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    NYA/SEA; S69

    Yawnnn I plead my invisible case
  2. Jtv123

    NYA/SEA; S69

    I never bitched once about my stats once over there and I'm still not bitching about my stats nor my ice time over here, but aight bro you assume what you want🤣
  3. Jtv123

    NYA/SEA; S69

    Lol. Seattle you better give him all the points or else he will do it again!😂
  4. Gold: World Silver: Europe Bronze: Canada MVP: Steve Roadkill
  5. I have done Facebook and Instagram. I have screen for proof as well
  6. Ay 2 pts from me against a former team. Always great to have that
  7. 1. HC Davos Nobody expected them to be one of the best teams in the VHL, but I am pretty sure that no one would knew that they would become this mediocre this season. What happened during this off-season? Only 7 wins trough 36 games. The fell off is too unbelievable. They only scored 56 goals and allowed 125 jesus. I hope they won't make it to -100. 2. New York I will keep it short since people will think that I will hate on them. A team that was expecting to take a leap took a big step back. The offence isn't working for some reason and my sources says that the assistant captain and the one that signed an extension with NY even before the season started already requested a trade. Well, I expected him to do that if things doesn't go his way. Welp, good luck NY fans, luckily you have a really cool GM and some good players. (That wasn`t short at all lmaoo) 3. Prague Prague seems to be a hard team to beat after there second season in the league already. They somehow are a top 5 team offensively, but the defence isn't working in their favor. If they can turn it around, they could very well make it into the playoff, but we believe that won't be the case. Nevertheless, this is great news for the GM. The team is already going to the right direction by already being somewhat better then HC Davos and New York. 4. Calgary Calgary is having quite a regular boring season as always. They are quietly in the race for the playoff and they are scoring as much as the allow goals. Really intriguing team if I am being honest. They are definitelythe leader of the pack from the lower class teams (Davos, New York, Prague and maybe D.C). There team is really really young and they have some amazing veterans. Especially, Birck Wahl. 5. D.C D.C had an amazing start of the regular season, but they fell of a bit. They could very well make the playoff, but if things stays as it is. Then they will miss it by a straw. D.C should still be proud about this progression though. George Washington is looking like a future stud and there leader Mikko Aaltonen is having an amazing career. Jerwa is an amazing d-men since he left New York and Pekka Pouta was among the top 5 goalies at the start of the season. Enorama will have a lot of decisions to make in the near future. Now for the big boys! A 10 point difference between the 6th place and the 7th place, but only 8 points for first place. The top 6 teams will battle it out until the end of the season 6. Seattle To tell you the truth, I expected Seattle to dominate the competition this season after winning the Cup and getting even better roster wise. They do have a good defence and there goalie, R. Funk, is playing out of his mind, but there is missing some kind of spiciness missing in there offence. They lost some tough games, but I expect them to be quite hard to beat in the playoff anyway. There rivals in the conference, Vancouver and Toronto, seems to be motivated to stop them though.
  8. 4. Which team do you think improved most over the offseason? The Vancouver Wolves improved a bunch. 5. What team do you consider being the biggest dumpster fire? New York soon enough. 6. What team do you see as our rival? Seattle are our good rivals, but I always like to matchup against Riga. They are so salty when they lose games lol. 7. What award do you hope to win for your player? I won`t win any rewards. I am only a role player for Malmo. 8. Which song should be our team-song when we enter the ice? The boys are back 10. What did your player do in the offseason? Became a lot better physically.
  9. I thik the forwards will feel some type of way tho
  10. I would, but I can't since I promised to stay out of trouble from my contract unfortunetaly