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  1. G - Grekkark Gyrfalcon @Ricer13Forgive me my lord, I will beg for your forgiveness til the end of times @BOOM
  2. D - Matshall James Frostbeard @dariusmarimotoman
  3. S76 Malmo Nighthawks Jersey retirement Honoring Condor Adrienne When I became the GM of Malmo Nighthawks at the start of S71, I was truly accepted not only by the previous GM but players on the team, from Fonzi, Gustav, Phil and Kendrick to, of course, the person of the day - OrbitingDeath (Green) or as he was known for our team as Condor Adrienne. He instantly became my closest ally and a part of my decision making squad. He helped me with tough decisions and situations when I just needed someone to say "Yeah, go for it!", he has the person that kept our team competitive these last 3 se
  4. @EmcyyWelcome to the league! Vēl viens Latvietis?
  5. Malmo Nighthawks team announcement for S76!GM Frostbeard recorded this using handheld Sony camera from early 2000's and drank about 3 bottles of VAT 69 whiskey beforehand. "Our players, staff and everyone who supported Malmo Nighthawks - we did it! We made it to finals and lifted the Continental cup! I am extremely proud of the group we had this run and I truly believe that this is just the beginning to the great adventure we will take together! Our on-ice leadership group was honorable and great but with the retirement of Condor Adrienne we are looking to give that C to another member of our
  6. Wow, alright... We did it Malmo! From hard going in the regular season and battling it hard in the playoffs we did it. Your hard work payed off and I have to say that my role here was truly minor. You are the people that deserve this! From our retiring HoF player Condor Adrienne @OrbitingDeathto guys who have done so much for the franchise - @Hylands and @Zetterberg, @BigTittySmitty and @tfong, @Snussu and @Sharkstrong! Our newest guys in @Molholt (For allowing me to keep you steady as our backup if we ever needed you) @Infernaland @Cxsquared - you couldn't be replaced in this playoff run,
  7. Great job Malmo, keep this up! Keep the momentum going!
  8. Awesome job Malmo, let's go all the way!
  9. Wow, what an amazing series against Moscow! I have to come and say that I am super honored to have had a chance to play against Moscow these playoffs. Great job and honestly, I take my hat off to everyone on Menace. Such a great team no matter if we have a small rivalry going on. Everyone deserves a cold glass of beer after this! We did it Malmo! Now, let's go and show our best against NA Conference champs!