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  1. I've always agreed that the store as it is has certain things priced too high and others that feel worthless. I'm going into season #4 as a VHL'er (6th overall) & because of things, I've made my fair share of purchases over the past bit: The 1st Gen 1st Gen Doubles Position Switch Reroll That's 11 million spent right there, leaving me currently with 3.75 Million in the bank.... given that I'm entering what most would call my player's prime, I don't have to worry just yet about depiciation, but it is knocking on that door. So yeah, more store options and better contracts is 100% worth it given the current setup can be costly.... even though I know I'm a rare case.
  2. LOL. I stepped down as Yukon AGM because of my AD duties in the EFL (I'm the new AD at Alabama, going into season #2) taking up a lot of my time. Not that I don't care about the VHL still, but priorities have changed for me. P.S. I know you're ribbing me, just thought I'd clarify.
  3. All 12 days, claimed. So, let's hope I get the luck of the draw.
  4. More TPE? Gladly. This is just buffing me up and making me more enticing in FA. Can't wait.
  5. @Renomitsu I'm a FA this summer. Who says I have to resign in Calgary? Given when I sit in TPE, I could be a pretty viable option for more than 1 team in FA.
  6. Give it up for Day 9..... Well, until the draws happen.