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  1. A lot of picks will be screwed cuz of GMs reserving there players lmaoo
  2. I like the idea. It's always pretty much dead for none playoff team, gotta found some kind of activity for them
  3. 1) if you could describe the team in 1 word... What would it be? Young 2) what are your goals for next season? Aim for near PPG with my better build, but compete for the Cup is the ultimate goal. 3)do you feel like you have accomplished your goals this season? Yes as a Rookie 4)what's your favorite music genere? I have none tbh. I listen to any 5)who's your favorite person on the team Lafontaine or Edwin hmmmm 6)and who would you like to bring up? Askarov
  4. My player choked. It's time to give up on a playmaking build, going for 99 scoring from now on baby! If you can't beat them, join them.
  5. Let's go Warsaw. Dont sell us noww
  6. After reading this, I feel like J. Merrick ewarlly deserves rookie of the year. Beside his stats, anchoring the 2nd line center position on a playoff team. Wow... Hard to get those points as a rookie on a good team
  7. There's only 4 games left, but I don't think it will impact there stats that much. Onde Sandstrom rookie season: Through 68 games, the scoring hitting maching standing at 6'8 found the back in the net 14 (3 of them being on the PP) times this season with 17 apples, 31 points in total (6 of them on the PP). He shot the puck 160 times towards the net, but that gives him a low shooting percentage of 8.75%. He held his own defensively by being a +17 on a contender team in the Vancouver Wolves and currently got himself 164 hits in the year, but he had to serve in the bo
  8. 1) what advise can you give to the prospects coming up next season? They don't need to carry any pressure, just do what you can do to help the team win. 2)what should be our focus on Free Agency? Sign a star forward since we are losing 2 of our core forwards this year. Our defence is already set for multiple years and lafontaine and our goalie prospect is ready to take the torch anytime. 3)super team yay or nay? Yay. 4)do you think we should refresh our team logo? Yes I do, seen this astrocity since I joined the website oi.
  10. Sorry. I'm gonna lead rookies in hits brother