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  1. 97 HC Davos Dynamo @ Prague Phantoms 98 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 99 Moscow Menace @ Calgary Wranglers 100 Riga Reign @ Helsinki Titans
  2. 1. Moscow made some massive waves on the UFA market this off-season acquiring Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen & Gritty. What advice do you have for your new teammates to help them get comfortable playing in Moscow? As long as they don't like Malmo we'll all get along fine. 2. Raymond Bernard has established himself as Moscow's #1 goaltender. What is your go-to move or shot in a shootout situation against Berny? Skate in slow and fake a slapshot, although I probably shouldn't be giving this information out publicly. 3. If you had to pick a single stat to set a goal in for the upcoming season, what would it be? (i.e. 20 goals or 100 hits or 200 shots blocked, etc.) I'd like to go a point per game for the first time in my career. 4. Despite gaining Smitty and Gritty, Moscow lost two regular roster members in Mark Gebauer & Evgeni Komarov. Who do you miss more? Pour out some liquor for both. Komarov. We need more Russians here in Moscow. 5. Which North American conference team do you think will meet Moscow in the S69 Continental Cup finals? No clue... Seattle maybe. 6. Have you joined the NEW Moscow Menace Discord server? If not, please PM gorlab for an invite. Yep, joined as soon as I saw it.
  3. 49 Prague Phantoms @ Moscow Menace 50 Calgary Wranglers @ Vancouver Wolves 51 Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans 52 HC Davos Dynamo @ Malmo Nighthawks
  4. He's inactive and isn't returning lol
  5. Are you upset that Riga drafted you now that you have to play with Nyko, and why is the answer yes?
  6. I'd like to second this. I can also use the hashtag over on EFL as well just to insure he is shushed on all fronts.