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  1. So yeah for the rest of the weekend plz message me on this account till I get home to my mom's house and on my other account k
  2. Ya i tried that but i need my phone and its at my moms and im at my dads see ehat i mean so I am going to be on this one till I get home and so yeah and blade hey sorry about that my account is super stupid rn ma'am...
  3. So yeah sorry about this but I needed to do this to talk to blade and jubo
  4. Sorry I have to because my other one isn't working rn sorry I am doing this to tell jubo that my other account isn't working and because I wanted to talk to blade quick about something....
  5. Player Information Username: Connormcdavid10182003 Player Name: Lion drisatil Recruited From: YouTube Age: 18 Position: LW Height: 80 in. Weight: 250 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page @VHLM GM