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  1. 1. Who's the best member in the VHL? What makes them the best in your opinion? You can even state the worst member, that was what I wanted to ask anyway The worst member is obviously @JeffD because he is inactive and GMs should be active and writing PTs about their teams every week. I am also deliberately choosing not to name a favorite member so as to maintain my cool and marketable lone-wolf image. (Shut up, stop laughing at me.) 2. What's the best thing you have read or saw on twitter/instagram? I don't really use Instagram. I do use Twitter, but to be honest it's
  2. That Warsaw game, fucking hell. I have to laugh at the first period. At least there's some nice stats for our forwards!
  3. Trivia’s coming home!
  4. tfw this is the only way Mexico's logo gets changed
  5. they don't just knock, one of em tried to recruit me in the grocery store last month so the point stands, they've adapted and moved past knocking
  6. 1.) Week 1 of S77 is in the books after 15 games the Phoenix sit 2nd in tha NA conference and 5 games over 500, with a record of 10-5-0, what are your feelings about our teams play in the opening week? Not bad. I feel like we could've done better, there are some things we're going to have to work on over the season but at least we've got a solid enough start to build off of. 2.) As defending Continental Cup champions do you feel like there is some added pressure to succeed? Absolutely. If you'd told me before last season that we'd be second in the conference now, I'd
  7. solas

    Games: 67-86

    That first game At least we got one win
  8. solas

    Games: 49-66

    can we maybe stop doing that though
  9. This is crazy good. Colors and shapes work so well.
  10. solas

    Games: 1-15

    Where's my ring?!
  11. solas

    Games: 1-15

    Elsby first star, what an addition