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  1. Hello! A lot of great ideas posted here about WJC process. Well, just to give you some other perspective - in certain situations, Dual Citizenship is necessary - for example if we have a strong duo of goaltenders in USA and Canada and there are some that couldn't make those teams, can move to play for teams that are less likely to have a goaltender - like Asia, for example, can be in a situation when there is an only 30 TPE goaltender and same for other teams.. If the Dual-Citizenship wouldn't exist, those teams would be doomed. When it comes down to TPE - it is pretty easy to get to 275 in one season of VHLM and the first part of the season VHL... I have seen guys already get to 150 now and that would mean they could only participate in one WJC. That could kill some of the teams as a population in certain teams can be great in one season and bad in another - with 350 it at least gives a chance for other teams to be competitive with less amount of actives. When it comes down to GM select - well - I was involved in a process this year, so I don't think I want to be much open about it. But I believe over complication of these things wouldn't be necessary, just more headaches for league organisers. FrostBeard ^^
  2. ECN on VHL Portal #3 Special Report on VHLM trades! Another week has passed and here we with next update from yours ECN, powered by FrostBeard Entertainment! So, what has happened in VHLM this week? Philadelphia Reapers have been selling everyone with last trade sending away Mat Tocco and Wendy Kandee Cain to Minnesota just a few hours ago. After contacting our analysts and trying to figure our BladeMaiden’s (GM of Philadelphia Reapers) mindset we came to three possible options why she decided to go and trade away players like – Mikko Aaltonen, John Frostbeard, Hans Gruber, Tyler Barabash Jr, Charlie Paddywagon and so on – we could name basically everyone on the Reapers squad from week ago. 1st reason for these trades could be GM’s interest in gaining future picks as to basically sack the first expansion season and then be truly dominant in the next 2/3 seasons, as with the picks gained by those trades could give Philly plethora of talent from future drafts. The 2nd reason could be just interest in providing players with a better chance of winning a cup. Knowing how dominant many teams in VHLM this season are, it might have been GM’s interest to give her players a chance to compete together with other teams and show everyone what they can do on a bigger stage. The increasing talent on other teams gives Philly not only a chance for a great pick in the upcoming draft but provides other teams, that were not considered to be contenders, a chance to get that cup. 3rd reason – a bit of both? Maybe Blade is truly a very deep strategist – with precise moves and understanding what the future could be, she can not only strengthen her relationship with her players by giving them an opportunity to fight for a cup but get enough back that would allow her to build next Dynasty here is VHLM? Could there be more trades coming and could we see another team do a complete sellout? That surely can prove to be an interesting step as many teams are already stacked with an enormous amount of talent like for example Minnesota Storm, who are already having 13 players over 100 TPE and 4 of those are already 200 and above! Well, our guess is as good as yours – sure give your opinion on these trades down below and smash that “Fire” button for more content like this by European Cable News. People mentioned in this post - @BladeMaiden @GRZ @Bushito @TheFlash @Matmenzinger @SlashACM @DMaximus
  3. You can disagree with the decisions of anyone in the position of authority, but you truly don't have to act like this - we clearly understand your perspective - it would be great if you wouldn't try to shove it everywhere. This just makes everything less enjoyable and we are here to have fun, aren't we?
  4. Well, you can't really ask for much more from our line you know..
  5. Not a bad game for FrostBeard - first "First Star" in his career! Believe it should be a sign for good things to come.
  6. Hello ladies and gentlemen - I have a great dream and I believe it has to be done... A long time ago, when FrostBeard was a young lad, living deep in Latvian countryside, he had a dream, magnificent and truly amazing dream... He always thought that Hockey league is in need of a team in the beautiful city of San Diego! They deserve a competitive junior hockey team that would storm VHLM and would be called San Diego Whales! Because of... Well - some of you will get it... I truly hope this will come true and we will see more teams on the West coast of North America!
  7. FrostBeard

    YUK/PHI: S65

    I have to say that my time spent in Philadelphia was truly amazing, everyone was great and I will not stop loving all of the guys there. I hope, joining Yukon, will give my new team a boost and allow us to fight for that Cup! Good luck my lovely Reapers and le'ts rock it Yukon!
  8. Huge thanks for this @BladeMaiden and @Banackock for giving me an opportunity here in WJC. It is truly a great honour and I shall do everything to prove I was a great choice for this spot!
  9. Really interesting game played by Philadelphia Reapers - a lot of scoring from the depth and overall great game! Minnesota held up well too, but did not manage to win!
  10. Well, if you need a meat shield, surely - (I am like the worst possible player there is)
  11. When I read EfT and Star Trek - my heart melts... This dude should be inducted into Hall of Fame right now!
  12. Hello, I would surely want to try this and get at least some experience. I am a fairly active new member of VHL and fantasy hockey pages in general, so this definitely would provide me more insight on how the management part works. FrostBeard applies as commissioner assisting Blade!
