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  1. FrostBeard

    SSK/HOU; S70

    @Boomcheck - Good luck in Saskatoon, sorry we couldn't see an eye to eye on your role on our team! Good luck and thanks to @McWolf
  2. Come to Houston, not much ice-time but hey - we are BULLS!
  3. Matt_O = Houston Bulls need General Zod.. Who else will lead our soldiers into battle?
  4. We need a 2nd line Defenceman. Houston is a wonderful place. Play with us. Think about it... Winning a cup and being one of our backbone players for that run, wouldn't that be cool?
  5. Congratulations to McWolf! Good luck!
  6. Hello there everyone and welcome back to VSN content! This time we will be looking at WJC, teams and how they stack up to each other. S70 is going to be exciting so let's not waste much more time and get straight to question at hand - who are the strongest teams this season! 1. Europe Last season we said that Europe was our favourites even without star-power and look at how the tables have turned this time. Europe is filled with talent on both offence and defence and now is eager to go and win it all this season. Strength - Defence With guys like Omdahl, Jokinen, Davis and Clarke you are expected to be a true contender. Arguably the best blue line squad this WJC. They have an amazing group of active and youthful VHL players and stars of VHLM. Omdahl, Jokinen and Clarke are playing quality ice time on each of their respective teams and are proving to be important pieces for their teams with well-developed skill set. Roque Davis on the hand is completely destroying his opposition in VHLM. Weakness - Goaltending With the quality forward depth, we are looking at one key position that Europe is truly lacking. Goaltending is a huge problem for Team Europe as there just isn’t any high potential European goaltenders to pick out and for that reason team, Europe will have to go with Isak Sjostrom who, while being a quality goaltender in VHLM will have to struggle against high calibre offence that you will see in WJC. 2. United States of America Outside of Europe, there are few teams that look to be strong enough to challenge Europe. One of them is the USA team that has a well-rounded roster and a true urge to win. Strength - Goaltending Could you even ask for a better situation in terms of goaltending? USA Team has 2 high potential goaltenders that will be leading their team. Samuel Ross and Stone Wolski. Both players have been proving that they can handle minutes easily - Samuel Ross is a backbone of struggling Davos team that will manage to get wins based on his performance and Stone Wolski, the best goaltender in VHLM this season. Weakness - Centre depth United States team will be having tough time competing against teams that have top of the line talent taking faceoffs as with Nate Wright and Alex Bridges being their best centremen they are certainly not in the worst situation ever, they are however not having the best skillset for what you would want from your first and second line centremen. 3. World World, World, World…. Sitting at the third spot is a team that has an interesting roster with quality players on the first line and no real high-quality depth. Will the likes of Encarnacion and Petrovic be enough to combat other stars or will World crumble to the ground? Strength - Top Talent Encarnacion, Petrovic, Risteneen and Dawson. Four amazing players that have the ability to carry a team. All players in this group and well balanced and have a great skill set that can be used in the right system to get wins and combat any threats on the defensive end. All they have to do is get every other player on board and lead them on to the ice with confidence. Weakness - Goaltending and Depth Both are extremely important weaknesses for Team World as in both cases you see players that would do well in VHLM but not good enough in a competition where the stakes and player abilities are just out of their league. They do have some gems like Aleelee Kiak with an amazing scoring ability that no one else has on this team so who knows, maybe it is not really their weakness nut their hidden strength? 4. Asia Asia was a surprise last season for almost everyone and they should be highly congratulated for their success. That said, we don’t think they really have the ability to be that productive and magnificent this season. Strength - Forwards The one thing that could be considered fine with team Asia has to be forward core. Yes, it is still not really good by any means, but at least they have some depth and few high potential talents on the team. The issue is that other teams just have better rosters overall and even though their forwards are having skills and will potentially become something to cherish in VHL, right now we can't expect them to be the team that everyone will fear. Weakness - Goaltending A VHLM level backup as their starter. Yes, Team Asia brought to WJC a VHLM Level backup. Nothing against Bennet Dahl who is their best goaltender but all we should do is wish his luck. 5.Canada Canada, country that made hockey famous and doesn’t have the talent to support it. Strength - Goaltending Much can be said about Canada’s roster but for me - Lafontaine is a key reason they might steal a win or two against other teams. A brilliant goaltender with the ability to be a true number one on a VHL team. Even back-up in Jaxx Hextall looks better than some other starters in this tournament. Weakness - Everything else Yes, you might look at this and say that Team Canada could still be a good team but for me, it is not the case as in both situations for forwards and defencemen as even though we see very well balanced skillsets for all their players, they don’t really have a true offensive and defensive superpowers - what Canada has instead is a mediocre team that could under the right zodiac sign win something. And that will be it for this one, tell us your thoughts in the comments and lets get ready for the championship! People mentioned: @SlapshotDragon, @ROOKIE745 , @Nothing but goals, @Grant, @Tagger, @Maasa, @Tyler, @Kendrick, @73MPL4R, @Alex Bridge, @Brrbisbrr, @DollarAndADream, @Austin2997, @zepheter, @Ahma, @Will and @Josh
  7. Well, DC committed a lot of value to get me, I feel like I am obliged to give them another season of my career. Plus, a quality management Love you Bana!
  8. I strongly feel that if not this - then next season DC is the team to beat! Let's go guys! Also - Thanks @Enorama and @McWolf for making DC such an awesome place to be at!
  9. FrostBeard

