Eagles What a performance! 8-2 domination against Vasteras Iron Pigeons. Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson the hat-trick showed what our first line is made of - brilliant performance. Donny Carter comes on the scoresheet with another brilliant performance that we are used to expecting from him! John Baard after a few games of staying a bit quiet has returned with one goal and an assist. Jannik Nylen still keeps impressing the league with his high scoring numbers. Amazing performance. Game 27 OTL Vasteras Iron Eagles OTL. against Vasteras. Kinda sad to be honest but nothing to do about it right now. Great performance by Donny Carter and Jakub Brozik who each managed to get 2 goals and make that game as close as it actually was. Still, we just needed a bit more from our defence and this game would have been in the bag for us. Game 30 L Vasteras Iron Eagles This is not the game I wanted to see from us after that OTL. Devastating 5-4 loss that was this close only because of Orion playing amazing hockey and keeping us in the game after the bombardment of shells. Tony Adams, Donny Carter and Jakub Brozik all had 1+1 statline. Pretty good offensive performance considering how many shows we had on their net. Game 33 W Vasteras Iron Eagles 7-3 win is a great sign for our team. Brilliant overall performance for our defensive core as they really managed to not only play great defence but also was leading our offensive game - Jannik Nylen, Sven Eightnine both with 2 goals, Tony Adams with 1 goal. Amazing performance still by Jakub Brozik who keeps dominating the ice. Game 36 L Vasteras Iron Eagles 3-1 loss hurts so much after such a dominating performance before. It was a close game though as we managed to play 2-1 til the last moments when Iron Pigeons scored their third goal that was an empty netter. Our shining star that game was truly Orion Chiester IX who was showing a great performance by stopping 28 out of 30 shots. Game 39 SOL Vasteras Iron Eagles 6-5 shootout loss shows that we are able to play the long game, just not to finish it. Really impressive when it comes to offensive performance - Jakub Brozik and John Bard shined in that game. Happy to see Brendan Marner get into some action with an assist. Overall, we have to improve our long game. Game 42 W Vasteras Iron Eagles 4-2 win brings us back to reality. John Baard and Jakub Brozik showing again their best game. Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson scores his 8th goal for the team. Amazing defensive performance by all our defencemen.
  7. Outside of Arena of Ondrey Nepela in BratislavaGM John Frostbeard steps up to the podium on a windy day with his hair flopping around and mustache shaking: "Another season is upon us, the greatness you all have a chance to see and feel is unimaginable! I know, I know, we are just a VHLE team, but you know what we also are? WE ARE THE BEST VHLE TEAM! But alright, we are here to announce the people who will be leading us on and off the ice in our 2nd ever season in the recently founded VHLE. It will be a tough assignment to follow people like Carter, Brozik and Adams but here we are! Now, without much further ado, welcome captains!"Firstly, the A will be worn by Guatemalan dominator, defenceman who screams fear into the ears of his opponents - Cadmael Ixazaluoh! @ViceSecondly, the A will be worn by a brilliant trade acquisition, Sweden's favourite son - Nils Godlander! @MoonAnd finally, the captain of S81 Bratislava Watchmen is someone who spent last season playing for us, being a reliable player and now is ready to step up, truly breathtaking LW from USA - John Baard @BirdmanCongratulations and we will see you all on the ice!
  8. This is absolutely amazing! Love the idea @MubbleFubbles!
  9. The Bratislava Watchmen have made a Free Agency Offer
  10. Howdy @N0HBDY First, thanks for saying I sound cool, I highly disagree but here we are. Secondly, I wasn't drunk, I was maybe a tad tipsy at the end of the talk but not drunk. Thirdly, when it comes to scouting, it is a primary job for a GM to do. I believe that to be an extremely important aspect of a draft experience that you as a player get a message and a small personal interview. It doesn't take much work, you already know who is gonna get drafted where (Well, mostly) so just scout a few people every round so you know who they are . Also, building a meta team is fine, we can't fault anyone for doing it but it is extremely annoying as it eliminates fun from the league, we need weird builds, unpredictability or this will not be fun and it is as simple as that. @JardyB10don't say those things about me, I will get all red and shy. Overall, an interesting podcast.
  11. D - Sven Eightnine G - Sirkants Klamasteris @Minion
  12. Bratislava Watchmen Press conference End of the off-season As per usual, 3 answers will give you 1 TPE and 6 answers will get you the Max 2 TPE you can get from PC every week! 1. We had a brilliant draft and picked up many young players who will only join our team next season, your thoughts on the draft? 2. GM Frostbeard has said that he plans to play his goaltending duo together and he believes that Orion is ready to step up as the true number 1, how do you feel about that? 3. Did you do anything extremely crazy this off-season that just was out of your character? 4. Bratislava city fans are eager for the next season, if you would have to select a food product that our team should advertise and give out to our fans, what would it be? 5. Watchmen have made a trade and have acquired Sting Chameleon, your thoughts on this trade that sent away Pippo Coca? 6. How confident are you that Bratislava Watchmen have what it takes to win it all this season?
  13. FrostBeard

    COL/BRA; S81

    Thanks for the interesting trade talks @BarzalGoat, good stuffs! Thanks @pippofor being a part of our amazing first season run, now - go and have fun in Cologne! Welcome to the Watchmen crew @Hybrid1486! Happy to have you on board!
  14. I am usually not the one to come in to these conversations to say anything but here we are. Honestly, this ban is a complete disgrace to what the Code of Conduct should stand for, if this warrants anything, especially after 4 months, it is a warning and a message saying: "Stop acting weird lad, some might not understand you are are making stupid jokes". Minor offences should be used as a teaching ground rather than a punishment and that should be the case always because punishment leads to resentment that in the end doesn't improve the overall climate in the league but just makes everyone feel like they can't say anything.
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