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  1. I mainly split up the Home Nations just because I thought it was more interesting. Particularly the number of Scottish players. IIRC Essian Ravenwing was @der meister's player at the time too so I was also kinda leaving a possible spot open for Wales.
  2. Looks like I forgot to include Bruno Wolf in my updated count. 17 should be the right number.
  3. Here it is, the incredible random return of a thread that I suspect everyone except for me has forgotten about! So there's been nine hall of fame inductions since I last updated this thread, most while I was in a daze of either semi-activity or complete inactivity (and two of them including my own players but who's counting). The OP is updated, and here's a year-by-year breakdown for what's happened from S55-S63. S55 - Defenseman Phil Hamilton, from Steven Gerrards Cross, is the only player to be inducted. That's nine for England now, three of which are @Phil 's players. S56 - Canada reasserts its dominance in this count, in case anybody ever doubted it. Unassisted and Black Velvet make up the duo of players who have names that technically aren't real names, and also bring the nation's total to 24. @STZ and @Higgins both have their third players inducted into the Hall of Fame. S57 - The second Hamilton brother is inducted - making England the fourth country to hit double-digit hall of fame players (and doubling the number of hall of famers from Gerrards Cross, for those keeping track). That's @sterling's fifth player to make the Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, @Green becomes yet another to join the three-players-in-HOF club in this period with the Romanian forward Pietro Maximoff, who is the first ever Romanian to make the hall of fame. S58 - Diana Maxwell becomes the first of the S50 crop, the first female player, and the 14th American to make the hall of fame. This also marks 26 seasons since the induction of Benjamin Glover in S32, @street's only other player to be inducted. (I feel like that's some kind of record but I suspect that's another topic for another time). The last American to be inducted was Mason Richardson in Season 50. Tom Lincoln, meanwhile, is YET ANOTHER CANADIAN. He's also @Kesler 's second hall of fame player after Bruno Wolf, an American. Imagine telling someone in, like, S35 that Kesler was going to have two hall of fame players. S59 - We appear to have a Nordic-themed induction this season. Theo Axelsson is inducted after narrowly missing in S58. Axelsson is Sweden's fourth representative in the hall of fame, the first Swede since Alexander Valiq in S42. Aleksi Koponen, meanwhile, brings Finland's total up to five and puts them back into the lead among Nordic countries with five. This is also good enough to tie Germany for inductions (T-3rd among European countries and T-5th overall at this time). Koponen is also @Will's first hall of fame player. Surprising that Draper never made it. S60 - Rhett DeGrath is inducted, marking 4 hall of fame players for STZ and 25 players for Canada. At this point, Canada is over 10 ahead of America, the nearest country. We also have back-to-back Finns! Fabio Jokinen is now the sixth Finnish player to join the hall of fame, and becomes @jRuutu 's first hall of fame player. Jokinen is also the first Finnish defenseman to make it - the others are all a combination of forwards and Tuomas Tukio. S61 - Another three-time Hall of Famer this year, as Franchise Cornerstone becomes Boubabi's third player to make it in. Cornerstone is also the first-ever Mongolian player to be in the hall of fame, continuing the trend he started with Lord Karnage (the HOF's only-ever Somalian player). We also have John Locke, the 15th American and Draper/Will's second player (only two seasons after his first, Aleksi Koponen). S62 - Fredinamijs Krigars is inducted, marking Latvia's first-ever player in the hall of fame. Probably a long time coming considering 1) we have a team in Latvia and 2) we used to have a decent contingent of Latvian members in the past, as I remember it. It's also back-to-back American players, as Apollo Skye brings the United States' total up to 16. Also, we have for the second time in this post a year with both players being a member's first ever hall of fame induction - Krigars being @hedgehog337 and Skye being @Velevra. S63 - Markus King becomes the third goaltender to be inducted in this time frame, and also @Kendrick's fourth player overall. King also puts the total at 26 Canadians. Lukas Müller is also inducted, bringing Germany's total up to six, which once again ties them with Finland at 6 apiece.
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    S63 VHL Hall of Fame Induction

    Just came back to see Müller made the HoF! A bit of a late comment but thanks to everyone who voted for me ❤️
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    Long overdue

  6. Don't really have anything else to add other than that I agree. Disappointing.
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    Well shit, there's a name I haven't seen in a long time. Welcome back!
  8. Chico Salmon was xD Park, I think. All the others are correct to my memory. Thanks for posting this, by the way. Brought back a ton of memories.
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    Future of the VHL

    The true GFX god
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    [S62] — S58 — LW Ivan Morozov

    ayy why not accepted
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    It's A Record

    Glad to see that someone broke that record.
  12. Friday Uruguay 2 - 2 France (pen) Brazil 3 - 1 Belgium Saturday Sweden 0 - 1 England Russia 0 - 3 Croatia
  13. France Brazil England Croatia