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  1. I assume EFL Presentation's are still +6, but I see SBA guys are claiming 12 TPE.... wassup wit dat?
  2. Hey Fever... I'm the AGM of the Yukon Rush, and I think you could make a great asset to a team that's already proving to be formidable once again this season. I know @Josh and I would be glad to have you around on the 2nd pair here in Yukon. Were all about the gold here, and you'd help make us that much stronger. So, if you want to join a team that knows what it takes to win, go ahead and quote me.
  3. EFL Presentation for +6 TPE PLZ
  4. You win the cup cause of a fluke goal against my Wranglers..... next year, you're gonna pay.
  5. Hey man, welcome to the VHL! Don't be afraid to ask anybody about any questions you have, 100% reccommend the Discord.