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  1. It's funny to see when I said I would become a FA. We all know I got a lot of negative feedbacks, then there are some people who are wondering why people aren't tempted to do it. At the end of the day, I love being the villain.
  2. A great article and it actually follows up everything that I have done so far lol, but I believe leading a expansion VHLM team into the playoff should have more credit with 9 GWG? (You nay not know, but our superstar goalie didn't play the first 3 games because of some issues) and psttt edit that I was on team USA when they got that medal (Btw you should contact @studentized for some advanced stats, he's a great dude. It seems that I don't really have a lot of ice time somehow in the sim lol. I had like around 950 minutes so far and the others already had almost 1200 like a week ago) At the end of the day, this article summary was spot on and you should do more for other players 'cuz it's fun to read (idk if you're and ready doing it) HHH next!
  3. Complained? Now this one I need to re-check dms lol
  4. Is that shitty GM who replaced Esso still there? No wonder they are like that now
  5. Aleksander Rodriguez the legend from Mexico felt the same thing leading that team to the ploffs in there first ever year. Ty for playing with that team🔥
  6. After a disappointing 6-0 lost against the Seattle Bears. Some reporters approached Aleksander Rodriguez after the game and asked him about his thoughts on the trade deadline in a couple of days. This is what he had to say about it... A.Rodriguez: Welp a year ago, I asked to be traded to NY and become somewhat important in there rebuild, but I was told that I was now on the trading block just because I wasn't thinking of extending my contract this year and I felt like there were some players who deserved more recognition that didn't got them because of some specific player. I'm not totally shocked because I was once abandoned by that GM when I was in the VHLM and I guess history repeats itself yet again. People will never change. A reporter from ESPN: What if you were indeed getting traded. Which team do you think you will end up too? And if not, would you stay here in NY? A.Rodriguez: That's a funny question. I don't really care which team I end up to because I'm fully going to become an FA after this season so I don't want them to lose value for a player that will just walk away. I already had two teams in my mind that I won't say because I'm not trying to get fined, but at the end of the day I will sign to a team where I feel like I can be appreciated, good line management and just being happy in the locker room. Aight boys, I still have a lot of games this season so I don't want to think about FA just now. I'm having a really good year even though I'm not given the proper assets to succeed, but I will tough it out and contend for the Most Improved Player of the year and maybe squeeze into the Playoff? At the end of the day, I just want to win.
  7. Most improved player? You forgot about me buddy. (I miss ya)