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  1. I'm happy to see you back and making graphics! I like the simplicity of the sig, I think you're good enough that you can make this kind of sig work, because it works here. I like the duplicated render in the background, I think it really helps with the overall composition. I think overall the text is nice (the shifted outline works well) but I think maybe a different font would work a little better - unfortunately I can't come up with some really concrete advice, I just feel like it's missing a little something. Also while I like the use of color here I feel like maybe the lighting on the
  2. solas


    This is pretty good! I can see you've definitely got some good stuff going on here. I like the soft stock work and the lighting looks nice too, especially the light behind the player's head creates a nice effect. I like the colors, too, I think the sig mostly looks consistent and well-blended. I do have some criticism, though. First off I feel like the render could be placed a little bit better. I don't like the empty space above the head, it makes the sig look unbalanced to me. And I think it would look better if the player wasn't in the dead center. The text could also use some work -
  3. Chicago Phoenix legend.
  4. On one hand I'm happy for Jeff but also mourning my lost prediction TPE
  5. Congrats to Hoop and Dollar! Glad to see Krishna getting some love (and I expect there will be more to come for Wolski tonight)
  6. Let's goooooooo (....no votes for Rhynex is surprising, though)
  7. Lewis Dawson, Riga Reign legend
  8. Great article, it's been really interesting to see the drop in scoring in the "portal era" with larger draft classes and more depth/parity. I wonder what some other great players (O'Malley, Rafter, McAllister?) might look like in the context of the first or ninth generations. Plus with Campbell, I'd also note that he had the benefit of not just playing in a higher-scoring era but also starting his career in Season 1 where there wouldn't have been a gap to make up between him and other players in his rookie season. So he basically got to be the player with the most TPE in the league (or
  9. Hello everyone. Looks like the job of asking questions is falling to me this week. Here goes nothing... 1) Malmo won their first-ever cup yesterday after defeating DC in Game 6. Who were you rooting for in the finals and what were your thoughts on the result? 2) Now that the offseason has started, there have been a bunch of trades. Do you think there will be more to come? 3) Speaking of trades, Chicago added Kyl Oferson and Lucas Brandt to the team recently. How do you feel about these acquisitions? 4) The Season 76 draft is coming up on Fri
  10. With the finals coming to a close just yesterday, the VHL offseason has already started with a bang as we’ve seen 14 trades within less than 24 hours. It began with the DC Dragons, fresh off a finals loss, being the most active - acquiring DeFenz Mann and Cinnamon Block to round out their defensive core, trading down from 6 to 7 in the draft with Toronto, and fulfilling a prior trade condition with Davos. Also active in the market was Calgary, who made the aforementioned DeFenz Mann trade with DC, moved up in the draft from 4th to 3rd, acquired Riley Couture and Sheldon Juniper from Vancouve
  11. Did not expect to see this trade. Surprising that Tonn's retiring early but I can see how this would fit each team's long-term plans.
  12. 20493023389884436 S75 Donation 5 uncapped TPE (claiming week of 1/17) $1M player store cash (claimed) Doubles Week (using for week of 1/17)