    HOU/YUK; S70

    Alrighty... Wasn't a truly long journey for both of you guys on Houston but here I go - thanks for playing and our beautiful city will remember all of you for ever! Thanks @Elias Östling and @KillaScrilla! Good luck in that cold place called Yukon! Welcome to Houston! @LittleRiDog, @Legend0985 and @Zetterberg! Hope you like the warmth of the sun as we have plenty of it! Now, lets go and win Houston another cup! And thanks @MexicanCow123, you are a beautiful human being!
  10. Starting from tomorrow, VSN is going to be back with WJC Coverage! Power rankings, Daily updates and more will be there for you! Good luck to every player and may the best team win!

  11. A rough end of the week for all of us.. Hello there people and here we are back again with another week of Press conference! (This time with 12 questions) Remember - 6 answers gives you 2 TPE! 1) With season progressing, who do you believe needs to step up to the plate the most? 2) Hugh Jass is in Top 5 in points league wide, how much of an asset do you think he can be for a team in VHL? 3) GM John Frostbeard has been quite vocal on considering Houston a true contender - how do you view our chances at winning Founder's cup? 4) Our team currently sits in 4th place in VHLM, is it out offence or our defence that is pushing us up? 5) It was recently leaked that Killinger stormed out of the LR after a loss against Philadelphia calling Stone Wolski a Swiss Cheese of a goalie? Is it true? 6) How do you see our new 2nd line Centre Tomothe Dylansen, is he fit to be a Houston Bull? 7)Talking about Bulls history - who do you think is the best defenceman ever to wear our jersey? 8)With the season progressing, Stone Wolski seems to already break every Houston Bulls goaltender record, what is his ceiling? 9) 2nd line players Blaze and Shaposhnikov are almost a point-per-game players, how important it is to have an amazing depth? 10)Should we play Jesus Christ more? 11)Houston city will launch an event that will give out Pork BBQ plates to anyone wearing a Bulls jersey, will you participate yourself? 12)GM has promised every player who will score a hat-trick a case of Lagavulin 16, is the prize worth the effort?
  12. Talked with him twice this last week on voice. What a brilliant guy and extremely talented musician.. A great loss for our community and everyone who could call him their friend. My most sincere condolences to his family..
  13. FrostBeard

    YUK/HOU; S70

    @Boomcheck Welcome to Houston buddy!