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  1. Damn that was a close one. Also, 7 hits for Shackleford in one game.
  2. Ok, NOW the Wild have activated win now mode.
  3. Now THAT's how Saskatoon is supposed to play.
  4. Shackleford with that spicy number 1 star, NOT A BIG DEAL...
  5. If this pace keeps up, Saskatoon will win the 3rd game right? ...Right?
  6. Saskatoon Begins to Right their Sinking Ship After a catastrophic drop in the standings, the Saskatoon Wild made headlines with a blockbuster trade, sending a jaw-dropping number of draft picks to the Philadelphia Reapers in exchange for Brian Strong, Cody Parkey, DWin Championship, and Hans Gruber. This trade bolstered Saskatoon’s already strong offense, and added some key additions to its struggling defensive core, along with major free agent pickups including Ty Steel and Apollo Hackett. These moves allowed the struggling Wild to begin to crawl out of the basement, and prove that their new roster was worth the major cost it took to acquire the pieces. It seems that so far Peace, the Wild’s GM, has made a valiant effort to fix their problems, and it has so far succeeded, as the Wild have accumulated a 5 win streak followed by a loss to the Yukon Wild. This was then followed with the hiring of a new upstart Assistant General Manager, Bert Macklin, who some have theorized may actually work for the FBI, or alternatively, may only be a normal Assistant General Manager, and definitely not a spy for other teams. With all of these huge acquisitions, the Wild are poised to begin a major comeback in the VHLM, and have become legitimate contenders to both make a push for the playoffs, as well as for the Founder’s Cup. However, they are still in 7th place in the VHLM standings at the moment, and will have to play almost perfectly to surpass the other teams also competing for a playoff spot. With yet another loss to Yukon today, Saskatoon has begun to skid a bit in their push to be a competitor in the post season. The Wild have yet another game coming up against the Rush, which will be a must-win game if they wish to make a push for the playoffs. With less than half of the season remaining now, each game will become more and more important as the Wild will slowly lose their opportunity to climb up the standings. Led by an all-star ensemble of some of the best offensive talent in the minor leagues, it is only a matter of time before Saskatoon can begin to catch their stride and perform up to the level of the line up that they are icing. Many fans are hoping that as the new additions play more and find their roles on the team as well as develop a chemistry with their line mates, Saskatoon will continue to improve and work their way up the standings, and demonstrate on the ice the performance that is expected of them on paper. This will be the true test of whether these major moves were worth it in the end, as while it is more ambiguous right now how well the trade worked out for both teams, the most blatant measure of its success will likely be whether Saskatoon can make the playoffs, and just how well they will do in their attempt to win a championship. Word Count: 506, Week Ending 03/24/2019.
  7. Damn it, the wild will have their revenge next game
  8. Saskatoon keeps rolling to the top! 2 sweet sweet apples for Shackleford too
  9. I would love to come back to Saskatoon next season if possible, but I would want Peace to do what is best for the team, so no hard feelings if it does not happen. @Peace you're a terrific gm!
  10. Disturbingly close. Wild almost lost the trap game.
  11. 1. Probably Halifax and Saskatoon. 2. Peace already did it a couple days ago, so no further trades are necessary. 3. I KNOW I have what it takes. Mostly because I was already chosen. 4. MVP might be close, but I think HHH or Shawnomir Jagr might get it. Best 2 way forward could easily go to too many players to list. Best defenseman should of course go to Shackleford, given he is not hornswoggled out of it. 5. My main jam is definitely the sweet sounds of Norwegian Black Metal Hank Williams's greatest hits. 6. Big Daddy P