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  1. 1. I pretty much just want to close my career out on a good note. If I can match this past seasons point totals that would be great. 2. I think we'll be in a similar situation to Moscow, our young core is going to be better and I think they'll carry us further than expected. 3. I've just been replaying Death Stranding lately. 4. Lol there's a reason I don't apply for agm/gm jobs. 5. Grey (strange, I know.) 6. I have a soft spot for Philly from my time spent on the Reapers.
  2. 1. Vancouver is one point out of a playoff spot!? Thoughts? Thought we would inch out Toronto there but I guess it wasn't meant to be. 2. Would you rather get the lotto pick or compete in the playoffs? I would have rather been in the playoffs honestly. I'm a season away from retirement and would like to go out with another cup win. 3. With the season coming to a close shortly did you hit your goals as a player? Maybe not as close to a point per game as I would have liked, but overall cant really complain. 5. With the Expansion draft coming who would you hate to see unprotected? I don't really know the team that well but hopefully all of the younger guys are safe. I'd rather end up going somewhere else for my last season, as opposed to breaking up the young core. 6. With the Expansion teams coming next season. Do you think LA will be a natural Vancouver Rival? I think with how we battled it out with Toronto for a playoff spot, we have our rivals right there. 7. Favorite flavor of Ice Cream? Matcha for sure.
  3. 2. Vancouver Wolves , Hunter Hearst Helmsley 15 (Jeff Downey 22, Mat Tocco 11) at 9:483. Vancouver Wolves , Jeff Downey 8 (Mat Tocco 12) at 16:59 (PP)
  4. Happy birthday my dude
  5. @flyersfan1453 @ContinentalCup036. All together two seasons in a row boys. Ready to make it back to back asg wins?