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  2. 1. We are currently tied in our playoff series with Mexico, what kind of shady move do we need to make to retaliate towards them for their shady moves? Pay there owner to tank. 2. If fishy was actually kidnapped and held for ransom, do you think Spartan would give in or let the boys play? Let the boys playy 3. What's your crazy idea for what we need to change in our strategy to help us win the cup this year? Luke and Onde Sandstrom on the same line. Easy as that. Jk 4. Who do you think has been the most impactful these playoffs and why? Our goalie is doing pretty amazing. 5. In your opinion, what was the worst trade this season in either the VHL or VHLM? NYA just lost to Seattle so that trade did not quite work out. 6. What are you doing to celebrate when LVA wins the cup? Celebrate with my family back home
  3. That's actually a pretty amazing retirement class for a team Especially if we win a cup
  4. All of the top prospect in S74 joining the Las Vegas Aces was actually by coincidence ahahahah. Beside for Onde Sandtrom. I had absolutely no idea who I would play with until I realized most of us signed there ahahahaha.
  5. Would need to wait for the next update
  6. Getting a lot better lol
  7. What’s the most money you’ve ever drunkenly spent at McDonald’s? What did you get? Near 30$. It was a lot of stuff so I do not exactly remember. On a scale of 1 to 10, how intolerable do you find players that post their entire lives on their insta ? 10. It is quite irritating. How many bowls of cereal do you eat every single day and why aren’t you eating more? 3 bowls. Who on your team would you let punch you directly in the face no questions asked? My cousin Onde Sandtrom lmaoo How many days have you gone without showering? Did people notice? 1 week and no because I do other stuff to not smell Can you fit your whole fist in your mouth? Are you trying to now? lol No. How is it possible lmao
  8. I was really glad to be apart of that class. I could of quit at any given moment at the start of that career, but the competition between all these dudes game me the motivation to try my best as well. Really a legendary class
  9. Got the assist from that play for those who do not know
  10. Luke Thornton - The Next Great Sweden Hockey Player LW | 6' 3'' | 220 LB. | Age: 23 | 2006 My story begins on a bus full of junior hockey players. It was in 2006, during the Olympic Gold Medal Game between Sweden and Finland. Sweden against Finland was insane because it was like Canada vs USA for us. That was one of the biggest hockey game in the last 10 years and I was stuck on a bus to a road game with one of my longtime hockey teammates, Onde Sandstrom (@fonziGG). We listened the game on a radio and there was complete silence in the third period. It was 3-2 for Sweden, but in the final two minutes of the game, Finland pulled their goalie. We could just feel that a goal was coming from the announcer's voice. At that moment, I will always remember it. We heard this: ''Lundqvist... Gor en otrolig raddning med klubban!!'' If you don't understand Swedish. that is: ''Lundqvist... Makes an incredible save with his stick!!'' 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ZERO. Sweden were world champions! This was a special moment because our hometown Swedish heroes won one of the biggest tournament in the whole world despite the odds against them. This is what started a fire inside of me. Life in Sweden I lost my parents at a young age, but my cousin parents (Onde Sandstrom) were kind enough to take me in. We became the best of friends and we had passion for the sport of Hockey. He was my rival and my friend and we always played on the same team. I heard stories about young hockey players in Canada and America, jumping around from team to team. Traveling, expensive stuff to buy and coaches to impress. In Sweden, there is no tryouts. If you were born in a town, you play for that team town and you never got cut despite the different levels. I live in a small neighborhood and the hockey culture in Sweden is really different from the rest of the world. I more or less played with the same friends from my neighborhood. It was the same routine almost every god damn day. Until... Defying odds First off. In Sweden, you play on a bigger ice surface, so you have the time and space to be creative with the puck. In the VHL and the VHLM, it is not just that the surface is smaller, it is the speed of the game that is a lot faster than you can ever imagine in our heads. I laughed when Onde Sandstrom was so confused when our teammates kept dumping the puck. You may have already read this from an article about me, but two prospects from Sweden arrived in LA and signed a contract with the Las Vegas Aces for the VHML after getting recruited from the Youth Sweden Hockey League development. One of them is Luke Thornton, a young and upcoming amazing Swedish player that had a rough life leading to this precious moment. The other one? You got it right, his longtime friend Ondre Sandstrom! They are following the footsteps of there Swedish heroes from that one precious moment. What will these two Swedish player bring in the VHLM? They already got eyes for the VHL draft next season. There future will be very bright and excited to see! These two will defy odds in there careers! 551 words This story was inspired by one of my favorite NHL hockey player growing up. I wanted to have a similar life as he did and add a lot of more fun elements to it.
  11. Really a game changer. Always loved black theme
  12. My first ever graphic so I know it sucks lol
  13. Two prospects from Sweden arrived in LA and signed a contract with the Las Vegas Aces for the VHML after getting recruited from the Youth Sweden Hockey League development. One of them is Luke Thornton, a young and upcoming amazing Swedish player that had a rough life leading to this precious moment. He is a player with an amazing passing ability on his stick and a great IQ on the ice. He is also a player who loves to take over the game defensively which a lot of players do not like to do at a young age. He signed with the Las Vegas Aces because his long time friend and rival got recruited there as well. They both hope to start there career with a chance at the VHLM cup even though they will not be huge factors to that. Luke Thornton does hope to become a top 10 pick in the S74 draft, but he is focusing on becoming better and better every single day to one day realize his dreams and he knows that even though he is quite a heavy player. He does not really know how to use that power yet and his skating ability is quite normal right now, but he will be a dangerous player to face in the offensive zone and it will be very hard to score on him with his amazing defensive capabilities and IQ. His future is very bright and will be very exciting to follow.