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  1. I'd do it if it was for the original 10 million
  2. Was messing around with some new apps and came up with these designs.
  3. Gotcha, I mean I joined the site like two weeks after you did. I'm pretty sure I discovered it via CynFtw but I don't remember exactly how he promoted it.
  4. 1.) Europe 2.) USA 3.) Canada 4.) Gruber
  5. Hey just a heads up, I would edit this and add a a few more paragraphs. Biographies need to be 1000 words minimum in order to get the full 10 TPE from them.
  6. Decided to post some more questions, take your pick. 1.) It's the start of a new season and we're about middle of the pack so far. How do you feel about our teams performance? 2.) While it's still early on, what teams do you think will make the playoffs this season? 3.) What is a personal goal of your's for this season? 4.) For those that haven't been drafted yet, what team would you like to play on? 5.) Do you see yourself moving to the VHL next season or staying down in the M for another go? 6.) If we were to start a rivalry with another VHLM team, what team would you want that to be and why? 7.) How do you feel about the performance of the three expansion teams thus far? 8.) Who do you think should captain our team, and who should the alternates be? 9.) If you had to play a position other than your own what would it be? (Center, Right Wing, Goalie, Etc.) 10.) Lastly, tell me why we're going to win a second cup in a row this season!
  7. +1 for ahawk2191 reaching 50 TPE
  8. This is the Prague Post sitting down once again with rising prospect Mat Tocco. He was recently drafted by the Moscow Menace and has just started his second season with the Minnesota Storm. Its a pleasure to talk to you once again. The season has just started and your team is seven games in, what are your thoughts so far? Of course I always look forward to meeting with you guys. Yeah we're about middle of the pack right now and our early success is really slowing down. I blame myself but hopefully we can turn it around and get back on track. Your team is a far cry from what it was when you won the cup last year, do you think you can find that success again this year despite that? Yeah we have a couple of players that stuck around with the bright spots being our goalie Wendee and our center Pavlov. To answer your question though, yeah I think we can get a repeat. I'm hoping to step up my game, and we have some fresh blood that's looking promising, specifically our rookie defenseman Boone Jenton, the guy is crazy talented. We also just signed this guy out of Italy who can hopefully help bolster our offense. That's looking like all the time we have, any final thoughts? Yeah I guess I just want to apologize to the fans back home, I really want to lead this team to another cup and in order to do so I need to rein things in. So we're just going to have to go back to the drawing board and figure things out. I have faith that we're going to turn this around. Thanks for having me, always a pleasure.