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  1. @GustavMattias Hey man, if you keep stroking that ego, you know it's gonna blow up in your face, right?
  2. Heya @Elmebeck! My name's Cody and I'm the AGM of the Yukon Rush.... a team with a pretty stacked defensive core already, but one that could always use another member given at the moment, we don't have the strongest of goalie tandems (were hoping this will change soon as well, we've got interested in a couple FA's like yourself!). Now, most people won't ask you this, but what kind of build are you going for with your d-man? If you'd be open to it, we could use you as a "specialist", either being a key feature on our Power Play as a purely offensive guy or maybe you'd rather be a shutdown guy, focusing on being a elite Penalty Killer? It's easier to start off a build with a set goal, then flesh out other parts later, hence why I asked.... and I think that either or would be a good fit in Yukon. So.... waddaya say? If you go ahead and accept my offer, @Josh. will get you hooked up with the rest of all things Yukon.
  3. Heya @Jimbo75. I see that @Ace has posted a reply, but well, he's got 0 authority on that. However, I do, as I'm the AGM of the Yukon Rush..... and well, we'd love it if you'd come. I know @Josh. would be ecstatic to have a C who if active could grow into a Top 6 role by season's end, maybe even 1st line depending on if he wanted to shake things up.
  4. Hiya, Kim! My name is Cody Smith, and I'm the AGM of the Yukon Rush. Were hoping to be pretty solid competitors this season and we could use as much depth as we can get on the wing, particularly the right side. If you're interested in joining us, quote my replay with the words accept and then my buddy @Josh. will get you set up with everything else.
  5. Hi @thechill! I'm the AGM of the Yukon Rush, and we desperately need a goalie here as both of ours seem to have gone inactive. Should you sign here, as soon as you got your TPE up, you'd be the defacto #1 tendy and you'd be part of a team hoping to make a playoff push this season. We are waiting on another tendy to make his decision, but..... this job is first come first serve. We're trying to build up a core here and you'd be in a locker room full of passionate players. So, whaddaya say? Oh, and I almost forgot to add @Josh., my boss.
  6. @.sniffuM Hey.... we could use A Red Guy on the Rush, badly.... you'd be our #1 right away here. Plus, I bet most people will have 0 idea where you got the name from.... at least, I think you got it from this, right?:
  7. Quite a few big jumps here, including myself.
  8. No longer a "M" player myself, @TheFlash. It's okay though, not mad at chu.
  9. Hey there. I'm the AGM of the Yukon Rush, and we'd have an immediate great spot for an all-out offensive talent, mostly playing 2nd line & PP time once you got your guy up. Now, I can't do much until @Josh. sends you a reply I think, I'm just notifying you that we have interest. I don't know if you can quote me to accept a contract or not however.
  10. +10 TPE for Cody Smith plz
  11. Hey @Frogsock! I'm the new AGM for the Rush, and I see that @Josh. already gave you a rundown of where you'd probably be playing here in Yukon, but of course, you could also be looking at PK time depending on how you want to build yourself. This is a team with a lot of holes and a lot of opportunity to make yourself a key contributor almost immediately.
  12. Thank you @Josh., I won't let you down.
  13. I'm online 97.5% of the time over on Discord as I'm on disability and don't work (The 2.5% being me being out for something, being asleep or being AFK cause I'm playing games), have a good relationship with multiple VHLM GM's ( @Thranduil, @GustavMattias, @Rayzor_7 & @Matt_O ) & a good chunk of guys in the Hounds locker room + slowly getting to know the Wranglers guys too, learning the sim system slowly and am interested in the job not because I want to compete for a Founders Cup (albeit, that would be sweet), but because I want to help the next generation of VHLM talent flesh out their players. The VHLM is a development league 1st and foremost after all. Don't be afraid to DM me here or send me a message via Discord ( cody732195#1469 is me ) for any further questions you got.
  14. No pretty version of this?:
  15. I got a nomination and I didn't even know..... shame I didn't win.