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  1. Appreciate the write up on me my dude. It's awesome to see how much you researched us. Great article!
  2. 1. We are at about the third season mark. What teams are most likely going to face off in the next Founder's Cup final? Personally I think it will be Halifax and Minnesota but I could see Ottawa making their way in. 2. What is one trade you'd like your trade to do at this moment? Well I've just been traded to Minnesota but more importantly so was Candee Cain, which I think just solidified Minnesota's spot in the finals. 3. The 3rd World Junior Championship Commissioner was just hired (congrats Frostbeard), meaning the S65 WJC is about to start. Do you think you have what it takes to represent your nation? First of all congrats to @FrostBeard he's a good dude and deserves that position. As for me I think I could be competitive on Europe or World but there are so many good players in this league that I just don't make the cut. 4. Who are your early favourites to win some awards in the VHLM? MVP, best two-way forward, best defenseman, best goalie? It's been stated before but HHH is definitely going to be the MVP, as for some of the other awards I'm not sure, I try not to worry about what other teams are doing and try to focus more on my own game. I do however think Candee Cain is the best goalie in the league after playing with her. 5. What's one song that you listen to before stepping on the ice, that will inevitably pump you up and get you ready for action? Two Beers In by Free Throw for sure, not that I'd ever drink before a game or anything 😶. 6. Describe your VHLM team's General Manager and/or Assistant to the General Manager in 3 words. Haven't really had a chance to gauge this as I was just traded but seeing as how they thought I was worth trading for they have to be pretty good dudes right?
  3. Matmenzinger

    MIN/PHI: S65

    Couldn't be more excited, let's do this!
  4. In an unprecedented series of events the Philadelphia Reaper's team is now almost unrecognizable from what they were just a few days ago. In an effort to get ahead next year Philadelphia GM BladeMaiden has taken an early start to trading this year. With now 10 members of their original roster traded, and possibly more trades to come Philadelphia's hopes of finishing in a playoff spot this year have been sealed. On all accounts BladeMaiden has chosen to do this with her teams best interest in mind, as the players traded will now have the chance to make a run on a more competitive team. Now with the Reapers having a plethora of picks in the coming draft and beyond, they are likely to be contenders next year. This is good news not only for the organization but also for any potential returning players next season. BladeMaiden has all but secured a competitive spot for her team after the draft. To her credit the trades have been very well received. A few players have made official statements regarding the trades, John FrostBeard for one had this to say, "I have to say that my time spent in Philadelphia was truly amazing, everyone was great and I will not stop loving all of the guys there. I hope, joining Yukon, will give my new team a boost and allow us to fight for that Cup! Good luck my lovely Reapers and le'ts rock it Yukon!". As for the players remaining on this team, the situation actually presents opportunities for them to play larger roles than they normally would. It will be a valuable experience for them to be competing on top lines, against other teams elite prospects. With all of this being said Philadelphia will definitely be a team to watch out for next season.
  5. Calgary Wranglers Seattle Bears Riga Reign Helsinki Titans 
  6. Claiming this for a second week as specified in the post. "1296 words. TPE for weeks ending 3/17 and 3/24."
  7. I think it would be pretty cool to get a mountain state into the league, but as opposed to Arizona or Colorado maybe go for something less obvious. I was thinking Wyoming and as for a logo and team name why not go with their states famed mythical animal the jackalope? This isn't my art and obviously wouldn't be the final logo but something along these lines would be pretty cool.
  8. Close game despite the trades made by Philly.
  9. Thanks man! Really appreciate you saying that, but uhh no promises on that last part.
  10. Tocco pictured far right with the Czech Youth Hockey team. March 11th 2019, Mathew Tocco laces up his skates and steps out onto the ice for the very first time on a new team, and in a new country. He and his team mates are greeted by the roaring cheers of rabid fans. Tocco plays his heart out on his teams way to a very close 1-0 victory. Tocco currently plays for The Philadelphia Reapers a new expansion team that's part of the VHLM. Tocco's story doesn't begin there though. Early Life Born November 21st 1999 to Ignazio Tocco and Ada Svoboda, in the small village of Holvasovice Czechia, hockey was a far cry from the stoic and hard working life Tocco was born into. Tocco's father Ignazio was an Italian immigrant living in the Czech Republic and was the apprentice of the local butcher. Ignazio was very quickly smitten with the butcher's daughter Ada and the two married. Following this event and the declining health of the butcher, the shop was left in the hands of the newly married couple. Soon after Ada would give birth to their first son, Mat. As the son of a butcher Mat worked from a very young age helping in his family's shop. Hard work was in his blood, and this attribute would prove immensely helpful when it came to Mat's career in hockey. After spending his first five years in Holvasovice, Tocco's family had saved up enough money and decided to pack up their business and move to Prague. Tocco's mother had family there, and this would be the first exposure to hockey that Tocco would experience. Adolescence Much of Tocco's childhood was spent between school and working for his dad every day after. Weekends soon became his only solice. He would spend the majority of them with his mother's side of his family. Tocco would frequently visit the local rec center with his cousins, this as he recalls would be the first sign of what his future would hold. Mat's cousins were very avid hockey fans, not only in watching their hero and fellow Czech native Jaromir Jagr tear things up in the NHL, but also in playing the sport as well. They encouraged him to come along with them to play floor hockey at the rec center. In no time at all Tocco was able to outplay not only his cousins, but most of the kids in town. It was almost as if he had a natural affinity towards the sports. Jagr would soon become Mat's hero as well and he strived to be as good as him one day. Tocco further progressed this goal upon trying out for the