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  1. Alrighty, So, I need extra 2 TPE so I am going to talk about Malmo situation and my thoughts. Firstly, I think we are full on ready to compete. With increase in TPE and our builds, Nighthawks could be team to really make some noise in playoffs and considering that we took Helsinki to 7 games last playoffs, I think that is not unattainable. Condor Adrienne has been fantastic, Lewis Dawson has been probably the most underrated forward in the league for the past 2 seasons and is going to be this season too. Our rookie, Wakaro is doing amazing, considering how well he is managing to play both
  2. 7. Ray Sheilds received Dustin Funk Trophy for being the most improved player of S73, do you think his last season's performance is his limit or he has a lot more to improve in his game? He is pretty much there. One of the best goalscorers in the league and think about this - he is our 2nd line centre! 8. What are your thoughts on Malmo Nighthawks roster overall? It is good, I would even say - It is amazing. We are ready to win. We are ready to show what we can do right now! 9. Do you think there is any part of our roster that can be improved? I think that we have all of our ba
  3. VHL Now! Start of the S74 This our weekly article about VHL, team and individual performance and some interesting facts! Stay with us and remember to give us your thoughts about ways how to improve our content! We are here to write for you! Vancouver surprises I don't think anyone here at ECN was expecting to see Vancouver on a 5 game win-streak at the start of the season. We saw an amazing draft from GM Louth who was able to select rising stars Venus Thightrap, Emi Rune and Onde Sandstrom all in the first round. It is clear that Vancouver is going to be a strong contender in the ne
  4. Marshall James Frostbeard Latvia Going into S74 with Malmo Nighthawks "Rookie Experience" Interview is done by ECN lead reporter Druvvaldis Miglasķēms together with Marshall James Frostbeard in his countryside manor in Latvia. After an interesting first season of his career, Marshall was excited to talk about his experience and his first impressions of VHL. This interview was conducted 3 days after the S74 VHL Entry draft. Marshall, how do you feel about your first season in VHL? It went a lot better than I was expecting it to go. Team just performed well above what our GM
  5. I read it first on the day this was released. Now I am here again to say something nice about @gorlab. So here we go... Phew... "This article is quite good, I like when he busts so many players, it lowers their expectations." Have I already said that I like Gorlab?
  6. This guy is going to be a star. Probably. Well, considering that this is Quik, I will assume that he will magically win 4 Cups with 4 different teams.
  7. Oki doki, I don't look into this that far into the back so it fine. There is no problem. Good luck Rocket and show what you can do on the big stage!
  8. It should be. Yukon GM is a member of Seattle Bears, trade is made and puff - he gets called up the same day. Even if it was just a coincidence, it looks really bad.
  9. Malmo Nighthawks team announcement!GM Frostbeard steps up to the podium in front of the crowd near their hometown arena in Malmo"I am in awe considering how amazing of a run Nighthawks had last season. From our trade acquisitions to players that have put their names on the board in their rookie season, all our guys contributed to our success and I am grateful to be the GM of the most amazing VHL Franchise! But now, let's welcome our S74 Captains on to the podium!" After a team wide vote, our two alternate captains have had standout seasons in VHL and are ready to keep their activity level h