  13. 2nd Week VHLM Recap “What a week for Halifax!” First off, what an amazing week for Halifax 21st – they are in an amazing position leading VHLM with 32 points in 20 games played has a 6-point lead over last weeks champions Las Vegas Aces. With 32 goal differential we can clearly see that lately has been on fire and truly dominating. Halifax wins are coming not only by having the league’s best goaltender Chase, who after 20 games played is having 0.913 save percentage and only 2.34 Goals against but by having deep scoring coming from every line and having 5 players at least point-a-game surely helps. Secondly, the best defenseman in the VHLM? Denver Wolfe from Minnesota Storm is truly dominating as he is leading whole VHLM in points and having over 2 points per game. It is truly unbelievable. I don’t think anyway was excepting this to happen as I don’t remember anyone really talking about Wolfe’s skills. Drafted in S65 as 9th overall in VHL – Looking now at Vancouver Wolves, I guess we will see them on the top of the standing in S67 as well. Thirdly, we must talk about other outstanding players leading their teams in VHLM. Hunter Hearst Helmsley – does he need an introduction? Hunter is leading Yukon Rush in points and as of right now – leading VHLM in goals with 21 goals in 20 games played. That puts him on top of some truly fierce competitors like Jack Lynch from Ottawa Lynx, Kari Jurri from Houston Bulls, Anton Edvin from Halifax 21st and Shawnomir Jagr from Saskatoon Wild who all have 18 goals in 20 games played. All the guys on this list are going to be well known in VHL as true snipers. Coming back to Hunter – I guess we have to put some blame on Yukon’s management as with this generational talent they should not be out of a playoff spot. The +/- category in top 10 is lead by players from Minnesota Storm, Houston Bulls and Halifax 21st. Great chemistry between their lines, truly captivating teammates. Lastly, I would like to talk about Philadelphia Reapers – team that has amazing talent and still haven’t been able to find chemistry between their players. Players like Brian Strong, Mikko Aaltonen, Jet Jaguar, and Tyler Barabash Jr. are doing all they can to push their team to that playoff spot and even though we have had only 20 games played yet, Philadelphia can’t wait much longer to try to have a run for it. With the huge investment by their players into gaining TPE, we could see changed in team’s performance very soon, but will it be too late? There we go ladies and gentlemen, ECN Review of 2nd Week in VHLM is finished and we are here again at the end and this will be a small editorial comment – if any of you dear readers have a suggestion or any idea that I should think about – be sure to write a message here in forum and let’s make news here in VHLM better! People mentioned in this post: @caltroit_red_flames, @Beaviss @hockeyis66 @TheLastOlympian07 @Wheaties @GRZ @gorlab @Bushito @Chase Klein
  14. ECN on VHL Portal #2 Update on current situation in VHL "FrostBeard Entertainment" presents another edition of "ECN on VHL Portal" , a weekly roundup of most important things that have happened in VHL. Remember, if you do like our content show that by adding "Fire" emoji on this post and show our writing staff some love as they are working hard to provide this information for all you lovely people in a hurry. Let's get on with this ladies and gentlemen: First off, I think we have to say that not many real surprises here in VHL standings. With Seattle Bears leading our league and both Vancouver Wolves, who were leading league last weeks, and Riga Reign, an extremely well built team by , just few points behind. I guess we can all agree that Seattle Bears wouldn't in such a strong position without their amazing forward core lead by Veran Drogomir and Sebastian Ironside. Riga Reign is lead by Podrick Cast and Vancouver Wolves again are lead by Beau Louth. All of these players are exceptional and amazing contributors to hockey and VHL showing many of our younger players here in VHL and many more in VHLM how to be dominant and lead your team to victory. Secondly, we shall touch upon an interesting subject of VHL goalies. After first weeks praises it seems that Brick Wahl is slowing down a bit and not putting up those truly insane numbers that we saw after the first week. Still, Brick Wahl is showing promise and giving Calgary Wranglers a chance to compete on a high level! The real standouts this week are 3 amazing and skilled goaltenders : Roger Sterling, Johnny Havenk Carison and of course league leading Alexander Pepper who is keeping his Helsinki Titans in the playoff race and I have a feeling we will hear more about Helsinki very soon. Thirdly, we have to put league leading goalscorer Oyorra Arroyo - His 19 goals in 20 games played are showing everyone in the league that with a bit of support from his teammates Toronto Legion are able to punish anyone who stand in their way! Next two players goal scoring leaderboard we can see already previously mentioned Veran Drogomir and Beau Louth. Every goaltender should fear those names when they cross the blue line and enter in your defensive zone! Will catch you later in a Media Spot post about our leagues most promising young players and much more here on European Cable News hosted by FrostBeard Entertainment! For any suggestions on how to improve ECN format, please contact FrostBeard, our leading editor and president of European Cable News. Huge thanks to everyone who strongly showing their strengthen on ice - keep up the good work! See you later guys and make the next week even more exciting that the last one was! Mentioned in this post are : @hedgehog337, @Velevra, @DollarAndADream,@Victor @Beaviss @BladeMaiden @Will @Donno100 @Sonnet @omgitshim