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  1. F - Julian Nousiainen D - Scotty Kaberle @Acydburn
  2. D- Marshall James Frostbeard F- Isabella Campbell @Acydburn
  3. Marshall is being interviewed by local Latvian TV station "Vidusdaugavas Televīzija" and asked about what is he feeling after the trade that sent Marshall to Davos Dynamo. "Truly, I feel weird, my family members have told horror stories about how bad Davos team did back in Season 66 and onwards. Right now it is quite surreal that all I saw was acceptance and a lot of fun conversations with my new teammates. I am personally excited as Davos team gives me a chance to prove that I can honestly be a huge contributor and an one ice leader due to my personal experience in the league, being in 3
  4. 1. We've made some BIG moves since the last time we talked here, bringing in Patrik Laine from Helsinki and acquiring the rights to free agent Gunnar Odinsson. Do you agree with our decision to try to turn things around this season? I think those were smart moves and helped to create a healthy competitive feel in the LR, players are eager to test our chemistry and roster out on ice already! 2. Speaking of Odinsson, what's one thing you'd say to our friend @BOOM about why we're the place to sign over anyone else? Nothing. He decided to go with WAR. I am not happy. 3. I've hinted
  5. @animal74If that is meant to be old Green - go with @OrbitingDeath
  6. This is truly glorious, 14 years of pure beauty. Happy birthday!
  7. A lot of great work is put into this article, really happy to see people working this hard! I especially enjoy the fact that is not just a copy paste list, there is quite a bit of research done to evaluate picks and I think that just shows how much of a potential you have as a writer! Gotta love those small sarcastic jabs. Overall, great job and keep up this great work! 9/10
  8. I have personally been a huge fan of interview/interaction style posts, gives that immersion that we sometimes lack in VHL! Great style, great formatting, makes me already see the great writing skill you have. I love that you touched on team Nordic not selecting you as the member of their team, I find it equally worrying. That said, overall, great article, nothing bad to say about it. Just keep up the good work! 10/10
  9. FrostBeard

    DAV/SEA; S79

    @BanackockThanks for DA BEARZ and another trophy to my name! Cheers! @GustavMattiasLet's show what Davos can do in EU this season, I BELIEVE! Also, hey @Ricer13
  10. Yeah, I can agree with +/- after thinking about it, I still think it can be a tiebreaking value. When it comes to weighting stats, I do think that we have to be careful as sometimes, if you are really good player on a bad team with a nice build, you can just get extremely amazing stats. Robin Galante Nilsson is a great example this season - playing on a fairly weak team and just getting these easy numbers, we saw similarly with Viktor Alexei Kamenov on Malmo (Check when Malmo were pretty bad, compare his SB and you will clearly see an inflation) - I think that the only situation when a pla
  11. @Nykonax I honestly agree with everything said. For a while we have been missing one crucial thing when it comes to defensive defenceman award. To me HITS are important but even more important than that are low PIM. With low PIM you are on the ice and playing your role as a defender, by taking a penalty and sitting in a box for taking ruthless and unnecessary hits you hurt your teams defence. For people voting on this - it SHOULD be taken into the account. Mainly the evaluation should go like this: 1. Is the player on a team that made playoffs or at least was competitive in the
  12. Green, why do you think Spartan did it? He is scared of you. Terrified.