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  1. Steals as well. I've moved more spots than both. @TheFlash has me beat by a mile though. Best pick of the draft imo.
  2. Drafted 31st and ranked 16th now. Am I a draft steal yet? ­čśä
  3. +10 for @ahawk2191 hitting 200tpe thanks dude. Glad you actually enjoy the site.
  4. Taro Tsujimoto Juan Tymer G - Al Goal
  5. Upvoted and left a link again while the post is down.
  6. 56 Helsinki´╗┐´╗┐ 57 Toronto´╗┐ 58 Moscow´╗┐ 59 NY
  7. 0-6 on the power play, we really have to capitalize on those chances.
  8. Claiming first double week 7/14