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  1. 1. How do you feel about us so far? I think we're doing well, and the team is starting to mesh well together. 3. How has your own player been doing? Really lackluster, hopefully the sim will start to favor him again soon. 5. Which player do you think has yet to start producing? My player should be producing more than he is honestly. 6. How is your player build going? Well I tried making a sniper and ended up with a playmaker, oh well. 9. Do you play Among Us? No, don't have a big enough group to really play with. Most of
  2. D - Vladimir Pavlov @SirRupertBarnes
  3. 1. How do you feel our season will go after our strong draft? I don't want to jinx us but we should be able to make a deep playoff run. 3. If you were drafted, did you go higher or lower than you were expecting? Dil made it clear to me that he was planning to draft me, I wasn't sure what pick he had though, feels pretty good to go 1st overall. 6. What sort of build are you going for with your player? Well the plan was to make a sniper, but with how I'm performing this season so far it looks like I'm more of a playmaker.
  4. F - Thomas Landry II @SirRupertBarnes
  5. 1. With the exit of many of our star players, how do you think we will perform next season? I'm one of the players leaving the team but hopefully you guys can still succeed, and who knows, with the VHLM draft coming up I may rejoin the team. 2. How have you been enjoying the off-season? Did you return home or go on vacation? I returned home, playing this season in the vhlm was my first time being that far from home and I was definitely feeling homesick. 3. What are your goals for next season? Honestly I'm expecting to be among the best in the league at th
  6. Transaction ID: 41943329C0646581N $15 Free Week 5 TPE Doubles Week