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  1. It is surely sad. That said, I feel that still allowing SBA posts is a great gesture and I am hopeful people will still use it actively. I do have to say that SBA has overreacted quite heavily to the situation as I have stated before. This would have been resolved by a simple conversation and a civil discussion that some don't want to have.
  2. Weekly presser peoples! The season is well on their way, so is our inconsistency. Let's do it - 6 answers will get you 2 TPE! 1. Goaltending still at its best, what can we do to make us be a top contender? 2. GM Frostbeard told reporters that he is lost for words and might look into shaking up the roster soon. What do you think about this? 3. With almost everyone on the team with minus rating, do you think we should improve our defence or strongly work on offence? 4. A case of "hand sanitizers" were sent to Rodriguez. Other Nighthawks called it Tequila. Should he share his "sanitizers" with everyone? 5. City of Malmo has made it official that April 1st will officially be a "Nighthawks day". After asking Major about the fact that April 1st is Fool's day, he laughed and said "They are nothing more than Jokers of VHL". Your thoughts on this matter? 6. Dawson has been fitting into his role fairly well, do you think he has the ability to be a true 2nd/1st line-centre in the future?
  3. Well, it is good that everything for you is good. I am fairly fine, just trying to stay safe and stay home as much as possible or go roam the woods alone as a recreational activity. Or tend bees.
  4. @Matmenzinger Maybe we can ease this situation out by catching up? How are you doing my good sir? Haven't talked to you in a while...
  5. What is going on in here? Have I missed something important?
  6. Moscow just had lucky game. Malmo>Moscow any day of the week. Also, Pavlov is not good.
  7. I am calling it - EU Conference champions - Malmo Nighthawks
  8. Weekly presser peoples! This time questions are about our first few games and achievements! Let's do it - 6 answers will get you 2 TPE! 1. What do you think about our start this season? 2. Who do you think is our current MVP? 3. What is one thing we are truly lacking? 4. Moscow media has released a piece about how Malmo is the best VHLM team out there, your thoughts on this? 5. GM Frostbeard was seen last night dancing in the streets of Malmo screaming for gods to help him make @Acydburn play better, are gods even capable of doing that? 6. In your eyes, which team in VHL is our true rival and why?
  9. Alrighty, so... VSN has decided to hire @Patrik Tallinder as our writer replacing @McWolf. I want to say that our work together in preparation of Mock draft played a role but there were truly amazing candidates available and I hope to see you applying for our positions later on! VSN Editor-in-chief Frostbeard
  10. Awesome stuffs guys, lets keep this up!