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  1. Depends how far you're willing to go.
  2. You know, now that I think of it, Cal Conway has been trash in 100% of @Beketov seasons. Check this: Another Player Conway That's a huge difference in save percentage and goals against between me and another player when Bek simmed. And to make it worse, I went 0-6 this season with Beketov simming after winning 42% of my starts in my CAREER. HUGE falloff. SAD!
  3. How does one use the Seasonal Donation free week in VHL Portal? Other in uncapped TPE?
  4. Tagged. Checks article for mention of Conway. Only mention talks about how garbage Conway was.
  5. Sees Emidas post a Point Task for the first time since Harambe died.
  6. I was trapped last night watching Barzal. Corgi was his only visitor. N1 I watched chat and he was visited by Berocka N2 I watched chat again and he was visited by nobody N3 I didn't see the suggestion on who to watch, watched Hatty and failed because he was Jailed. N4 I hit a trap visiting Barzal. Corgi visited him. @chatfan036
  7. Voting Jeff. Finding it strange that he doesn't seem to care, though.
  8. I've been keeping an eye on the thread, staying quiet and watching peoples houses. Trying to survive my first Mafia game in like 2 years.
  9. Bad day to have network speed throttled, with our day period cut down at 7 tonight lol.