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  1. 1. How can a VHLM player have the chance to win MVP for next season? 2. How well the player should be built to have a chance to win MVP?
  2. Aleksander Rodriguez climbing those rankings quicklyyyyy. He was once 98th ranked and was far behind from his rivals via TPE. Loving it 😍😚
  3. It’s only been 2 months since Rodriguez’s signed a one year deal for the Ottawa Lynx to play in the VHLM, but now he is weeks away from getting drafted for a VHL team while still being a VHLM draftee! Rodriguez was ranked so low at the start of the season, as low as +100th place, but now he is around 27th and he is planning to climb those ladders even more. Some reporters and mock draft expects him to be drafted in the 3rd round, around the 35th pick but Aleksander Rodriguez isn’t having it because he announced that he expects to be drafted in the second round regardless of all the forward talents in this draft. Will Aleksander Rodriguez be drafted in the second round, like he expects or are the reports true? We shall see into the draft. Aleksander Rodriguez: <<I hope that everything will turn out like I expect to, but regardless of which team draft me. I want to tell them now that I’m planning to stay another year in the VHLM and try to win a cup for the VHLM or whoever draft me in the VHLM draft as well while being a candidate for MVP. And for the VHLM draft, I expect to be one of the best VHLM draftee out there although I don’t know much about there others. Does someone know the rankings for VHLM draftees please?
  4. 1. Do you have any other sim league experience? Where did you find VHL? I don’t have any other sim league and I found this league from Cyn YouTube channel. 2. Do you follow hockey IRL? What team you support? Yes, I do follow hockey in real life and my favorite team is the Habs. Been a fan of them ever since I was young.  3. Out of all of the current VHL franchises, which team do you think has the best logo/branding/location? I really like Calgary logo and branding but I love Davos location. 4. Are you related to the Alex Rodriguez who played for the Yankees? It seems you have baseball knowledge. I am indeed 5. Give us a shout-out to a member of the site who you feel has done the most to help you out. What should we know about them? Probably Beaviss, he’s been there since the start and he still help me times to time. 6. Who do you see yourself being drafted by in the upcoming VHLM draft? Or, if you don't know, what team do you want to be drafted by in the upcoming draft? I see myself drafted by the Ottawa Lynx, but hey, I just want to win a cup in my last VHLM season. Thank you guys!
  5. I will gladly accept this offer!
  6. They kinda stopped doing it for a while
  7. Season conclusion for Aleksander Rodriguez Around 2 months ago, Aleksander Rodriguez was approached by a bunch of teams to sign a one year deal contract while still being eligible of being a VHLM draftee. He ultimately chose the Ottawa Lynx to become his home after thinking for a long time, but the rookie had a rough start at the beginning of the season by not having the production that he desired, learning a lot of stuff about the VHLM and earning a lot of experience because of him being completely new in this league. But in the middle of the season, the Ottawa Lynx were on fire by winning multiple clutch games and being seeded 2th place in the league. They were only 2 points behind first place. At the same time, Aleksander Rodriguez stats sky rocket in the ceiling, almost being a point per game. He will need to thank Nyko, his trainer, for that boost. At the same time, Rodriguez taught that his team could actually make the playoff easily and maybe even win the cup while continuing to produce at his rate. Unfortunately, reality hit us pretty hard before the trading deadline. The Ottawa Lynx loss multiple game that they could have won and that made it Esso make a big decision, TO TANK! Our stars like J.Lynx and C.Past were traded to a better place and Aleksander Rodriguez goals were crushed in an instant. The team did horrible at the end of the season, earning the worst second team in the league. Luckily for Rodriguez, his stats were quite really good for a new guy and from doing decently on a bad team because his goals was to become a great playmaker but a 24 goal season is quite good for a guy who didn’t even trained in scoring until after the season. It made him being a top 30 rookie in the rankings and rumours says that he could even be drafted a lot higher, yes the second round! Rodriguez doesn’t know if any of this is true, but he is working hard by training every day while watching the playoff of the VHLM. More time passes by and Rodriguez realize that he will actually be drafted to a VHL team within weeks. He can’t hide his excitement. A reporter reproached Rodriguez for his comments on the draft and his goals next season and this was his answer. Aleksander Rodriguez: Yesterday, I saw an article about me being potentially a top 5 RW in the draft. I am 6th right now but with a little bit of work and dedication then that 5th spot would be mine, this made me really happy because I know that there is a lot of talented forwards in the draft and that I’m not at the level as a S.Mars and those guys. But to receive such praise is giving me even more confidence in me and it motivates me to become A LOT better then right now. And for my goals, I hope that my VHL team will let me stay down in the VHLM and hopefully that the Ottawa Lynx draft me in the VHLM draft since I’m still eligible for that. I want to win a cup with these guys next season, to thank them for what they did to me and made me become a good player Btw, I have a question for the reporters. Am I one of the best VHLM draftee? I am really curious about that and I would love to know the answer because I don’t know a lot of VHLM draftee that better then me. This concludes the season for Aleksander Rodriguez, see you next season! Around 616 words, for PT of the 15-21 April
  8. I need question badly please. I am new and I can’t see to find any to answer these days. Help a new fellow here. Thx in advance!
  9. I don’t have an endorsement and I am a VHLM Forward, @Brand Executive