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  1. Oliver Bjorkstrand @Zetterberg @Ricer13
  2. Tanner Pearson @Jbeezy76
  3. Mat Tocco RW: Week of 4/5 - 4/11 +5 Skating (60-65) +5 Faceoffs (65-70) +2 Defense (60-62)
  4. I'm doing just swell my friend. Busy with a new job working from home, trying to make the best of this quarantine. How are you?
  5. @Banackock 30 seconds to rebuttal. Time starts now.
  6. Mathieu Perreault @studentized
  7. 1.) Moscow has had some young players really step up so far this season. Who's been the biggest breakout star for Moscow thus far in S71? They all seem to be stepping up but Lagesson especially seems to be coming into his own. 2.) What is your opinion on the recent VHL change to limit uncapped tpe? Good or bad? Aside from the donation aspect, I didnt really agree with the changes but oh well. 3.) Are you are there is a VHL graphics tournament going on right now? Are you voting for gorlab every week? I feel so bad. Can I still vote for you? 4.) What is the best piece of media (movie, tv show, podcast) you've discovered since the recent 'social distancing' / 'stay at home' developments? Tiger King was pretty damn great. 5.) Are you happy with the approx. 2 games simmed per day? How many Moscow games would you like to see simmed per day? I wouldn't mind seeing a third simmed every day just to get through the season a bit faster. 6.) Which VHL arena is the nicest in the league, in your opinion? What team's arena do you most like playing in, besides Moscow of course. It literally pains me to say this but Malmo's is pretty state of the art. Other than that it's always nice to be playing back at home in Prague.
  8. What does philly have Carole fucking Baskin setting lines? That bitch.
  9. RW Nikita Kucherov @Zetterberg
  10. @diamond_ace @GustavMattias @Garsh Here's an invite to a Madrid discord.