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  1. 1.How do you feel about not making the playoffs? It was to be expected since the start so I am not really worried about that this year and possibly the same thing next year. 2.Will you be on the team next season, as far as you know? Of course I will. We all will stay and grow as much as possible together until a tough decision will be made later on. 3.Are you going to work on skills this off season or take a vacation? Skills. I have adapted my game to the VHL and I feel that my sophomore year will be a big one for me. 4.What would you like to see changed on the team? A little more activity with the other players, but I don't really mind. 5.The locker room has been a bit dull. Is there a way to make players talk a bit more? With all the great rookies that we will get next season. That will help it quite a bit 6.Are you excited about having a few rookies on the roster next season? The more active talent, the merrier
  2. Hey I'm moving up! Wait why am I happy about this
  3. I know it's a joke, but still. Gotta look the inside and not the outside lmao
  4. I wouldn't be the player that I am today without him since the time he was OTT Assistant GM and in his first year with Mexico. He may have forced a little bit too much to try to win the first season, but we did made the playoff. Unfortunately with drama with the simmers we got fucked by them. I guaranteed all the player who were on his team the first year would agreed that he was a great guy that helped us improve and keep us active. I mean some of them became inactive since they got draft by other GMs LOL, even retired xD *cough* Seattle *cough*
  5. Expansion Locations The VHL is currently developing two new expansion teams, so the mystery question is what will their team names be? And where should these teams by located? We will check into the North American division first. The 5 teams are located in Calgary, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and New York. To break it down further more, maybe creating two divisions in each conference by seeing three teams in the western North America and only two in the east. Adding a team to the eastern part would allow for the league to make divisions, which I expect to be the case in this expansion. We also see three Canadian markets and two American markets. That could lead to two different conferences like USA and Canada or the more traditional east vs west. Anyway, I hope that the Montreal or Quebec gets a team, which won't be likely the case unfortunately rip. Expansion Locations Ideas 1. In the North American market Montreal could be explored at least. Montreal has a rich history in hockey and this would create an instant rivalry with Toronto. This would not work with the Canada and USA divisions but would work the east and west divisions. A few Montreal team names could be easily found and fun to name. I know that there are a lot of canadiens fans in here and making a competition to choose a name would be amazing. Trust 2. A Boston market would be an amazing idea if Montreal is being added. Just imagine guys, Toronto/Montreal/Boston next year. That will be a huge topic next year and until this VHL league ends. This could help either division idea since Boston is both in the east and in America. Boston is a huge hockey market and is always connected in rivalry with Montreal (and for some people Toronto, if you know what I mean), not just in hockey but every sport. . A few Boston team names could be Boston Bandits or the Boston Whalers which I saw in some articles. 3. The first market idea for Europe that may be interesting is Beijing. Hockey is growing globally and China boasts a huge population. The KHL has teams in China and there’s an Asian hockey league so this is an untapped market in the VHL and a great way to grow our league across the world. Moscow would be an instant rival because of their closeness. Team names could be the Beijing Dragons. To conclude The key theme for my idea is the opening up divisions in our conferences. Every other major sport has different divisions and it helps to promote rivalries and excitement. With these new divisions I see us having 6 playoffs teams. Three from each conference with the division winners getting the first two seeds and a wildcard team from either division. This would be amazing to watch and really fun to watch. ESPECIALLY if Montreal AND Boston would be the expansion team. That would create so many great topic and would be the best expansion teams ever created. Word count: 504
  6. Another wonderful year for the VHL, as they are enough success to get out 2 more locations and teams. The real question is, where are these locations going to end up too? Many people believe to see another North American team, more likely to be in Canada. Could we see teams in Montreal? Quebec? Winnipeg? The possibilities are endless as the VHL has been very unpredictable in terms of expansion, which keeps things intriguing and surprising. Personally, I would like to see a Quebec team, to reignite the Quebec Nordiques flames once again, but that is a long-shot from many a point of view unfortunately. The VHL Commissioner has not yet spoken on the details of the teams being expanded as well, but we will start to see the picture once the off season rolls around really soon. With the VHL expanding, many more players are given the chance to play hockey for the VHL, and we see the VHL expanding even more so in the near future to get even more players play around the world. Is this the best hockey league ever?
  7. 2. Have you met your personal goals in this last set of games? I did comeback from the back for the rookies standings and performed well on some games by having between 2-3 pts nights. 3. What area in your game do you need to improve on? I think consistency, but I am still adapting my game to the VHL so I expect a really good one next year. 4. If you had the chance, would you change your position? I would want to play to RW again to be honest. It wasn't easy to adapt my game to the VHL and it was hard to transition on the other side of the ice. That means less one timers for me and deadly pass in the middle. Hope I could play RW in the next couple of years. 5. What is your endgame goals for your player. Like what type of player are you becoming? I want to become the clutchest player alive, like I have been since the start. Especially with team USA in the WJC. 6. With the up and down season we have had, how do you cope with that? It was expected, but I believe that we will turn it around once we gain more experience and chemistry. Know each other strengths and weakness and play the best that we can.8. Do you feel like you are a part of the "Big Picture"? Of course and I even believe that I want to become a superstar in this league one day. Let everyone know my name.
  8. New York Riga Moscow Helsinki
  9. A Fantasy draft is the worst idea ever Ouf. Would like to see the NY yougins growing together. It breaks the harmony created inside teams
  10. LOL didn't even notice that😂😂😂