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  1. It do be becoming lamer the time put into it. Each week I'm one thought in my head of clicking that retire button. But it only takes me 12min to get max TPE so it doesn't take that much of my time.
  2. 1. What do you think we should do at the trade deadline? We will have some cap issues for the next season so we might need to load off before it becomes harder to trade in the off-season after the playoff. Getting a playmaker forward would be decent though. 2. What are your predictions for the NHL trade deadline? Cole Caufield getting called up and scores his first goal in his first game. 3. What is your favourite point task to do? (Please don’t say practice facility lol) Does anybody even likes to do a point task? We are pretty much forced to do it lmao.
  3. Luke Thornton Hatrick to tie the game, but Groovy Dood hatrick wins the game.
  4. DEVELOPMENT OF MY SEASON 77 CALGARY WRANGLERS PLAYER STATS PREDICTIONS The S77 season is going what we expected it to become, a rebuilding type of year, but with the other NA teams doing almost as badly as us. If we keep getting max capped TPE a week, we might squeeze in the playoff for the 5th seed. The new players and youngins of the teams are really carrying the season as the veterans are struggling a littleee bit with the newly formed team and coaching. The defence has been doing well the past couple of games and Askarov has had a tremendous week making 60, 50, mult
  5. 1. What do you think of our team’s start? It is decent, we did not lose that many game too so we could possibly make the playoff. 2. What do you think of your player’s start? He had a horrible horrible start, but he's been getting back in track even though I hate being a minus tho. 3. If we could have a team pet, what would it be and what would you name it? Henry the horse. 4. If you could pick any person in the world to be our announcer, who would it be and why? Klay Thompson, that men is so funny when he is an announcer. 5.
  6. Did he get 2000 TPE without the lottery stuff back in the days? If not, how the hell. I've been getting as much TPE and uncapped as possible and I only lost around 30 TPE worth cuz of a ban, Im gonna reach 1k in my 6th season probably. Reaching 2k in 8th is INSANE
  7. We can clearly see the one dude that is way more superior than us and is somehow in our weak group, maxed free TPE nice.
  8. You think you got us? No way in hell Devise sims that early! It needs to be AT LEAST 4pm EST LOL
  9. Get trolled. Btw if NY can't do nun the next 5 seasons. Relegate that shit lmao
  10. Even maxing my stats, my player is worst than 350 TPE rookie so lmaoo
  11. I officially have more shots blocked than points as a forward, great!