Prague International Youth hockey club. Making the team effortlessly, Tocco's life began to take a serious shift. Spending less and less time in his father's shop and more time on the ice. Tocco very quickly became the teams star player and scouts began to watch him very closely. He had tremendous speed, was very hard to knock off the puck, and could find the back of the net more often than not. This however would be short lived, as you see his parents would soon have a second child. The added stress and cost that came with this would force Tocco into spending much more of his time working. Between juggling work and school his hockey skill began to suffer. Constantly distracted and tired, Mat hit a wall. He had to quit the team and wouldn't play again for a few years. This trend of work, school, and helping out at home continued for two years and potentially would have continued this for the rest of his life with him eventually taking over the family business. This however changed upon the first time he visited America. Tocco's cousin had recently moved to New York to pursue a career as a sports writer. He invited Mat to visit and even offered to pay to fly him out there. Tocco agreed but on one condition. They would have to attend a Rangers game during his time in New York. See at this time Jagr was playing for the Rangers. Knowing that Mat's father would disapprove of them going to the game, his cousin was initially against the idea. However he soon gave in and this is when Mats life changed forever. Tocco attended the game in which Jagr would produce the teams only goal. Despite this ending in a heart breaking defeat, Mat had gotten to see his hero play and couldn't be happier. After the game, almost as if it were destiny Jagr would spot Tocco in the crowd and throw to him the puck from his lone goal. This would be the spark Mat needed to go back home and pursue what he now believes to be his destiny. Hockey Career Tocco returned home, and that week told his family that hockey would be his future to his family's dismay. Stubborn at first, his father finally came around and began to attend all of Mat's games in middle school when he noticed that his son had a natural talent for the game. While it didn't come easily Mat managed to train hard enough to get back to the levels that made him a star in his youth league. He continued to bring this level of skill with him into highschool and was eventually noticed by HC Litomerice, a hockey club in Czech 1st league. Tocco would begin to put on dominant performances for them leading them into the playoffs multiple years in a row. Although his team never qualified to move to the Extraliga it was very obvious that Mat had the skills to play there. This was also obvious to scouts because he was soon signed to Sparta Praha, a very successful Extraliga team. Tocco would go on to produce at a higher rate than any of his team that year. Tocco pictured playing with HC Sparta Praha Present Day This brings us to where we are now in Tocco's story. His success overseas caught the eye of the VHLM and in particular the eye of the Philadelphia Reapers GM BladeMaiden. The son of a butcher now finds himself a long way from home, in a busy and bustling city miles removed from his humble beginnings. Mat decided to finish his season with Sparta and due to this Tocco was picked up by Philly a quarter of the way into their season. While not produces yet in his short stint, he has still played a solid game with his +/- sitting at a +4. Despite his long trip to get here this is just the very beginning of Mat's life and career as he will be available in this year's upcoming VHL draft. We have yet to see what the future holds for this talented young prospect but his future certainly looks bright. 1137 words.
  11. Name: Mat Tocco Country: Czechia Age: 19 Height: 5'9 Weight: 170lbs Position: RW Team: Philadelphia Reapers Tocco has proven to be a very well rounded and capable player. After multiple successful seasons with the HC Standion Litomerice, and a one year stint on HC Sparta Praha (where he put up 40 points in 49 games) Tocco has decided to take his talents to the VHLM and finds himself playing for the Philadelphia Reapers. With his draft stock improving each coming day, Tocco will be a player to keep an eye on. Strengths Skating: With Tocco's size and weight he usually finds himself to be one of the more agile players on the ice. While not at McDavid levels of speed, Tocco can still manage to keep up with some of the leagues better skaters. His stocky frame and quik strides have helped Tocco with being a fast and powerful skater. With his natural speed and continually proving technique, Tocco's skating is his strongest asset. Strength: Despite his size Tocco is actually considerably hard to move off the puck. Initially appearing to be an easy target Tocco quickly reminds his much bigger opposition that he won't be that easy to ragdoll. He hasn't taken kindly to being hit in his career and in reverse is actually averaging a hit per game so far this season. Modelling his game off of Max Domi, Tocco's 5'9 stature hasn't prevented him from being a presence on the ice. Scoring: Given his skating skills, Tocco often finds himself with prime scoring chances. He has the ability to bury the puck and has had a tendency in his career so far to produce on otherwise low scoring teams in The Czech League. With his shot being fairly accurate Tocco should provide solid secondary scoring. Weaknesses Discipline: Given his size Tocco often finds himself to be a Target on the ice and doesn't take to kindly to it. Feeling like he has something to prove, his emotions frequently get the best of him. Whether it's for interference, instigating, or fighting he found quite a bit of his time on Litomerice spent in the box. Hopefully that won't follow him into Philadelphia. Checking: While the prospect doesn't necessarily shy away from hitting, his checks don't exactly carry much force behind them. Mostly thrown to protect himself (i.e reverse hits), Tocco's checks usually do little more than stagger the target. Hopefully Tocco will look to build more muscle and pack a bigger punch in seasons to come. Although with his size and skill with the puck, it may be better for him to shy away from throwing the body as much as possible. Penalty Shooting: Tocco's skills with the puck have yet to translate into penalty shooting or shootouts. Finding himself 0/12 in his amateur career, Tocco is probably better left on the bench in critical situations like these as his hockey iq just isn't there yet. All in all Tocco's physical game needs to develop but all of the skills are there. As of the latest reports Tocco is currently ranked #64 in the upcoming draft, and will likely find himself higher in the rankings come the next report.