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  1. 1) We're 2nd in the league with a record of 15-7-1 - but the Titans have leapfrogged us and the Nighthawks over the past week or so. What are they doing right? I think it comes from experience. We have a lot of rookies, and we're taking our time to adjust to the league. Meanwhile, Helsinki has only one rookie (shout-out to my former Minnesota teammate, Bert Meyers), and he's able to adjust quicker since he's on a team with more veterans. That's not to say we don't have veteran players, because we do, or that they haven't been great, because they have. But there were a good bit of changes in the offseason and it takes time to build team chemistry. 2) Davos have several star-quality players - like Ryuu Crimson and Veran Dragomir - but aren't even top half of the league. Is this STHS at it again, or is there a more logical reason for their bad record? My immediate reaction would just be that it's STHS again. I'm not that much of an expert with the sim engine so I can't quite be sure. I can't help but notice that they don't have any forwards who prioritize passing over scoring so maybe that could be the issue? I don't know how much of an effect that would have though. (Also maybe they should've drafted Nielsen) 3) Kallis Kriketers has an excellent reputation in the goalie world, but is being severely outperformed in terms of save percentage (92.6%) by Chase, the backup 200 TPE goalie for Moscow and league leader in save % (96.4% save). And uh, yeah, it's probably just small sample size (3 games) but how is Chase so damn good? It's the strength of having just one name. If you want to go by 'Chase', just 'Chase' and not have any last name, you probably have a lot of confidence. I imagine that translates well into good performances on the ice. 4) TPE has recently been investigated as a performance enhancing drug. How much of the league do you think uses TPE on a regular basis? Oh, it's gotta be 80% at least. I wouldn't name names but a lot of guys are on TPE. I'm sure the fans would be surprised by how many players are using it. 5) Morpheus of House Destructious, conqueror of ash, burner of bodies, king of obliteration, soul reaping demon of the nothing realm, etc. recently literally crushed a player's face with his fist. Is the VHL getting too violent? I don't know if it's the VHL as a whole. Morpheus is a concern, though...I am worried for what happens when he comes to the VHL. If he ends up continuing to kill players on the ice...I don't know, I may have to find a different line of work. 8 ) Who sings in the locker room the most? I'll be honest, probably me. I'm very open about how much I like music and what music I like, so I'm always singing along to whatever song I have playing.
  2. Everything went downhill once Anderson was made GM
  3. Would definitely be up for this. Really enjoyed participating in the past competitions.